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IBM Global Technology Services Data Sheet

Anti-malware and data protection for network security

Protect your network from web-borne and emailbased threats
In the absence of adequate rewalls and endpoint security, a host of malware and malicious code can attack your network through email and web applications. These malicious programs often install themselves without the users knowledgeleaving no trace while they quietly collect information. This breach of security can lead to loss or theft of condential data and affect compliance with regulatory mandates. In addition, there is increased risk of degradation of system performance, which can affect productivity and escalate costs. IBM Managed Security Services Cloud Computing hosted email and web security can help proactively detect and eliminate threats outside of your network, signicantly reducing the risk of attacks. We monitor and lter email and web traffic in near real-time to help prevent malicious content from entering your network. At the same time, we help you enforce Internet usage policies and enable data protection to facilitate compliance management. Our service delivers a cloud-based solution that is cost-effective, simple to install and requires no additional hardware or software investments and very little supervision from your in-house IT staff.


Helps mitigate risk and maintain productivity with a cost-effective, cloud-based web and email security solution Helps facilitate compliance management with certications and comprehensive service support Provides around-the-clock email and web activity monitoring by leveraging IBM resources

Protecting your network from threats with hosted email and web security
The hosted email and web security service from IBM takes a preemptive approach to threat mitigation and helps identify and remove threats before they reach your network. We help you scan inbound and outbound email communications and web traffic in near real-time, leveraging virus scanning engines and comprehensive malware and phishing databases to block spam, neutralize threats and prevent attacks. We deliver a cloud-based solution that does not require additional hardware or software and can help reduce the total cost of ownership and improve employee productivity while protecting mission-critical systems and communication links.

Facilitating compliance management with better security techniques

Our cloud-based email and web security service includes URL ltering and data encryption features that allow you to enforce Internet usage and email security policies and help manage regulatory compliance. By monitoring and controlling the content that enters your network, we help you prevent even accidental visits to inappropriate sites while thwarting phishing and spoong scams that lure users to reveal condential information or install spyware. With comprehensive service support, we help you put better security techniques into practice that can assist you in meeting your cyber-security requirements more efficiently.

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Providing around-the-clock protection from threats by leveraging IBM skills

IBM security experts in globally networked security operations centers leverage leading-edge, industry-certied facilities to deliver a higher level of protection to your network and help you maintain email and web security, even in the absence of in-house skills. We provide aroundthe-clock monitoring and analysis of email and web traffic to help identify patterns of activity associated with threats. Our service is fully hosted and designed to operate with little supervision from IT personnel, enabling your in-house staff to focus on more important and mission-critical tasks.

Why IBM?
IBM has demonstrated expertise in threat mitigation and can help you adopt a preemptive approach to security. We leverage market-leading research to help provide a streamlined and more affordable platform for delivering advanced security solutions. By providing a cloud-based solution that usually requires no additional hardware or software, we can help you reduce security-related maintenance and infrastructure costs.

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To learn more about IBM Managed Security Services Cloud Computing hosted email and web security, please contact your IBM marketing representative or IBM Business Partner, or visit the following website: Additionally, nancing solutions from IBM Global Financing can enable effective cash management, protection from technology obsolescence, improved total cost of ownership and return on investment. Also, our Global Asset Recovery Services help address environmental concerns with new, more energy-efficient solutions. For more information on IBM Global Financing, visit: