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Gender Participation of Women

Emancipation of women is the first step for women to participate Kartini has been transformed into an icon of Indonesia to breakthrough women crush of time and tradition. Woman who was born in Jepara, Central Java, 21 April 1879 is like the full moon in order heavens eternal struggle of emancipation of women in the country of Indonesia. Though died at the young age (25 years, died on 17 September 1904) Kartini figure with all the progress that has been achieved, inspiration Indonesia especially valuable for women to fight for the dignity of our people. Emancipation of women is the liberation of women from low socioeconomic status or legal restraints that limit the possibilities for growth and to move forward. Emancipation can also be regarded as a movement by women to enhance the dignity and status of the gap of the men so as to achieve equality. In other words, the emancipation of women is a women's movement to align themselves with men. Life can be very short for Kartini to realize all our dreams and wishes, but what she has done in such a short episode turned into an inspiration for Indonesian women to rise up position dignity, dignity and work in a world that is constantly changing. In the era of globalization, women not only work in the home environment or serving their husbands even if it is one of the obligation of women to follow their nature. However, women also can contribute to the nation in the realm of political, economic and social. The real proof of this can be seen in Article 65 paragraph 1 of Law No. 12 of 2003, which reads:'' Each political party may nominate candidates for election DPR (House of Representatives), parliament (Council of Representatives) and the Provincial Parliament (Representative Council) District / City for each electoral district with respect to the representation of women at least 30%''. The provisions of the above Act is a follow-up to the UN convention (United Nations), the issues related to the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women. The UN Convention indicates that the role of women in politics has begun to be recognized and taken into account.

In the economic field, not a few women who are the backbone of the family or help her husband work. In fact, there are some women who do men's work as a bus driver. This can be seen on the Company TransJakarta Busway which the driver has 80 women. In the social field, the first female stigma attached to the mattress, wells, and the kitchen has now been able to get up and shift the stigma rough. In fact, in the social field women have had the fort to protect themselves from the effects of globalization in the social field. Women are protected by the Law Pornography and Porno action that a lot of public attention. In essence, the Act is a form of protection of the honor of women who used the material exploitation by the parties concerned. Misinterpreted Today emancipation often misunderstood. Emancipation is often the reason to look for women, especially young women to get the widest possible freedom, and often excessive levels. We can look at the facts that occurred in this era, such as the research conducted by the states that collected data from 100 teenagers, there were 51 people older sister was no longer a virgin. These results delivered by Sugiri to a number of media in Rap Contest Grand Final in commemorating World AIDS Day in the parking lot IRTI Monas. Sugiri also specifies that in Surabaya women who are not virgins anymore reached 54%, 52% in Medan and Bandung reached 47% and the data were collected during the period of the year 2010 alone. In addition, more extreme if we are talking about child prostitution of underage girls. Often we come across parents who could sell their children for the sake of the material. The rest is done by the young woman with a reason to get a more decent life and to support parents in the home. This act without them knowing it has dropped the price of women globally. Problems on the status of women has increasingly immersed in gloom period. Hope, wishful thinking to progress has been stained with reality. Due to these problems, women are denigrated. There is no longer a sense of nationalism that has been given the services of a hero fighting for emancipation. The lower the self-esteem women with such a heinous act. Liberation of discrimination on women should be utilized to develop and raise the existence of women honorably, not stepped on and lower the self-esteem of the women themselves.

The low involvement and participation of women especially the younger generation in the economic, social, political and other fields that are building a nation compounded by the negative effects of globalization that affect young minds (women) of the nation should be our common enemy, in order to succeed overall development of the country. In order to build this nation for the better again, women should not forget the essence as women who have a source of tenderness. It should women need to be aware of the nature. Women are expected to be the first and foremost educators for children birth to. Being a mother who can guide them to the child strong, smart, and have good ethics to be useful to the nation, the state, and religion. That's really the main female role in addition to various roles in the three areas of economic, social and Poliik. Women are required to live according to their respective roles. The woman has a figure to be respected and protected from the violence and persecution. However, women should also be aware of the main task. This task was able to sensitize young women to become a respectable woman, and as a valuable national pride. Emancipation should be able to make the younger generation as a woman is not smart to be weak. Make women as a subject for this nation and not just an object. Now is the time for the younger generation of women emancipation perpetrators registered himself as a capable stand takes an important role to build our beloved nation. Lots of 'Kartini-Kartini' nation that has provided inspiration through real action, even being on the front line embodies the ideas and dreams to be the best. Kartini is not only a part of the memories of the struggle for emancipation, gender equality became an icon of the fragrance name, but more than that figure into ideas to revitalize the role of women in Indonesia to interpret its role in the global era. Not Emancipation Again, But Participation Massive revolution known as the emancipation of women has changed everything, women flex their muscles, demonstrating its ability to the world. Starting from a rough job as construction laborers, minivan drivers, rickshaw pullers, tire patches, to deliver the work to be the number one in Indonesia, yes, all of it done by women on behalf of women's emancipation, that they also have the same rights as men.

Reform the role of our mother Kartini is very proud to now be able to label all women in education, achieve and realize dreams, dreams and aspirations. Emancipation itself is a bridge that can make men more amazed and honor women. However, what should be carried out from the word emancipation itself began to find a missunderstood, everything that is not allowed will be justified in the name of emancipation, and eventually it will backfire emancipation unconscious. The men have been accustomed to smoke cigarettes, and behold a woman was not to be outdone, follow-smoking. The men used alcohol straightened, then she did not want to lose. Men also like the drugs, the women also want to try and eventually hooked. Whether it is referred to as the emancipation of women? Perhaps that is what is referred to as a few examples of women's emancipation are missunderstood. Apart from that, everything is back to each woman, it is their right, human rights and no one should forbid it. Today, this nation requires more than just emancipation. Struggling with the men to fix the nation messy remind others about the moral order to better appreciate the women and the elderly, as well as acting as a mother who loves and cares for others with sincerity. There has been much participation from the women of Indonesia on the world stage, starting from the work as a truck driver, clothing designer, connoisseur of world science, classy writers, pilots, and others boast profession. They channel the talents via the emancipation and demonstrated abilities through participation. They are active in various fields. Participation here is not in the negative sense as some of the examples above, but an act of participation were raised and the name of Indonesia in the world. Together the men, women actively participate and contribute to plunge into the various fields. Like nature, that is, as best man and complete life. Adding what is lacking, what is excessive and reduced. Encourage anyone who is sad and touched by what happened. Participation, more than a simple word, but when done will change anything in front of him. Emancipation, as well as more than a word spectacular, but if mischaracterized will destroy whatever was proud of.

The role of women in media development The involvement of women in the development of the media industry as the country has not shown satisfactory percentage. This can be seen in the structural arrangement of the media, lack of women's name as editor or editor in a media. Did women is too stupid? The question is supposed to be a whip for women to be more pro-active in the arena of world media in this country. Due to the lack of direct involvement of women in the media so that the media coverage of women were not objective. We see in the course of the development of media be it print or electronic media, more women being in the news for the media. In this case, we can not judge for sure whether she is liked for exposure or indeed women are regarded as a lucrative commodity. It is clear so far only used women commercial media for the realization of profits. Not only there, in a soap opera on TV media impressions often performed the role of a cheating wife, a bad mother, as if to reinforce women are bad habbit. And if we want to look at, women who became the object of the patient. Women only used as a means of satisfying or money machine to a group or an institution of exploitation itself. When freedom of the press reserved, members of the press and media businesses feel a fresh breeze or guarantee express or writing work regardless feasible or not feasible. Intellectual weakness of women always used by people who are not responsible. This suggests that women should be a priority in education. Since education plays an important role for the development of intellectual and intelligence of women. So that the women do not become marginal. Gender equality we hum-touted for this should really be a guarantee for women to be equal with men, especially in the field of science and technology. In this case the role of the media in educating is really very necessary to boost and raise the dignity of women, not only as a woman making stuff for the media exploitation. Media presence should be a means for women to pour the expression and creation of public life by women-owned intellectual ability. In one case we see the mass media job opportunities to become members of the press. Though women have the potential to find and write the story and not just a topic of news. Surveys show women are more able to manage their emotions, women with all the limitations and lack of knowledge to survive in fulfilling the lives of his family even had to work harder than men's work.

But this is not a form of emancipation, but a necessity that had to be done. Examples of the areas of Aceh where women must work from planting to harvesting rice while the men / boys just sat for coffee while reading the morning paper. The position of women is still very far from equal to men. The success of the development has not been fully followed the success of gender development. Though the government has made a commitment to the United Nations and signed the convention to abolish all forms of discrimination against women (The Convention On The Elimination Against Women). Back to the root of the problem, the media have a great responsibility as intermediaries for distributing knowledge to the community, not just search media money for personal and group interests by exploiting permpuan. There is a philosophy of saying, "good and bad of a nation depends on the woman, when the daughter of a country is good then go forth. But when the daughter bad morals then shattering a country ". Srikandi of entrepreneur of the world The number of women who go into business today increasingly prevalent. The role of the Eve counted on even more in the global business arena. Geri Stengel, a contributor to Forbes magazine, July analyze the participation of women in the workforce and contribute in raising the gross domestic product (GDP) in the world. In the United States, women's activities increase GDP by 9%, and Europe contributed to increasing the GDP to 13%. Greater impact is felt in the Middle East and Africa Utara.Selain that, in general, household income increased by an average of 25%. Currently, the role of women not only as workers but also those engaged in the field of entrepreneurship. Now many women have a great business investment. Their efforts also received recognition from the world when they were relatively young age. Since then, CNN Money released some time ago "10 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs". In this list, Alexa Von Tobel, 28, is the youngest entrepreneur. Since the age of 25 years he has founded Learn-Vest, an enterprise software provider that offers tools, content and planning money for the women.

Initially her career at Morgan Stanley in 2006. However, Tobel began to realize that he is less understood in managing personal finances. He also caught a similar phenomenon from his friends in managing finances. Therefore, in 2008, while still a student at Harvard Business School, he took cuti.Tujuannya to create a business that can solve this problem. At that time he made a blog to help women manage their finances. From this comes LearnVest who has collected USD24 million through planning service that connects users of financial planning and map any modest budget for the plan portfolio. Prices of services provided range from USD89-599 LearnVest accordance with packages available. The purpose of this service is Tobel presents how to democratize financial planning, making it accessible to all people. He believes, basically everyone needs financial planning. Because, it should not be a luxury. "Having a financial plan will give you an undeniable sense of security, allowing you to sleep through the night and be able to realize your dream," said Tobel, as reported by CNN Money. Another smart business also practiced Theresa Fette, 34, who founded the Provident Trust Group since 2008 silam.Perusahaan owned Fette's focus on setting (self-directed) individual retirement accounts (individual retirement account / IRA). Currently Provident Trust Group has helped around 30,000 + clients in designing a variety of alternative investment plan to increase their pensions. The company is based in Las Vegas revive what he calls the financial world as a stagnant (stagnant financial world). Thousands of client assets reached $ 3 billion. This year, the company projected sales reaching $ 5 million. Now the company's clients are in 50 countries. Her work ranging from small-scale, such as managing the family, individual, multigenerational families, family offices, as well as retirement accounts to manage corporate financial management. In developing its business, Fette trying to keep things as flexible as possible. "You must have the ability to revise and repeat concepts with sufficient alacrity," said Fette.

Employers in the 10 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs are not only engaged in the field of financial management. There are a number of women who wrestle other fields such as Jessica Alba, 31, founder of The Honest Company, which sells environmentally friendly products. Alba was already famous as a celebrity. But fame did not escape him satisfied. Therefore, this year he along with several colleagues founded The Honest Company whose mission is to sell chemical-free diapers, wipes, cleaning products, and more. The company received $ 27 million in funding in March from several investors including General Catalyst, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Institutional Venture Partners. In addition to the three women at the top, other names in the top 10 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs is Jill Becker, 39, CEO and founder of Cambridge NanoTech. There's also Jessica Butcher, 34, CMO and founder Blippar. com, Christiane Lemieux, 43, founder of DwellStudio. Women in peace building Womens participation in peace building has received growing international attention in recent years. The awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to not one but three women last year , the actions of women during the Arab Spring, and the passing of international resolutions such as UNSCR 1325 reflect a growing recognition of the important, if not essential, role that women play in national conflict resolution and peace-building efforts. However, whilst a spotlight has been shone on the achievements of some remarkable and courageous women, the quiet and persistent efforts of a much larger group of women to build peace in their local communities has been generally overlooked.

Peace means different things to men and women. Women are more likely than men to take a broader definition of peace, one which extends beyond the absence of formal conflict to include freedom from violence at the household level and the attainment of other rights and freedoms such as education and healthcare. Women and men experience conflict differently and what they need and expect from peace building processes is invariably different. Peace building interventions that do not recognise this will inevitably fail at the first hurdle.

A disconnect persists between national and local peace-building processes. There are very few spaces for those engaged in community peace-building to have dialogue with national decision makers. This means that national solutions are not being informed or driven by what is happening on the ground, the result being that not only is their effectiveness comprised but that they are not owned by the communities they intend to support.

Collective action is an important step towards increased womens participation. Organising collectively is not only a means for women and girls to make themselves heard it is also an important route through which they are offered the protection and support they need in the aftermath of conflict.

Women often do not recognise the important role they play in building peace. Despite their achievements, women do not often see the important ways in which they personally mediate conflict, build trust and foster dialogue within their own communities. They are more likely to place value in the work of formal state institutions and local leaders.

How, for example, can the linkages between local and national peace-building efforts be strengthened? How can we ensure that once women have a seat at the peace-building table, they are credited with the legitimacy and influence they rightly deserve? And perhaps more fundamentally, how can we ensure that women themselves recognise the valuable contributions they can, should and do make to peace-building processes? A final and related challenge concerns how to support the collective mobilisation of women in the aftermath of protracted conflicts. These are invariably contexts in which women and womens groups have been actively repressed for a long time and where collective organising and indeed the idea of civil society at large is a dim and distant memory at best and an anathema at worst.

What is certain is that solutions are not likely to lie in the debating chambers of national parliaments or the meeting rooms of international institutions, but in the local communities and within women themselves. In other words, from the ground up.

Conclusion In this era, gender issues is not a relevant to be debate for. As long as it give a good effect and impact, we need to support women to contributing and participating. Women is smart and more kind than men. But, we need also to concern about the misinterpreted of emancipation. Emancipation is not for a bad thing, but for something to give better contribution not negative action.


Gender Participation of Women

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