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The film I am going be writing about is 'Final Destination'.

This is a mystery, gore, thriller horror film from the year 2000. I think this is an interesting title because it sounds more like an adventure or apocalyptic film such as 2001 'A Space Odyessey', ' Day of the Triffids' or 'Planet of the Apes'. This suggests that the film will on a grand scale with world wide catastrophe. It doesn't sound as in keeping with horror genre conventions compared" to films like 'Serial Killing 101', 'Stay Alive' and 'Killer Instinct'. The director james Wong also directed one of the follow-up films - Final Destination 3 and also the action film 'One' Perhaps the most significant work from Wong is the 'X files' which proved to be a massive success in the USA and the Uk. Interestingly the 'X Files' was a TV serial, which ran for several years. Although each episode was only one hour long they were almost like a mini film in themselves. Wong was the producer of 14 episodes. This shows that he experience is the crime, thriller, mystery, drama genre. This all is useful for this production as there needs to be a sense of mystery and thrill to keep the tension present. This is important because all horror films needs a sense of mystery and crime otherwise there would be no tension.

The year 2000 was a very significant date as it was the start of the new millennium. There was a lot of hope about the new millennium but there was also a lot of fear and conspiracy. Theories abounded with many predicting the end of the world. This played into the hands of the marketing agents for films like 'Final Destination'. This helped target audiences as the public could relate to the uncertainty and fear as those in the film feel. Sadly a plane exploding and loss of life became a theme when in 2001 terrorists blew up the twin towers in New York. This allowed for films to start creating films with this aspect within its the world can relate to it a can remember what it felt like when the public saw what happened. With the film being brought out after the 1970s and this being the prime era for horror films, (True - but horror was having a renaissance in the 2000s, particularly splatter films films featuring gore and violence. Final destination was part of this trend)the film exceeded expectations and predictions and smashed records by having the 6th highest gross profit for a horror film of all time. It had a fairly large budget for a horror film at the time, this enabled the film to splash out on making this film as gory as possible. I personally think they did well but could have used this budget for more extravagant deaths for the characters. Linking this to my production I think I would like to have a gore aspect as it

creates fear and uncertainty on who's next. This is definitely something I want to include in my production. This film had three productions company's, the first and most famous being 'New Line Cinema'. This production company has produced over 490 films including many famous horror films such as 'Nightmare on Elm Street 1&2', 'Jason X' and 'Blade 2'. All these have been extremely well reviewed and thought about films, this is because of the experience gained by producing such fantastic and revolutionary earlier films such as 'Final Destination'. Their second production company is called 'Zide-Perry productions'. This particular company have no experience with horror films as they a most famous for their comedy films such as: 'American pie 1,2 and 3'. These are some of the most famous teen/young adult comedy films. This company later on produced 'Final Destination 3', the most famous and reviewed of these franchise films. Their last production company is called 'Hard Eight pictures'. This one like the last had no experience with horror films, but must have impressed as they also went on to produce 'Final Destination 3'. From this film I have realised that horror, tension and gore can be produced by using the most ordinary and everyday objects, which is positive for my production as I don't have the extraordinary large budget as this film. For example: kitchen implements, cars, lamps etc. Also I have realised that using screams and a lot of contact between the characters in the film keeps the viewers occupied and interested as it crates the sense of uncertainty on what will happen next, I would like to include the sense of uncertainty in my production but the style I am going for I don't think character interaction is appropriate.