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ET in the New Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Amer Atiyah, Microsoft Dyna 1/8/13

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The Use of Visual Studio .NET in the New Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Developing applications is now easier and faster in the new Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 than its earlier versions. .NET developers who are familiar with Visual Studio .NET will be comfortable with developing Dynamics AX applications although Dynamics AX has its own IDE which called MorphX and its own programming language with is X++. This image shows the Dynamics AX AOT (Application Objects Tree), one of the MorphX IDE objects that Dynamics AX developers use to navigate through programming objects like Forms, Reports, and X++ Classes:


ET in the New Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Amer Atiyah, Microsoft Dyna 1/8/13


ET in the New Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Amer Atiyah, Microsoft Dyna 1/8/13

With Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, you can view that AOT in the Microsoft Visual Studio 2012:

Dynamics AX 2012 Applicatoin Explorer in VS.NET

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 now creates proxies internally to support interacting with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 X++ classes, tables and base enums. By creating those proxies, developers will interact with Dynamics AX objects in C# and VB.NET exactly as if they are interacting with it in X++. After the proxy is created, that type is available as a strong type and features such as IntelliSense are available. For example, table fields and X++ methods are now exposed to be used in C# with one click. The created proxies are using .NET business connector internally to connect to the Dynamics AX objects. The following pictures speak quietly how you can access and interact with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 objects 3/12

ET in the New Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Amer Atiyah, Microsoft Dyna 1/8/13

from within Microsoft Visual Studio 2010:

Adding Visual Studio Project to the Dynamics AX 2012 AOT


ET in the New Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Amer Atiyah, Microsoft Dyna 1/8/13

Visual Studio Project inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 AOT

Adding a Dynamics AX 2012 object to the VS 2010 Creates an Internal Proxy

The CustTable Appears in the Solution Explorer. You Can Now Use the Dynamics AX CustTable 5/12

ET in the New Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Amer Atiyah, Microsoft Dyna 1/8/13

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Waqas View June 12, 2011 Visual Studio .NET Usage With The New Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Reply


Jehanzeb Javeed View June 22, 2011 It is looking nice but any idea how much time Visual Studio IDE is taking to loading/saving objects from AX AOT, in AX 2009 the Enterprise Portal Developer Tools for Visual Studio was crashing from VS IDE and had very slow response with AOT may be due to .Net Business Connecter. Reply


ET in the New Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Amer Atiyah, Microsoft Dyna 1/8/13

Amerreplied: View June 22, 2011 Thanks Jehanzeb I agree with you about the perforamance of the AX2009.. it has a lot to do with the hardware specs of course.. but you still cannot get the perfect spead even if you havethe best specs ever though.. thats true. For the AX2012, calling AOT objects from the VS.NET and saving changes in the AOT from the VS.NET is a way faster than AX2009. I did notice that myself. Im sure you will notice it if you tried it:). Reply 3. ajnar View August 3, 2011 Hi, dont know where else to ask as the communities dont seem to have an answer Im trying to add a new user control to the EP on the ax 2012 virtual But after creating the table and dataset in ax aot, i can see it in the drop down list for the datanames of the new datasource i am adding however when i select it i get an error Exception occured on the metadata service on the client or the server Exception of Type Microsoft.Dynamcis.Ax.Services.XppBridgeException was thrown Any ideas? Reply Tommyreplied: View January 3, 2012 HI ajnar Ive had similar error in AX2012 after deploying a report in SSRS. If you look in the EventViewer on the server you will most likely find a entry regarding this isssue. In my case there where a line whith the error Query execution failed for dataset which maked me look further into my data provider class. I found out that there was a call to write an entry in the event log, and after uncommenting this line the report worked perfectly. Therefore the conclusion to the error Microsoft.Dynamcis.Ax.Services.XppBridgeException was that the acount execution the report didnt have the nessesary rights. 7/12

ET in the New Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Amer Atiyah, Microsoft Dyna 1/8/13

My advise to you is to check that the acount running the EP has the nessesary execution right. Hope this helps you Reply 4. syed hyder amer View 7 months ago Hi, can any one tell me to learn microsoft dynamics ax do we need to know .net Reply Sarahreplied: View 4 months ago Syed hyder amer, No u need not be very faliliar with .Net inorder to work with ax. Reply 5. Mojahid Ali View 2 months ago Hi, Can anyone tell me where and what to start to learn dynamic AX. I am .net application developer. I know that language used is X++ , IDE is Morphx(Not able to download). * Major issue is regarding the functional requirement of application development in AX. Kindly help me and send the details on Reply 6. FAC View 1 month ago Hi, I am new to AX, i used to work with GP, is it possible to create a vs project With forms, and use that forms from dynamics ax? i have created a new personalized window to create products, i have used services and all, from a vs project it creates the productos in ax, but now i want that Form to be accessed from AX client as called from a menuitem or anything. Thanks a lot. Reply Amerreplied: View 1 month ago 8/12

ET in the New Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Amer Atiyah, Microsoft Dyna

Hi, You cannot host other than AX form that is not bulit with MorphX inside AX. There must be a way to run a .net form from AX using a menu item as you said, but Im sure that you have to do a way more than creating a simple form in AX only to call that .net form. Im not sure honestly what that way is. But i can tell that is not a stright forward processes. You might consider rebuilding the form in AX/MorphX as this is the best way to do it ) All the very best,,, Amer Reply FACreplied: View 1 month ago Thanks a lot, Is there any way to graphic in a AX Form via X++ Code?, just basic things like squares and lines. Thank you very much. Reply 7. ali View 1 month ago hi, how do you it looks easy as long as you have to deal with one table, but how do you join two tables in vs and fill a grid with combined data, like say i need to display item name and color size information in a grid in vs 2010 ??? Reply 8. Kanwal View 2 weeks ago Hi, The Add to Project is grayed out when I try to add an AOT object to a project in Visual Studio 2010. m using dynamics ax 2012 Reply

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ET in the New Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Amer Atiyah, Microsoft Dyna 1/8/13

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ET in the New Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Amer Atiyah, Microsoft Dyna 1/8/13

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ET in the New Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Amer Atiyah, Microsoft Dyna 1/8/13

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