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artist rendering for illustrative purposes only City of Toronto Call to Artists for Expression of Interest (EOI) Permanent

Public Art Work Union Station Revitalization: Walks and Garden Trust Commemoration Background An expansive park space along Toronto's water's edge was envisioned by Governor John Graves Simcoe as early as 1793. Towards this fulfillment, in 1818, a Crown Patent established a 30-acre parcel south of Front Street (between Berkeley and Peter streets) as a "public walk or mall" for the use and benefit of the inhabitants of the Town of York. In 1853, this land was conveyed through provincial legislation to the City of Toronto. However, this land effectively separated the city from Lake Ontario's wharves crucial to shipping and presented a gap between Grand Trunk Railway lines arriving from the east and west. As a result, in 1857, further legislation amendment permitted the sale or lease of this land, provided revenue generated were set aside in a Walks and Gardens Trust account with funds being intended for "the purchase, planting, ornamenting and care" of replacement park lands. Union Station is located partially on the Walks and Gardens property. In 1999, a group of citizens approached the city to determine the status of the Walks and Gardens Trust and its accounts. As a result, on October 2, 2012, City Council approved the following recommendation: Facilities Management, in consultation with Economic Development and Culture, hold an open public art competition to commemorate the Walks and Gardens Trust at Union Station (the "Commemoration") and

reserve the area below the Front Street Pedestrian Bridge for the Commemoration. Union Station Toronto's Union Station is the busiest, multimodal passenger transportation hub in Canada, serving more than 250,000 passengers daily. The station is a National Historic Site and a significant part of Toronto's history and culture. Located within the downtown core of Canada's largest city, in close proximity to Lake Ontario's waterfront and at the base of the financial and entertainment districts, Union Station is currently undergoing an extensive revitalization process. This site, chosen as the location to commemorate the Walks and Gardens Trust, is high in profile and will see intense pedestrian traffic. The location identified for public art is an interior public walkway featuring a wall approximately 70 metres in length, 4 metres in height and includes 18 cylindrical columns. The finishes are presently smooth, finished concrete; electrical supply will be provided and the area is enclosed. Toronto Facilities Management is interested in submissions from artists working in various mediums including sculptural, two-dimensional graphic, multi-media and light-based works. The art production budget for this project including all fees, materials, technologies, fabrication and installation costs is $200,000. For this first stage of the competition, Toronto Facilities Management is inviting local, national and international artists or artist teams to respond to this Expression of Interest (EOI) by submitting the following: Artist CV (in text formats .doc or .pdf) 6-8 images of work; images should clearly indicate title of work, location, dimensions, budget (format .jpg or .pdf) Artist Statement outlining interest in project, relevant experience and general artistic approach (in text formats .doc or .pdf) Signed Expression of Interest

Please provide all components electronically in combined file size not exceeding 10mb. Submissions must be received by 4:00 PM, Friday January 25, 2013. via email: Toronto Facilities Management Attention: Denise Gendron E-mail: (please list in subject heading: Walks and Gardens EOI) Please note: Artists are NOT asked to submit proposals at this first stage of the competition. A short list of 3 to 5 artists will be selected during this first stage. For the second stage of the competition, each artist will be paid a fee to develop a project proposal based on a Terms of Reference document provided them by Toronto Facilities Management. A public open house exhibition of the short-listed designs and final design selection will be held at a date and place to be announced. The public art concept for the Walks and Garden Trust Commemoration will be selected through a two stage open competition by a specially convened independent Selection Committee made up of practicing arts professionals and community representatives. The Walks and Garden Trust Commemoration is administered by Toronto Facilities Management in consultation with Toronto Cultural Services.