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PUs%Got%Talent% Competition%Rules%and%Regulations%

PUs Got Talent Committee must approve all entrants before performing on stage. The Talent Competition Committee must accept all performances (lyrics, dialog, costuming and dance) as appropriate for an all-ages festival audience. No obscenities or inappropriate behavior will be allowed during performances, resulting in immediate disqualification. Entries that do not conform to the Competition Rules and Regulations and/or do not provide complete and accurate information on the Competition Application Form will not be considered for competition. Entrants must observe all rules and regulations. The PUs Got Talent Committee reserve the right to remove from the talent show any entrant refusing to follow the rules and regulations of this competition. Contestants may perform either alone or as part of a group (maximum 5 in a group). Contestants may participate in one act only, whether alone or as part of a group. Participation fees is RM 5 per entry for single participants. For groups, there is an additional fee of RM 1 for each additional member. Judging will be based on talent, originality, and showmanship. SCORING ALLOCATION: 1. Judges 2. Audience 3. Facebook : 60% (based on four categories as below) : 35% : 5% 25% 15% 10% 10%

Skill (talent, ability, expertise) Stage Showmanship Attire Entertainment Value (creativity, appropriateness, appeal)

Vocal contestants may use a recorded accompaniment track with vocal background, but there shall be no lead or dominant vocals on the track. For recorded accompaniment, a CD with only one track is recommended. No cassette tapes allowed. CDs must be cued and be ready to play. Bring a second CD as a back-up in case of malfunctions. (Caution: Not all self-made CDs are readable on all sound equipment) The house system is used for all performances requiring sound and will be scaled to the venue use and reasonable requirements of the performer. The Talent Competition Committee has sole authority in selection and scheduling acts for competition and will also have control over stage sets, sound, lights, power and overall (master) volume.

Performances may not exceed 5 minutes. Two minutes allowed for set-up, if any needed. Each performance will be timed. The act is timed from the first vocal utterance if singing; the first body movement if dancing; the first musical sound if instrumental; etc. ACTS RUNNING OVER 7 MINUTES WILL BE ENDED BY THE EMCEE and five (5) points will be deducted from their total points. No modifications of stage acts, equipment or sound specifications are allowed without written approval of the PUs Got Talent Committee and Stage Manager. Unauthorized modifications will result in immediate disqualification. EQUIPMENT PROVIDED: Microphones and a sound system will be provided. Performers responsible for providing all instruments. Proper attire as stated in the rules and regulation of Perdana University is required. No inappropriate attire is allowed. This Talent Competition may be photographed by our photographer. DISCLAIMER NOTICE: The PUs Got Talent Committee assume NO liability or responsibility for personal equipment and/or possessions. Please secure your belongings accordingly. * All rules will be strictly enforced. Any violations will result in immediate disqualification. At its discretion, these rules may be modified at any time without notice by the governing committee of PU's Got Talent. Any changes to the rules will be considered final.