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School Newsletter Islamic weekend School of Clifton:

Pri nc ipal Mai Ze dan Coor d inato r/Ed itor Kholou d Ei d

New slet ter Dat e Ja n 3 2013 Volume 8

Weekly Newsletter

Dear Parents:
Assalamu Alaykum, InshaAllah this letter reaches you in the best state of health and Iman.

Teachers Workshop by Mr. Alal Elayyadi

Have an artistic talent? Here's your chance to showcase your work and allow others to enjoy it as well! Bring your writing, drawing, craft or artistic piece to the office and we will display it on our school's new 'Wall Journal'.

Here at the Islamic Weekend School of Clifton, we are committed to enhancing the scholastic achievement of our program. We strive to increase teaching efficiency in all categories by instilling new teaching methods that are beneficial to the student. As part of this commitment to our community, we are pleased to have completed the first educational workshop in a series designed for our school volunteers. Alhamdulillah, we are very thankful for their enthusiasm towards continuing their own education and applying it towards raising the new generation of Muslims complete with Iman within their hearts and proper Islamic manners within their souls.

We wish to sincerely thank Mr. Alal Elayyadi for sharing with us his valuable knowledge in the educational field. His rich insight has inspired us to become more professional educators by incorporating modern teaching methods within our classrooms. Were Now on Facebook!
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We cannot forget to express our gratitude toward Dr. Hosam Hamed who offers help and unwavering support for our school as well as our Islamic community.

*Parents, HALF of your child's tuition is NOW DUE. It MUST be paid by January 26th, the end of the Quarter.
Questions, Concerns or Feedback? Please feel free to contact us via e-mail.
1st child = $150, 2nd child = $125, 3rd child = $100

Tuition fees enable us to provide an optimal educational experience for your child. Activities, supplies, and educational materials for our classrooms are made possible through financial support. We wish to help instill a love for learning in each student by creating an academic environment that is both challenging and enjoyable. These memories will last a lifetime! Please do your part to make this possible.

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