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Lakshmi Puja by Rishi Vashishtth

Dear Reader,

First time in life, I'm disclosing some facts on Lakshmi Puja. I know that you doing Lakshmi puja every year but still facing problem. I have found so many important mantra in veda and all of our Rishi/sags has done lot of reserch on therefore all of them were very successful in their lives.

One can perform this puja on the night of Diwali, this will surely bring succe prosperity in their lives.

Rishi Vashishtth

Rishi Vashishtth once said to his disciple Aarambik - I am sitting down in Lakshmi Sadhana with the aim of having th glimpse of the Goddess. There is no other Sadhana more great than this. There is no other Mantra more powerful t wish to accomplish this Sadhana so that I could have the blessings of the Goddess Lakshmi.

On a Friday, Rishi Vashishtth placed a Lakshmi Yantra before himself and made it consecrated with Shreerodaya M Then he lit four lamps representing Riddhi (wealth), Siddhi (spiritual powers), Shubh (luck) and Laabh (gains). Then w a Sfatik rosary he started to chant the following Mantra. The Mantra given by Vashishtth is -

Om Hreem Kamal Vaasinyei Pratyaksham Hreem Phat.

For this Sadhana he had a bath at night and sat on a yellow mat facing East. And as he completed 21 rounds of the M Goddess Lakshmi appeared and said - I am very much pleased with you. I shall forever bless your hermitage with we and prosperity. You shall never have to face any paucity, poverty or sorrow in your life again.

This proved the power and efficacy of the Mantra, Yantra and Sadhana devised by sage Vashishtth. Similarly there other Mantras and Sadhanas devised by the sage which are very powerful and unfailing.

Maharishi Pulatsya

Rishi Pulatsya accomplished a very special Lakshmi Sadhana in order to gain wealth and prosperity. Many texts conta reference to this Sadhana. He placed a Shree Lakshmi Yantra in a copper plate and lit a ghee lamp. He sat on a yell facing North. Then with a White Hakeek rosary he completed 11 rounds of a Mantra which compelled Lakshmi to ap This proved that the Mantra devised by the sage was really divine and efficacious. The Mantra used by the Rishi wa

Om Hreem Hreem Hreem Kamal Vaasinyei Aagachch Aagachch Hreem Hreem Hre Namah.
After this many Sadhaks tested the power of this Sadhana and each time it proved miraculously effective


Shankaracharya was the greatest scholar and Sanyasi of his times. His Guru told him that till he did not accomplish Sadhana and worship of Goddess Lakshmi he would not be able to attain to totality in life. He revealed a very secret Sadhana to Shankar that is amazingly powerful.

On any Sunday night take a plate of copper or bronze and smear black lamp over it. Then with a silver straw draw a of Goddess Lakshmi on it. On it place an Eishwarya Lakshmi Yantra. Then wear white robes and sit facing North. Pr four lamps of dough and fill them with sesame or mustard oil. Place them on the four corners of the plate. Then with a Coral rosarychant 31 rounds of the following Mantra.

Om Hreem Hreem Shreem Shreem Hreem Hreem Phat.

On completion of the chanting sleep at that very spot. In the morning you might hear the tinkling sound of anklets. T shall be a sign of advent of Goddess Lakshmi in your house. There shall then never be any paucity in your house.

I have seen many Yogis of the Himalayas use this very Sadhana and they have experienced that it is a very wonderf Mantra ritual.

Yogi Shivanand

Yogi Shivanand is famous throughout India and there were hundreds of powerful Lakshmi Sadhanas in his knowledge

Before leaving the mortal frame he revealed the following powerful Sadhana to his disciple Kripacharya. It is really wonderful that ought to be treasured because it is very popular among the Yogis and Sanyasis, being really efficacio

In the night light six ghee lamps and place them in a plate. Outside the plate place a Vijay Lakshmi Yantra which m consecrated and Mantra energised with Vijay Mantra. Then with aRakta Chandan or Coral rosary chant the followi Mantra.

Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Shreem Hreem Shreem Phat.

Chant 31 rounds of the Mantra in the same night. Any person who has ever tried this Sadhana has experienced that as the Mantra chanting is over, Goddess Lakshmi appears in a beautiful form and blesses the individual with wealth a prosperity. This is really a wonderful Sadhana.

Swami Sachidanand

The hermitage of Swami Sachidanand was in Tihri Garhwal. It was very famous and well known. He had procured a ve ancient text from Nepal in which a very special Sadhana of Goddess Lakshmi was given which the Yogiraj had succes accomplished. This amazing Sadhana is contained in his handwritten autobiography. Many Yogis have gained amazingl through this Sadhana.

In the night of any Wednesday have a bath and wear yellow clothes. Sit on a worship mat facing North. In a straigh light eleven lamps filled with oil. You can use mustard, groundnut or sesame oil. Before them place a Lakshmi Siddh

Yantra which should be energised with Vishnnu Mantra. Then with a Siddhi rosary chant the following Mantra. You m hear tinkle of jewellery or have a glimpse of the Goddess but do not leave the chanting in the middle.

Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Ayeim Hreem Shreem Phat.

Several Yogis of the Himalayas have tried this ritual and they experienced that it is really a very powerful Mantra.

Pagla Baba
Pagla Baba is famous in the whole of India and he has donated lakhs of ruppees in his life time. Still there seems to end to his wealth. In his youth he had accomplished a Lakshmi Sadhana which is very secret. It is as follows.

Fill a clay lamp with ghee and place it on your left. Light it. Then with a Kamalgatta rosary chant 21 rounds of the f Mantra.

Om Hreem Eishwarya Shreem Dhan Dhaanyaadhipatayei Ayeim Poornnatva Laksh Siddhhayei Namah.

At least 21 rounds have to be chanted. After completion of the chanting place the lamp on the floor. It is said that ritual has never failed. It is the best Sadhana of the Hath Yog and if tried with full faith and devotion it can never Before the lamp the Poornnatva Lakshmi Yantra has to be placed. After Sadhana tie the Yantra in a yellow cloth an it where you keep your cash. It is without doubt one of the best Sadhanas.

Experiences of some Tantriks

Here I am revealing some high level rituals of some of the greatest masters of the world of Tantra. They have been guarded secretly for ages, for they are very powerful and quick in producing results. It is said that the sun might w to rise from the East but these rituals cannot fail.


In the field of Tantra Guru Gorakhnath is remembered with great respect. He accomplished a very powerful Sadhan Goddess Lakshmi and made his hermitage so prosperous that no matter how much was spent, the wealth never ran o said that Goddess Lakshmi ever remained present in his hermitage. Many Yogis even claimed to have her glimpse the In the night of a Sunday place a Shwetaark Ganpati in a plate and smear it with vermilion. Then with a silver straw the idol -

Shreem Hreem Shreem

In the night wear a Dhoti/Saree and stand facing East. Then with a Sfatik rosary chant 11 rounds of the following M

Hreem Hreem Lakshmi Aagachch Aagachch Hreem Hreem Phat.

Do not sit down or sleep or drink water till 11 rounds are over. If you feel tired you can stand against a wall. There i need of any lamp or incense in this Sadhana. If you wish you can light an oil or ghee lamp. This is an unfailing ritual a very success oriented


Guru Matsyendranath is as famous as Gorakhnath in the field of Tantra. It is said that when it comes to the highes of Sadhanas Guru Matsyendranath was even more accomplished than Guru Gorakhnath. He had accomplished a very Sadhana related to Goddess Lakshmi which I found in a Tibetan text. Have a bath and wear a clean Dhoti. Don't wear any other cloth. Sit on the floor without any mat facing the North. a Heera Shankh before yourself. Then with a Hakeek rosary chant 31 rounds of the following Mantra.

Ayeim Yam Ram Shreem Yam Froum Kreem Phat.

This is a powerful Mantra made of Beej Mantras. It is really very effective and each Sadhak should try to make the use of it.

Trijata Aghori

Anyone who has any interest in the field of Tantra or a knowledge in this field is aware of Trijata Aghori. He is a di powerful Master of Tantra. He possesses divine powers. And presented here is an amazing Lakshmi Sadhana got fro

Place a Dhaneshwari Yantra and seven Gomti Chakras before yourself. Light seven oil lamps placed in a plate togeth Then with a Siddhi rosary chant 11 rounds of the following Mantra.

Hoom Hoom Hoom Shreem Shreem Shreem Bram Bram Bram Phat.

This is a divine and amazing Mantra. This is a very powerful and unfailing ritual that everyone must try on Deepawali

Swami Bheiravanand

A very important ritual related to Lakshmi is famous in Himachal Pradesh. Hundreds of Sadhaks have tried this Sad In the night place a Siyaar Singhi before yourself. Make a mark on it with vermilion. Make a similar mark on your fo Sit on a red mat facing the North. Wear red clothes for the Sadhana. Light seven ghee lamps or an oil lamp. Next c the following Bhaagyoday Lakshmi Mantra.

Om Lakshmi Aabadh Aabadh Siddhaya Siddhaya Phat.

Chant 5 rounds with a Sfatik rosary. As soon as the Mantra chanting is concluded the grace of the Goddess in obta and the person never has to face any paucity in the future. This is really a very powerful and divine Mantra.

Avdhoot Krityanand

In the Avdhoot class of Sadhanas Swami Krityanand is world famous. He once revealed a very important Lakshmi Sa to me.

In any night take a Kaam Roopinni in your hand. Take a clay lamp filled with oil in the same palm and light it. With th concentrated on the flame chant the following Mantra with a Red Coral rosary. Chant 11 rounds of the Mantra.

Om Shram Siddheshwaraay Lam Mahaalakshmi Vam Vashyamaanay Phat.

After the Mantra chanting place the Kamroop Manni in a safe place at home. You shall be left amazed by the effect Sadhana in a few days. Every Sadhak should surely try this Sadhana.

Tantrik Halahalnand

In the field of Tantra Halahalnand is a very respectable name. All his Sadhanas related to Lakshmi are considered v divine.

In the night of a Tuesday wear red clothes and stand on a red mat. Make a mark with vermilion on your forehead. Take Vashikarann Lakshmi Yantra in your left hand and with Siddh rosary in the right chant 21 rounds of the follo Mantra.

Aghor Lakshmi Mam Grihe Aagachch Sthaapay Tushtay Poornnatvam Dehi Dehi P

This is really an amazing Mantra ritual which appears very simple but is really very powerful. Accomplishing it means the grace of the Goddess.

Swami Kevalyaanand

Swami Kevalyaanand is very famous in the region of Uttar Kashi. He is a Sanyasi with very few needs but once when challenged he accomplished this Sadhana which is unfailing. In the night of a Tuesday sit in a secluded spot and wea clothes. Place ten Kelans before yourself and light a large oil lamp. Offer vermilion on each Kelan. With a Hakeek rosary chant five rounds of the following Mantra.

Om Hreem Shreem Shriyei Phat.

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