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he impact of this record right here was phenomenal for EPMD.

They were already known on the East Coast because thats where they came from, but it was unbelievable for them to get total respect from the West. It was the first time for a group other than Run DMC to really get the West Coast supporting their music, and just people in general around the whole world loving what they stood for, their style of music, and the homage they paid to funk. They delivered, and they were incredible as a group. This record was bangin homie, on the real. I got kicked out of Poly and I was going to Jordan, and the record was just knockin. I had a homie named E from New York who had turned me on to a couple of these songs. Half Dead and I used to bang this CD all the time. I mean we used to bang the cassette because niggaz had the boom box. I dont even think CDs

were out yet. You Gots To Chill First time I heard that, I thought that Erick and Parish were from the West Coast because they took a West Coast beat, More Bounce To The Ounce, and flipped it and put some cold lyrics on it. I just basically thought they were from the West Coast. And I mean we all fell in love with that record, it was bangin! Youre A Customer The drum, the sample, the way they flow back to back. Knick knack patty whack give a dog a bone/Yo, dont give him nothing but a microphone/Dont stop, Im not finished yet/You said I aint the E, you wanna make a bet?/ Remember this: Lounge, you in the danger zone. They had classic shit to where they were some of the hardest muthafuckas to come after Run DMC group wise to really keep that music thing poppin as far as hip hop. Its My Thing I heard that on KDAY for the first time, thats when KDAY was bangin AM1580, and they had like a Richard Pryor God Damn that shit was bangin. Im talkin

about bangin! Thats where I actually got the lyrics for Chill to the next episode. I got it from that particular song cause I think E said But until then just chill to the next episode, Donald J, yo release the code. Thats where I got that from, see what Im saying, thats real hip hop. Payin tribute to what it do. EPMD. Jane Oh, another record I like off the album, I cant even front, is Jane! That was hard; they were talking about the bitch Jane. That was a cold record right there. Ooo wee, that was a cold, cold, cold record Jane. Remember that right there. Heater. EPMDs Strictly Business, 1988 What was you doin? I know what I was doing. I was rockin their shit in the boom box. Wantin to be what it is

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