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Lesson Plan 1 WHMIS

Name: Lauren Novak


Motivational Set: Provide students with Something to think about handout. They are to write yes beside the everyday items they have experienced. Tell students that if they said yes to even one of these questions then they have handled hazardous material. 1. Provide students with WHMIS fill in the blank handout and present to them the WHMIS lesson prezi that has been prepared. 2. Return to Something to think about handout. Now that the students have learned the symbols and corresponding definitions as them to decide which hazard each question is representing. This will ensure students are able to apply the information into necessary context. 3. Have students complete Chemical Hazards Matching activity. This will reassert the WHMIS symbols. Using the information repetitively, and in multiple formats, will help the students retain the information 4. Play WHMIS Pictionary. Again this will have students actively participate and engage in the learning process in a new way. They will be demonstrating their knowledge and it will allow me to quickly assess the entire classes comprehension of the information covered in the lesson. 5. Introduce students to working pods (seating plan) they will be depending on throughout the unit. I am going to put you into working pods the plan is the people sitting within your row will be the people you complete lab experiments with. This provides you 2 people that if you miss class you can go to them and say can I borrow your notes, or if we started a lab and you were not here you know instantly who you are working with and can have them catch you up. So I would like everyone to stand at the side of the room and I will let you know where you will be sitting Elephant Tooth paste Demo: This will be the intro to the chem unit to excite the students about what is to come and get them interested in carrying out experiments and learning about the why about everything. Mix cup of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide with dishwashing soup, and a few drops of food colouring, into a 20 oz bottle. Mix a packet of active yeast with a little warm water and let sit for 5 min Pour yeast into bottle set into a large container. So this is chemistry, we have these substances that we are mixing together and reacting with one another and allowing us to observe physical and chemical changes, and they are releasing gases and heat. So how does this happen? Well we need to learn the basics of chemistry in order to understand what is happening in this reaction, and everything around you because chemistry isnt just something that takes place in the science classroom, its everywhere around you : the matter that makes up your desk, the hat your wearing, your hand, absolutely everything is part of chemistry.