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w7rrgnwj70s2art A / Power: 1 / Components related sources: * / IC601-MC44603 (SW-REG-CONTROL): oscillation source. * / Q602-BC40: Fet sources. * / T601 Tranfor source. * / IC605 TDA8138: IC 5V Reg creating and 12V supply. * / Q601 and relay RY601: Reduction from. 2 / Analysis of sources: a / primary: * / Pin into open switch: -Power supply for oscillation: wa R610 (47K) to Pin1, 2 children source oscillators 601.Nhiem IC before. If IC run (Isolation Fet Q602), Pin3 to pulse 2-3VDC. -300VDC source is rectified by diode D601 wa or limit the R605 to their legs number 9 Tranfor source leg number 5 in the extreme D fet Q602 (BC40). -When running at pin 2 Tranfor source feedback AC voltage source with frequency of the oscillation frequency of the source, where it is divided into three lines: * / One way wa diodes D610 DC to coordinate with or R615 (180k), or R643 (15k) to mas and pin5 IC 601 voltage Creating stable for Pin1, 2 IC (601) interface. * / 1 way DC output wa D611, R619, R618 Pin 6 (IC601): Detect wrong. * / 1 the wa or R620 (22k) get pulses tranfor AC source on pin8 (IC601): Stable oscillator frequency source. -At the foot of 9 tranfor source circuit R609, C613 and diode D607: pulse pulse protection fet. -In Pin S of the fet circuit R617, C617 pin7 (IC601) circuit protection. -R614 = 0.2 Ohm resistor is polarized self dong.Nghia is when the intensity wa Fet been changed (due to the downloads on strong main) thanks circuit protection in pin7 Adjust the intensity wa Fet stable DC . Note: Only 0.2 Ohm resistor, but you can not dial dc.Neu switch switches, circuit protection no longer works.

-At Pin13 (IC601) receives the voltage sent from the secondary detector. b / secondary: When the source has run the secondary voltage: * / Legs 10 wa diode D612 removed voltage 185VDC, where the road divided into two: -1 For extreme S D518 feet into sub circuits bost create B + voltage level for oysters. -1 The wa or R628 = 270K in the error detection circuit. * / Legs 11 wa diode D613 removed 80VDC for excellent power amplifier IC (IC002-LM2045). * / Legs 12 wa 2 diode D614 / / D604 retrieved 15VDC +, here divided into two lines: -1 Wa R601 road on Pin1, 2 of IC605 (TDA8138A) generate 5VDC and 12VDC processor IC for the other parts. -1 The wa or R631 on the circuit due to false. * / Legs 14 wa D615 taken out 6.3 VDC for light heart. * / Legs 15 wa D616 take the 15VDC negative to Pin1 VERT IC401 ICLA7840. * / Legs 16 wa D617 in here divided into two lines: -1 Wa back road R572 into Pin1 IC503-LA6500 (H-CENTER-AMP): Stable horizontal center of the lamp. (This he said after) -1 Line on pin 11 of tranfor T503 and the capacitor Pi: background task voltage for the packet distortion correction unit (I use the word like TV in the background voltage distortion circuit pack is the mass). * / Legs 17 chan11 connection of tranfor T503 used as the mass line (voltage) distortion correction circuit pack. * / Legs 18 wa diode D618 taken Yin voltage leg 3 children IC 503. Important Note: 1/Phn of false detection circuit: * / The error detector circuit: Task stable source voltage of the entire circuit. Circuit it consists of: The IC Optron 603 (from photosynthesis), The Reg IC604-TL431, Transistors Q604 (protection) and the related convergence. * / How does the error detector circuit: -Voltage 185VDC wa 2 or R628 = 270k and R630 = 4.7 K were taken and fixed polarization voltage for the entire circuit the Pin1 you Reg TL431 .. pin 3

children TL431 also fixed. Here if 2 or change to make the entire circuit voltage change. You want to raise or lower the voltage for the entire circuit, then you change the 2 to this. -Voltage 15VDC wa R631, D654, R626 on Pin1 Optron: task by wrong means when the load voltage is changed, this line voltage changes, voltage at the time this change wa optical diode inside the Optron also change. This makes the two poles E and C of the Optron change involves oscillation source impedance changes ==> voltage secondary side changed to stable sources. * / Circuit protection: For some reason download high-intensity short-or food source, the IC command processor Remote ON / OFF wa or R643 / / diode D624 on the pole B transistor Q604. Here: -If Remote OFF = High Volt: ultra high B Volt make Transistors Q604, means convolution EC down mass ==> D631 paste it to the electric polarization at the foot so1 the TL431 wa back R629 (5K) to mass . At the time watching it as R630 / / R629, at the foot of the polarization voltage 1 TL431 changed ==> make the whole voltage secondary side varies. - If the Remote ON = 0V: B Q604's pole not cause the circuit to run normally. Evidence: You edit Monitor Common Pan source B + grade oysters horizontal voltage to click clone up volt and down, the machine had trouble obstacles somehow make command Remote appears, it controls here that the dear ! 2 / light cardiovascular Analysis: To protect the life of the lamp, Monitor control circuit navigate to the Monitor the long-term use than TV: * / The circuit consists of two transistors Q626, Q605 and related assistance: -When the CPU switches the screen mode from command processor offer high Volt into the B terminal of the transistors Q605 makes Transistors led ==> cardiac output voltage lower than 6.3 V Volt lamp. Lamp still burning but fuzzy alone not have always bared rule you. -Normal contrast light heart. Experience: When the light is low you can connect the switch to R637 = 1.5 Ohm. B / horizontal vibration, Flyback, Yoke and Edit distortion package,

Convergence (Convergence): I / horizontal oscillations: Use IC902-CXA8071, and X902 quartz. IC902 pins tasks: * / Pin16 receive 12VDC from pin6 of IC605 (TDA8138A) wa D903 diode and filter capacitor C926 (470MF/16V): Voltage Vcc. * / Pin1 get 5VDC from pin7 of IC605 wa R709 = 100 Ohm and filter capacitor C902. Vcc voltage. Horizontal movement of the test you have to check this voltage 2. * / PIN2 pulse clock (clock) processor at Pin23 of IC901 (CPU). * / Pin3 (SDA) and pin4 (SCL) receive control commands from the PC wa at the foot of No. 5 and No. 7 Socket CN902 connected to pins 6 and 4 socket CN306. * / Pin8 get vertical oscillation signal * / Pin9 get feedback signal distortion package from PIN2 of IC 501 (PC5021109-PWW-cont) pulse to Fa control of the horizontal oscillator. (Tools distortion package means fa adjustment of the oscillation frequency, the frequency not change but the fa change) * / Pin12 removed signal fluctuations horizontal wa R501 and C501 into the B terminal of Q505 for shell creates pulse distortion correction package * / Pin 14 pulses delete horizontal recovery. * / Pin17 removed signal level fluctuations in B of Q903 C to pole B of the second buffer transistor Q501, Q502 (collaboratively resistance in / out) out very E.Tai this divided into 3 lines: -1 Sugar wa capacitors C576 and R583 in pin8 of IC501: For the horizontal oscillator frequency to control the for Sub bost circuit. -1 Sugar wa C502 and R508 on pole G of Fet Q511 (H-Drive Out): Level oscillator signal for fet Q511 duty contacts (Drive) for yoke -1 Sugar wa R704 / / D704 on pin14 Get frequency of horizontal oscillations as a standard for IC701 (CXA8070P): content Convergence * / 3 Pin18, 21.25 and coordinate the external capacitor and back create a stable and horizontal oscillation frequency. * / Pin 26 horizontal and vertical sync pulse and Pin28 Pin26 and Pin27 of IC901 (CPU): this road take the second horizontal and vertical sync pulse from the CPU (IC901) When the PC command given change resolution

membrane Card . to create appropriate new oscillation frequency with PC command given. II / Flyback: Other Monitor with TV, in its Flyback circuit Sub bost controller B + source for the number of horizontal Monitor using membrane resolution mode. This particular machine it uses the IC501 (PC5021-109-PWM-CON) as an intermediary between the horizontal oscillator and power factor. IC501 Sub bost source control for the number of horizontal and Yoke. 1 / IC501 Analysis: * / Pin1, 17 12VDC voltage. * / Pin8 received signal level fluctuations. * / Pin18 Control circuit Sub horizontal Bost window. * / Pin20 Control circuit Sub Bost for oysters Yoke. * / Pin19 Level signal level for horizontal oscillations. * / Pin13 provide stable voltage (REF) to 11 feet Flyback to ABL control circuits. * / Pin12 received signal feedback from the foot 14 of the Flyback: That is the reason that super high voltage vc up wa wa low or high it will take the feedback voltage of Pin12 IC501 to control the horizontal oscillator circuit makes super high voltage stability. Note: 2 Pin12, 13 are important tasks stability horizontal oscillator frequency when you change the resolution of film cards. The components associated with this second circuit often damaged or diodes. * / Pin3 feedback signal pulse distortion correction package: Stable correct distortion packages, from the extreme E of Q521 wa capacitor C543 / / R551. You notice the way I would say more than a century activities like in the packet distortion correction!. * / PIN2 order change pulse packets from pin9 distortion of the IC902: This DC external control. 2 / Analysis of horizontal active circuit and the supply voltage Flyback: a / horizontal ACTIVE: * / Sub level bost circuit: Sub-level bost circuits using tree fet Q503-2SJ449, Ultimate S get 185VDC from source, Back R527 (10k) for positive polarity G, zener diode D509 stable for polarization GS.

Horizontal oscillator signal from Pin18 IC501 wa or R534 and capacitor C527 (0.01) into the G terminal tree fet Q503: This signal controls fet Q503 strong or weak depending on the amplitude of the oscillation frequency ngang.De removed 1 appropriate voltage at D tree Feet Q503 and DC pole filter DC by the diodes D513 level for some 2 Flyback removed from leg 1 for ultra-D plants FET Q510 (oysters horizontal). Note: If the Sub Bost circuit running well, here have a potential of about 100VDC (You can isolate horizontal fet out prior to check this source). Can use to check the intensity bulbs. * / If you use antihypertensive Sub Bost circuits is required to test the antihypertensive this before because this circuit is not running mounted fet very death row. * / If Sub Bost Circuit increase pressure, you can remove the fet voltage at the time here level for horizontal fet about 5-70VDC. You can add horizontal fet to check the Flyback before. Source 50V removed from power after the rectifier and filtered DC voltage (B1) is passed through the coil L1 open then close down the Mass through Q1 capacity to produce light pulsed voltage amplitude> B1, then this voltage is rectified and filtered by D2 and C2 form a voltage high-voltage B + into the afternoon. Voltage B + obtained values higher voltage B1, the value of B + depending on the activity level of light output Q1, if Q1 is not enabled, B + = B1, when Q1 activity stronger the pressure B + increasing, the maximum B + B1 can increase 5-6 times the pressure. It controls the level of activity of the Q1 lamp by controlling the pulse amplitude varies from IC: OSC via command from the CPU, when frequency H.syn increase => through the CPU to control the amplitude pulses ranged up => Q1 increased activity => pressure B +, B + voltage are controlled in the range from 70V to 120V and increased frequency proportional to the scan line. OSC is responsible for creating circuits ranging brought to light control capacity collapsible Q1, ranging creating buffer amplifier through two lights Q2 and Q3 before putting the leg lamp G Mosfet Q1, OSC circuit can be an independent IC but usually is integrated with IC fluctuates strongly. feedback from the high-voltage circuits through R2, D3 and pressure

HV.ADJ philosophy has the task to keep the B + voltage stable when the current consumption of the high-voltage changes, voltage is inversely proportional to the feedback voltage B +. - When the consumption of high pressure => B + voltage drop => voltage HV and pressure feedback tends to decrease => through the circuit feedback to the IC adjusted for amplitude to increase => result the pressure B + on the old location. => In case of loss of feedback from high vascular pressure REGU => B + voltage will lead to increased damage power lines and lights can be dangerous for the light. Philosophy pressure HV.ADJ is designed to change the voltage B + is about 10% (for workers regulation), if the philosophy of this poor exposure also a dynamic cause damage. Taken from Thanking you: binhltv) * / Horizontal digital circuits: Use fet Q510-STP5NA80F1: Electrode D from so1 Flyback leg after wa circuit Sub Bost. S pole down mass. Pole G received signal level vibration signals from Pin19 IC501 wa R520. D504 diode protection not for the fluctuation in excess wa allowed. For the circuit of the horizontal part of this do not have use Yoke scans that only creates the potential for the light level only. b / The voltage level from Flyback: If some good horizontal run, Flyback will generate voltage: * / At the foot of the first wa adapter voltage diode removed 1.2 KVDC for G2 to this G2 hinh.Dien DC automatic adjustment by transistors Q001 tree. How does the circuit automatically adjusts G2: As we know G2 used to adjust the brightness of the lights. When the matter light dark WA or WA, at Pin28 of IC001-CXA2005P will have a control signal G2 (Detect how, I do not know), wa R029 Pin 5 IC005, this signal amplifier DC and output Pin 7 to E Q001Lam pole for the extreme C change theo.Nghia voltage is DC adjusted G2. * / At the foot 5 wa R543 fuse and diode D515 voltage DC (Voltage DC stabilized by two diode D924 and D925) wa 2 or R565 = 330K and R506 = 330K remove the DC supply voltage for transistors Q504 creates pulse

distortion adjustment package. At this voltage very high hundreds Volt because I can see the filter capacitor C540 = 10000P/630V and 2 330K. * / 11 ABL legs (auto light control) DC are controlled automatically from Pin13 IC501. (Roads are like 110 or 24V of Television coordinate ABL create 9 or 12v levels for amply Video). Particularly in this circuit it took the ABL control command Pin 16 ICVi processor (IC901) to the microprocessor IC duty automatic light control. * / Legs take 17 Flyback pulse distortion correction circuit package to stabilize and packet sync with the pulse distortion. * / Pin 13 the mass of ultra-high voltage filter capacitor. Note super filter capacitor in Flyback often damage (90%). * / Pin 14 people in the ultra-high voltage: This street is one variable resistor VR501 = 100K. In my experience that this variable resistor sealed glue from a manufacturer that is not for those who have not experienced this adjustment potentiometer. But when you see the state of the machine is running fine a few three-minute rule, and then click to open it up a little switch half (not to automatically back up your bared that to press open sources it up), you can adjust the variable resistor This (remember tune wa nhit, was nhit back little incited alone, they will never be modified WA). Important Note: In my experience when the machine is running you should not measure the Volt at the foot of 14.13 So when you measure at the here accidentally connection / / clock down resistor mass, abnormal operation circuit for horizontal scallop die at once (I have then). III / Yoke and Edit distortion packages: You see not 2 of horizontal scroll Yoke important (Socket CN501, most manual main Yoke many teachers): one each in C yoke Q507 and one point on the distortion correction unit package. 1 / circuit analysis the Yoke for actual signal level 1.2 Socket horizontal CN501cua Yoke: * / Signal level ranges from very general E 2 buffer transistors Q501 and Q502 wa C502 and R508 on the tree G fet Q511 retrieved horizontal oscillation signal amplitude and intensity at 6 and 8 feet (T504 ) to give oysters Yoke. (natural the more you save!)

This circuit communication tasks, cooperation grant impedance B (Q507BU2527AX) Yoke oysters. In the capacity of oysters Yoke children fet Q518 duty Sub Bost (like Sub horizontal Bost not say half). * / Extreme Especially D Feet 518 1 sugar take signals from pin4 IC503 wa 2 or R538 / / R539 and L510 used to adjust the horizontal center of the scanning beam. * / At the foot 5 (C shell Yoke) of L503 has two lines: - One way wa capacitors C579 and diode D525 extract the ocean wa diode pulse D524 and R585: task delete horizontal recovery. -1 Sugar wa serial C521 C522 retrieved Point between wa R526 on foot 9 (HRTRC) of CN902 serial Socket 2 Socket leg wa CN306 R006 and R052 / / C005 into pole B transistor Q004 got extreme C for Pin 5 of IC003-CXD8688P (OSD): retrieve task-level pulse for IC003 to horizontal sync adjust RGB (ROSD and G-OSD, B-OSD) Menu table. 2 / circuit analysis correct distortion packages: Recalling little basic theory of the sine function of the current: AC voltage function: V = V (zero) Sin (wt + phi) V (zero) is the amplitude W is the frequency. T is the time to change at any time. Africa as Fa (constant). (I do not know typed characters V (zero) V-type and 0 as digit fee V.Ky not found on the keyboard. Hi hi!!!. Tang smiled you) The packet distortion correction circuit is that it changes the parameters of non-you. So all this the packet distortion correction circuit change Fa tasks of the current horizontal scan. * / Circuit generate current correct distortion packages: Signal taken from Pin12 (V.DF) of IC 902 (this signal I do not know if it has frequency = frequency horizontal vibration or frequency 1?) Wa R501 and C501 ultra B Q505 to E for Critically B Q504 C coordinate with tranfor T503 to create secondary current at pin 7 (8.9) and 10 (11.12) Thus the voltage at pins 8 and 11 have frequency and fa not changed to the calibrated level for part of packet distortion correction circuit.

-The primary of tranfor T503 at 5 foot 1 leg line 7 of Flyback: Road this coordination task frequency distortion with Flyback frequency for synchronous packets. - 2 trees Transistors Q504 and Q505 taking voltage polarity time to analyze them (from here onwards I did not say half). * / How does the distortion circuit pack: Complete signal distortion correction packet put into chan4 (5) of Soc ket CN501. -IC503 Activity Shape membrane center: * / Pin5 from the positive potential at chan16 wa D617 (Vcc + <or = 12V) * / Pin3 negative voltage source in chan18 wa diode D618. (Vcc + <or = 12V). You see?: IC503 take 2 negative and positive voltage, but no sugar mass from the source, but this mass DC controlled by the IC503, used as the voltage to provide the packet distortion correction circuit. When you change the resolution mode network card is: -Level sub bost circuits change involves the supply voltage from Flyback change. -Sub Horizontal bost circuit changes entail the valley into the screen or expand. At that time the CPU make the adjustment center (auto) of images in pin9 IC901wa membrane R510 on pole B Q517 C wa R573 in PIN2 IC503 output in Pin1 wa R527 voltage change background: Adjusted Means Horizontal center. Note: Here for the other machine is way out of the tip bared you. -And one way half adjusting film photos taken at pin4 IC901 (CPU) wa R514 on pole B Q506 E to B Q518 C wa R573 on pin2 IC503.Nhu so tuning circuit membrane center this image with 2 commands: 1 the automatic and one manual adjustment. Correction circuit activity Fa distortion circuit pack: The supply voltage on pin 10 (11.12) and connect it to one of 4 capacitors Pi (C516 = 0.36, C523 = 0.12, C525 = 0082 C529 = 0047). As for the other 4 Pi capacitor connected to the positive D of 4 fet trees (Q513, Q512, Q515, Q516). Fet trees are used to adjust the capacitance of the capacitor Pi on. View like this Pi connected capacitors / / with one impedance Z (impedance Z = coil in the intestines tranfor T503 at 2 chan11, serial 8 with capacitor Pi

C507 = 0.3) into the mass. Not know you remember not when 1 AC coil wa, slow than and wa convergence, fast Fa fa hon.Con frequency is not changed. So when the upper fet plants that the capacitance of the capacitor impedance changes made at the foot of the 11 T503 change theo.Nghia is Fa of packet distortion correction current frequency change but not change. (I explain his way out of your way then, if there smiling, laughing exemption expenses only). -At the foot of the 11 current fix pack wa L508 distortion in the second leg the first leg of tranfor T505 induction created one line at 5 feet and 3 wa diodes Q512 retrieved positive semi-public (frequency and frequency Fa = distortion and Fa of current edit package) for pole B Q521 E C543 wa / / R511 on Pin3 IC 501: this road taking the distortion correction signal feedback circuit of IC501 to tell is distorted change package to stabilize the Fa of the current horizontal scan appropriately. Prey tree fet as the task of changing the image on the film, I do not know. Film circuits General Activity: You have correct wa monitors when the open air that one wire pair left the printed circuit extended from the Yoke that adjust membrane crank cord that nhe you mean when you get the machine ready not add this line in the function of crank membrane does not adjust DC. This circuit uses the IC502-LA6500 it DC power supply to 3 Vcc + = 15V and 5V, but no direct mass in IC. Pedestrian DC this mass from pin4 wa R536 = 1.5 Ohm chan1 out chan2 Socket CN503 serial or R566 = 22 Ohm to mass. Camcorders membrane command from Pin3 IC901 (CPU) wa R560 on pin2 IC502 out pin4 to adjust the widest coil on Yoke. So change the front of the membrane voltage is changed in pin4 IC502. Note: Order this dial adjusts the rotation wa little bit but do not go back to 180 degree light oil. So if you want to crank up to 180 degrees means the membrane reversal signal again, to change the scroll Yoke true. IV / Convergence (convergence rate): Convergence by convergence adjustments other Focus with your slight adjustment Convergence: -Adjust Focus is to change the voltage level for grid G3 lamp to adjust the

beam emitted from Katod maximum concentration in the holes inside the CRT screens. Control Panel Convergence is the way of 3 RGB ray emitting from Katod to fall right into the hole reserved for each of the rays inside the CRT screens. 1 / related components Convergence: * / IC702-STK392-91DA (CONV-AMP): The Genesis of this big organization announced located next to Flyback you. Edit the machine you do not need to notice this when the film image up false Convergence you nghy to it. Pin7, 9 15V source + -, pin8 mass.Ben in it is the power amplifier circuit not related to the other circuits. * / IC701-CXA8070P (CON-CONTROL): - Pin16, 17 receive control commands from because this treatment ly.Lenh DC save the memory IC (IC905-CAT24C08P). - Pin14 receive frequency horizontal oscillation. - Pin3 receive frequency vertical oscillation. - Pin10 Vcc = 12V. - Pin13 receive power 5V and vertical oscillation frequency loads from pin6 stability and pin7 (V-AGC automatic frequency control signal Vert) of IC902. - Pin6 horizontal control signal. - HEU pin7 of credit controls vertically. - Pin 8 and pin9 Level signal horizontal and vertical standard (The song I explained not know right? Thanks you for comments). 2 / circuit Activity Convergence: Want to adjust the path of the electrons emitted from the DC Katod light, then in the space of electrons wa must have one changes. So this circuit creates one coil currents strong enough to create one from the proper adjustment of focusing the three RGB fall right in the hole reserved for each of the beam in the CRT screens (also frequency I do not know). C / Vertical: 1 / This section used IC902 vertical oscillations and IC402-LA7840 vertical capacity. Vertical oscillation signal from pin8 IC902 wa or R406 pin5 IC402 output at pin2 supply directly to pin 6 socket CN501 of Yoke Vert. Termites rest Yoke vert wa or R403 / / R405 = 1.5 Ohm to mass.

Note : Monitor with TV: * / Vertical signal output Yoke not wa convergence, it comes out Yoke directly because the Monitor mode adjust the resolution for the Vert. * / You see? Power supply for power IC Vert Vcc + - = 15V, but not get PIN2 mass directly where it started serial wa Yoke with wa or R403 / / R405 = 1.5 Ohm. 2 / At pin4 IC 402 V receiver-REF from pin5 IC701 wa R410: this DC control signal from the PC used to sync with the command given by PC. 3 / pin7 IC402 removed Vert sync pulse (V Fly) Pin19 IC901 (CPU) to control processor CPU lenh.Nhu so if this lack of impulse control not DC. D / Analyzing the path of the signal from the PC wa Monitor: 1 / Signal H.Sync and V.Sync: When we open the PC (CPU): * / Signal H.Sync to foot 9 of CN307 serial Socket leg 7 CN309 Socket to the 7 Sun 903 wa R937 / / C933 Pin1, 2 of IC900 pin4 Pin30 of IC901 (CPU): * / Signal V.Sync to 8 feet of Socket T 307 the legs 5 Socket CN309 serial 5 Sun 903 wa R936 on Pin20 IC901 (CPU) If two good signal here, the ordered open-source CPU pin6 (Remote ON / OFF), Pin 6 of IC 901 = 0V, signals: - About IC605 control Pin3 generate 12V (for this yourself nghy it only the power control 12V, longer previous 5V source to be nostalgic when you open the machine to give IC Processor signal in a wait state open source from the PC). - Wa R643 / / D624 on pole B Q604 (B = 0V => Q604 not lead) the error detection circuit normal operation * / You How nghy when open source Monitor membranes Figure waiting creditors Sicnal CPU?. And yourself nghy: I open the mounted CPU signal cable, everything is fine, the source normally then pin6 (Remote ON / OFF) the OV, IC 901 (Processor) signal wait 2 H.Sync and V.sync. If you do not have it in pin6 switch status High Volt taken: - Pin3 IC605 makes this IC does not use the 12V output membrane switches, At that time the 5V source is still to feed the IC process in a wait state. - Wa R643 / / D624 poles B Q604 Q604 => watch as R629 / / 630 => voltage polarity for TL431 change => main source of runs: That is the low-voltage

secondary side Volt more. 2 / RGB signal: RGB signal from the CPU the 2,4,6 Socket pins CN307 wa the capacitors C101, 201.301 and back R112, 212.312 Pin1, 3.5 IC006-CXA2093AS amplifier output 21,19,17 wa 3 capacitors C102 , 202.302 pin6, 8.10 of the IC001 Pin25, 22.18 wa R104, 204.304 in pin8, 9.11 of the IC002 Pin1, 3.5 Grant 3 Katod of the lamp. So this RGB signal input and output wa 3 IC006, 001.002 but when in and out of each IC also has the experience for the other half: a / IC006 analysis: * / Pin6, 16.18 5V. * / Pin7 red signal from the PC (CPU) to the red of the Menu panel to adjust. * / Pin12 smooth change of color: When CPU control change 16-bit or 32-bit mode, the command from the CPU into the 2 foot: 3 (DDC SDA = control data) and pin 2 (DDC SCL = clock control) of Socket CN310 connector CN311 socket to 2.1 feet of CN902, command wa R957, R958 Pin34, 35 of IC901 (processor) output at Pin 5 (definition SHARP1 =). Wa R919 on leg 2 serial CN903 2 CN309 wa R054 to Pin12 of IC006: This line is responsible for the smooth change of color. * / Pin 14 color sync signal output from Pin28 of IC901 (CPU). * / Pin 13 (CLAMP = clip) received signal color clip from Pin 22 of IC901 (CPU): This means that when you change the resolution film card mode, the processor make the ON / OFF at Pin22 IC901 to RGB signal switches on and off. As that IC006 is responsible for: Check RGB signals at Pin1, 3.5 output at Pin21, 19.17 together with the second task is to adjust the fineness of color and clamp the RGB signal. b / IC001 Analysis: * / Pin1, 2 commands adjust the white balance RGB from Pin36, 37 of IC901 (CPU) associated with the memory IC at pin5, 6 of IC905 (24C08P) to after adjustment recorded to memory 1 how to action. This means that after you adjust the white balance, RGB finished, he had written to the memory location. * / Pin3, pulse 4.5 retrieved deleted in RGB for Pin1, 2,3 of IC004-TDA6103Q

here IC004 pulse filter removed delete tasks in clean (thanks to the feedback circuit at Pin 7,8,9 wa 3 or R310, 210.110) the negative pulse (after wa 3 diodes D306, 206.106) for 3 katod lights. * / Pin11 received signal clamp color like Pin13 of IC006 (the TV also this way, controlled from the command Mute surprised no Y signal output). * / Pin12, 13,14 (OSD = On Screen Dispay) received signal to adjust the color from the battery, 14.13 of IC003 to adjust the color of the menu. * / Pin15 receive signal clear recovery from pin 12 of IC003 and remove in the table menu. * / Pin16 received signal to remove back color from Pin46 IC901 (CPU). As so IC001 duty: Magnification signal RGB, Auto G2, RGB control of the Menu panel, delete the last. c / IC002 Analysis (LM2405): * / Pin6 (Vcc) voltage 80VDC source. * / Pin10 = 12VDC. * / Pin8, 9.11 RBG the IC002 output pin5, 3.1 cable for Katod to form. Task: power amplifier identity, Advanced the main RGB and RGB signal intensity of the tables is strong enough to activate the for your 3 Katod lights. E / IC analysis processor (IC901-CXD86925-CYL): * / Pin1 (DA0): retrieve the polarization voltage for 2-pole B Q901va transistor Q902 LED control (D912) lights. This DC LED drivers from Pin47 (Green LED = green) and Pin48 (Led Redcolored red). LED behavior: Open source computer runs fine => Pin48 = 5V => Q902 => Fire Red Light. In the short period of time, mounted the CPU cable if everything is fine, Pin47 = 5V => Q901 => Green light fires, in pin6 (Remote ON / OFF) = 0V membrane table No singal Test. At that CPU now detects if there signal H.Sync and V.Sync from the PC wa?: if no fire, the red light, green light switches and vice versa. So want to check out the Monitor can run normally?: -If you see a table No Singal Test and then take: Prove Monitor running thuong.Nhung it when attached to cable signal from your PC without the proven wa signal H.Sync and V.Sync not to Pin26, 27 children IC901. Where damage is calculated after.

-Left on the machine is not stable. * / Pin3 (Ratation) removed crank adjustment of the membrane signals. * / Pin4 (H.CENT) correction center. * / Pin5 (SHRP) Tools fineness images. * / Pin 7 (degauss): the words. * / Pin9 given signal change membrane center your photos automatically when you change the resolution of membranes from PC to wa. * / Pin11 = 5VDC. * / Pin15 receive signals from Keypad menu. * / Pin 16 Control signal ABL automatically. * / Pin19 comments Vert pulse. Note: Pin19 loss Vert pulse, the control IC Processor not DC * / Pin20 Vert sync pulse from the PC used to open source and other tasks from the PC to the wa. * / Pin 23 clock pulses for 2 IC902 pin2 and IC501 in pin4 (pine wa 2 transistors Q523, Q522). * / Pin24 get signal voltage control lamp burning heart. * / Pin26 (VSO) removed the sync pulse Vert for Pin28 and IC902 Pin10 IC003. * / Pin27 (HSO) took the horizontal sync pulse for Pin26 IC902. When we change the network card resolution, horizontal and vertical frequency changes into IC processor where it changed and launched in Pin26 and Pin27 make the circuit the Monitor operate under reviews of PC given. * / Pin28 removed signal synchronous color for pin14 IC006. * / Pin31 Check the horizontal sync pulse from the PC used to open source and other tasks from the PC to the wa. * / Pin32 pulse delete horizontal recovery. * / Pin33 Get mass with PC. * / Pin34 and Pin35 receive control commands from the PC. * / Pin36 and Pin37 retrieve commands from the menu wa keyboard. * / Pin38 and Pin39 unlock command to set the data into the memory IC. * / Pin44 and Pin45 connected with quartz X901 generate 24MHz clock (clock) processor work. * / Pulse level Pin46 delete lines in color for Pin16 IC001. * / Pin49, 50,51,52,53 level signal editing packages distortion. (From milk and

packet distortion from its horizontal linear not know the exact word for word Convergence can also translate the packet distortion, but you understand what I mean is DC.). * / Pin54 received signal Reset: Refresh the processor. Was fixed Cai Lay, Date 18/05/2011 Also marked important Pan he is contemplating nghy write how for you to understand and DC.

F / The Pan scheme: I / Pan evaluation method: 1 / Zoning subjects: When you receive your computer to obtain information of customers, from the information that you have outlined in the first guess thinking damage the machine and how to how to find Pan quick and easy (if this is important) . Often customer information to your computer repair said machine and asked damaged? You never answer specific line damaged or damaged items that say one or the other alone. It was the time in contact with customers so you can guess the DC client or difficult to calculate, stingy or extensive, appreciate the you breathe or despise guy ... so after you're done know how to charge and the need to keep customers or cult Posts. , 2 / isolate objects: After zoning objects you should check the most often damaged object, by which the (not power pins) components: * / If found to be damaged dish you think about nghy reason it damaged? Before replacing new components to avoid instead it damaged half. * / If you do not find any items damaged you pin the electric and voltage measurements related to its facilities damaged area. -You may be disconnected or removed the enzymes (joint) to find the voltage level from the source to the suspected damaged areas. - You can try IC because IC You can not measure inside. Sometimes do not have IC or IC's expensive wa dare not buy because of not ascertained damaged, you can use the method labeled mean:

You must think nghy considered the IC that task, and in how many Volt Battery to work for other parts and supply battery voltage directly to it later to burn the correct phase for the previous run. At this point you have enough data to determine IC good or bad then. 3 / Replace components equivalent: The size of the electronic repairman You find not have spare parts just like most of the workers in remote and far from the city, the DC output of find damaged components, but no spare parts it also gave up to pay it back, this is the general idea that many workers face, but also is one of the reason sophistry entrust the task to edit the machine is not found. Alternative equivalent components: * / Transistors and fet: You have to pay Data. If the workspace: - Low frequency you see the voltage and intensity C (Transistors) or negative D (Fet). - High frequency the gain and frequency. - Especially if Transistors fight like Dalinton (shaking hands), have more strength I ce to correct. - Meet the circuit symmetric game is absolutely the same component to be replaced. * / Capacitor: You can play / / or serial. - / / The combined capacitance and nominal voltage on the capacitor body with the smallest nominal. - Serial capacitance is smaller than the smallest capacitor and the nominal voltage combined. * / Resistivity: you can match / / or serial: - / / The total return is less than the smallest resistance and power to endure together. - Following the combined impedance and capacity to endure with the smallest capacity. What this Economy class 9 are taught. * / IC: Most importantly, the IC supply voltage and tasks. You have to look out for Data IC IC damaged and the absolute alternative compared to the same but some legs give the wrong location DC. II / Mark Pan by practical experience: I advise you to do top-down sequential discretion!:

1 / Mark pan-emptive manner (ie hit pan robbed stage): The fastest way to do this based on personal experience or information on the network can see, the model and your customer information to figure out what components damaged, check immediately. -If exactly healthy, WA and increase customer confidence. - If not correct, you can do as you like bared. Turn the machine on two cases occur: a / up tables membrane ON Sreen Display (No Sicnal). Demonstrate Monitor has run, you add the signal cable from the PC wa Monitor. * / Ko on the: See yellow lights do not switch to to xanh.Chung To pulse H.Sync and V.Sync not to IC Processor: - You check the signal level from PC wa Monitor or PC (Carton CPU). -Check the signal path H.Sync and V.Sync by. PC to run multiple times from Dos to Windows (Me boot your PC with the keyboard bared, Click flag> U> R, if horizontal launch Beware damaged hard drive), clock scales 10V measured at: * / 2 foot 8 and 9 of CN307 see Socket voltage change. Show H.Sync and V.Sync here, means that the signal level possible. * / Pin1 and pin4 (= Pin30 IC901) of IC900 see rather doi.Chung his pulse H.Sync to IC901 good and printed circuit here already. * / Pin20 IC901 (CPU) that has changed. Demonstrate pulse V.Sync to IC901 good and printed circuits. 3 comments on if it is not correct, you have to figure out why two pulse H.sync and V.Sync You to not have 2 Pin30 and Pin20 of IC9001 (CPU). (IC Processor not damage your light oil because if damaged are not currently ON table Sreen Display) Here you have on the machine. b / membrane dark: (Dabbed try to and will feel more love my job. Hi Hi) Turn the machine on, measure the B + supply for ultra D of Fet sub Bost and horizontal shell: * / The light source does not: - If you do not have Volt: Demonstrate the power supply is not running or not yet stable. You check the fet sub Bost, fear across, oysters Yoke immediately. - If the Volt, but not enough voltage or oscillate up and down: Demonstrate

stable running but not slow or there somewhere. * / The light source: -If B + 50V> 70V booster circuit Sub circuit Bust is: You can fix this sub Bost circuit later (by removing trees fet out at the time the voltage level for horizontal shell is still 50> 70V) lo fix the Flyback before. If B + from 150V> 200V, circuit Sub Bost is low voltage circuit. You must edit this Sub Bust circuit until B + for the new level must be below 100V line level number. During the edit Sub Bost circuit without load circuit capable Sub Bust is not working properly, you have to get the light bulb 60W or 100W as an author. At this point if everything is fine means that the light source, B + grade level enough. You check the secondary Flyback immediately: * / For this you measure the Volt AC at pin5 or pin6 of Flyback secondary section (DO NOT measure Pin13, 14 because the measure into consecutive horizontal oyster is dead) but with others, you can measure the Volt negative for Katod lights also ADDRESS: -If Volt nostalgic show Flyback was running smoothly: Now you check the G2 immediately if there is enough potential, only damage to on Board the tail lights, the specific capacity of sharp. - If the Volt, but bit down: Demonstrate problem Flyback: Now that you check up in Flyback and the feedback path from the Flyback horizontal oscillator circuit. Specific to the machine you part from long legs 14,13,11 Flyback I IC501 see if there are any damaged parts not. 2 / Mark Pan in the order from A to Z: I guide you to edit from the bared: I / Power Supply: Turn on the machine, you measured at the positive diode D604 to see if there is 15V +?: (For the others, you just need to measure the 5V source for the processor) * / If the enough: Demonstrate primary source was running smoothly, except for error detection circuit capable of no wrong. * / If you do not have: Demonstrate the primary source is not running. a / primary sections: You remove fet Q602 tree outside, correct source range before:

* / Pin1 measurement, 2 IC601 see if there are about 12V?.: Smoking in Pin1, 2 to RX1 scale measuring 2 feet this mass, it's like a first diode means hands and not len.Trai and attention This IC damage'm single. * / Measure Pin3 IC601 see if the oscillator pulse?.: Close touch input. Do not have to test: Here, only checking each component and replace IC test only. Note: Replace the components must be accurate. * / Many of you said I checked the century did not find any damage you components and instead try ICs and circuit but that does not work, why? very simple because the secondary protection circuit. Now how to isolate circuit protection? Reply: -If its protection circuit processing capacity Optron, you find the tree or from 1K> 10K horizontal watched the wa in 2 pole E and C Optron's. -If circuits protected by Tranfor, you suck empty Secondary 2 feet of tranfor. * / Sources fixed but run bit fet death, check any style Fet death: -If GS (transitor BE) and GD (Transistors is BC) leakage due to the wrong oscillator frequency. - If DS (Transistors CE) leakage or touch due to the components inside the power. But one problem that you encounter is rather Fet or IC not correct or limit circuit huts lum damage more components born confused, You do not have to think your logic. You should remove it wa and refresh the brain before continuing work. b / secondary section: You only need to test the B + level for horizontal shell and 12V for horizontal oscillations only, while other sources later. ** / Source B + Volt but fluctuate up and down in cycles together with the role played way way (which often happens): You must isolate the 80V source for excellent power, 15V + - for IC Vert, Fet sub horizontal Bost oysters and clams Yoke ... When new fixed sources only. For this circuit you can remove the command tree isolated transistors Q604 Remote ON / OFF. ** / Source B + with but lack Volt or Volt balance. You check the error detector circuit!. Specific test this circuit 2 to R628 = 270K and R630 = 4.7 K instead try

Optron and the IC604 TL431. * / Source 12V, to then do not say. At this point 100% OK and offline sources. II / horizontal oscillator: You only need to measure two things of tranfor Drive see if Volt AC?: 1 / If (as many Volt): Demonstrate horizontal oscillation frequency was running but right and wrong, the following credits. Want to know how much you have to have a frequency OSC. Without your computer OSC of horizontal shell to play Sacrifice, which means that the machine run when level deaths due to BE and BC rust prove incorrect oscillator frequency. If this is the case you just check the components of variation and pulse FSC from Flyback return only. 2 / If not: You check to 12V for IC quartz oscillator and horizontal oscillators. Specifically, this circuit you check IC902 Pin16 about 11.4 V, Pin19 = 9V, Pin1 and Pin25 around 5V, Quartz 902 Pin29, 30. Everything must change IC test only. How do you know DC IC is IC-level fluctuations and any battery powered 12V Battery for horizontal oscillator IC?. Reply: * / Often with adjacent quartz IC or B molecular transistors Drive before touching the IC that it is the IC range par nhe you. * / You look at convergence of the highest capacitance values and the anode of the capacitor connected to the battery, it is battery powered. III / Flyback: Horizontal oscillator is running, you check Sub Bost circuit before! Voltage level for the appropriate number of horizontal?. 1 / For the booster circuit: You do not need to check the previous Sub Bost for B + circuit horizontal oysters from 50V> 70V then, you just close the shell on and check the voltage level by Flyback created. * / If all goes well, the machine must be bright, but dark or light the lack of horizontal and vertical. * / If not you should fix Flyback before, and circuit Sub Bost edit later. 2 / For the low pressure circuit: You to edit Sub Bost circuit before and download fake (mounted lamp 60W-100W) to test the B + level to the

appropriate level. There is a lot you know and do not pan out forever. The fix circuit Sub Bost: You remove tree fet out, open the PC (CPU) to measure the Volt AC G Fet tree view considered Volt AC? And this Volt to change PC running from Dos to Win. 1 / If Volt AC and changes show pulse oscillation control Fet Sub Bost good, then you play Fet in DC, but the voltage B + out for oysters level is not correct, you have to check the components in followed from the very S Fet tree. Specifically, this circuit you just check back R527 and zener diode D509. 2 / If you do not have Volt AC: You flat from extreme G perennial fet to IC oscillator see if you who is the culprit, not found, check IC oscillator works by measuring the Volt AC running at the foot out. On this road often damage or loss of quality second buffer transistor. Also test your own circuit at Pin 18 IC501 see if there Volt AC? If not then check out these related IC 501 or replace the IC.

Unfinished articles but now you wa You can not write to. Thanks to the relay, thank you much! Cai Lay on 13/10/2011 Written by: La Van Hoang