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Among all of the types of data in an enterprise Master data is of key importance since all the other type

of data relevant to Business transactions depend on Master Data. In todays scenario with enterprises going global and business expansion through social networking has increased risks for management of Master Data through increase in Volume, Velocity, Variety and Complexity. Hence mandating a robust structure to organize, integrate, manage, govern and optimize Master Data Management. SAP offers two Master Data Management solutions among which SAP Master Data Governance (SAP MDG) is equipped with an embedded the governance framework which helps the enterprise to Define Business rules, Assign responsibility to Master Data Personnel through role Assignments and ensures the Master Data Management cycle is monitored and controlled through workflows by tying the Enterprise Information Management pillars of People, Policy and Technology. SAP MDG is an out of box solution embedded in SAP ECC. The solution inherits the business rules and roles from the native SAP ECC system and enables to build workflows around the process. The Validations, Checks and audit trails help comply with the regulations required by information management. The Solution also offers data replication to all other ERP and other target systems using Master Data hence ensuring sanctity and Integrity of the data.