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1 All Divisional charts analysis + vaisesika, vargottama

Planets here are becoming neutral; they malefic here= bad LO1 here= bad results Behave like their dispositor, take side benefic here= good With it like in D1. mal/ ben Scissors Causes malefic here= bad Yogas apply here (for any house esp.1 & 7) permanent benefic here= good (extend to 2/12,3/11,4/10..etc..) problems, kills if the lord of 1 is in vargottama= planet here the karaka or withdraw boost the D chart/ karaka, but if promotes the Retire, separate from the LO1 is in dustana= success in karaka of D chart signification of the chart dreams only. (if not weak in D1) lagna lord in 1= good , + in vargottama= excellent. malefic here= bad, benefic here= good LO1 is Yogi or avayogi= good results Even if position is ordinary in D chart

Most important Golden rules; # aspects apply in D charts (including trines) # the most important is Lagna position and lagna lord position in D chart (the only lord is the lagna lord representing the D chart). Only the natural malefic and benefic Karakas of a planet have a value in D charts for conjunction, aspects & position. More benefic planets aspecting lagna in any D chart= the better. A debilitated planet in D1 can give good results in a D chart only if it is a yogi planet or neeccha banga, otherwise the planets natural karakas will fail in its bhukti periods. A planet combusted or defeated in war in D1 looses all power in any D chart, it is dead-like. Exaltation (unless in 3,6,8,12), digbala & vargottama apply for D charts. Planet exalted in D1 but in dustana in a D chart = bad. _ the most important significator in any D chart is the lord of the ascendant if the ascending sign in D chart is a moola sign (ari, tau, leo, vir, lib, sag, aqu), otherwise it will be the lord of the house representing the D chart (lord of 3 for D3, LO4 for mal/ ben Scissors D4, LO5 for D7, LO7 forD9, LO9 for D12, LO 4 for D16, LO6 Yogas apply here for D30, LO4 for D40, LO12 in D60 ). VK choudry says contrary in prasna p.32 # planets in 3,6,8 (problems),12 is bad (exceptions on the left). # Karakat bhava nasana apply in D charts, if the relevant karaka of the D chart is in lagna it spoils the chart. LO1 here= bad results for the D chart # planets in D charts have more authority on the subject/ karaka at any time (during and after its dasa causes concerned than in D1(if they are involved in it). Mars here permanent # planets having a strong position in D1 (even if in dustana) and Is good in all problems, kills also a normal position in a D chart= excellent result in D chart. D charts, otherwise the karaka or withdraw, # parivartana yoga (mutual exchange) apply. Any planet here will first give retire, separate from it signification # the results of planets in D chart will manifest also in their dasa Good results, then bad ones later on. LO1 here= bad results for the D chart and bhukti periods (if the planet is not weak in D1) at any time (during and after its dasa) + (VALID FOR ANY D CHART); a benefic planet may become malefic on account of malefic Varga (3,6,8,12) or a malefic may become beneficial if in 3,6,8,11. Another importance of Vargas is that it reveals relations between planets in a horoscope in several ways often than the natural relations. For example, there can be relations through conjunctions aspects, angular position (being in quadrants), trinal position, exchange of house. There can be often important relations such as position of one planet in an asterism ruled by another planet. Similarly to be in the Varga of a planet is also relation to that planet. Thus if a planet in the majority of the Vargas happens to be in the Varga owned by say Jupiter, then the effect of the planet should be controlled or influenced by Jupiter. Such relations are essential when we interpret the effects of each period and sub-period. Shadvarga (for prasna): D1,2,3,9,12,30 Sapthavasga (muhurta): +7 Dasavarga (for individuals): + 10,16,60. Shodasavarga (for kings or VIPs only): + 4,20,24,27,40,45. = All the 16 Vargas. (except D5,6,8,11,81,150) Guidelines; 1) Each Varga is controlled by its significator, which plays an important role in the particular field of life represented by each Varga. 2) If Lagnesh, Vargesh and Karaka are well placed by house, good results will be achieved in the area of life controlled by the specific Varga. "For example an Aries ascendant native, having Libra as ascendant in D-7 chart has Jupiter as its significator. If all three planets namely Mars, the natal lord, Venus the D-7) lord and Jupiter the significator of D-7 chart are placed in angles or trine houses in the D-7 chart the person would be extremely lucky in case of children 3) If the three lords, the divisional, significator and natal lord, fall into angles, trines or the 2nd and 11t houses in the natal chart, good results can be expected pertaining to matters ruled by the divisional chart, 4) The placement of planets in houses 1, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10 and 11 in the Vargas give auspicious results. Planets in the 2nd house are good for money but not family relationships due to its 8th placement from the 7th house. 5) Planets acquiring dik bala are strong and give good results. 6) Planets in 3, 6, 8, or 12 or associated with these lords in Varga charts cause bad effects around the matters controlled by the Varga chart. As always there are exceptions: Saturn in the 8, Mars in the 6 and Venus in the 12 always give good results. 7) Watch for the formation of the Vipareet Rajayoga where the lords of the dusthanas (houses 6, 8, and 12) fall into other dusthanas, which after a challenge brings good results later in life. 8) The placement of natal, divisional lords or malefic (natural or temporary) planets in house 3, 6, 10, and 11 help the native to make progress in life. 9) Planets that are weak in any way, in the natal chart but strong in a Varga chart increase in strength. Likewise planets that are strong in the natal chart but poorly placed in the Varga charts will have their over-all strength diminished thereby decreasing results. 10) Good results can be expected from any planet occupying its points of exaltation, moolatrikona or own sign. 11) A planet occupying houses 6, 8, or 12, even if exalted will have its potential eliminated by being in an evil house. Bear in mind the three exceptions involving Saturn, Mars and Venus mentioned earlier. 12) A planet debilitated, combust or sharing a house with an enemy planet or occupying an enemy zodiac sign in a Varga will give bad or poor results. 13) Planets in Vargas become vargottam if placed in the same sign in the Varga chart as in the natal chart. Some scholars recognize this pattern only in the natal and D-9 charts therefore let experience be your guide. 14) When Jupiter aspects or associates with a planet in an evil house in a Varga this will reduce or even nullify the evil effects of the weak or malefic. 15) The position of the Atmakaraka in each Varga shows lessons of spirituality in that area of life. The Lordship and placement of the Dasas Lords,and the Antar Dashas lords within the Vargas, are used by some modern scholars. If the Dasa lord is either weak or sitting in an evil house, problems and obstructions around the matters ruled by the Varga will occur. 16) The relationship between lords of the main and sub-periods should not be in a 6/8 or 2/12 relationship or bad results may be expected. 17) If the main or sub-period lord is debilitated, or poorly placed, bad results will be attained in the matters ruled by the specific Varga. 18) A planet in the ascendant of any D-chart gives good results in all matters under its control. Likewise the Lord of a Dchart will also give good results unless it is placed in the 8' house of the natal or D-9 chart.

Consider vaisesikamsa (planet exalted, in moola or in own sign in several charts) vaisesika means the planet is in a similar good division and disposition. Number of times a planet is exalted, in moola or in own .. VAISESIKAS valid for Shodasavarga (16 div.) only for kings & VIPs (available in Jagannath hora) NAME & DESCRIPTION OF the VAISESIKA Valid for sadvarga ( 6 divisions) for prasna only 9 Purnacandramsa= full moon Or for saptavarga (7 divisions) for muhurta only 2 Bedhakumsa= piercing, distinguished 10 Ucchaisrava= flying horse, pure power 2 Kimsukumsa= good blossoming 3 Kusumamsa= beautiful flower 11 Dhanvantari= celestial physician 3 Vyansanamsa= insignia & paraphernalia 4 Nagapuspamsa= flower that attract snakes 12 Suryakanta= gemlike effulgence, glow 4 Chamaramsa= authority 5 Kundakamsa= play ball,sports,entertainment 13 Vidruma=fragrant tree,power & attractive 5 Chatramsa/ umbrella= power + authority 6 Keralamsa= king of kerala 14 Indranamsa= most powerfull position 6 Kundalamsa/earing= power + decorations 7 Kalpavriksa= wish fulfilling tree 15 Golokamsa= most blessed 7 Mukutamsa/crown= full power 8 Chandanavamsa= cooling, fragrant sandal 16 Sri Vallabha= Visnu-like

Number of times a planet is exalted, in moola or in own in DASA VARGAS (10 divisions) valid for everybody; (available in Jagannath hora)
Results in any D if the planet in not in quadrant or trine, nor a rajayoga planet 2 Parijata= celestial flower 3 Uttama= superior, principal 4 Gopura= gateway, entrance 5 Simhasana= lions seat 6 Parvata= big, mountain-like 7 Devaloka= heaven 8 Brahmaloka= top position 9 Airavata= spotless power 10 Sri-dham= most prosperous see in which house the vaisesikamsa planet is lord of (in D1 especially) it will boost the house karakas Results in D1 especially ; if the planet is; .. A quadrant lord (Visnu sthana) The 5th lord (sholarship) The 9th lord (piety) A rajayoga planet Help subordinated people Rich and giving nature Learned amongst his clan Visit holy places Very liberal Very learned same+ also in past life King-like & prosperous Well off + very liberal Worldwide scholar Homas now & in past life King respected by kings Highly respected Ministership, academician Truthfull,jitendriya/surrendered Emperor-like Valorous Knows brahma-vidya Great & blissfull ascetic Manu-like status Leader in assemblies Great scholar and acarya Rishi, sage-like status Avatar- like status Sage like Learned Vaisnava Perform asvamedha yajnas Brahma status Blessed, delighted and celebrated Learned and pious devotee Become like Dharmaraj or Rama Svayambhuvamanu-like everywhere of highest order (so pious, undeviated) status

Dwishvabhava = more flexible, adaptable (sattvik), but delays in results if the planet in D1 is in first or last 2 degrees. Moksa/ jala = a very introverted feminine passive mood; looking more for emotions, sentiments, intuitions, secrets, more detached from gross external word; more renounced and detached. Sthir = more static, inflexible, & with rigid opinion (tamasic). Kama/ vayu = masculine extroverted approach; endowed with better communication and material intelligence for actively enjoying life

Char = more outgoing, mobile, & swift thoughts (rajasic). Dharma/ agni = a more masculine enthusiastic and extroverted mood, a punitive ksatriya type to protect dharma and traditions in society by verbal or physical actions.

Sthir = more static, inflexible, & with rigid opinion (tamasic). Artha/ prithivi = a more feminine/ introverted passive mood ; looking for more security, comforts, children and money or material acquisitions especially in the dasa of the planet.

Dwishvabhava = more flexible, adaptable (sattvik), but delays in results if the planet in D1 is in first or last 2 degrees. Kama/ vayu = masculine extroverted approach; endowed with better communication and material intelligence for actively enjoying life Char = more outgoing, mobile, & swift thoughts (rajasic). Moksa/ jala = a very introverted feminine passive mood; looking more for emotions, sentiments, intuitions, secrets, more detached from gross external word; more renounced and detached. Sthir = more static, inflexible, & with rigid opinion (tamasic). Dharma/ agni = a more masculine enthusiastic and extroverted mood, a punitive ksatriya type to protect dharma and traditions in society by verbal or physical actions. Dwishvabhava = more flexible, adaptable (sattvik), but delays in results if the planet in D1 is in first or last 2 degrees. Artha/ prithivi = a more feminine/ introverted passive mood ; looking for more security, comforts, children and money or material acquisitions especially in the dasa of the planet.

Consider also vargottama (in the same sign in D1 and any D chart); phaladipika said ; a vargottama planet produces effects as if in own sign; BUTThere is different degrees of vargottamas; The planet in vargottama in a D chart will reflect a specific mood. Try to apply especially to the lord of 1 & to the specific karaka house lord in the D chart & to the natural karaka planet of the D chart. Then there is special vargottamas; Ucha = = twice exalted Moola = twice in moola Char = more outgoing, mobile, & Svaksetra= twice in own sign (in D1 and the specific D chart) swift thoughts (rajasic). Subha = twice in a friendly sign Artha/ prithivi = a more feminine/ Neecha = twice debilitated introverted passive mood ; looking for more security, comforts, children Papa = twice sinfull (in the same sign of a dustana or natural malefic lord) and money or material acquisitions If not in the above categories Then the planet will be twice in neutral or especially in the dasa of the planet. enemy Dwishvabhava = more flexible, adaptable (sattvik), but delays in results if the planet in D1 is in first or last 2 degrees. Dharma/ agni = a more masculine enthusiastic and extroverted mood, a punitive ksatriya type to protect dharma and traditions in society by verbal or physical actions. Sthir = more static, inflexible, & with rigid opinion (tamasic). Moksa/ jala = a very introverted feminine passive mood; looking more for emotions, sentiments, intuitions, secrets, more detached from gross external word; more renounced and detached. Char = more outgoing, mobile, & swift thoughts (rajasic). Kama/ vayu = masculine extroverted approach; endowed with better communication and material intelligence for actively enjoying life

Hora chart; Sun and Moon are soul and mind of the Kalapurusha. Hora, therefore, sustains Jeeva-Life Principle and

maintains the cycle of birth and rebirth . The lords of the Moon Hora are the Pitri-ganas , the forefathers (pious but stay in this world, enjoy, re-incarnates), , and the lords of the Sun Hora are the Devatas (are on the way to liberation/ bhakti) Judging the D2 chart; how we will struggle or not to get our sustenance (food The sun hora (first half) of and money); see in D1 if the 2nd lord have Subha Kartari yoga or benefics in 8th from him; a male sign is stronger (to see if food and money supply will last) The moon hora (first half) Sun hora= malefic, strong in day, efforts. Ruled by the devas (conquering). of a female sign is always stronger Moon hora= benefic, strong at night, no efforts. Ruled by the pitris (ancestors, inheritance) Hora lagna in sun hora (Rishikesa, father)= the native will get food and wealth more by his own efforts= if several male planets are with lagna in sun hora then the native will become very wealthy but with efforts and sweat, + more success in politics, strong & wrathfull. Only Jupiter in sun hora gives liver and upper abdomen diseases. Hora lagna in moon hora (Laksmi, mother)= it is a good indication for wealth, attractiveness/ popularity, + natural benefics also there= better luck, wisdom, intelligence, eloquent style, jovial & magnetic.+ if moon itself is with the lagna and in an even/ female sign then the native will acquire food, wealth & money with less efforts, only Jupiter in moon hora can give prestige, nobility and kindness. A Planet gives more effects, is more efficient Fem

STRENGHT OF HORAS AND PLANETS Planet strongest at S In a sun hora, males C.
12 am night 4 am


In a moon hora,Fem.
Sun set Mid night Eve ning Always


Planets Full, creative; if in the 1st hora part, positive; tick + + Potency in Medium , maintain in the 2nd part, OK tick + Hora (any D.) Null, destroy in the 3rd part , negative tick X Planet In In a sun Strong hora (first one in the sign) tick S S SS SS Strong or Hora Weak hora (2nd one in the sign) tick W W S S Weak In a moon Strong hora (first one in the sign) tick S S WW WW hora hora Weak hora (2nd one in the sign) tick W W W W night-birth= moon hora strong & sun hora weak + planet is (tick it ) W S day-birth = sun hora strong & moon hora weak + planet is (tick it ) S W Mercury fells more efficient in a hora of the opposite gender is it the case ?; tick + (yes) or (no)







Lagna lord in own or in friendly sign in D3, D9 or D12= auspicious Antardasa. Planet in 4th , 5th or 9th house in D3, D9 or D12= auspicious Antardasa. Lagna dispositor in D9 is in friendly sign in D3, D9 or D12 + aspected by a friend= auspicious Antardasa . Diseases and other evils are seen from D1, D3, D5, D6 (kauluka or shastamsa), D9 and D12 . Trisamsas and Kaulukas (D5 & D6) are carefully analysed to ascertain diseases and other adversities in the life of a native. if LO1 cj LO8 in D1 & also in D3 or D12 = danger in their dasa/ bhukti, LO1+ LO6 cj several times in sadvargas (in vargottama)= health trouble according to the karaka of their dispositor. D3; drekkana; look at a separate paper only for D3 D4; Chaturhamsa is not included in dasavarga but it is part of 12 3 6 9 1 4 7 10 2 5 8 11 3 6 9 12 shodasavarga (for kings or VIPs only) because it deals only with the kendras (power) , it shows the 4th house karakas; education, assets, property, happiness of heart, fortune & gold of the native. Mercury, the moon, and the 4th lord must be happy in the chart. Mercury in 8 in D1 or D4 makes the native lucky, not in 8 4 D4; Chaturhamsa other charts. Mars in 1 in D4 destroy its karakas (property, 5 You can place the planets 7 assets, houses). 2 glyphs in the chart to verify 10 D4= ability to learn, then earn. = Jnana kanda = the 4 kumaras The D4 11 1 are ruling of each sign , it shows how the native cultivates 7 5 sankhya, yoga, tapasya & vairagya and how he will then succeed, 4 8 get fortune through them, by using them. 1 11 1st quarter of each sign ruled by Sanaka = Sankya or analytical study of the 24 elements (understanding the real nature of the 10 2 soul & matter, and the origin of everything by analytical, 6 3 1 9 5 2 1 8 4 1 1 7 3 1 9 6 scientific & methodical approach) 2 1 0 2 2nd quarter of each sign ruled by Sanandana, the leader = astanga mystic yoga, self enlightenment. (get knowledge and powers by meditation, mind power and sense control) 3rd quarter of each sign ruled by Sanatkumar = Tapasya, ((get knowledge by abstinence from material pleasure and voluntary austerities.) 4th quarter of each sign ruled by Sanatana = Vairagya (get knowledge by renunciation, by becoming liberated from material engagement) The placement of the planets in the four parts of the Rashis would show how the native cultivates these principles in the course of his learning, and how will he attain fortunes through them. # In the first scheme 12 signs (houses), commencing from sign Aries (Ascendant) represent the head, face, breast, heart, belly, navel, abdomen, genital organs, two thighs, two bones, two ankles and two feet of `KALAPURUSHA' First scheme indicates the physical location of body parts (finer identification of body parts is obtained with the help of Drekkana) # In the 2 nd scheme (jaimini)12 houses (starting from Ascendant or Moon whichever is stronger) represent head, face, throat, arms, stomach, loins, back, groins, feet, eyes, ears and nose the importance is given to houses and Moon. The second scheme indicates the influence of body parts on houses through which they operate. (how these body parts perceive, feel, function,interfere), D6 ; (Kauluka/ kaulaka or shastamsa); (in Jaimini sutras only, so Parasara does not mention it) 1 type only of D6, D6 & D30 are related (Trimsamsa and Kauluka are carefully analyzed to ascertain diseases and other adversities in the life of a native.) D1,D3,D9 & D12 also are inter-related to D6, Kaulaka deals with evils which directly affects life force (Jeeva) it indicates the malevolence of evils who generate negative traits in the life of the native and his close relatives. These negative traits are mainly the external outcome of the wrong practices/habits/ nature prevalent in the family (hereditary, see D12) or due to wrong behavior by the native itself, his own fault (adopted mostly because of bad association, bad habits, past sins, bad advise from enemies, misguided,). The affliction of a Kaulaka by a malefic(s) placed in a sign generate evils and disease on physical and meta-physical level and benefic influence ward-off the evils.. Affliction to a Kaulaka will create a specific type of evil. Kaulaka, being one-third part of the hora, indicates malady of the life, based on the principle of Trinity namely (1) Self, (2) Parents, coborns and relations and (3) Opposing forces like enemies. Kaulaka is precise in timing diseases, evils and even death of native and close relations . When paryaya dasa (a rasi dasa) and Vimshottari Dasas are applied to Shastamsa chart, they give precise timing of the evil events in native's life. Each Drekkana contains two Kaulukas of 5 each. They are termed as 1st and 2nd Kauluka of a drekkana. 1) First Kauluka of each Drekkana represents evils and diseases of internal origins; possibilities: a) The disease is in an internal organs(s).b) The cause of evils and diseases is not foreseen or known. (Originate on account of association of Fifth, Eighth or Badhak houses). c) The problems are hereditary in nature. 2) Second Kauluka of each Drekkana represents evils and diseases of external origins. possibilities: a) The problems arise in account of wrong food habits, social and moral conduct and negligent behavior. b) By known causes, and enemies (Sixth and Ninth houses).

c) Problems arising out due to accidents, non-payment of loans, wrong medication and treatment ignoring the advice of elders and social norms. Each Kauluka of a Drekkana help to arrive at a precise cause, of course, not independently, but with the help of other Divisional charts

Assessment of Evils, disease and death with the help of Kaulaka and Shastamsa chart is done in three stages: A. First Stage; a careful examination of Shadvarga charts is necessary to access the possibilities and indications of evils in the life of the native. B. Second Stage; (1) Assessment of Kaulaka as part of the sign. (2) Assessment of Kaulaka as part of Drekkana. (3) Effects of Dwadasamsa as a part of Kaulaka. C. Third Stage: (1) Assessment of Kaulaka (Shastamsa) chart independently. (2) Predictions of events with the help of Ayur Paryaya Dasa (Vimsottari Dasa is also applicable on Shastamsa chart). The table below explain the houses in D6 and their indication; if a specific house / person is afflicted by a malefic and at the same time the charakaraka (atma, matru, putra, etc..) representing the person is also afflicted then definitely evils, harm will point towards that person. Bhartra-Karka and Gnati -Karka conjuncting these problems/ houses will resolve the issues. (I guess BhartraKarka will brings courage & determination and Gnati Karka will bring problem to the problem, it will so reduce or kill the trouble ) but if Bhartra-Karka and Gnati Karka (co-borns and cousins) conjunct a malefic & their significator houses also have a malefic then they also surely be harmed. Malefic in the eighth house from the respective significator houses do not augur well for longevity of the concerned person. It curtails the longevity. w a) Malefic(s) in 2/8 is from a significator house of a person will harm and curtail his longevity. b) If a malefic is placed is 1st house, it may indicate adversity to the native, but prove disastrous for enemies as it would be in Eighth house from enemy (8th from 6th). c) Increase in Malefic influence increase the evils whereas benefic influence will help to fight the evils. 4. Malefic planets in trine to the seventh house from the concerned significator houses will cause misfortune, troubles, destruction (or even death) of the concerned persons (Trine to seventh means trine to 11th house, which is a house of death/ destruction.)Sutra 3.3.7. So check carefully for malefics in trine; (example; malefic in the 4th, 8th or 12th houses. These houses will be in trine to the seventh house from the sixth house (ruling enemies). Such a placement, no doubt, could be inimical to enemy. However, in the fourth house, malefic also threaten the co-borns, in the 8th house to the native himself and in the 12th house to children.).another example; (Saturn is in 12th and Mars in 1. Both these planets are inimical to the sixth house. The native has not any disease in the Vimshottari Dasa of Saturn, but was operated two times in Saturn Dasa to control ailments. Mars is indicative of problems to the native, but is inimical to diseases and enemies) Significator house (sources of problems for any relative is in the 6th from the relative) Death afflicting Relatives in D6 (growth of problems for any relative is in the 9th from the relative) house (2nd) disease, w (restrictions, bondage, or disabilities for any relative is in the 11th from the relative) trouble or (early) note; 11th is an upachaya= growth of the problems till they culminate= unavoidable death if malefic there Native (self) 1st; represents the natives gross body with all the problems and evils he carries with him. 2nd nd rd Both parents/ 2 indicates parents/ family, 3 house is Death afflicting house for parents 3rd th th th th Death of native also indicates death for native (4 from 11 or 8 from 8 ) Co-borns cousins 3rd 4th Spouse 4th represents also Jeeva (Soul, life force) of the native (well-being) 5th Children 5th 6th Diseases, Enemies 6th ; ill-health, source of problem, punishment that one gets from enemies or the likes. 7th Diseases 11th; ill-health, growth of problems (becomes evident, public) on account of evils, diseases or enemies. till death ? The problem or disease becomes official and will generally be chronic, till the demise of the person. Enemys growth & 9th (4th from the 6th house) = the growth of evils/ diseases and enemies (their well being) disease growth for the 3rd stage, C. above, Jaimini (from Sutra 3.3.67) hints at likely causes of afflictions if a natural malefic affects a kaulaka; (a) if it is Saturn, Gulika or Rahu; the main reason of the problem is due to infection of food, like excessive and wrong eating habits, consumption of poisons (medicines on regular basis), alcohol, tobacco and other such vices. (b) Mars or Ketu, the disease on account of consumption/tuberculosislung problems, dryness may occur. These planets indicate excessive fire and energy and weaken the body part on account of which they are not able to meet the body requirements. (c) If Sun the vital force is afflicting, it blocks free flow of fluids within the body, so accumulated poison is not properly expelled from excretory and other systems, so their functions slows down. Furthermore; Jaimini is giving the idea that Kaulaka will indicate the results and signification of its sign. The similar indications are given in Sutra 3.3.84 - "If the planet is placed in a sign other than its own, the results of the sign shall predominate." Determining the occurrence of evil results from malefic(s) position in signs; there are four most malefic houses namely 6th, 8th, 9th and 11th forming four trines. In case afflicting sign falls in any of these trines, the manner of occurrence of evil effects will be as under: a) If the 11th house (or Aquarius) or its trines (3 or gem. & 7 or lib.) are afflicted, the concerned person will be unaware of the causes of evils or death and enemies will cause the same. (Influence of Saturn and Rahu makes the native unaware about the cause of evils.) b) If the 9th house (or sign Sagittarius) or its trines (1 or Ari. & 5 or leo) are afflicted, the native/ concerned person will become aware of coming danger or death. (Jupiter creates awareness.) c) If the 10th house (or Capricorn) or its trines (2 or Tau. & 6 or vir.) are afflicted, the native/ concerned person has problems of the stomach (like dysentery etc.). The problems are coming from sixth house, which represents intestine, service, debts etc. d) If the 12th house (or sign Pisces) or its trines (4 or Can. & 8 or Sco.) are afflicted, the problem will be of supernatural reasons or will remain undiagnosed.(8th or sco.= secret) The problems coming here, basically from 8th & 12th houses being Nasha places (houses of destruction). find out the sources of evils and the afflicted body parts with the help of odd and even signs; a) Planet in its own sign will enhance the effect of the sign to do evil. Its result (karaka) shall predominate. (ex; Venus in Libra Shastamsa may indicate evils due to love affair, break in partnership etc. b) If planet is in other signs, the results of the sign (body part karaka) will predominate. Note: For example, if Venus is in Capricorn Shastamsa, it may indicate disorder in intestine due to intake of wrong or poisonous food, maybe on account of troubles with the spouse in family. c) Planet in exaltation will bring all-round depressed situation with the help of signification of sign. The sign will cause the fall of the native. (Too strong) Note: An exalted planet may not kill the native, but may bring all-round dispersed situation d) Debilitated planet will destroy the indication of the house. The result of the sign would become secondary. e) Benefic planets, particularly when placed in their own or exaltation signs, will reveal or manifest the evils and will bring them in the open. But at the same time, these planets will also provide means of escape from evils and will help to fight the adverse situations. Afflicted/Aspected Sign (malefic here) 1 (ari) or 9 (sag) 2 (tau) or 8 (sco) Aspecting Signs (body parts afflicted) & Cause of trouble in 5 (leo) & 11 (aqu) 4 (can) & 10 (cap) If afflicted sign odd-footed and occupied by malefic, the source of the trouble will be represented by the karaka (body parts) of even signs (and vice-versa).

3 (gem) or 12 (pis) 4 (can) or 10 (cap) 5 (leo) or 11 (aqu) 6 (vir) or 12 (pis)

3 (gem) & 9 (sag) 2 (tau) & 8 (sco) 1 (ari) & 7 (lib) 3 (gem) & 9 (sag)

The trouble will be indicated by signs, their lords, as well as the houses occupied by them. The severity of the problem will be judged by the nature of afflicting planets and signs. Benefic influence will ward-off the evils.

Building of D6;If Rahu/Ketu is placed in any Kauluka, the assigned order will be reversed. This will mean that : For odd signs, if Rahu/Ketu are placed in any Kauluka, the order will reversed. For even signs, if Rahu/Ketu are placed in any Kauluka, the order of counting will remain Zodiacal Sign 0-5 5-10 10-15 15-20 20-25 25-30 Kaulaka order (reverse for Or ) 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Planet or asc in Odd Signs in D1= Ari in D6 Tau in D6 Gem in D6 Can in D6 Leo in D6 Vir in D6 Afflicting planet Eyes, danger tongue Blood, Malefic there = problems to forehead hair Discrimifrom cats (mouth/ circulation nation & lions throat) Natural karaka of the body part Sun Saturn Mars Venus Jupiter Mercury Kaulaka order (reverse for Or ) Planet or asc in Even Signs in D1= Afflicting planet Malefic there = problems to Natural karaka of the body part 6th Lib in D6 tongue (mouth/ throat) Mercury 5th Sco in D6 danger from cats & lions Jupiter 4th Sag in D6 Eyes, Discrimination Venus 3rd Cap in D6 Blood, circulation Mars 2nd 1st Aqu in D6 Pis in D6 hair forehead Saturn Moon

If disease of a particular type is indicated, confirmed in the trimsamsa (D-30 Chart) these will show up during the periods of planets/signs in the particular kauluka from Lagna

D7; Maharaja Priyavrata divided Bhu-mandala into 7 dvipas and oceans which also correspond to the 7 rasas/ tastes ;
Island of Jambu (earth) Plaksa Surrounded by Ocean/ rasas in D7 1 Kshara (salt) Devata worshipped , son of priyavrata (See at right) , Agnidhra Surya (Sun), Idhmajihva Geography, inhabitants Children born in this rasa will be in inclined to be

Salmali Kusa Kraunca

Saka Pushkara

(probably Asia + Europe, the huge jambu fruits, rose apple, are found there, whose juice produces gold) quite variegated in their interests 2 Iksurasa (divided in 7 regions, fragrant plaksa tree there with 7 fires as roots, sarasvati river starts under (Sugarcane) this tree, 4 castes of people who bathe in holy rivers. They live 1000 years. They are beautiful like demigods, and they also beget children like the demigods. By performing the ritualistic ceremonies mentioned in the Vedas and by worshiping the Supreme Personality of Godhead as represented by the sun-god, they attain the sun) Ethical, truthful, dharmic, visit holy shrines and take bath in holy rivers. 3 Madhya (liquor Chandra (Moon), (divided in 7 regions, Garuda lives there in the Salmali tree / comfortable cotton tree, offering taste) Yajnabahu prayers to Visnu, apparently nagas also were living there) intoxicated/ easy going type or be easily influenced mentally. 4 Ghrita (clarified Agni (fire), (divided in 7 regions, a big lump of Kusa grass grow there, the inhabitants are of 4 classes, they butter) Hiranyareta bathe in holy rivers and are expert in rituals) Attracted by fire/ action, perform sacrifices or other religious rituals. 5 Ksheera (milk) Varuna (water) divided in 7 regions, the inhabitants are of 4 classes and offer a palm full of holy water to a deity Grithapristha. of Varuna and also bathe in holy rivers, big Mount Kraunca (formerly a demon) was attacked by Kartikeya, who is the regent of Mars, this mountain is inhabited by many birds. The inhabitants of this island worship God in the form of water. More influenced by Jala-tattwa. 6 Dadhi (yoghurt) Vayu (air) astanga- (divided in 7 regions, huge fragrant saka tree there) The inhabitants of this island worship God yoga, Medhatithi in the form of air. Influenced by Vayu-tattwa and interested in yoga and meditation. 7 Suddha Jala Svayambhu (divided in 2 regions by manasottara/ lokaloka, 1 is always dark, 1 always bright) conservative (sweet water) (Brahma) or orthodox, pure, Brahma is connected with Saturn (fixed, austere), and may indicate the Prithivi-tattwa.

Jambudvipa varsha division (given to the 9 sons of agnidhra in order) 4 Ilavrta 2 Kimpurusa 1 Bharata (to Nabhi) 3 Hari (Praladha)

SB; gndhra begot nine sons-Nbhi, Kipurua, Harivara, Ilvta, Ramyaka, Hiramaya, Kuru, Bhadrva and Ketumla. He gave them nine islands with names corresponding to theirsdivisions of jambhuvipa; The predominating ruler of Bhadrva-vara is Bhadrarav. He and his many servants always worship the incarnation known as Lord Hayagrva. At the end of each kalpa, when the demon Ajna steals the Vedic knowledge, Lord Hayagrva appears and preserves it. Then He delivers it to Lord Brahm. the inhabitants of Hari-vara always worship Lord Nsihadeva to receive from Him the benediction of being engaged in His loving service. In the tract of land known as Ketumla-vara, the Supreme Personality of Godhead (Lord Hkea) appears in the form of Cupid. Lord Hkea is the source of all encouragement, strength and influence. The conditioned living entity has the defect of being always fearful, but simply by the mercy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, he can rid himself of this defect of material life. Therefore the Lord alone can be addressed as master. In the tract of land known as Ramyaka-vara, Manu and all the inhabitants worship Matsyadeva to this very day. In Hiramaya-vara Lord Viu has assumed the form of a tortoise (Krma mrti) and is worshiped there by Aryam, along with all the other residents. In the tract of land known as Uttarakuru-vara, Lord r Hari has assumed the form of a boar, and in that form He accepts service from all the inhabitants living there.
Form of Hari still worshipped There (close to Parasaras list of avataras) Sankarsana Rama, Hanuman still there Nara-Narayana Narasimha (all devotees) Varsa characteristics

Corresponding Planet

Himalayan provinces.

Mercury Sun Moon Mars

9 Ketumala 8 Bhadrasva 6 Hiranmaya 7 kuru 5 Ramyaka

Kamadeva (Hrisikesa) brings Human beings living there are golden color, women resemble the angels of fearlessness heaven. All are free from all kinds of diseases and grief. Hayagriva (preserve Vedas) Kurma Varaha mother earth and all the other inhabitants worship Him with unfailing devotional service by repeatedly chanting an Upanisad mantra. Matsya (still worshipped by Aryama)

Venus Jupiter Saturn Rahu Ketu

these 9 deities all relate to Kshara portions. The nine Deities worshipped here closely resemble the Deities of the Navagrahas listed by Parasara in BPHS, for the exception of Krishna, Buddha and Parasurama. In my opinion they are replaced here by Nara-Narayana, Hayagriva and Sankarsana respectively. Thus planets in Kshara portions would indicate children who are quite variegated in their interests. Ikshurasa surrounds Plakshadvipa, the next island, in which Lord Surya-Narayana [Lord Vishnu in the form of the Sun God] is worshipped. It may indicate people following dharma, as the Sun is the natural karaka for dharma. These children may also have the fortune of visiting holy shrines and taking a bath in holy rivers. Madhya would refer to Sura, or the liquor ocean, which surrounds Shalmalidvipa where Soma [the Moon God] is worshipped. This is why intoxicants influence the mind, which is ruled by Soma. Children born in this amsa may be attracted towards intoxication or be more easily influenced mentally. Ghrita is the ocean of ghee [clarified butter], which surrounds Kusadvipa where Agni [ the fire god] is worshipped. Agni represents the sacred fire of the Agnihotra-yajna, into which ghee is offered as the oblation. It may indicate children in whose life fire will have much significance. They may also perform sacrifices or other religious rituals. The influence of Agni-tattwa is strong in them. Ksheera refers to the ocean of milk, which surrounds the next island, Krauncadvipa. The residents of Krauncadvipa worship Varunadeva, the Deity of waters by offering holy water to him. The children born in these amsas may have a strong influence of the Jala-tattwa. Dadhi refers to the ocean of yogurt, which surrounds Sakadvipa. The residents of this siland worship Vayu by practicing astanga-yoga and meditation. The children born in this amsa may be influenced by Vayu-tattwa and interersted in yoga and meditation.Suddha Jala is the ocean of sweet water, which surrounds Pushkaradvipa where Brahma [the creator] is worshipped. These children may be very conservative or orthodox in their behavior, as Brahma is the oldest Devata. He is also connected with Saturn, and may indicate the Prithivitattwa. The above classifications are reiterated in the following table: Table 4 Saptamsa Amsa Lords One may wonder why the Saptamsa refers to sons and grandsons? This is perhaps due to the fact that it was Maharaja Priyavrata, who divided the Bhu-mandala into these seven islands with the wheels of his chariot and then gave his rulership to his seven sons, who in turn divided each island into seven parts and gave the rulership of each part to one of their sons in turn. for female charts grandchildren or desire for having grandchildren are indicated (desire for expansion of the lineage) for that see the 5th house in D7the progeny of the progeny. For ladies charts also; If the moon is in dustana or weak (debilitated) in D7= no children/ pregnancy. Also from ladies D7 chart we can judge the prosperity/ past deeds/ creativity of the husband. Happiness and success derived from all the progeny is seen from the 10th house in D7, especially From the chart of husband the prosperity of the male Childs will be judged (deeds/ accomplishment of the male progeny).

sign correspond saptamsas. And it falls to in . 0 to 4179 Ksara, bitter, salt 1st Up to 83418 Ksira, milk 5th Up to 125127 Dadhi, yogurt 6th Up to 170836 Grharta, ghee 4th Up to 212545 Isksa, cane juice 2nd Up to 25454 Madhu, honey 3rd Up to 30 Suddha, pure water 7th How the divisions occur in each sign

From deities in varga charts; Bhu-mandala, or Earth is divided into seven islands and oceans corresponding closely to the 7 rasas, The characteristics of each of the portionswill reflect the characteristics of the deities worshipped on those islands Degrees in each The 7 Rasas of the In odd signs the division In even signs the division D7; Saptamsa, the chart of
falls in sign # ari gem leo 1 3 5 2 4 6 3 5 7 4 6 8 5 7 9 6 8 10 7 9 11 lib 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 sag 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 aqu 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 falls in sign # (reverse?) tau can vir sco cap pis 8 10 12 2 4 6 9 11 1 3 5 7 10 12 2 4 6 8 11 1 3 5 7 9 12 2 4 6 8 10 1 3 5 7 9 11 2 4 6 8 10 12
taste (rasas) for creating and progeny, Sarasvati (or Vak), wife of Brahma gives the 7 original tastes; each division is 4178.57. It represents the 5th house and Jupiter. The position of Jupiter is important, 5th & 9th houses also, but carefull; Jupiter in 1 in D7 will spoil or affect the progeny (karakat bhava nasana), the effectiveness of D7 will be 50% compared to the bhava chart 100%.

To determine the Sex of children to be born First check the D1 chart, Jupiter, the 5th house and planets there or aspecting it, the 5th lord Position , Aspected or Conjuncted, strengthetc.then the children order will be as;

Children to be seen in D7 1st child 2nd child 3rd child 4th child For father/ male chart; The house # and lord will indicate the child See the 5th +3 = see the 7th +3 = see the 9th +3 = see the 11th etc For mother/ female chart; The house # and lord will indicate the child See the 9th -3 = see the 7th -3 = see the 5th -3 = see the 3th etc

ount in opposite direction if lagna in D7 is in even sign; and after the 6th child (1 zodiac round) reverse the counting so that you do not come to the same houses.

Then predict a male child if the planet lord of the child in D1 is; In an odd sign, except gem.and aqu. , or in cancer or pisces Exalted or conjunct an exalted Conjunct with a male planet; sun, Jupiter, mars or rahu

Then predict a female child if the planet lord of the child in D1 is; In an even sign except can. and pis., or in gemini or aquarius Debilitated or conjunct a debil. Conjunct with a female planet; moon, venus, mercury, ketu or Saturn.

In D1 The sign occupied by the particular childs lord should be treated as lagna for seeing the life of the children and their dasas. Do not forget; Taurus, leo, virgo & scorpio are childless signs in D1 (not favoring children births); so if the 5th D1lord or the D7 lord of children are there, expect the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th .child to never appear (or to come with problems). & during which period they will take birth; #1, birth can take place during the main dasa of the planets having argala on the lord of the saptamsa lagna. #2, and birth takes place during the antardasa (bhukti) of the lord of the particular child in D7, or its dispositor (in D1), or lords of 3 and 1 from lagna (parents are always 2, so you will have 2 results, if they contradict the father D7 chart prevails) #3, you can then guess which days the child is suppose to take birth, the moon stays about 2 days (54 hours) in each sign; generally the D1 moon janma rasi of male children are in 1,4,5,7,9 or 10 from the fathers moon position in D7. generally the D1 moon janma rasi of female children are in 2,3,6,8,11 or 12 ( not in trine or kona) from the fathers moon position in D7 Ra, Sa in 4th house shows unhappiness in the corresponding D chart. consider Ra for bhoga and consider Ke for Moksha There is no D5 and D6, D8 in Parasara's teachings. D1 to D12, body, wealth, siblings, parents, children, career - all these things exist physically. D11; rudramsa or ekadamsa; shows the weaknesses, Relevant chart for death and destruction, all planets in rudramsa, malefic or benefic, lead to destruction as Rudramsa brings into open such forces which are responsible for continuous change i.e. destruction Ma indicates bloodshed/violent and Ke indicates explosion. Ve/Mo indicate water related destruction. 11. Main houses of destruction is houses of death 2H and 7H, which are death inflicting houses. 12. Marana karaka sthana is used with planets where as maraka is the lord if 2H/7H or a planet associated with or occupying those houses. They are 12th from 3H (of vitality) and 8H (of longevity). The 2L and 7L becomes marakas. 6H and 8H show the accidents, diseases etc and the link between then or their lord with 2 and 7 indicate the nature of death. 13. In one chart, Ve is an important maraka. Watery planet 2L and 7L in Pi (oceans). So, death due to watery problems is likely. Occupants of 2H or 7H or planets aspected by 2L, 7L also become maraka. Another maraka in this chart is Ra which aspects 2L and 7L. 14. In 2005 chart, 2L Mo and 7L Ju aspecting Ra, Sa. Ra is with exalted Ve. Ve, Ra exchange results and Ve gives Ra result. 15. All planets aspect 3H and 10H, but Sa is the only planet that has full aspect, while all others have 1/3 aspect only as per Parasara. 16. Per graha dhristi, 7H from LA shows natives desire, 7H from AL shows natives images desire and 7H from any planet shows the desire of that planet. Ju has 5th and 9th aspect, Sa has 3rd and 10th aspect and Ma has 4th and 8th aspect. D12; Dwadasamsa, basically, indicates parents and hereditary practices/ habits prevalent in the family so it indicates the cause of evils and also their cure. This helps the astrologer to advise the native as how to ward-off the evils. Therefore it plays key role in predictive astrology. D12; for mother see 4th house. Drekkana 0-10 1st Kaulaka 0-5 Internal Diseases 2nd Kaulaka 5-10 External Diseases 1stDwadasamsa 0-230' 2ndDwadasamsa 230'-5 3rdDwadasamsa 5-730' 4thDwadasamsa 730'-10 Ganesh, intellect, self-control Aswani Kumar, physicians Yama, restrain Sarpa= bhogi life style malefic here; lack self restrain, malefic here; lack of discipline malefic here; suffers with malefic here; becomes slave of intellect, confidence, control in food habits, does not follow extreme likes and dislikes, does his senses; brings all type of over his sense organs. Advise= the advice of his doctor not know what is good or bad, troubles and miseries. Advise= cultivate discipline in life and /treatment. Advise= discipline advise;= adopt positive attitude. get rid of vices & worship and develop faith in god by worship in food habits & follow the worship an appropriate deity. the planets. of appropriate deity. doctor/ treatment. D13 to D24, Comforts/mental happiness/unhappiness, education, mental feeling of fulfillment/luxury D20= religious activities and spiritual matters, your spiritual evolution, how you evolve. in D20 & D24 Ra and Ke are always together. consider Ra for bhoga and consider Ke for Moksha D24= knowledge and learning, for general education see 4th house, to see the learning of Jyotisha, Occult learning hidden knowledge House of hiding and tapasya- see 8th house. 10th house in D-24 shows karma related to learning. The native will be engaged in teaching if 10th lord (Ju) in 10th house is very strong. Native will be engaged in spreading this knowledge. On the contrary, if 10th house in D-24 is weak and if the person is well learnt that knowledge will be for him and is not for spreading in society. 9th house in D-24 shows guidance from Guru. 9 lord shows Guru. If multiple Raja yogas in 2nd house in D24, he will be a great orator, & Supremely intelligent with Me and 5th house yogas. in 8th house in D-24; Ra = searching for hidden, following tradition and Ke = spiritual knowledge. Ra in bad influence can make you a Rebel. If he is in good influence, he can take you beyond the boundaries of knowwlege of known great research. D27 and D30 = Sub conscious factors, somebody prone to anger D30 (trimsamsa) Evils within a person, in each person, there is a papa-purusha. There is a God within you; Jupiter, Mo within you as Mind, Vamana within you as humility, Bali as arrogant giving nature, all these characters exist within the universe and in a

microcosmic form wihtin us. D30 shows that papapurusha or Shad-Ripus within us (Kama krodha moha lobha mada matsalya). shows the strong faces of papa purusha within you and when they show up in life. D40 (supra-consciousness) = inherited karma from Mothers side. (Curses and blessings). Curses work for 7 generations. D45 = inherited karma from Fathers side. (Curses and blessings). Curses work for 7 generations. So, dont go more than 7 generations. 4t h house stands for several things like mother, education, comfort, heart, real estate etc, so, etc. 4th in Rasi chart shows heart. Then see the house that we are interested in. For ex. tosee the learning of Jyotisha, see 8t h house in D-24. 4t h shows general education. D16; The moon goes through various phases 16 in total. (amavasya to Pournimasya) from extreme depression to happiness hence the name due to shodasa kalas, kalamsa, happiness or sadness is seen in D16 this also referred to mood swings. D30, trimsamsa; Underneath table is for female charts only (phala-dipika) Trimsamsa occupied by the Moon (or lagna) at birth; Take the stronger Likely character from Moon or lagna D1 D30
or asc or asc.

dispositor dispositor Mars Mars Saturn Jupiter Mercury Venus Venus Venus Mercury Jupiter Saturn Mars Mercury Mars Saturn Jupiter Mercury Venus Moon Venus Mercury Jupiter Saturn Mars Sun Mars Saturn Jupiter Mercury Venus Jupiter Venus Mercury Jupiter Saturn Mars Saturn Mars Saturn Jupiter Mercury Venus

the woman will be ill-behaved she will be maid servant she will be cultured and wealthy she will be deceitful she will be of bad character she will be famous she will be learned she will be respected she will resort to another husband will be of bad character she will be deceitful she will be eunuch she will be chaste she will be full of good qualities she will be repining, discontent she will be full of virtues. will be skilled in arts distinguished qualities she will kill her husband self willed and uncontrolled she will be a wicked wife she will be without any character she will be wife of king or landlord she will be masculine in behavior Attachment for other than husband she will be very chaste she will be skilled in the arts she will possess many good qualities little desire for sexual intercourse Enamored by others than husband she will be a maid servant Enamored by others than husband will keep husband under control she will be unchaste arid she will be issueless and poor

There is only 1 type only of trimsamsa (parasara & jaimini are unanimous) trimsamsa confirms the occurrence of evils (seen in D1, D3, D9, D12) that will manifest in the life of native. D6 is more to locate the cause of the evils & D6 is not part of Parasara shadvarga. In Trimsamsa, the evils are accumulated and manifest on account of imbalance of five elements represented by five Tara-Graha, which basically represents the material world. Sign 1 2 3 4 5 0-5 5-10 10-18 18-25 25-30 OD D Aquariu Saggitariu Gemini Libra Sign Aries s s 0-5 5-12 12-20 20-25 25-30 Even Tauru Capricor Sign Virgo Pisces s n Scorpio The trimsamsa refers to the degrees of a sign that are grouped under the five planets ruling the five tatwas. For odd signs these are Mars (5Fire/Energy), Saturn (5-Earth/Solid) Jupiter (8-Sky/Vacuum), Mercury (7-wind/Gaseous state), Venus (5-Water/Liquid state)

D60; SHASTIAMSA TABLE (D60) & DEFINITIONS/ MEANINGS, the average time taken for the Lagna to traverse a Shastyamsa is 2 mn. Devata # in sign Meaning/ definition Likely Results/ planet inclination Devata E name(s) O V D E D N M1 60 0:00 0:30 Venerable,Terrific, awful, sublime, ghastly, horrible, fierce. "Adhyapakastu Vedanam" Vedic preceptors Eight sons were born to Angiras by his wife Vasuda causing reverential fear. (Sraddha). They were Utathya, Brhaspati, Vayasya, Santi, Gives trouble to preceptor. Ghora Ghora, Virupa, Samvarta and Sudhanva. All of them were "Vanik" Traders/ Industrialists/ Entrepreneurs; sages. so Ghora must be a terrific/ fierce looking sage wholesale traders of all goods produced in the country. Rakshasa M 2 59 0:30 1:00 demoniacal. " Servants, Dancers, Tailors, repairer, sudras etc. B 3 58 Godly, divine, Those who impart science of Para/ Apara vidyas purohits etc.,Psychologist and parapsychologist. Deva 1:00 1:30 spiritual side. "Vandi Magadaha" "Vadya Nipunaha" Those experts in music and arts; Drummers; Pipers; Court musicians; Temple musicians; any musicians.artists. B 4 57 celestial treasurer. Wealth mongers, Speculators/experts in handling horses/Jockeys etc., Kuvera, surrounded The leader of the by beautiful women and praised by the Siddhas, generally enjoys pleasure, Kuvera is in Yaksas and charge of the northern part of the universe. Kailsa is situated near the residential quarters Kubera 2:00 Raksasas, guardian of Kuvera. It is also stated here that the forest was full of desire trees. All precious stones of the north. are in the possession of Sukra. Even Kubera (the god of wealth) lives by borrowing one1:30 fourth of Sukra's wealth. Yaksha B 5 56 2:00 2:30 Semi pious celestial Traders of Elephants/ vehicles: (Trucks); Plotters; Cheats; Diplomats; Ambassadors; singer. Heavenly strategic minded. The demons who were born from the body of Brahm were called Yaksas,

beeing B 6 55 man eaters. Separate Adityas, hermits Gandharvas, celestial maids, Yaksas, serpents and giants sit, in the chariot of the Sun every month. Heavenly singers, Kinnaras are lute"Lipilekhana Tatparaha" Those indulge in all sorts of writing; writers players, a mythical being with a human poets, new journalists; typists; stenos & clerks etc. Brahm, the creator head in the body of a horse, a bad or of the living entities, beheld his own reflection in the water, and deformed man. The Kinnaras are so called admiring himself, he evolved Kimpurusas as well as Kinnaras out of because they are kincin nar, or "a little that reflection. The Kimpurusas and Kinnaras took possession of that like human beings." The Kinnaras have shadowy form left by Brahm. Gandharvas, Kinnaras and Uragas, who either a human head or human body are not exactly demigods but between the demigods and human beings. (but not both) combined with a were also coming in planes. Kinnaras and Apsars go to Meru nonhuman form. mountain to sport, Prabhupda: Kinnaras means it is doubtful whether he is man or monkey. fallen, vicious. LOST. " Mandura bandhakaha" Those in profession of manufacturing Cots/Sofas, mat-tresses, in bereft of, spoiled, charge of Stables; fallers from moral standards etc. outcast Decorators, horse traders, people who forget honest ways. ruining a family, (destroy "Natavita Gayakaha" Actors/ Artists of stage/ Cinema/ TV/ Radio etc; Fallen from heritage or family traditions (hence kulaghnas from orthodox standard view of those culture,traditions, times).people who transgress their family tradition. reputation or no male "Vanik'; Those travel/stay on other places for trading/ business purposes; (Doora descendance) Desa Vyaparasthulu) Dealers of import/ export goods; Travelling businessmen/ Representatives/ in and abroad in journeys.salesmen. poison or "Desikaha" Those engaged in folk dances/experts in Nritya Natya Kalas; Travelers/ those in venom. gymnastics & moderm dances etc.Dancer, folk singers, travellers, boxers. fire, gastric fluid, digestive faculty, "Yagnikam" Those in the profession of arranging rites/ceremonies of Hindu appetite. VAHNI this asura had religion etc. and those engaged in various Yagnas for the progress and been a lokapala for south-east happiness of families etc. deceit, jugglery. architect of the Asuras had " Matha Prabhodhakaha" Preceptors Heads and propagations of many sons expert in tricks/ magic. institutions. Religious preachers. d i r t . pretapurisa "Dhana Seela" Those engaged in excretory things in some kind or other; Charitable persons; amsa Heads of Charitable Institutions etc.Donors, religious administrations. the ocean, name of Varuna, (the water and rain god)and "Anga Vikalaha" Handicapped persons; Those in also one Aditya. Valmiki, Puskara and Daksasavarni, profession of Handicapped Institutions in some relation the ninth Manu are the sons of Varuna.,Varuna is in or other; Articles of Veg. /Non-veg. after cutting/drying charge the west side of meru/ universe, his capital as dry glass etc. Sraddhavati is there.Kasyapa stole his kamadenu cow. Invalid, administrator of such institutions -restaurants. He gave pasupati astra and gandiva bow to Arjuna t h e 49 wind god(s). associates of King Indra;, This includes those in profession of Heads of villages, numbering 49 (kinds of air) ,Diti their mother had towns, municipalities, Village barbers, village revenue performed the Vaisnava ceremonies,so all the sons collectors etc. becameVaisnavas. Leader of the Town Sarpanch, councillor, revenue officer, haircutter. deity of time, lord of death, dharma, Vasanadhipa, Gamblers/ Betters; Drunkards; sudden fortune mongers; Race blue color, weather, Time is goers; Bookies; Stock brokers; and windfall mongers; all types of speculators considered as one of the nine etc. dravyas Shaktis by the Vaiseshikas, "Vandra Vikrayi" Those who produce, trade and engage in jobs in relation to a person who distils and sells pottery, crockery/ dishware/ cutlery/ kitchenware; clay pots; porcelain liquor, Saturn, Siva, a utensils; ceramics etc. personification of the destructive " Vandi Magadhaha" Herald or band who sing in praise of the kings/ principle. Receptionists/ Aides engaged with VIPs. the well-wishers of kings/ leaders. (M)-snake. (Ahi Aramakarana Udyokta" Those engaged in professions that cause happiness to general bhanga Amsa) public; Owners of Clubs/Entertainment houses; operas; Theatres; Care takers arranging Considered benefic. pleasure-trips; week end rest spots; Horticulturists; Jana Sambandha Sakha. tour organizers, One of the eleven caretakers, owners of rest houses, gardeners, public relations officers. Rudras born to People who are engaged in business which make general public happy club-goers. owners Kasyapa by his wife of drama theatres, Surabhi. immortal, nectar, "Pushpa Vikraya Tatparaha" Flower merchants, traders of scents and producers of such imperishable, articles, nursery gardeners, chemical traders. emancipation, antidote, "Vijnana Sastra Nipunaha" Research Scholars/ Professors/ Inventors/ Scientists/ Amrita is the moon light Research Associates in Vijnana Sastras. itself. "Adhyapaka" those who preach Veda, Vedanga and other mundane sciences; Professors/Lecturers/ Teachers and Guides/ Authors/ publishers . Moon, the number 1 "Raja Karya Rataha"; "Udyogi"; Those in profession of Government/ public sector ,camphor. employment in different cadres; Persons in civil service. Chandraanisa - Government servants, public company. moderate, soft, amiable to everyone, Sena Rakshana Sakha; Those in various callings in military service in lower gentle and sublime. ranks; Military; Police and such Rakshaka establishments 'as NCC/ Home Mudra= coin, sign, mark, Guards etc. characteristic tender, "Lata Pushpa Phala Vikrayi/ Vaidyaha" All those dealing in fruits/Dry fruits/ Vegetables/herbal agreeable, Medicines/ Naturopathy/ homeopathy/ Doctors/ Phakirs/ Veg. Vendors/ All Production/ Trading units soft, in Food/ confectionary related items; All physicians of allopathy attractive. Vegetable merchant, chemist, vaidya, Naturopath, merchant selling food stuff, doctors etc. (Mudranadhikari); senior rank personnel in Govt./Civil Administration/ Local bodies/ Co-op bodies/ Autonomous bodies/ public sector (Govt. controlled units) etc. Ganesa, (the elephant faced god), a "Nritya Geetechha Kusalaha" Those Drama/ Dance Teachers of all kinds;


2:30 3:00

M 7 Bhrasta M8 Kulaghna

54 3:00 3:30 53

3:30 4:00 Garala Vahni/ agni Maya Purishaka M 11 M 12 B 13 Apampati 6:00 B 14 Marut 6:30 M 15 Kaala 7:00 B! 16 Sarpa 45 7:30 8:00 46 7:30 47 7:00 50 5:00 49 48 6:30 M 9 M 10 52 4:00 51 4:30 5:00 5:30 4:30

5:30 6:00

B 17 Amrita

44 8:00 8:30

Indu Mridu/ Mudraainsa

B 18 B 19

43 8:30 9:00 42 9:00 9:30

B 20 Komala

41 9:30 10:00

Heramba/ B 21

40 10:00 10:30

Padma Bhanu Brahma Lakshisa Vishnu Vageesha amsa Maheswara Deva Ardra Kalinaasa Kshitish/ Kshitiswara Kamalakara Gulika M 30 M 31 M 32 M 33 M 34 M 35 M 36 B 37 B 38 B 39 M 40 41 B! 42 M 43 Utpaata Kaala Saumya Komala Sheetala B 46 B 47 M 44 B 45 B 28 B 29 B 25 B 26 B 27 boastful hero, a buffalo B 22 B 23 B 24 39 10:30 11:00 the Universal Father, a missile, sacred knowledge 38 11:00 11:30 t h e second deity of the sacred Triad, Nishidha Vikrayakara" Those productions/ trading are prohibited name of Agni, name of a lawgiver (author items as intoxicants; smugglers; black marketers. of Vishnusmriti), a pious man 37 11:30 12:00 t h e third deity entrusted Gramanam Amsa Adhikara kruta" Those landlords, heads of villages/ towns; . with the task of Great zamindars; Elected local Adm.. heads as Municipalities/Co-op bodies etc. Destruction 36 12:00 12:30 Same as in 3 35 12:30 13:00 Moist, wet, melted, "Deshika", "Sarva Sanga Parityagee" Saints/ Monks/ Heads of Religious Institutions, Indra Religious preachers; propagators. 34 13:00 13:30 Destruction of evil/ strife/ quarrel. "Pragraha" Rama Bhakta" Those great wise men who throw light on (according to some, it a malefic ethics and remove sinful thoughts of Kali sins, from one's mind. Shashtiamsa) Religious people, preachers. 33 13:30 14:00 r u l e r of the earth, Traders of items denoted by Venus, Clothes, perfumes, fancy articles, items of beauty; kingly Textiles; Luxurious bed comfort items; Scented and decorative items; dyes/ paint- sellers and producers/ those engaged in them. 32 14:00 14:30 a lake full of lotuses, an "Oshadha Kriya":Amsa All those producers of medicine units/ surgical instruments; assemblage of lotuses Pharmaceutical units; medical shops; Pathological/ X-ray units/ Allopathic/ homeopathy/ Drugs/ Herbs/ Tonics etc. 31 14:30 15:00 Saturns son, name kayasyakarana Udyokta" Dealers in household goods; Electronics; Dealers of cosmetics, for a hunter, creams powders, decorators, beauty parlour; "Deha Griha alankarana upayukta Samagri". a nagalokadhhipatis 30 15:00 15:30 s o n of Mars, death. Kali + his sister "Virako" Those who carry loads; Laborers; Coolies; Rickshaw pullers Durukti (Harsh Speech)= mriyu + fear. Auto-van; Truck/ lorry, loaders/ drivers; Goods, Train drivers; 29 15:30 16:00 Same as in 15 28 16:00 16:30 Wild fire, a Devajna Amsa !!!!! "Krishi Kruth": Agriculturists; Cultivators; Owners of Farms; Land forest irrigational projects; Relating to agricultural produce of different kinds; Fertilizers/land improving conflagration systems/items; Relating to Pesticides to get good crops by protecting the growth etc. etc. 27 16:30 17:00 Same as in 1 26 Restrain, death "Dhatu Charmakari" Those engaged in relation to Plastics metals, Leather/ Rubber 17:00 17:30 personified, lord of connected goods; Shoes/ Bags/ Belts; Smiths of gold/ silver alloys/ jewelry/ hosiery/ dharma undergarments; Castings. 25 Thorn/ sharp pebbles, evil disturbance, any " karshakaha"; Tillers of soil; persons dealing with thorns; 17:30 18:00 trouble/ some fellow to the state and enemy of Drivers of Bulldozers/ tractors etc. weighing machines. order and government. 24 nectar, ambrosia, "Pandit"; A scholar; A learned person well versed in Shastras; Professors/ Lecturers/ 18:00 18:30 name of Ganga. Acharyas/ Gurus in different fields. 23 18:30 19:00 Same as in 17 22 Full Moon "Pustaka" Those related to printing/ publication/distribution/ training of Books/ Journals/ 19:00 19:30 Dailies; Publicity/ Advt. Librarians etc. 21 destroyed by venom, consumed by " R a j a k o" Washer men; Laundries; Printers /processors of cloth; Designers; 19:30 20:00 grief, tormented, burnt by poison. Dyers/ Darners; cloth/ Synthetics/ Wool products related cleaners; Traders in such deals etc. 20 20:00 20:30 Same as in 8 19 (M)-descent, not growing further. Decline of the dynasty/ "Veda Vedang Rahasyagnaha" Professors/ acaryas/ 20:30 21:00 clan/ family line, or , decline of heritage, culture, Siddhantis/ Linguists/ Vedic people/Purohits of higher traditions, reputation or no male descendance) level/ Astrologers/ Grammarians / Peethadhipatis heads. 18 Disturbance, portentous or unusual phenomenon, "Shastrangnaha": All Scientists of scholarly disposition; One 21:00 21:30 boding calamity, any public calamity like an eclipse, who knows veda/ Vedanga; In such relation to Atharvana earthquake etc. Veda-Mundane sciences. 17 21:30 22:00 Same as in 15 16 22:30 Mild benefic,beautiful, "Grami yani": Leaders of warriors; Heads of Military and other Defense Establishments; relating or sacred to the Army/Navy/Air force top brass; Top rank defense/ police and others. 22:00 Moon, handsome, "Krishi Krit" Those who cultivate lands; Miners; Gold/and other rich metal mines; Those auspicious. engaged in these trades. Land owners 15 22:30 23:00 Same as in 20 14 23:30 Cold/ cool, Moon, camphor, turpentine, sandal. "Ganiko": All those professors/ researchers in meat-eaters and drunkards, are very much attached to Mathematics/ Engineers. Sciences/ Astronomers/ 23:00 worshiping the goddesses Durg, Kl, tal . Staldevi Statisticians/ Computer (hardware/software) personnel; is the goddess of smallpox, she is always traveling on a she- Accountants of all cadres/ Financial Heads etc. ass 13 (M)-frightful teethed/ "Danda Karaka": Those who award punishments; Court Heads; Magistrates; Judges; 23:30 24:00 awful fangs, punishing. Collectors/ Police Heads; Speakers; Home Minister/ Secretaries; Special Courts/ Tribunals of all kinds; Those empowered in disciplinary proceedings etc 12 24:00 24:30 having the beauty of the "Rakshasaha" All those conspire/ commit heinous deeds as robbery/ murders/ thefts etc; Moon. (moonlike face) Also Hangmen; Butchers; Hunters; Those involved in Police Dept. in harassing/ torturing the persons arrested/ convicted etc. 11 Capable, clever/ " Indhanahari" Those who are engaged in production/ distribution/ trading of fuel; wood; 24:30 25:00 smart, versed in. coal; wood cutters; Dealers in petrol/ gas cylinders kerosene/electric lighting/ heaters/ furnaces etc. 10 25:00 25:30 the destructive fire at the end of the world.(kalaagni) Pvaka= another Phalamooladi Vikrayi" Those Artists in TV/ Radio/Clubs; Music Directors; Musicians of all kinds./ cinema Tambula Phala Vikrayi" All those in production/ trading Of betel nuts/ spices; Pan Shops; Masala Shops; Chemicals in relation to it,

Mrityu Kaala Davagni Ghora Yama Kantaka

Sudha Amrita Purna chandra Visha dagdha Kula naasa Vamsa kshaya

Karaladams tra

B 48

Chandramu B 49 khi B 50 Praveen Kaala M 51

pavaka Dandayudd ha Nirmala Saumya Kroora Atiseetala Amrita Payodhi Bhramana Chandra rekha Indu rekha M 52 B 53 B 54 B! 55 B 56 B 57 B 58 M 59 ! B 60 9 25:30 26:00 8 26:00 7 26:30 27:00 6 27:00 27:30 5 26:30 name of Agni, one of the Vasus. The predominating deity of fire begot in his producers/ traders of Fruits/Vegetables/ wife, Svh, three children, named Pvaka, Pavamna and Suci, who exist by Food and confectionary items of all eating the oblations offered to the fire of sacrifice. kinds/ Hoteliers/ Restaurants/ Canteens etc. (more of Vegetables) the staff held by an ascetic (or by a "Santakrut": Higher authorities of law and order in Home/Police Brahmin). Religious authority, Establishments, mainly connected in policies to ensure peace and happiness in punishment rod. society; Home department, justice department, top officials in Government. resplendent, sinless/ spotless/ "Swarnakari": costly metal dealers. Jewellery merchant, mine diggers, persons stainless, virtuous. A name of who are engaged in golden and silver ornament preparations (gold-smiths). Skanda Same as in 45 (M)-cruel/ pitiless/ jealous, " Ksheeradi Vikrayi" Those in production and trading in relation to Milk, meat and mischievous, bloody, soft drinks and milk products/ confectionaries/ sweets, hotel, restaurant owners etc. disagreeable, terrible. Coffee/ Tea house etc. Very/ too much cold or "Yajika" Those who perform Yagnas; Priests & Yagniks of any religion or tradition. cool. Same as in 17 Ocean/ water "Adhyaksha" Inspectors/ Presidents/ Superintendents/ Chairmen/ Principals of Institutions. receptacle. (M)wandering, beggar, " Pratigrahapara" Those take gifts as part of charity; (Dana Sweekaram); Beggars also. receive charity the digit/ point or streak of the Moon. "Phali" Those who trade in Pearls and precious articles, Fishermen; Owners articles related to the moon or water or gardeners of orchards or big gardens.

27:30 28:00

4 28:00 28:30 3 29:00 28:30 2 29:00 29:30

1 29:30 30:00

to know the sign occupied by a planet or lagna ; multiply its longitude x 2 and divide by 12= the reminder rounded up to the next integer will be added to the sign occupied by the planet; this will indicate the sign in D60. to know the demigod occupied by the planet; multiply its longitude x 2 ; rounded up to next integer =demigod number for odd sign, if the planets is in even sign you should substract the number from 61.

D60 is what shows what you have to experience in this life. The position of Rahu in D60 will show wich kind of strong material desire

was causing your present birth. In D60 the sun (atma ) position is important, it will indicate the soul desire in previous life, Ketu is freedom from desires. Rahu weak in D1= weak material desires= lack of willpower for material things = no drive = miserable / no enjoyable existence STUDY OF D60; If the planet falls into its own sign or mula or exalted sign in D60 it is strong , the planet is auspicious regardless of good or evil devata, judge similarly if it falls in friendly / enemy signs, debil. etc+ (phaladipika said); the Shastyamsa portions stated Krura in the odd signs are the Saumya ones in the even signs !! Shastiamsa specifies Sanchita Karma i.e. karma that we are destined to face in this life. * Always look for yogas in Shastiamsa and time the results of these yogas using Moola dasa (Use JHLite 6.0 for Moola dasa calculations). * To verify whether yogas in rasi will truly fructify for the jataka, always check the amsa rulers of these planets in Shastiamsa chart. If the amsa rulers are good then the planets involved in yoga in rasi will give the yoga results and if the amsa rulers are not good then the yoga in rasi will not manifest in native's life. D60 is done to examine dharma from past life which is a cause of our rebirth (so to look at 9th house lord or occupants in D1 is most important; in which devata they are in D60, look also the 9th house in D60 ), D9 is to examine bhagya or our good fortune in this life first we have to know the nature and propose of the demigod and its effects on the rasi chart; (affecting a house lord or a planet in a house). A few examples; a planet situated in the eight at once in rasi charts and in payodi devata in D60 = danger from ocean or water -the Lord of the ten houses in rasi chart is situated in Bhrasta devata in D60 = wretched and profession - the Lord of the second house of Jupiter is in Kuvera devata in D60 = expect the person to be rich or influencial - a benefic planet is in the 3rd house identical with a benefic's Rasi and in Yaksha shashtiamsa= the native will have high musical achievements look at the planet concerned, its position in rasi, the nature of the sign occupied by it and the nature of the house in which the planet is positioned, the planets may be in dustana in rasi and have a malefic demigod. look at the nature/ dharma of the sign occupied by the planets in D60,(watery sign = brahmana, fire = ksatriya, air = vaisya, earth = sudra) finally look in which house the planet is situated in D60, this will add to the above predictions (aspects, yogas, lords of houses work in D60)