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needlenoSe mUlti-plier 400,

3007 GerBer CompaCt Sport lightweight and full functioned, 10 locking tools, slide-out plier head, screwdrivers, knife, Fiskars scissors, etc., 6 oz. stainless steel, ballistic nylon sheath

3009 GerBer BlaCk needlenoSe mUlti-plier 600, 13 locking tools,

slide-out plier head, screwdrivers, knives, etc., stainless steel, ballistic nylon sheath

3098 GerBer SUSpenSion mUlti-plier, Gerbers classic workhorse tool features spring-loaded pliers & the patented Saf.T.Plus locking system with 3 screwdrivers, wire cutter, serrated & fine edge knife, saw, scissors, can opener & bottle opener, stainless steel, ballistic nylon sheath

3097 GerBer dieSel mUlti-plier, Gerbers king of the road industrial-strength tool features one-handed opening pliers & the patented Saf.T.Plus locking system with 4 screwdrivers, wire cutter, partially serrated knife, saw, scissors, file, can opener & bottle opener, stainless steel, ballistic nylon sheath NSN No. 5110-01-540-0152

3107 GerBer oCtane mUlti-plier, features one-handed opening pliers with v-cut wire cutters, partially serrated blade on the outside handle, bottle opener, small cross driver, large flat driver, square cross driver and a retail package opener, pocket clip, lightweight, stainless steel, lifetime limited warranty

3109 GerBer CrUCial mUlti tool, carries like a pocket knife, weighs only 5 oz., longer handle for better torque, featuring: butterfly opening, partially serrated knife blade, bottle opener, carabiner style clip, pliers, v-cut wire cutters, phllips & flathead screwdriver, liner lock, stainless steel, lifetime limited warranty

3113 GerBer Flik mUlti-plier, the perfect tool for outboards, includes: v-cut wire cutters, serrated blunt nose knife, fine edge knife, phillips screwdriver, two flathead screwdrivers, lanyard ring, bottle opener, Fiskars scissors and saw, stainless steel, lifetime limited warranty

3099 GerBer artiFaCt, handy lightweight pocket-size tool features: removable blade w/3 replacement blades, 2 screwdrivers, cross driver, wire stripper, pry bar, can opener, lanyard/key ring attachment, 43/4 open, 31/2 closed, 1.5 oz., limited lifetime warranty




2985 leatHerman Skeletool, stainless steel body w/aluminum handle insert, locking blades & tools, includes: stainless steel blade, 2 pliers, 2 wire cutters, bit driver, removable pocket clip, carabiner/ bottle opener, 2 phillips & 2 screwdriver bits, 25-year limited warranty

3004 leatHerman FUSe poCket tool, new Zytel contoured handle grips, locking blades, needlenose & standard pliers, wire cutters, scissors, screwdrivers, bottle/can opener, ruler & more, leather sheath, 4" closed, 25 year limited warranty

3001 leatHerman kiCk mUlti-tool, 100% stainless steel, includes: 2 pliers, wire cutters & stripper, knife, 3 screwdrivers, bottle opener & more, nylon sheath, 25 year limited warranty

2999 leatHerman Wave poCket tool, new curved handle, locking blades & tools, combo needle nose/standard pliers, wirecutter & stripper, scissors, screwdrivers, etc., leather & elastic sheath, 25 year limited guarantee

3002 leatHerman BlaSt mUlti-tool, 100% stainless steel, includes: 2 pliers, 2 wire cutters & stripper, knife, saw, scissors, 3 screwdrivers, bottle opener & more, leather sheath, 25 year limited warranty 2991 leatHerman BlaCk Wave poCket tool, the most popular full-size tool is better than ever. Featuring larger knives, stronger pliers, longer wire cutters, scissors, saw, screwdrivers and all-locking blades and much more, black Oxide coated 100% stainless steel, nylon M.O.L.L.E. sheath, 25 year limited guarantee

mUlti-pUrpoSe toolS

3324 ColUmBia river Zilla mUlti-tool, includes: pliers, knife, screwdriver w/2 hex bits, wire cutters, bottle opener, removable pocket clip, nylon sheath, limited lifetime warranty

3325 ColUmBia river GUppie mUlti-tool, bead blast finish, includes: wrench, 2 knife blade, bottle opener, screwdriver w/4 hex bits, LED flashlight, lightweight & compact, limited lifetime warranty



ka-Bar military kniveS

3259 GenUine
ka-Bar U.S.m.C. FiGHtinG kniFe (1217), powder

coated 7 blade, serrated leather grip, 12 overall length, finest U.S.M.C. combat knife ever made, U.S. made*

original with combo plain/serrated edge, features 7 powder coated blade, leather handle, 12 long, U.S. made*

3257 GenUine ka-Bar U.S.m.C. ComBo edGe FiGHtinG kniFe (1218), same as the

3265 SHorty

version of the legendary Ka-Bar, 51/4 blade, 91/4 overall, leather sheath, U.S. made*

ka-Bar U.S.m.C. FiGHtinG kniFe (1250), shorter

green zytel handle w/black oval inserts for superior grip, 4 blade, 91/4 overall, belt clip*

3267 kaBar FoliaGe Green doZier BoBCat FoldinG kniFe (4081Fg), foliage

powder coated carbon steel blade, serrated, kraton handle, 1134 overall, glass filled nylon sheath, U.S. made*

FoliaGe Green FiGHtinG kniFe (5012), 7 epoxy

3268 kaBar

3258 GenUine

7 stainless steel blade, kraton handle, 12 overall, locking nylon glass filled sheath, U.S. made*

StainleSS Steel ka-Bar FiGHtinG kniFe (1221),


kaBar/tdi laW enForCement kniveS, 25/16 black power coated Aus 8 stainless steel blade, 53/8 overall, textured Zytel handle, glass filled nylon sheath, belt clip, used in close quarters in lieu of a gun, Available in: BlaCK (3266), CoYote BroWN (3438) or Foliage greeN (3238)*
3253 ka-Bar

(1212), 7 powder coated carbon steel combo blade, kraton handle, 12 overall length, black leather sheath, U.S. made*

Utility kniFe

3254 ka-Bar BlaCk tanto kniFe (1245), 8 powder coated carbon steel combo blade, Kraton handle, 127/8 overall, locking nylon glass filled sheath, U.S. made*

*Export & local restrictions may apply. Please contact Rothco for details.




military kniveS

3278 G.i. pilotS SUrvival kniFe (499), Army & A.F. issue, 5 parkerized blade w/serrated top edge, leather handle & sheath, w/sharpening stone, U.S. made, NSN# 7340-00-098-4327*

3260 GenUine marine CorpS ComBat kniFe, Carbon steel blade w/blood groove, 7 blade, 12 overall, leather handle & sheath, genuine issue, U.S. made, NSN# 1095-00-392-4102*

3281 U.S. navy SealS ComBat kniFe, 6 blade w/blood groove, 11 overall, w/belt clip & leg strap, Official Government Issue MK3 Navy Knife, U.S. made, NSN# 1095-00391-1056*

3412 GenUine BritiSH double-edged 7 blade, serrated metal handle, reinforced leather sheath, 113/4 overall*
Commando kniFe,

3411 GenUine 3pC BritiSH army kniFe, 100% stainless steel, includes: 2 sheepsfoot blade, 3 marlin spike, can opener & flat head screwdriver, 4 closed

3275 U.S. marine CorpS mUlti-pUrpoSe Bayonet, latest issue, 3134 G.i. m-9 Bayonet, genuine issue, 7 stainless steel blade, 12 overall, black oxide finish, nylon handle, U.S. made, NSN# 1095-01-277-1739*

clip point, full tang blade, 8 blade, 131/2 overall, grooved Dynaflex handle w/Marines logo, U.S. made, NSN# 1095-01-506-3424*

3280 GenUine m-7 Bayonet W/SCaBBard, G.I. issue, 61/2 blade, w/pistol belt clip & self-sharpener, 12 overall, U.S. Made, NSN# 1095-00-017-9701*

3435 ontario WWii m3 trenCH kniFe, 67/8 1095 carbon steel bayonet blade, 113/4 overall, brown leather handle, leather sheath w/leg tie down, U.S. made

*Export & local restrictions may apply. Please contact Rothco for details.



Military & Folding Knives

3313 sPec Plus Marine raider Bowie KniFe, 1095 carbon steel blade, 10 blade, 15 overall, leather/cordura sheath, U.S. made

1095 carbon steel blade, 7 blade, 12 overall, leather/ cordura sheath, U.S. made

sPec Plus Marine corPs coMBat KniFe,


leatHer/cordura nylon sHeatH

3274 ontario aseK - aircrew survival egress KniFe, knife, sheath & multi-tool, 5 carbon steel blade w/serrated edge & saw teeth, zincphosphate finish to reduce rust, molded handle, butt cap glass breaker, 10 overall, multi-tool includes: strap cutter, 2 oxygen valves, shackle wrenches and lanyard, flame retardant nylon sheath with kydex insert, 2 leg protectors and straps, U.S. made, NSN #1095-01-530-0833*

3437 ontario raK Paracord KniFe, 6 black powder coated 1095 carbon steel blade, OD paracord handle, 12 overall, Black M.O.L.L.E. compatible nylon sheath w/edge protecting plastic insert & utility pouch w/quick release buckle closure, U.S. made

3361 oFFicial licensed u.s. arMy strong FiXed Blade KniFe w/sHeatH, 53/4 black coated 1070 high carbon steel blade, kraton handle, 101/4 overall, nylon M.O.L.L.E. compatible sheath w/removable pouch for folding knife or sharpening stone, can be worn on belt or leg

3362 oFFicial licensed u.s. arMy strong Folding KniFe, 31/2 440 stainless steel combo edge blade, rubberized marpat camo handle, 73/4 overall, liner lock, pocket clip



40065 g.i. tyPe enHanced nylon KniFe sHeatHs, fits 7 military knives including Ka-Bars, U.S.M.C. combat knife, etc., 23/4 belt loop, stone pouch, leg ties, Available in: Olive Drab or Black

Military Knives

3264 stainless steel Ka-Bar style u.s.M.c. FigHting KniFe, 7 blade, 12 overall, grooved rubber handle, black Kydex sheath


g.i. tyPe M-9 Bayonet w/sHeatH, excellent copy of G.I. classic, 73/4 stainless steel blade w/blood groove, saw back, 123/4 overall, quick release belt clip, front pouch, sharpening stone, wire cutter t-lug, Available in: O.D. (2134) or Black (2135)*

3277 g.i. style Pilots survival KniFe, 5 parkerized blade w/serrated top edge & blood groove, leather handle & sheath, w/sharpening stone & leg strap

3261 g.i. style Marine corPs coMBat KniFe, 7 blade w/blood groove, 12 overall, leather handle & sheath w/sharpening stone & leg strap 3250 vietnaM Mac-sog coMBat KniFe, 61/4 blade, rubber grip-tite handle, nylon cordura sheath, exact copy of Special Forces original

3202 red swiss

arMy tyPe 11 Function PocKet KniFe,

3034 scuBa divers KniFe, 7 stainless

steel blade, w/inch measuring scale on blade, molded leg sheath

Includes: blades, screwdrivers, scissors, saw, toothpick, awl, tweezers, fish scaler, corkscrew can opener, bottle opener, etc.

*Export & local restrictions may apply. Please contact Rothco for details.



survival Knives

3052 raMster survival Kit KniFe, 71/2 stainless steel blade, hollow steel handle, compass, survival accessories, nylon & plastic sheath with pouches, sharpening stone

3230 BlacK survival Kit KniFe, hollow handle, compass,

screw-off top, filled w/survival items

3240 caMo survival Kit KniFe, w/leather sheath, hollow handle filled w/survival items, compass screw-off top

3237 sPecial Forces 71/2 fully polished stainless steel blade, O.D. plastic sheath & handle
survival Kit KniFe,

3236 Jungle survival Kit KniFe, 11 overall, 6 stainless steel blade w/serrated top edge, includes bandage, fish hook & line, compass, signal mirror, throwing knife and black plastic sheath w/cord

3233 deluXe Jungle survival Kit KniFe, 14 overall, 8 stainless steel blade w/serrated top edge, includes bandage, fish hook & line, compass, signal mirror, throwing knife and O.D. plastic sheath w/cord

3235 deluXe adventurer survival Kit KniFe, hollow-handle w/fingertip saw, fish line, hook, sinkers, band-aids, pencil, harpoon, signal mirror, morse code, screw-off compass top and more



KniFe sHarPeners & sHeatHs

3241 lanKsy easy griP KniFe sHarPener, sharpens knives in seconds, ergonomic grip, finger guard and thumb rest, precision v-shaped tungsten carbide sharpener, great for home or outdoors

3243 lansKy sHarPening systeM Kit, w/case, knife clamp, coarse, medium & fine hones, guide rods, oil & instructions, easy to use, gives knives a perfect edge every time, U.S. made

3232 sHarPening stone, high quality grit stone, sharpens knives quickly, easily

3247 gerBer PocKet sHarPener, dual purpose design, coarse & fine ceramic rods, keeps knives razor sharp, lightweight & easy to use

3226 gatco M.c.s. Military carBide sHarPener, lightweight & compact, precision carbide blade quickly restores a razor sharp edge to all knives including serrated blades, blister packed 3225 gatco edgeMate carBide sHarPener,

aluminum body w/tungsten carbide bits set at a 25 angle, safe & lightening fast, restores a sharp cutting edge to all dull blades, blister packed

3227 gatco douBle duty sHarPener, combines the best ceramic & carbide sharpeners, restores & finishes edge, lightweight & compact, slip resistant grip, great for all straight edge knives, blister packed

3242 g.i. sHarPening stone, w/key ring, in hard plastic case

g.i. Plus Plastic 18" MacHete sHeatHes, w/sharpener & pistol Belt clip, durable hard-shell plastic, Available in: O.D. (870) or Black (871)



40066 KniFe/FlasHligHt sHeatHs, polyester, adjustable hook & loop closure, fits most knives & mini flashlights, hook & loop/snap belt attachment to fit duty belt and most standard belts, M.O.L.L.E. compatible, fits up to 7" folding knives, Available in: Army Digital Camo or Black

olive draB canvas MacHete sHeatHs

945 12 935 18 943 22 944 24



collins style steel MacHetes

rotHco 18 MacHetes, an amazing mil-spec replica, black oxide coated carbon steel blade, flame-resistant thermoplastic handle, Available in: (252) STaNDaRD*, (253) SaWBack BlaDE* or (254) W/HaNDGUaRD*

878 14* 886 18* 894 22* 901 24*


850 gerBer
18" gator sawBacK MacHete,


high carbon steel blade, Gator rubber handle grip for ergonomic control, riveted ballistic nylon sheath, 18 oz.


896 16" douBle edge steel MacHete, durable plastic handle*

919 18 steel
MacHete w/sHeatH*

890 collins

or 889 collins

style 18 steel MacHete w/Handguard* style 18 MacHete w/Handguard & sHeatH*

888 collins style 18 steel MacHete w/sHeatH*

968 18

leatHerette MacHete sHeatH

Gov't Machetes Now Individually Carded

852 genuine
*Export & local restrictions may apply. Please contact Rothco for details.

U.S. made, NSN # 511000-813-1286*

govt 18 MacHete,


854 18 Field U.S. made, meets govt specs, with handguard*


U.S. made*

genuine govt 18 sawBacK MacHete,

855 12 caMP 856 genuine U.S. made*

govt 22 MacHete,

U.S. made, with handguard*




aXes, saws & PicKs

667 deluXe 12 fiberglass handle, rubber grip, 5 steel head, rubber head cover
caMP aXe,

42 scout aXe, all steel, wood handle, w/sheath

35 coMPact coMMando aXe, 3 pieces, extends to 13, fits into 6 canvas belt pouch, metal handle

45 survival HatcHet, multi-function, axe, hammer, pry bar, nail remover

779 canvas aXe sHeatH, belt loop

20 Folding

w/safety lock 3087 sMitH & wesson HatcHet w/sHeatH,

caMPers saw, 7 blade,

76 PicK MattocK, G.I. style, forged pick, hardwood handle

4 blade, stainless steel, rubberized handle, nylon sheath

21 sHort Kutt worlds fastest cutting pocket saw, high strength heat tested steel, 28 long, 124 bi-directional cutting teeth, used by U.S. Military
PocKet cHain saw, U.S. made,

8312 coMMando wire saw,

strongest wire saw anywhere, 48 kilo breaking strain, cuts wood, plastic, bone, etc.



8313 coMMando wire saw w/nylon Hand straPs, strongest wire saw anywhere, 48 kilo breaking strain, wrist loops add comfort & enables longer use, cuts wood, plastic bone, etc.


heavy duty steel construction 67 Mini PicK canvas sheath, rubber-grip handle, 10 when folded
& sHovel,

51 H.w. steel Handle Folding PicK & sHovel,

forged steel, hardwood handle

68 Folding PicK & sHovel,

G.I. style

50 Folding sHovel,

new g.i. cover

839 deluXe tri-Fold sHovel, heavy duty steel construction, nearly twice the weight of standard tri-fold shovels, used by U.S. Military, no cover 849 deluXe tri-Fold

sHovel w/cover,

NSN# 5120-01-518-6126

2821 genuine g.i. nylon 828

tri-Fold sHovel,

folds compactly in three sections, extends to 24, folds down to 9

829 tri-Fold sHovel w/cover, with canvas shovel cover

new, w/keeper clips, 1st quality, U.S. made

tri-Fold sHovel cover,

carry case

2823 nylon tri-Fold sHovel cover, NSN# 8465-01-518-6128

polyester sheath, 6 when folded

37 stainless steel Folding sHovel,

40 Five in one Multi-PurPose tool, heavy steel construction, compass, interchangeable shovel, saw, axe and pick, w/nylon carry case