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By:- Satyjit Mastana Date: 19\09\12

Installation of Antenna & Antenna Line Diagram:

1. Shelter. 2. BTS. 3. Indoor jumper cable to BTS connection. 4. Jumper cable. 5. Surge arrestor. 6. RF cable. 7. Roxtec. 8. IGB & EGB. 9. Pendulams. 10. Earthing kit. 11. RF clamps. 12. Horizontal cable tray(HCT). 13. Dummy RF clamp. 14. Vertical cable tray(VCT). 15. C clamp. 16. RF cable to outdoor jumper cable connection. 17. Lightning arrestor. 18. Aviation lamp. 19. Gsm antenna. 20. Outdoor jumper cable. 21. Grounding cable. 22. Earthing pit. 23. Earthing pit. 24. Tower body.
NOTE:- For antenna line we have to install


RF Plan:S. No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Particular Height of antenna Azimuth Mehanical tilt Electrical tilt Antenna model S1 30 30 2 0 zx320 Site S2 31 110 0 2 zx321 S3 29 250 0 2 zx320

Antenna Instollation:1. Material required :S.NO. 1PARTICULERS Antenna SPECIFICATION GSM 900 band cross polarized Katherine antenna Size 3 3m length QUANTITY 3 REMARK -


Mech-tilt Separator Antenna -clamp Jumper cable

3 3 3 sets 3

2. Tools required:-

S.NO. 1-

PARTICULERS D-type spanner D-type

SPECIFICATION (12-13)no (30-32)no 50m length 75m 3m Yellow color -

QUANTITY 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 2 5 5 2 1



Tilt-meter Mirror campus Majoring tape Rope Rope


Pulley ESD band Helmet Safety belt Knife

3. Procedure of Antenna Instalation : First we unpack the antenna using ballpin hammer, flat head screw driver and combinational pliers. we can use thse tools for unpacking the wooding packing. After that we use knife for unpacking the cotton packing of antenna. Sector sillection process is done by using the mirror compass before the antenna on tower. In sector 1 mechanical tilt is required so these sector's mechanical tilt arrengement is done at the top of the antenna. Sector 2 and sector 3 dose not required any mechanical tilt arrengement is done at the bottom the antenna. After these when assembling process of the antenna is done. using 30-32 spanner then the jumper connector should be connected at the bottom of the site. Weather process of the jumper connector is also done at the bottem of the site. After the process we can give the hot air blow at the jumper connector weather proof

portion for proper weatherproofing process. After that we can roll the jumper cableand tied with antenna. After that process two person is climbe up the towerwith pully and rope. and hang the pully on the tower and also fix it with the help of the another short length rope. Pully is hanged atleast 2.5 meter above the antenna height on tower. Then afterone side of the rope is fixed at the one side of the antenna and another end of the rope is connected at the bottom of the antenna is used for back support. After hanging the antenna we can fix it at the pole mount temporarily using the 16-17 spanner. Then we hang another two antenna at another two different sectorsand fix it temporarily for the mechanical tilt arrengement. Mechanical tilt arrengement process is done by using the tilt meter. One personn can stand at the bottom of the tower and another one can stand at the top of the tower then fix the antenna the azimuth angle using the mirror compass. Then pemanently fix the antenna at the pole mount.

4. Quality Cheak Points:-

S.NO. PARTICULERS 1Height of antenna should be as per RF plan Mech-tilt should be as per RF plan Elect-tilt should be as per RF plan Azimuth should be as per RF plan Type of antenna should be as per RF plan Antenna clamp should be as per RF plan Antenna separate should be as per RF plan Labeling back side antenna


REMARK -Height of tower is not ok -pole mount is not fixed properly.


ok Not ok ok ok ok ok

-not fix definite angle of elect-tilt -



Antenna Line Instollation :-

1.Material required:S.NO. 12PARTICULERS RF cable Jumper cable SPECIFICATIO N 7/8 QUANTITY 180m -1.5m six cable -3m six cable 34567891011RF connector Earthing kit RF clamp C-clamp Roxtec Surge arrestor Grounding cable IGB EGB 7/8 Six way clamp 16 sq mm 300*100*6 300*100*6 12 12 28 3 1 6 18m 1 1 REMARKS -

2. Tools required:-

S.NO. PARTICULERS 1D-type spanner

SPECIFICATION (8-9)no (12-13)no (30-32)no

QUANTITY 1 2 4 2 1 2 1



Ring type spanner Screwdriver Cutter

(12-13)no Flat head heavy duty, small duty Tie cutter RF cable cutter


Crimping tool Majoring tape Rope

50m 75m 3m

1 1 1 1 1 5 2 2 1 5 1


Pulley ESD band Knife Safety belt Flat file Helmet Pliers

Yellow colors Combination pliers


First we measure the legth of the RF cable is required for each sector. After measuring the total length of the RF cablead put the temporary insullationon tape of the both side of the RF cables. One RF connector made at the one side of the RF cable and when we make the RF connector then we also temporarily insulate the RF connector. Before laying the RF cable first mark the RF cable using the coloured tape, for each sector we using Tx and Rx ue use different coloure tape. After this processes one person have to climbe up at the tower to hang the pully on the tower pully on the tower. Pully alaways hanged 2 to 2.5 meter above the installed antenna Then after one side of the antenna is tightened with the first RF clamp. Then we hang another two cables for 2nd sector and 3rd sector as the same process as 1st sector. When we lift the cables then one person should be unroll it with a syncronise form. We have to route and lay the cable properly on the cable tray with the help of RF clamp. Then we have to give the proper bend on RF cable at the corner of HCT and VCT. Then we have to put a dummy RF clamp on the bend of the cable. Then we have to make a 's' loop before the wall fit tray. Measure half meter from the wall fit tray and put a marking. Take out all the cables from wall fit tray and cut at the marked position. Then we have to make a RF connector on it at the out side of tthe shelter. Then we have to re-insert the cable through wall fit tray. Then we have to seal the wall fit tray properly. Connect the RF cables with surge arrestor. After that we have to connect the jumper cable with bts to surge arrestor.

4.Quality cheak points

S.NO. A1-

GROUP name OD jumper cable




OD jumper connector properly connected with GSM antenna port Weather proofing is properly wrapped on antenna port OD jumper loop should be right OD jumper cable fix at tower body OD jumper connected properly with RF connector RF cable Bending HCT to VCT RF cables S-band in RF cable Lay RF cable on the C.T. RF cables is properly fix in RF clamp Eathing kit Earthing kit is properly wrapped on RF cable Earthing kit lugs properly crimp with Cclamp Weather proofing is properly wrapped on earthing kit





Ok Ok Ok

(B) 6789(C) 1011-

Ok Ok Ok Ok

Ok Ok



13(D) 1415C-clamp

Earthing kit cable is down word connected


Tower paint is properly remove C-clamp is properly connected with tower body RF connector RF connector is properly assemble Weather proofing is properly wrapped on RF connector RF connector properly connected the jumper connector Tie cable Properly tight the OD jumper Antenna port Properly tight the OD jumper connector-RF connector Properly tight the earthing kit Properly cut the tie cable on antenna port Properly cut the tie cable on RF connector Properly cut the tie cable on earthing kit

Ok Ok


Ok Ok




Ok Ok


Ok Ok Ok Ok


RF clamp RF clamp properly fix on the cable tray In RF clamp properly fix RF cable RF clamp nut fully tight Dummy RF clamp proper manner contain all the RF cable Inside length b\w two RF clamp VCT is 1.5m Inside length b\w two RF clamp HCT is 1m Roxtec Properly seal the roxtec Surge arrestor Surge arrestor connected with RF connector Surge arrestor connect with ID jumper cable Surge arrestor is properly fix with shelter body Surge arrestor properly connected with grounding cable Surge arrestor cable lugs properly crimp with IGB Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok -


Ok Ok


Ok Ok






Surge arrestor cable is properly fix on shelter wall ID jumper cable ID jumper cable properly connected with BTS port Give a properly loop in ID jumper cable







ID jumper cable is properly fix on shelter wall Labeling of antenna line On OD jumper cable near antenna port On OD jumper cable near RF connector On RF connector near OD jumper cable At the band HCT-VCT Outside the roxtec On RF cable inside the shelter End of ID jumper near BTS port



Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok