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Cyclope-Series Cyclope Print Management Software [+] - Feature added; [*] - Changes. Version 4.5.

193 [15 March 2012] [*] Improved page count and copies determination for several HP and Kyosera PCL printers. [*] Improved work with printer folders. [*] Fixed updating of printers list when adding a new printer. [*] Fixed "Save as..." print job command for Windows 7 64 bit. [*] Fixed removing remote printers from printer folders. [*] Fixed connection to the servers for Windows 7. Version 4.5 [February 14, 2012] [+] Added full support for Windows Cluster 2008/2003/2000 [+] Added Czech translation [*] Improved pausing options. Now you can setup Resume and Delete options separa tely. This is can be useful to delete print jobs after some time if printer has er ror. [*] Fixed "Print Server Properties" option for remote computers. [*] Improved the "Printer Web Page" command for several printers. [*] Improved reloading of the Printer Folders when you click Refresh button or F 5 key. [*] Improved remote connection. [*] Fixed "Restore Last Connection" option. [*] Fixed Ports loading for some printers. Version 4.0 [February 3, 2010] [*] [+] [+] [+] [+] [+] [+] [+] [+] [+] [+] [+] [+] [+] [+] [+] [+] [+] [+] [+] [+] [+] [+] New User Interface Copy/move print jobs from printer to printer Preview contents of print job before sending to printer Pause or lock all new print jobs View the printed jobs content Notify users when quotas are exceeded Control all the printers simultaneously Sort printers by a desired parameter (color, number of jobs running) Added quotas and restrictions for users and for groups Notifications by email for users and managers about restrictions Duplicate printing restriction New lockout option for print jobs preview in print queue New messages for users and managers about paused print jobs Deny or Allow list for document title, computer and paper name for printing Added quotas for pages and cost Reports loading from remote computers Sort your printers by type, location and any other parameters Save print jobs to disk option added Added progress for print jobs opening/saving Improved copying and moving with progress Added cost determination based on paper size Added automatic determination of black&white printers Added the Time of restrictions feature

[+] Added "Autentication" option for print jobs [+] Added new reports (on the Chart page): - Top 10 Most Active Printers; - Top 10 Most Active Users; - Top 10 Most Active Groups; - Top 10 Most Active Computers; - Top 10 Most Active Papers; - Top 10 Most Active Dates; - Top 10 Most Active Ports. [+] Export report to OpenOffice/StarOffice OpenDocument (Text Document and Sprea dsheet) [*] Improved access to network printers [*] Improved reports generation [*] Increased performance possibility to monitor up to 4000 printers [*] Fixed viewing reports for printers ports [+] Multi languages added [*] Windows 2008 and Windows 7 support [*] Improved registration for Windows Vista with UAC Version 3.0.1 [September 26, 2008] [*]The user interface module application delayed log user authentication bug has been fixed. [*]The log server module application identical user names corresponding to diffe rent computers bug has been fixed. [*]The log client module application GPO (Group Policy Option) mode bug has been fixed. Version 3.0 [September 3, 2008] [*]Enhanced printer monitoring feature deploying Windows Management Instrumentat ion (WMI) provides Cyclope Enterprise Printer Monitor with improved reporting op tions including efficient network printer monitoring. [*]Available reporting time frames have been extended with User Defined time fra me providing reports corresponding to custom time frames. [*]Available reporting time frames have been extended with User Defined time fra me providing reports corresponding to custom time frames. [*]Enhanced printable reports feature including XLS (EXCEL) reports. Version 2.9 [March 24, 2008] [*]Client server architecture providing efficient information logging via client application installed on all client machines. [*]Information storage within database structure system ensures rapid data acces s (read / modify) operations. [*]The client server architecture provides the new computer-based licensing opti on. [*]Enhanced reporting features including report paging feature, printable report s feature.