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De gr ee Ex am i n at i on s, M a y/ J u ne 2 01 0 Regulations 2007 Fifth Semester Mechanical Engineering 070120058-COMPUTER AIDED MANUFACTURING

Time: Three hours Maximum: 100 marks

P a r t A ( 2 0 x 2 = 4 0 ma r ks ) Answer ALL Questions.


What is the basis adopted for forming groups in group technology?

The groups are formed based on the similarities of part design and part manufacturing attributes. 2. Distinguish between CNC and DAV systems.

In CNC machines, punched tape is used for initial entry of the part program whereas in DNC

machines punched tape and tape readers are completely omitted. 3. CNC system can perform operations on only one machine at a time but DNC system can control number of operations on several machines.

What is rapid prototyping? Rapid prototyping is a term used to describe a number of techniques which rapidly produce solid physical models of components (i.e., prototypes) and products using 3D computer data.


Name any "four important applications of CAM in manufacturing planning. (i) Part programming (ii) Production scheduling (iii) Process planning (iv) Computer production monitoring 5. What are the six phases of the general design process? Information gathering Design Testing and delivery Planning Development Maintenance


What are the three basic components of an NC system? Program of instructions Machine control unit

Machine tool or processing unit

7. Distinguish point to point and continuous path CNC control. Point-to-Point System has the capability to control all the three axes (X, Y. Z) but not simultaneously. Example: Drilling, punching, etc.
Continuous path system, also known as the contouring system, has the capability to

control all the three axes simultaneously. Contouring system can also perform PTP operations also. 8. List out the steps involved in computer-assisted part programming.

Selecting the coordinate values i.e., absolute or incremental mode. Selecting units of dimensions i.e., inches or metric, spindle speed and tool number if necessary. Preparing a program sheet where each block will contain the sequence number, details of operation and basic information such as preparatory feed codes, feed rate, miscellaneous M code. What is FMS?


A flexible manufacturing system (FMS) is a highly automated GT machine cells, consisting of a group of processing workstations (usually CNC machine tools), interconnected by an automated material handling and storage system, and controlled by a distributed computer system. 10. Why is a gearbox incorporated in the main spindle drive of CNC machine?

The spindle is normally driven by an electrical motor either an alternating current (AC) motor or a direct current (DC) motor. The drive is connected directly from the motor to the machine spindle though the gear drives employing constant mesh type gear box. The gear box provides the various required spindle speeds, which can be operated by remote controlled electromagnetic or hydraulic clutches. 11. .
What is a canned cycle?

A canned cycle is a series of machine movements to perform a particular machining functions Such as drilling, milling, boring and tapping. 12.. List out the major specifications of a CNC turning centre.

Capacity: Swing over bed; swing over carriage; maximum turning diameter; maximum turning


Main spindle: Spindle nose; Bore through spindle; chuck size; speed range. Axes slides: X-axis stroke; Z-axis stroke; Feed rate; Rapid traverse rate; Rated torque X

and Z axes.
Tailstock: Quill diameter; Quill stroke. Turret: Number of stations; Tool cross-section; Maximum boring bar dia


Sketch the configuration of 5 Axis VMC.



Mention the three basic elements of an automated system.

An automated system consists of three basic elements: Power to accomplish the process and operate the system; A program of instructions to direct the process; and A control system to actuate the instructions. 15. What is process planning?

Process planning is the systematic determination of the methods by which a product is to be manufactured, economically and competitively. 16. Explain the functions of codes of G33 and M30 (FANUC). G33 -Thread cutting with constant load M30 End of data 17. What is ['DM? Product data management (PDM) is the system to manage both attribute and documentary product data, as well as relationships between them, through a relational database system. PDM manages, organizes, and controls engineering design information (through the transformation from prototype design to a product in full production) 18. What are the four statements used in APT language? Motion statements Auxiliary statements

Geometric statements Post processor statements 19.

What is the difference between CAD/CAM and C1M? CIM includes all of the engineering functions of CAD/CAM, but also includes the firm's business functions that are related to manufacturing. CIM=CAD/CAM - functions + Business functions


Indicate any four benefits derived from computer-aided process planning. Process rationalization and standardization

Productivity improvement.

Product cost reduction

Elimination of human error Reduction in time and clerical effort.