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Smooth roads never make good drivers. Smooth seas never make good sailors.

Clear skies never make good pilots. A problem-free life never makes a strong and good person. Be strong enough to accept the challenges of life. Dont ask LIFE Why me? Instead say, Try me! Cast your burdens upon the Lord, and He shall sustain thee: He shall never suffer the righteous to be moved. Psalms 55:22 Whatever our hands touch, we leave fingerprints as we touch other lives we leave our identity. Life is better when you are happy. But life is at its best when others are happy because of you. Be faithful in touching others heart. Be an inspiration. Nothing is more important & worth practicing than being a channel of Gods love & blessings! Always set your mood positively everyday Because the best way to do everything is to start something while smiling. When we think about problems, they grow double; but when we laugh about them and trust God, they become bubbles. A tree that has deep roots can survive a violent storm much as a person with DEEP faith in God can survive any problems that comes along his way. It feels nice to get answers from our prayers, but it is even more wonderful to let God use you to be an answer to somebody elses prayers. GOD is good for beyond the darkness, He gives us light, beyond our nightmares, He gives us dreams and beyond our tears, He gives us comfort. So with this new day that He

has provided. Let us thank Him even if our plans failed, and our expectations are not met. For beyond these things, is GODs embrace saying: My child, the path I have laid for you is just beyond the corner. Take my hand and just have Faith.. One goal for all of Gods people should be to hate evil and love God; Loving what God loves and hating what He hates draws you closer to Him. God promises to guard your life as you resist evil and temptation. He also promises to rescue you from wickedness. Make it your goal to hate evil and to love God.

PRAYER changes things. WORRY changes nothing. So instead of worrying about what you cant do, think of what God can do for you. Do you feel weary and burdened with life? Give the load to God and let Him handle it. He is strong enough and He hears your prayers. Hes always ready to help you. While Im busy looking at the balloons, Ive realized that theres an ice cream melting on my hand. MAKE SENSE? Time to appreciate the things youve instead of staring at the things you want."

Never give up on something unless you already gave everything. Never say youre tired if you can still fight. Sometimes you need to hold on and go with the flow, not for the prize, but because you still got the best reason why youre fighting.

Trusting God means: Im empty, but happy; Im tired, but inspired; Im down, but still Smiling; Feeling lost, but living for a cause.

hand when weve fallen; Encouraging us when were tested and in fear; Understanding us when no one does; and pointing us to a light when we are in the dark. God deserves a pause, a hug, and a thank you, because we are wrapped in a beautiful truth that we are loved without measure.

Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised. Give her of the fruit of her hands, and let her own works be praise her in the gates.

Im your friend, but God is your BESTFRIEND. You can cry on me, but GOD can dry your tears. I love you, but GOD loves you deeper. You can hold my hand, but GOD can carry you better. Be in Gods care now and forever.

TODAY is GODS answer to last nights prayer: To live another day; To make things right; To forgive and be forgiven and be able to say once again, Thank you God for this brand new day, a day to live my purpose, a day to KNOW You more, LOVE You more and to SERVE You better.

Change the things that need changing, leave as they are, the things that dont need changing and ask God to help you know the difference.

Everybody thinks that life is unfair. Unfair to you, unfair to me and unfair to everyone. Therefore, LIFE is fair.

Having God in your boat does not mean that you will not face any storm, but it means that no storm can sink your boat.

Forgiveness starts with a choice. You make the choice and God makes the change in your heart.

God has always something for you: a key for every problem; a light for every shadow; a relief for every sorrow and a good plan for every tomorrow.

Know that there are things you cant control. Be willing to submit to our loving God, who is more powerful than your most difficult problem.

In this world, Someone stands behind us. Silently loving us; Reaching out a

Not everything is meant to be, but everything is worth a try. Trying is not having everything, but its enjoying whats meant to be tried.

God doesnt answer our prayers at a snap of a finger. Remember that Gods delay is not Gods denial, because His answer always comes at the most perfect time. Always set your mood positively every morning. Because the best way to do everything is to start something while smiling.

HEADACHE - eat fish FEVER eat yogurt PREVENT STROKE drink tea UTI drink buko juice INSOMNIA honey ASTHMA onions ARTHRITIS fish

POSITIVE THOUGHT: Forget about all the reasons why something may not work. You only need to find one good reason why it will.

UPSET STOMACH bananas and ginger BLADDER INFECTION cranberry juice BONE PROBLEM pineapple

In life, we all have an unspeakable secret, irreversible regret, an unkept promise an unheard request, an irreplaceable loss, an unreachable dream, an unforgettable love. Still life is about being happy anyhow, because everything in life can be summed up in 3 words.. LIFE GOES ON!

MEMORY PROBLEM oyster COUGH red pepper

Stay healthy. Share with friends.

Every day is a blessing. Every awakening is enough gift from GOD. Gifts dont come on special days, they come day by day. Just open your eyes and you will see how God loves us, not by material things, but from the goodness of the people around us.

Life is like a book. Every day has a new page of adventures to tell, things to learn and tales to remember.

When you are tired of everything and almost want to quit, always put this into your mind: A good fighter with a great faith in God will never ever be a loser.

All the water in the ocean could never sink a ship, unless the water gets inside it. Likewise, all the stress and pressures in life can never hurt you unless you let them in.

IQ TEST: I was standing at the second letter of the alphabet looking for the ring that fell in the middle of the river and at the end of the lake the ring was found before U.


God hides greatness in insignificant things. He hides a TREE in a SEED. He hides a KING in a SHEPHERD BOY. He hides a SAVIOUR in a Baby. Arent you excited to see what Hes hiding in you?

the thought that we are one year closer to the return of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Slippers are worn not just to protect our feet, but to bring us to places where barefooted persons couldnt go. Most of the time GOD plays the role of slippers. He carries us no matter how rough the earth we walk on.

God needs to hear what you want, not because He easily forgets nor He doesnt know, but its because He loves to feel the sweetness of your voice.

What would you feel if somebody will tell you these words? I will not forget you.

Blessed is the person who understands that the reason for praying is not to remind God of what we need, but to remind ourselves that WE NEED GOD.

I care for you. You are mine. I love you. It feels great right You are remembered, cared, belonged and loved. These words are for you. Theyre from God.

We always wait for the right time, not knowing that each time is right. We keep looking forward for tomorrow, but really theres no better time to be happy but now. Because, happiness cant be found at the end of the road. Its the journey itself that matters.

As the year fades into oblivion, let it carry your sorrows and pains, your hurts and disappointments, your unmet expectations, your unfulfilled yearnings, your shattered dreams! And in your heart of hearts, let the Lord Jesus take reign over your life. Grant Him the chance to make your life His Life, to turn your destiny into one, full of joys and meaning, replete with noble intentions and deeds, significant for its effects and role in your life and in the lives of those around you, especially for this coming new year! Finally, let us take solace in

We dont really know our hearts the way we might think. We need to ask God to show us what were really like, so that we can grow and change. Make your prayer like King Davids Search me O God, and know my heart; Test me and know my anxious thoughts; See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting. Psalm 139:23-24

Even if your kindness wont be acknowledged by anyone, remember that SOMEONE IN

HEAVEN smiles for every good thing that youve done.

3. Always make your performance greater than your applause. 4. Always make your gratitude greater than your success. 5. Always see God bigger than yourself.

I woke up with a happy heart, thankful for a night or rest & comfort; grateful for opening my eyes to get another day of Gods love & provision. And so with a prayer on my lips and in my heart, I hope this day finds you well, ever grateful as I am.

The strongest people are those who can smile even if tears are falling down; Who can encourage others even if they failed; Who can give happiness to others even if their hearts are broken. And above all: those who can hold firmly on God even if they experience the worst things in life.

As the sun rises today, thank God for another day. Wake up with a smile and prayLord help me to make this day better than yesterday.

The Lord balances our lives by giving us enough blessings to keep us happy and loading us with enough burdens to keep us humble.

When walls of worry surround you and dont know what to do Remember that walls only block the sides, never the sky. Look up and pray. God is above all.

If today we can plant hope in a hopeless heart,; If ones burden get lighter because of us: If we cause a laugh that chase tears away, we know our day is well spent. Go make a difference in someones life. Your good act will echo back to you.

God is always true to His promise, that whatever He started in you, Hell take it to completion, because He perfectly loves you. Nothing is hard if the heart has love; Nothing is impossible when the heart understands and Nothing is heavy when God is in your heart.

Know why God blessed you with another morning to wake up? Its to forget the pains of yesterday and see the chances the new day has brought.

LAWS OF A LIFETIME PERSONAL GROWTH: 1. Always make your future bigger than your past. 2. Always make your contribution bigger than your reward.

When you inspire others to live, learn laugh and love, you do the same to yourself. For what you get out of life comes from what you put into it.

Someone once said: What goes around comes around. Work like you dont need the money. Love like youve never been hurt. Dance like nobodys watching. Sing like nobodys listening. Live like its Heaven on earth.

When you feel discourage and feel like quitting, listen to Gods quiet voice and youll find His grace to press on.

Best words are sometimes not said, not spoken, not expressed. Theyre communicated through PRAYERS. You may not hear any word from me, but be assured that I say the best for you in my prayers.

When people throw stones at you, it simply means that you are a good tree full of fruits. They see a lot of harvests in you. Dont go down to their level by throwing them back stones, but instead throw them your fruits, so that the seeds of yourself may inspire them to change their ways.

Sometimes, flowers grow best in the sun. Others do well in the shade. God always put us where we grow best and gives us good people to grow with.