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Harvard ManageMentor NEGOTIATING TOOLS

Worksheet for Identifying and Improving Your BATNA

Use this worksheet to identify and improve your best alternative to a negotiated agreement, or BATNA. 1. What are your alternatives to a negotiated agreement? Make a list of what your alternatives will be if the negotiation ends without agreement.





2. Of the alternatives that you listed, which is your best alternative?

3. Can you improve your BATNA?

Are there any arrangements you can make with other suppliers, partners, or customers that would improve your BATNA?

Are there ways to remove or alter any constraints that currently weaken your BATNA? If yes, what? How?

Are there ways to change your terms of the negotiation to improve your BATNA? If yes, what? How?

4. What will your new BATNA be if you have succeeded in improving it?

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