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EPIC Nights we hide between the walls and voices leading on the ground Arms reaching


Nights we hide between the walls and voices leading on the ground Arms reaching out hoping for the chance to start Hearts holding out waiting for the bells to

Bring my words to all of you and if they ever hear my voice Hold me in your thoughts laid out twisted in defense Hoping for the chance to start

Hearts holding out waiting for the bells to Send my love to all my friends and if I never make it back To hold you in my arms again not letting go this time


Through the gardens and fields ‘neath the tall green grass You were walking ‘neath the moon while covering your tracks Working your fingers down to the skin and stone

One hand on the hammer, one foot by the door Pushed by the wind fed by the need for moving on, Moving on to nowhere

When division runs deep and down into the well All the coins you dove after lost all their spell Covered in moss walking for silver and blood

Out in the cafe, working in the grove Guarding the port of the future you sold

Holding on, holding on to no one Holding on, holding on to no one

One eye in the mirror, the other on the screen Sewn in the pockets and down into the dream Caught up in the mortar, bricks and heavy load

Wait in the shadows down the living road Moving on, moving on to no one Holding on, holding on to no one


There’s a piano playing on the ocean floor between Havana and New Orleans Drummin’ a requiem for the dead and the souls hanging on every poet’s prayer Running to the rock, running to the sea Prayin’ to the Lord please shelter me But the ground keeps shaking, water is boiling on fire Blood pulsing through their veins like the waves crashing on the Malecón wall

Clocks stopping at twelve on the eve of a forgotten war Luis drivin’ a ‘59 making it half way across the Gulf Stranded on the rock, stranded on the sea There’s a wall in the ocean between you and me Dreams of reaching dry land, talking to the fortune teller Prisoners pounding the jail like the waves crashing on the Malecón wall

Someone lost an eye, someone lost the truth Trying to save face, oh ‘neath the eyes of the Virgin el Cobre Shout me a line sister, shout me a line sister Oh I see your hands in the air, see you drowning on the other side

“Chief’s in the parish and the drummers in the square Walkin’ across the fire, walkin’ across the waves”

Sinner in the rock, sinner in the sea There’s a sunken bridge ‘tween you and me Running past the embassy gates, the Santería shrine Blood pulsing thru their veins like the waves they remember Crashing on the Malecón wall


I was just standing turning around

That’s when they caught me heading down Keep on going don’t look away That’s what they tell me, that’s what they say

You’re a pretty thought I suppose I’m just trying to hold up as I go And one day I swear I’ll spread my wings I’m on my way to finer things

It wasn’t just me playing those games Still it’s my own fault just the same

I opened up, I let you in

Now these crystal fields are wearing thin

I’m walking with the fortune teller

I can see my own way home

But I don’t like this dark road anymore And I don’t wanna be alone for long

Don’t wanna be alone for long

I don’t wanna be on this dark road alone


I hold your wrist

You bite your lip The push becomes an embrace

I touch your face

You close your eyes The embrace becomes a shove

I walk away

You follow too close The shove takes hold And there’s no where to go

Take it down Take it all the way Take it down Take it all the way down below the waterline

I see you now

Through a glass wall All that is you stays with you All that is me stays with me But we see it all We feel it all And there is no place we can’t go

Take it down Take it all the way Take it down Take it all the way down below the waterline




Woke up on Monday and wrote you a love song, wrote you a love song Well the pen stopped and the paper flew out the window And the notes rang down the road

I don’t know where they’ll go get caught in the trees I suppose

Ripped apart by the birds and the winter winds whisper good bye to your love

Went out walking into the storm, into the storm

Followed what I thought was your voice but it was just the riverside

I don’t know where they’ll go but I cast the letters you wrote

Taken out by the current or sink to the bottom to say a little goodbye to your love

Skies dark and the wind blew the trees down

I watched as the world slipped away

Carved into the bark a final love song

Then I carried the words to the fire

Staring into the glow where the branches are burning low Sparks shooting out like stars and in the morning say a little goodbye to your love

I’ll carry this song with me everyday ‘til I lie down by your side


Lupita’s ‘gonna weave a path to the land up north ‘Gonna find her way thru the thick of it all Looking at the lights dancing in the sky Hoping for a fallen star “Me consuelo viendo estrellas bailando en el puerto”

Brought them gold from the country to help cure their illness But they landed with only one purpose for conquest Though there’s still this wave of unsettling hunger that never disappears

Rigo working one, two, three different jobs And when he comes back home he welds into the night Builds an air balloon for his pickup truck ‘Gonna fly up and over the wall If everything stays exactly the same Then nothing can move and nothing can change “Me siento ese pájaro que danza sobre el puerto”

Carried ships from the sea up over the mountains The warriors fell to their knees by the invisible virus And still you can feel this wave of unsettling anger that never disappears

She’s talking on the phone in the heart of town To her Bachata Mama in the heart of the world Saying “please come back to Santo Domingo Why you gotta be so far away” If everyone stays exactly the same Then no one can move and no one can change “Amo ver la Luna vacilando en el puerto”

No one fortelling the depth and type of destruction Nor the sadness trapped on the tongue of Malinche Quetzalcoatl feathers strewn out over the altar Blood running down the pyramid steps in the morning Codices lost to a language that’s been broken There’s this growing sense of impending anger that never disappears

“Ninguna entrada , queda en el puerto”


There’s a letter she keeps inside, a list of everyone she knows Behind her closed eyes that turn her in when it’s time to go She’s heading north into the haze, raise the wire and they raise the rent She’s walking the sun back home and in the night the moon is gone Is it better? Is it better and better? Is it better than staying home with nowhere to go?

I’ve seen your face out on the plains drifting all alone Draw my finger in the dirt and down another blue road She’s in Kansas and Alabam’, Idaho and the Carolines Know I’ve seen her before can’t you recognize those hands Is it better? Is it better and better? Is it better than staying back home? Is it better? Is it better and better? Is it better with nowhere else to go?


Sigo Soñando con tu sonrisa Por la noche, abajo de cielo y la luna

Por qué te vas mi amor Sin mis caricias Por qué te vas mi linda Sin besarme con amor

Sus ojos Me mienten y me engañan Pero siempre, te amo y te extraño

Por qué te vas mi amor Sin mis caricias Por qué te vas mi linda sin besarme con amor

La Deriva a lo lejos va a dejar mi corazon Colgando, como una seca rosa

Por qué te vas mi amor Sin mis caricias Por qué te vas mi linda Sin besarme con amor

I continue

Dreaming of your smile Through the night under the sky and


Why do you leave my love Without my affection Why do you leave my dear Without a loving kiss

Your eyes They lie and deceive me And still I love you and miss you.

Why do you leave my love Without my caress Why do you leave my dear Without a loving kiss

If you stray far away

You will leave my heart Hanging, as a dry rose

Why do you leave my love Without my affection Why do you leave my dear Without a loving kiss


In the afternoon of orange blossom days Hummingbirds rest above where we lay You say it’s ok, no need to fret The weight of it all will ease as we find The balance in each step we make

Swinging back n’ forth in a palo verde tree The wind in the needles hushes you asleep Even with the strain, your heart remains Don’t doubt why darlin’ In time you will find we’re alright we were born Like the branch to bend and not to break

Reconcile and resurrect, tombstone rose Growing up and over the gates to where our children play The future wraps ‘round like vines Inside these arms

Darlin’ will you say in our final embrace Before returning ‘neath the clay After all that your heart still remains


On the longest day The vanishing mind Knows not when the day ends Who could care for you Who could understand

In the room sealed shut You’re not what you were So much sweeter now That there’s nothing left to Remember you

It’s what brought you here It’s what keeps you here Who could care for you Who could understand Know not when the day ends or begins anymore In the hallway and waiting again

Here we are, here we sit The light turning grey Your smile brings me back To the longest day The vanishing mind


drums, percussion, vibraphone vocals, guitars, upright bass, piano, vibes, keys, accordion


trumpet, vibes, vocals – 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 trumpet, vibes,Wurlitzer, sampled strings, accordion, theremin – 1, 2, 3,


5, 6, 7, 11, 12 pedal steel – 3, 5, 6, 11, 12 upright bass, electric bass – 1, 2, 11, 12 Mellotron, percussion,Wurlitzer – 1, 3, 5, 7 piano – 3, 8, 10 vocals, slide guitar, bazouki, acoustic guitar, percussion – 6, 8, 10



trumpet – 8, 10



violin – 11, 12


violin – 11, 12


viola – 11, 12


cello – 11, 12



trombone – 3



tenor and baritone saxophone – 2


backing vocals – 4


violins, viola – 5



baritone trombone – 8



Moog synth for pedal steel – 11

Produced by Joey Burns, John Convertino & Craig Schumacher Recorded atThe Living Room Studio in Algiers, Louisiana by Chris George and Daniel Majorie Recorded atWavelab Studio inTucson, Arizona by Chris Schultz Recorded at Studio Calexico inTucson, Arizona by Jairo Zavala (track 9) Mixed by Craig Schumacher of Wavelab Studio Mastered by JJ Golden of Golden Mastering Artwork and Layout Design by RyanTrayte of Saywells Design

All songs Joey Burns, Lunada Bay (BMI) and John Convertino, Good Clean Dirt (BMI) Both administered by BMG/ Chrysalis Except No Te Vayas by JacobValenzuela, Bacobampo Music (BMI) administered by BMG/Chrysalis And FortuneTeller by Joey Burns, Lunada Bay (BMI) and Pieta Brown,Woo Jones Music (BMI) administered by A-side

Jairo Zavala appears courtesy of EMI Music Spain Tom Hagerman appears courtesy of Anti records Sergio Mendoza appears courtesy of Le Pop Records Craig Klein appears courtesy of Threadhead Records

THANK YOU TO… Christof Ellinghaus, Severin Most,Andy Kaulkin, Matt McGreevey, City Slang Records,Anti- Records, Matt Hanks, Shore Fire, Corey Rusk, Gail Perry, Fen Ikner, Charlie Levy, Patrick Templeman, Anton Pamer, Ali Hedrick, Billions Booking, Pamela Lillig, Howard Greynolds, JohnTosch,Tarina Aumiller,Tom Pisano, Ryan Alfred, Chris Giambelluca, Nick Luca, Oliver Nielsen, Jelle Kuiper, Patrick Boonstra,Valerie Deerin, Fabian Ludwig, Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly, Ron and Nancy Barber, Rick G of Seattle Show Posters, Glenna Jean McElwain, Unity 5, Peter Woods,Tift Merritt, Neko Case, Andrew Bird, Amos Lee, Arcade Fire, John McDonaugh of the film The Guard, Aaron Schock of the film Circo, Chris George, Daniel Majorie and Kevin Barrios of The Living Room Studio, Berthold Seliger, Ali Hedrick, Billions Booking,Victor Gastelum, Ryan Trayte, Nova, Genevieve,Twyla and Burns Family, Christina, Kayleigh, Mia and Holden Convertino, Jackie Lawson, Robert Lawson, Christy Howison, Moni, Mario, Juan and Diego Zavala, Heike Ander, Lynn, J.J. and Valenzuela family,Wallfisch Family, Ellinghaus Family, Lena Obara, Jan Ole Gerster, Anne DeWolff, Ullrich Rode and Christoph Endres, Katja and Antonia Niehaus, Mendoza Familia, Michael Carbajal and all of the musicians that helped make this record.

A special thanks to Craig Schumacher, Karen Lustig and Chris Schultz of Wavelab Studio.