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Alpha ThetaIota ChapterCornell University

Volume 2, Issue 4 December, 2012

Kappa Alpha Theta Iota Chapter

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Letter from the President

A Message from Carolyn Levitan 13
Dear Kappa Alpha Theta Alumnae and Parents, This fall semester has been a whirlwind for the Iota chapter! We started the year off with participation in the second annual Jog for Jill in honor of one of our sisters, Ingrid Nunez. The event was a huge success! Huge thanks to everybody who volunteered time, participated, and donated! We also welcomed many alumnae back to the house during Homecoming weekend, at our annual Homecoming brunch. It was great to hear stories from several sisters who graduated over the past few decades and to meet some of their children! In September, we also welcomed Theta parents to campus for our annual Parents Weekend. It was wonderful to see so many parents and siblings make the trip to Ithaca to spend a weekend with our chapter and participate in numerous events. In the upcoming month, we will turn our focus to recruitment, which will occur in mid-January. We are expecting to see about 800 women participate this year, which is a testament to the strength of our Greek system, but will also keep us busy! We anticipate welcoming a new member class of about 50 women, and cant wait to meet them all! I am coming to the end of my presidency, and I want to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every alumna and parent I have had the privilege of meeting. I am very proud of all 125 members of the Iota chapter, and have had an amazing experience working with all of them. I hope you all have a happy and healthy holiday season and wish you all the best in the coming year! Loyally, Carolyn Levitan, Iota Chapter President

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Kappa Alpha Theta The Iota Story

Iota Chapter Welcomes Families for Parents Weekend

This fall, the Iota Chapter was able to once again welcome parents and siblings back to Cornell for our annual Parents Weekend. Organized by our Chief Marketing Officer, Claire Blumenthal 14, it was a three-day extravaganza from September 28-30. Events included a Dessert Reception at Cornells fantastic Johnson Museum with live a cappella and art viewings, brunch on the deck at Willard Straight Hall, and a semi-formal dinner and silent auction at the Statler Hotel Ballroom. In addition to the festivities we were able to include a major service component to the weekend; our silent auction which raised $3407 for our national philanthropy, Court Appointed Special Advocates and the weekend culminated with our Second Annual Jog for Jill feel free to read about it below! Getting to know family is a fantastic way for sisters to bond, and were all looking forward to the next opportunity to gather our larger community together.

Juniors at our Parents Weekend semi-formal dinner and silent auction!

From left: Kristen Powers 14, Katherine Olsavsky 14, Liza Dingle 14, Annelise Quinn 14

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Kappa Alpha Theta The Iota Story

Theta Runs for Jog for Jill in Honor of Ingrid Nunez

Photo Credits to Jo Engreitz 15

Another year, another successful Jog for Jill. I couldn't have asked for a better day. We had a great time out there listening to music, walking, running, jogging, and raising money for lung cancer. This year, 670 people attended our 5k race and we raised close to $27,000! Once again I had each and every one of my sisters out there supporting me and cheering me on as I gave a speech and cheered the joggers on. Parents weekend made the Sophomores run for Ingrid! event even more special since almost everyones parents were From left: Alyssa Kennedy 15, Rebecca Gilovich 15, Emma Borden 15, Caitlin Arens 15, Clara Foung 15 there to come out and support the event as well. I will never forget and always be so thankful for all the support I get from my sisters. I'm already looking forward to Jog for Jill round 3! A huge thanks to everyone for all the support. TL, Ingrid If you so wish to donate, you can do so at the following URL: A very special thanks to Darby Anderson from the Lung Cancer Foundation, without her, the Jog wouldnt have been such a success!

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Kappa Alpha Theta The Iota Story

Grand Convention Recap

By Jaimee Pavia I was lucky enough that as Chief Operating Officer, I was able to attend Grand Convention as the delegate for the Iota Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta at Cornell University. Aside from meeting several individuals with a great passion for Theta, I realized just how special it is to be a part of such an inspiring, historical, and truly special organization. A few highlights of the week particularly impacted me. As a communication major, it was such a cool experience to sit in the front row of a crowded room as Julie Moran discussed how Theta has impacted both her career and her life. It was incredible to see such a beautiful, successful woman so willing to give back to others and share her experiences with her Theta sisters. She once again proved that Theta changes us, creates miracles, and is a lifetime commitment. I also got to meet my chapter advisors biological older sisters big! She was one of the re-colonizing members and shared several stories with me about her time in Theta as well as the atmosphere on Cornells campus while she was a student there in the 80s. I heard Theta grace for the first time on Thursday at lunch, and by Saturday at dinner, I was able to recite it with everyone else and couldnt wait to teach it the rest of my chapter. Lastly, it was such an honor to receive the Silver Kite Award on behalf of my chapter, a true testament to the hard work we completed and the obstacles we have overcome. Seeing firsthand that Theta has impacted so many women of all ages from all different places has been a wake up call to me that none of us should take our affiliation with Theta for granted. Im so thankful that I got to participate in the events of convention and it is an experience that I will forever remember and cherish.

There are no rules about what you can and cant do anymore. I love a biker jacket worn over a gown. Its about experimentation and a sense of creativity. Women are more empowered than theyve ever been. -Tory Burch, A Renowned Fashion Designer & Kappa Alpha Theta Alumnae

Iotas Spotlight
Liza Dingle BS 14
Major: Biological Sciences Hometown: Marblehead, MA Positions in Theta: Philanthropy Chair Activities: Student Assembly Finance Commissioner (Audit Committee), Research Assistant in Dept. of Human Development, Learn To Be Foundation tutor for K-8 math, language arts, and science, Cornell University Ski Team, and Cornell Health International Future Goals: As of now, I have intentions of going to medical school after graduation. However, I am fully open to other possibilities and hope to discover more about my own interests when I study abroad in Paris this spring!

Morgan Beller BS 13, MPS 14

Major: Statistical Informatics, Information Science Hometown: Woodmere, NY Positions in Theta: Technology Chair Activities: Alpha Kappa Psi (Professional Fraternity, Executive Board), The PopShop CoWorking Space (Co-Founder), Cornell Venture Capital Club (Analyst), Social Media Lab (Research Assistant), Cornell Ambassador, Green World Blue Planet, Entrepreneurship @Cornell and Entrepreneurship @ Dyson (Intern) Future Goals: Continue to be happy

Sarah Sassoon 15
Major: Government, Minor: International Relations and Business Hometown: New York, NY Favorite Theta Memory: Feeling welcomed and loved by my awesome lineage! Activities: Cornell Daily Sun (News Reporter), Cornellian Yearbook (Managing Editor), Farm to Cornell (club member) Future Goals: Id love to do something in journalism (either in print or in broadcasting), go to law school or work in politics anything that would allow me to travel and always be thinking on my feet.

Zoe Otedola 15
Major: Government and Sociology Minor: Law and Society Hometown: Santa Monica, CA Positions in Theta: Activities Chair Activities: Cornell Ambassadors, Kappa Alpha Pi Pre-Law Fraternity, LGR Tutoring, student athlete tutor Future Goals: I want to attend law school and eventually become a corporate lawyer.

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Kappa Alpha Theta The Iota Story Kappa Alpha Theta The Iota Story

Page 3Kapp a Alpha Theta behalf of every member of Iota, I would like to offer our deepest gratitude to our alumnae. We On The appreciate getting to know each and every one of you through your emails, letters, and various truly Iota events such as the Alumnae Homecoming brunch, the Reunion Weekend held in June and our summer Story networking event in New York City.


To Our Alumnae

I am delighted to introduce our new Alumnae and Foundation Liaison, Dana Lerner. She will take over the job in January and is looking forward to getting to know all of you! She can be reached at If you have any questions, feel free to email me at or Diane Miller 88, Advisory Board Chairman at -Maggie Henry, Alumnae and Foundation Liaison Do you know a women attending Cornell and potentially participating in Panhellenic recruitment? If you would like to recommend her as a potential new member, you may complete an on-line Letter of Reference form at, or you can print the form or send a letter to Kappa Alpha Theta c/o Shauntle Barley, Recruitment Chair 519 Stewart Ave. Ithaca, NY 14850 While Letters of Reference are no longer required for membership in Kappa Alpha Theta, they are extremely helpful in allowing us to get to know a potential new member before she walks into our house during recruitment. As always, we sincerely appreciate your support of the Iota chapter and value your membership and contribution. If you would like to become more involved with the Iota chapter, we urge you to send us your pictures, memories, advice, favorite Theta traditions, and any general feedback or questions. Please visit our newly revamped website at And please remember, you are always welcome at the Iota chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta!