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YPrana is the vital life force that pervades all of existence.

It is the source of life and an expression of the divine spirit. This view of creation as energy is supported by modern physics, where even the atoms of which matter and all lif e are comprised are 99% empty space. From the yoga perspective, this space is not really empty but is filled with cre ative potential with divine energy, which we call prana. Prana is something that can be experienced within the body. It is felt in variou s ways: sometimes as a tingling sensation, sometimes as warmth, sometimes as a g entle coolness and often as a sense of moving energy. When prana opens more full y, there is a sense of bliss or euphoria which can flood the entire body produci ng a state of rapture. According to yoga, this state of bliss, combined with a sense of unlimited poten tial and absolute knowing. Is our natural or true state of being which is hidden or eclipsed by the tensions acquired in a life where we believe we are separate and therefore struggle to get what we want and avoid what we fear. yoga is the process of removing these tensions and the underlying thought patterns which su stain them in order to reveal and discover our true nature. Prana is considered to be one pole or aspect of the universe. It is the principa l of life force or creation and the other pole is pure consciousness. Prana is t he aspect of creativity, and consciousness is the inactive principle or witness. Prana is represented by the goddess Shakti which consciousness is represented b y the god shiva. Prana is revered as the underlying trend of creation in all of the ancient Sanskrit texts. Prana is to all persons as father is to his two children. Prana is the core of c reation of all which breathes and does not breathe. This characteristic of prana indicates its all pervasiveness. - Atharva Veda Prana burns like fire and shines like the sun. it is that which his , that which is not and that which is eternal. Like the spokes in the axle of a wheel, every thing is fixed fast to prana. All that exists in all the three worlds is under t he governance of prana. Oh prana, please protect children as mother and grant us the real wealth and wisdom. - prashn a Upanishad Since prana is the fundamental life force that animates and sustains our physic al being, there is a direct relationship between the free flow of prana in the b ody and our physical health. Where there is a blockage in the flow of energy, th ere are also possible blockages in the physical systems that are sustained by th at energy. If energy is blocked in the throat for example, it is likely that the reduced flow of circulation and nutrients to this area could result in any numb er of related conditions such as improper functioning of the thyroid. Prana is intimately linked to the breath. The breath is both a major source of p rana and serves as a vehicle for regulating the flow of prana throughout the bod y. For this reason the science of breath is called pranayama, the channeling or expansion of prana. In fact, the Sanskrit word pranayama can be translated in t wo different ways. PRAN+AYAMA= expansion of the life force; PRANA+YAMA= channeli ng of the life force. Though the breath is a major source of prana other important sources are sunligh t, water (especially the ocean). Live foods such as fresh vegetables living in n atural habitats with abundant foliage, and being in the presence of enlightened masters who have a supercharged supply of prana. All of the yoga practices inclu ding asana, bandhas, mudras and especially pranayama are designed to promote the increase and distribution of this supply of life force energy through our enti re being. This energy of prana also plays a vital role in spiritual transformati on and the evolution of consciousness.