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com and Opportunity Community Development Corporation To Announce Launch of National Faith & Neighborhood Based Entrepreneurial Accelerator Initiative At The Kingonomics Conference On Saturday, January 12th, 2013 at 9:00 AM
[Initiative To Address The Wealth Gap In Underserved and Underrepresented Communities Via Exposure, Education, Entrepreneurship, Business Acceleration, Access To Capital and Crowdfunding]

Atlanta, GA 01/18/12 Dallas based and Atlanta based Opportunity Community Development Corporation, Inc. have created a national initiative aimed at partnering with Faith Based and Neighborhood Groups across America. The initiative will involve a 26-city launch tour aimed at exposing congregations and communities to the reality of innovation and entrepreneurship in this economy; vetting and selecting key churches to open 200 collaborative innovation hubs and business accelerators; and provide ongoing boot camps, technical assistance, a procurement network and an onramp to capital via access to micro-loans, growth capital and private equity. The two organizations will also launch a crowd-funding hub aimed at connecting accredited and non-accredited investors to a pipeline of great start-ups; and vice versa. Our nation and world is world is navigating an economic crisis. All communities have been impacted. Interestingly, the wealth gap between blacks and whites in America has risen to record highs. The median wealth of white households is 20 times that of black households and 18 times that of Hispanic households, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of newly available government data from 2010. As a result of these declines, the typical black household had just $5,677 in wealth (assets minus debts) in 2009, the typical Hispanic household had $6,325 in wealth and the typical white household had $113,149. Moreover, about a third of black (35%) and Hispanic (31%) households had zero or negative net worth in 2009, compared with 15% of white households. In 2005, the comparable shares had been 29% for blacks, 23% for Hispanics and 11% for whites. This initiative positions Americans from all walks of life with a definitive plan and strategy to start, enhance or grow their business, career or wealth, respectively. New jobs are created through entrepreneurship. Wealth is created through investment in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Communities are transformed via the reinvestment of a portion of this wealth. All dynamics are required to break the back of poverty in our nation and world, says Bishop Rodney Sampson, CEO of Opportunity CDC. As apart of the collaborative, is sponsoring The Pitch.Up $50,000 business investment competition which will be announced at Kingonomics. In addition, Malcolm Allen, MyCEOs CEO has committed $25,000 toward the launch of what is believed to be the first micro-loan intermediary geared toward underserved and underrepresented

entrepreneurs connected with faith communities. Eight small businesses will receive microloans and technical service in 2013 as apart of the Small Business Administrations vetting process of becoming certified as an SBA micro-lender. For more than a decade, I have wanted to be intentional about creating a strategy of partnering effectively with faith based communities to empower their members and family to manifest the messages of hope, prosperity and reciprocity that are championed in tens of thousands of pulpits each and every week. Via this partnership with Bishop Sampson and Opportunity CDC, we now know that this vision will not tarry, but will come to pass, says Malcolm Allen, Founder of To jump-start the process, every registered attendee of The Kingonomics conference will receive an express pass to experience the tools and services at no charge for a period of time. The conference in inspired by the economic ideals of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. will take place on January 12th, 2013 at 200 Peachtree in downtown Atlanta. Check-in and registration begins at 7AM. The announcement will be made during the 9AM opening session with a press period with media to follow. This preeminent event will bring together over one hundred global innovators, entrepreneurs and accredited investors from as far as Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and North America to participate as keynotes and panelists across four intensive six-hour simultaneously running boot camps. The boot camps are designed for start-up entrepreneurs (Start.Up), growth stage companies (Grow.Up), accredited investors (Invest.Up) and youth (ages 11-18) (Sprout.Up). Over one thousand delegates are anticipated to attend this hallmark event. Atlanta based serial innovator, entrepreneur, investor, consecrated bishop and author of Kingonomics: Twelve Innovative Currencies For Transforming Your Business & Life, Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, Rodney Sampson, will host the all day conference. Kingonomics will be launched in bookstores nationwide on this day as well. A partial list of confirmed speakers and panelists include J.J. Childers (Best Selling Author of Asset Protection 101 with Donald Trump); Marshawn Evans (Donald Trumps The Apprentice); Sue Malone CEO, (Strategies For Small Business), Shirley Sherrod (CoFounder of New Communities At Cypress Pond); Paula White (International Author, Entrepreneur & Pastor); Tamara Lowe (Co-Founder, Get Motivated Seminars & Box Your Brilliance), Anthony Sparkplug Thomas (Publisher, People You Need To Know Magazine], Doug Ellenoff (Crowdfunding Attorney), Faruq Hunter (CEO, Genius Corp), Mark Wilson (CEO, eVerifile), & David Smith (Super Angel Investor). A complete list of event speakers and panelists is available at Open registrations available for purchase will be extremely exclusive and limited. For more information on registration, please visit:

About Kingonomics 2013 Kingonomics is a powerful and authentic one day gathering of global innovators, entrepreneurs and investors, inspired by the economic philosophies of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the entrepreneurial and collaborative enthusiasm of Bishop Rodney Sampson, author of Kingonomics: Twelve Innovative Currencies For Transforming Your Business & Life, Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. About Opportunity CDC The Opportunity Community Development Corporation exists to facilitate the creation of wealth in underserved communities. The organization seeks to accomplish its charitable and educational mission by fostering and developing people and organizations that create jobs, improve communities and change lives through economic literacy, innovative entrepreneurship, and better investor education and management. About MyCEO, Inc. is a leading business accelerator network. Always on demand, integrated with over 50 services, strategically engineered to help CEOs to build their brands, reduce operational costs, streamline productivity and acquire new customers. Securely hosted on the backbone of the internet, MyCEO is trusted by more than 700,000 small businesses, including celebrities, professional athletes and politicians. For more information, please visit Contact Us Media and public relations: Angela Smith, 7708338196,