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Fill in the gaps with the highlighted words:

1 The Hollywood Reporter

Arrests incident fatal reports snap struck

The unidentified paparazzo died at a Los Angeles hospital on Sunday night after trying to snap the singer.
Justin Bieber's car was involved in a (1) __________ accident Sunday night -- though his white Ferrari wasn't moving at the time and the singer was not in it. The Los Angeles Times (2) __________that an unidentified photographer was (3)__________ just before 6 p.m., walking across Sepulveda Boulevard in Los Angeles. He had been trying to (4) __________ photos of Bieber's car, which had pulled off of the 405 Freeway near Getty Center Drive when pulled over by the California Highway Patrol. CHP officials said Bieber was not in the car at the time of the (5) __________ The photographer later died at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. Police interviewed the motorist involved in the accident, but no (6) __________ have been made.

2 BBC News
Murdered gun assistance shot aware bullet

Stephen Ashton Thailand death: Arrest after British tourist shot

A man has been arrested after a 22-year-old British tourist was shot dead in Thailand on New Year's Eve.

Stephen Ashton was reportedly caught by a (1) __________ during a fight between two groups at a bar on Koh Phangan. Police on the island said officers had arrested a 26-year-old Thai man and confiscated a (2) __________. According to the Bangkok Post, Mr Ashton was (3) __________ in the upper body in the early hours and taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead. The Foreign Office said it was (4) __________ of the death of a British national in Thailand, and was providing consular (5) __________ to the family. It later confirmed the dead man's name. Advice on the Foreign Office website, updated in December, notes that seven British nationals have been (6) __________ in Thailand since January 2009.

3 BBC News (adapted)

Masked blamed Apple store in Paris hit by thieves in heist
(*robbery) Armed robbers broke into a central Paris Apple store on New Year's Eve, stealing goods with an estimated value of one million euros (813,000).








The police said that four (1) __________ men forced their way into the shop. It comes as New York mayor Michael Bloomberg claims that the theft of Apple goods has contributed to rising street (2) __________ figures in the city. Thieves (3) __________ into the Apple store behind the Paris Opera at around 9pm (1900 GMT) on Monday, three hours after the shop closed. The police did not confirm the value of the goods stolen by the (4) __________, who escaped afterwards in a van. A spokesman for the police union Unsa told reporters: "As the majority of police were busy watching the Champs Elysees [for New Year's Eve celebrations], the robbers took advantage of this opportunity." Street crime The theft comes as the desirability of Apple goods among street criminals is being (5) __________ for a rise in crime figures in New York. According to the New York Police Department, some 3,890 Apple products were (6) __________ in 2012, pushing crime figures up and prompting Mayor Bloomberg to say that thieves in the city were showing a preference for Apple goods. "In general the more you paid for a (7) __________ the more interest it will be to street robbers," said a spokesman. What police have seen, he said, is a change in the profile of (8) _________ as thieves become less likely to steal cash and more likely to steal phones which are "highly sellable on the second-hand market". One of the most high-profile Apple store break-ins in the capital was at Apple's Covent Garden store in October 2011. A (9) __________ of motorbike thieves broke into the shop, stealing up to 75,000 worth of goods. Two men were later convicted of robbery.


1 The Hollywood Reporter

1) Fatal 2) Reports 3) Struck 4)Snap 5)incident 6) arrests

2 BBC News
1) Bullet 2) gun 3) shot 4)aware 5) assistance 6) murdered

3 BBC News
1) Masked 2) crime 3) broke 4) robbers 5) blamed 6)stolen 7) gadget 8) victims 9)gang