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Leave No Stone Unturned

By Maurice de Mare
A Dark Heresy scenario for levels 3-4

Heresy loves company. This is the most basic truth known to the Inquisition. When a heretic is discovered, it is essential that a fullscale investigation is conducted to uncover his associates and theirs. An investigation only ends when every avenue is exhausted and every heretic is dead.

tion. Using newfound authority, the acolytes can launch a boarding action to claim the pirate vessel.

The investigation starts

While performing their duties on the planet Scintilla, the acolytes receive the following directive from their Inquisitor. +++

Adventure Background
Four years ago a freighter called the August Seas left the Lathes filled to the brim with tech. Metalus Xeta, the ships chief engineer enamoured by the endless possibilities that the cargo represented, plotted to seize the ship together with Cortez Kiq and Osina Wren. They succeeded and the August Seas turned pirate while Metalus Xeta tinkered with the cargo of tech.

Acolytes, A former associate has uncovered something he deems to be of interest to the Inquisition. I have come to trust his judgement. Please abort your current mission and proceed to the following address: 8021 Quivvar street / Maccana Division / Mastraven Zone / Lower Mid-Tiers / Landward Quadrant / Hive Sibellus / Scintilla. To identify yourselves as my acolytes please use the following phrase: Sollexs fiery light offers no shadows. A mind without purpose will wander in dark places +++ The acolytes journey to the specified address should be uneventful. Once they arrive at Quivvar street read aloud or paraphrase the following: Two Enforcer patrol cruisers block the road ahead. Four enforcers in riot gear huddle behind the large vehicles. Red pinpricks of light indicate that the enforcers are all enjoying lho-sticks. Peering past the

Adventure Overview
A former associate of the acolytes Inquisitor uncovers multiple objects of heresy and this involves the acolytes. Investigation can uncover cult activity and the involvement of a freighter called the August Seas. As the acolytes travel to 41 Prys space station, their ship loses power as it braves the warp. The acolytes need to deal with a possessed crewman to survive. Once aboard the space station Osina Wren draws the acolytes into a deadly trap. Inquisitive acolytes will identify the August Seas as it docks under an assumed name with the space sta-

cruisers, you can make out another set of cruisers at a distance of 400 meters. Movement between the cruisers draws your eyes to two hulking forms who are guarding the entrance to 8021 Quivvar street. Arbitrators who identify themselves as such, can easily receive a brief update from the enforcers. Other classes require a challenging Inquiry test (+0). On a success read aloud or paraphrase the following: We came here hours ago to investigate reports of gunfire and explosions. When we arrived, this enormous tech-priest informed us that the Adeptus Mechanicus was apprehending a known heretek and that we should set-up a perimeter to prevent his escape. Not much later, the fighting ended, but the tech-priest ordered us to maintain the perimeter. He also told us that those gun servitors over there had orders to engage anyone coming within 100 meters. To be save, we set the perimeter at 200 meters away. Getting the attention of the techpriest is easy with the one of the vox-units that are part of the patrol cruisers. Gaining access to the vox-units is a challenging Charm test (+0) for PCs who are not arbitrators. Arbitrator PCs succeed automatically. Using the vox-units is a routine Tech-use test (+20). Once the tech-priest has been alerted and the Inquisitor supplied phrase is used the gun servitors receive orders to stand down and the PCs can approach safely. If the PCs approach the gun servi3

tors without first alerting the techpriest the gun-servitors will engage as soon as the PCs come within 100 meters. Two Gun servitors, Dark Heresy Core Rulebook page 340

8021 Quivvar street

Read aloud or paraphrase the following as soon as the PCs enter 8021 Quivvar street: As you walk inside, the first thing you notice are the spent bullet casings, the blast marks and the still twitching servitor that lies face down on the floor. The hulking tech-priest beckons you further and his metallic voice echoes across the corridor: unit 205 here, he gestures at the fallen servitor, saved me from the hereteks heresy. My name is Secutor Magnus, my mission was to apprehend or terminate the heretek Jeesen. It appears that the Omnissiahs will was that Jeesen needed to be terminated, his apprentices too. Magnus points to several maimed bodies. But, that is not why you are here. I contacted your master because I discovered that Jeesen was involved in more than tech-heresy. This is what first caught my eye, Magnus points out a dented, blood covered piece of brass feudal plate and a huge greataxe lying on broad workbench. As you can see, the plate has eight interconnected eights stamped onto it. Given the plates material I could come to only one conclusion: heresy.

Then I discovered this, Magnus walks to another workbench and he gestures pointedly at a Las weapon of sorts that has been broken down into separate parts, no Man created this! His vox unit wails under the strain of Magnuss exclamation. The wiring, the capacitator, all are defiled by Xenos. Heresy I tell you, heresy. Magnus will give the acolytes all the time they need to investigate; when they are done, he destroys all heretical object in the name of the Omnissiah. Magnus will remain silent if queried about his relationship with the Inquisitor.

Involving the Ordos

The scenario offers the following hooks to explain why the Adeptus Mechanicus chose to contact the acolytes Inquisitor. Ordo Hereticus The dented, blood spattered piece of brass feudal plate with the eight interconnected eights stamped on the breastplate is a clear connection to the Chaos god Khorne. The worship of Khorne is heresy and reason enough to involve the Ordo. Ordo Malleus The aforementioned piece of brass feudal plate can also easily warrant the involvement of Ordo Malleus. Such a clear link to a Dark god and his daemonic minions must be investigated fully. Ordo Xenos The Las weapon is clearly a ManAlien hybrid piece of technology. Such cooperation is heresy and automatically involves Ordo Xenos.

Routes of Inquiry
The acolytes can try the following tests to uncover likely routes of inquiry: A challenging Forbidden Lore Cults or Heresy (+0) test reveals that brass and eights are symbols favoured by Khorne, one of the Dark Gods. A challenging Forbidden Lore Xenos (+0) test exposes that the most likely species of Xenos involved with the heresy is Ork in origin. An ordinary Psyniscience (+10) test reveals that the area is filled with the last emotions of the hereteks: fear and desperation. Succeeding by two degrees or more on the test also unveils that the greataxe and the heretical Las weapon have been exposed to the warp for a long time.

A routine Perception (+20) test uncovers a serial number on the Greataxe and determines its Mono quality. Serial number is 17493H1. An ordinary Perception (+10) test presents the acolytes with the brand, model and serial number of the capacitator used in the Las weapon: Dyna-Tuur Model 7, serial number 801928-BH-01923. An ordinary Common Lore Imperium (+10) test reveals that

Dyna-Tuur is located on LatheHesh A challenging Trade armourer (+0) test indicates that the most likely creator of the feudal plate is Tiabold Kessel, an armourer of note who resides in Gunmetal city. An ordinary Trade armourer (+10) test reveals that the greataxe was forged by the Lathes. A routine Inquiry (+20) test conducted in the vicinity of Quivvar street offers the following information. Standard: Jeesen was a quiet fellow, kept to himself mostly. Never suspected that he was up to no good. 1 degree of success: Jeesen? Every scav knows that he gives good money for tech. 2 degrees of success: The only friend that Jeesen had was Richter, he lives at 3412 Quivvar street. An ordinary Search test (+10) of the workshop uncovers a dataslate. If the dataslate is found, an ordinary Tech-use test (+10) lets the acolytes peruse its content. The dataslate holds the following information: The

greataxe and feudal plate were sold by a scav named Zeb. Zeb told Jeesen that he found both pieces in the Arastus division of Hive Sibellus. The source of the Las weapon is MX4? Providing a set of leads If the acolytes fail at every test, Magnus will point out the serial numbers on the greataxe and the LAS weapon.

3412 Quivvar street

If the acolytes wish to interview Richter, 3412 Quivvar street is only a short walk away from Jeesens workshop. Richter is very much aware that Jeesen has met his doom at the hands of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Richters relationship with Jeesen damns him, and he knows it. Since the fighting at Jeesens workshop ended Richter has consumed a vast amount of amasec and the former guardsman has become delusional, Richter knows they are coming for him. But he wont come quietly. Richter has turned his small hab-stack into a bunker. Hes barricaded the door and hes hiding behind an overturned table, Richter is waiting, waiting for them. Development If the acolytes knock on Richters door hell respond by unleashing his heretical Rev-Las (see Appendix 1: new weapons) at the door, destroying it and hopefully hitting one of the acolytes. The next

More than one route

The presented Routes of Inquiry are only a set of possible leads. Your PCs may very well claim the information in a roundabout manner not foreseen by this adventure.

round he will switch to his autopistol and will try to suppress the acolytes while the Rev-Las recharges. When the Rev-Las is recharged, he will switch weapons again. Richter will scream all kinds of heresy while he engages the acolytes. If all is lost, Richter will try to commit suicide with a frag grenade. Richter (see Appendix 2: NPCs). A routine search (+20) test of Richters hab-stack will uncover a pict of Jeesen and Richter in guardsman uniforms. The pict was taken 10 years ago while both men served on Tranch. If more than 8 hours pass since the acolytes arrival on Quivvar street, then Richter sobers up and vanishes without a trace.

schematics of the feudal plate and specific instruction describing which materials were to be used in its construction. The eight interconnected eights were not part of the design, they may have been added after the suit was completed. The order for the feudal plate consisted of a batch of eight suits. The batch was constructed in three months time and was delivered to a warehouse in Gunmetal City. Kessel received payment to his account after delivery. It is an taxing investigation to determine who paid Kessel for his work. A multitude of sham accounts were used. A successful investigation of the Gelt trail yields the name of Isha Vent. It is a basic investigation to determine that the batch of feudal plate was picked up two hours after delivery from the warehouse by persons unknown. The owner of the warehouse was paid in cash for the time that the batch spent in his warehouse. No security footage of the delivery and pickup of the batch is available. Isha Vent A basic investigation into Isha Vents past reveals the following: She served on Tranch, earning two commendations by her commanding officer for her zeal in combat. After she was honourably discharged from the Imperial Guard, she became a mercenary then a bounty hunter and currently earns a living as an assassin. Records indicate that over the years Isha has become increasingly violent in her

Following the clues

Tiabold Kessel If the acolytes deduced who the most likely creator of the brass feudal plate is, they can travel to Gunmetal City to meet with Tiabold Kessel. Tiabold Kessel is a balding, burly man. Tiabold is abhorred to learn that one of his creations is connected to heresy and will immediately provide access to his records. Analysing the records is an investigation of drudging complexity (see page 186 of the Dark Heresy Core Book). Completing the investigation reveals that two years ago Kessel received detailed

ways. The investigation will also reveal her current address. The acolytes have two options here: they can either follow Isha Vent around or apprehend and interrogate her concerning the brass feudal plate. Surveillance

building currently used by a cell of Khorne cultists as a place of worship. If the acolytes fail at one of the tests then Isha knows she is being followed. Isha will turn the tables on the acolytes, drawing them in an ambush set-up by her fellow cultists. Apprehending Isha Vent

Putting Isha Vent under surveillance requires that every acolyte participating in the surveillance tests against Isha awareness of 35 using either the shadowing skill or half his or her agility score once for every day the surveillance lasts. After eight days of surveillance, the acolytes can follow Isha to a

Apprehending Isha is no easy task. Depending on the acolytes plan and her current location, Isha will either try to flee or kill the acolytes. If the acolytes succeed in capturing Isha, they can interrogate her. Possible questions and answers are as described below.

Question Why did you order the brass feudal plate? Who created the servitor? Where can we find this Metalus Xeta? What is the meaning of the eight interconnected eights? Are you a Khornite? Who are your fellow Khornites?

Answer The feudal plate armors the cults guardian servitor. Metalus Xeta, a tech-priest. Dont know, he contacts us, not the other way around. Eight is the sign of Khorne. Yes. Ishmael Brun, a PDF sergeant. Alison Dein, an enforcer. Stigga Lesart, a bounty hunter. Lionus Ross, an assassin. Octia Dassat, an arbitrator. Drake Ericsen, a mercenary. Jakes Krupp, a narco-ganger

Where do you meet with your fellow cultists? 7

Gives directions to the building currently used as a place of worship.

If the acolytes try, but fail to apprehend Isha the cult cell will disperse, leaving no trace for the acolytes to follow. Isha Vent (see Appendix 2: NPCs). Cult Temple The acolytes can discover the existence of the temple of Khorne in three ways: Isha Vent unknowingly leads them there, Isha leads them there to be ambushed or she reveals it during her interrogation. The temple of Khorne is a low, squat building with very few windows. A metal door provides access to the building. A challenging Security test (+0) test unlocks the door. The door gives access to a large abandoned room, a few wooden crates litter the concrete floor. A few barred windows, two meters above the floor, provide lighting to this area. At the end of the room a heavy metal door bars further progress. It takes a challenging Security test (+0) to unlock this door. Behind the door a smaller room lies, it holds a staircase that leads to the basement of the building. A barely functioning chem.-light gives enough light to see the staircase, but its light does not reach the basement. At the base of the staircase the temples guardian, a brass servitor, lies in wait for trespassers. It will engage the acolytes if the approach the doors that lead to the temple.

Development If Isha Vent has led the acolytes to the temple to ambush them, then she and three other cultists will engage them while they descend the staircase. They will instruct the brass servitor to engage. The other four cultists will engage the acolytes from above. These four waited outside until the acolytes entered the building, they will race inside and attack when Isha gives the signal through her microbead. Behind the doors lies the temple of Khorne, the concrete floors have been stained by blood so deeply that theyve gained a blood red hue. The temple holds two large piles of human skulls. A grate at the center of the room bars access to a sewage pipe. It is a routine Strength test (+20) to lift it. The sewage pipe is the cultists bolthole if things go wrong. If Isha Vent was followed inside by the acolytes, then all eight cultists will be at the temple. If the brass servitor is engaging the acolytes the cultists will join the fighting. If the fight goes badly for them, the remaining cultists will try to flee, using either the grate or the staircase. If the acolytes found the temple after interrogating Isha Vent then only the brass servitor will greet them. The other cultists will not be there. Brass Servitor, Isha Vent, Ishmael Brun, Alison Dein, Stigga Lesart, Lionus Ross, Octia Dassat, Drake Ericsen and Jakes Krupp (see Appendix 2: NPCs).

Investigating the greataxe and the capacitator At the very least the acolytes are aware of the following information after theyve searched Jeesenss workshop: the serial number on the greataxe is 17493-H1 and the capacitator is a Dyna-Tuur Model 7, with serial number 801928-BH-01923. An ordinary Common Lore Imperium (+10) test reveals that Dyna-Tuur is located on Lathe-Hesh. It is a taxing investigation to uncover the following about the capacitator: The Dyna-Tuur Model 7 is one of the most common capacitators used in lasguns. The Dyna-Tuur plant on Lathe-Hesh produces millions of Model 7 capacitators each standard year. The serial number indicates, however that this particular unit was produced four years ago. It and the other 9999 units of the production batch were shipped to Malfi aboard the August Seas. It is an arduous investigation to uncover the origin of the greataxe: Thirty units were produced on Lathe-Hadd for use on the feudal world of Balecaster by the Ecclesiarchy. Production was completed 5 years ago. Due to an administrative mishap the batch lay in storage for a year before finally being shipped to Balecaster aboard the August Seas. The August Seas A basic investigation reveals the following about the August Seas: A tramp freighter several millen9

nia old it has been kept in good repair by each of its captains. The August Seas left the Lathes four years ago destined for Malfi. Imperial Navy records reveal that the August Seas reached the Malfi system but immediately entered the warp again to a destination unknown. Two years ago, a Cobra class destroyer sighted a ship matching the August Seas signature at 41 Pry, but could not apprehend the ship before it entered the warp. The ships manifest for its last recorded trip indicates that the August Seas was filled to the brim with technological marvels from the Lathes. Ships Roster: Captain: Lupa Togaarden First Mate: Ishmael Bruthe Second Mate: Cortez Kiq Chief Engineer: Metalus Xeta IV Steward: Osina Wren Successful acolytes should at this stage connect the name Metalus Xeta IV with MX4 as discovered on the dataslate recovered at Jeesens Workshop or if they apprehended Isha Vent and interrogated her, they also should recognize the name. Requisitioning a Ride A routine Logic test (+20) indicates that 41 Pry is the most logical starting point for a continued investigation into the whereabouts of the August Seas, its crew, its cargo and Metalus Xeta IV. Transport to

41 Pry is costly and likely well above the acolytes means. At this time, the acolytes should present their case to their Inquisitor and formally requisition transport to 41 Pry. Filling out the Requisition form requires an ordinary Logic test (+10) and a routine Literacy test (+20). If both test are successful then the acolytes need to score three investigation points, if one of the tests is successful then the acolytes need to score four investigation points and if both tests are failed then the acolytes need to score 5 investigation points. Investigation points Providing the following information to their Inquisitor scores investigation point(s).
Information Involvement of the Dark God Khorne Involvement of Xenos (Ork) Identifying the creator of the feudal plate (Tiabold Kessel) Termination or capture of Isha Vent Destruction of the temple of Khorne Identifying Metalus Xeta IV as the creator of the brass servitors and or heretical Las weapon Termination of Richter Determining that the August Seas lies at the root of the current heresy

Travelling to 41 Pry
If the acolytes successfully requisition transport to 41 Pry they receive the following transmission from their Inquisitor: +++ Acolytes, I am impressed by your inquisitive zeal. Ive approved your requisition and have arranged passage aboard the Brash Blue for you to 41 Pry. Understand that my expectations are heightened and failure to locate the August Seas is not acceptable. If you locate the August Seas, and only then, you may open the strongbox that will await you aboard the Brash Blue.

Investigation Points 1 1 1 1 2 2 1 2

The Cosmos cries out for salvation +++ The transmission also indicates where and when the Brash Blue will depart to 41 Pry. The acolytes have plenty of time to get their affairs in order before the ship departs. The Brash Blue Incident

If their application for transport is denied by their Inquisitor, the acolytes may try again one more time before their Inquisitor sends them on another mission.

Please read aloud or paraphrase the following: The passage arranged for you aboard the Brash Blue turns out to be the cheapest

possible. The ships steward takes you to an unused cargo hold and hands you a chem-light and several coarse blankets to make your beds with on the holds cold floor. A locked strongbox, fitted with a DNA scanner, waits for you in the middle of the hold. Three times a day the steward fetches you from your hold and takes you to the galley where you are given hearty meals. It has been two days since the ship entered the warp and youve just returned from the galley when the lights aboard the ship start to flicker and finally die. The ship shudders for a moment and then the sirens start to wail. You notice that the drone of the engines has died just moment before the sirens cease their blaring. There is a moment of utter silence and then the screaming starts. The Brash Blue has exited the warp and is drifting powerless in space, luckily the Grav plates still function. In the short time between the loss of power and the time it took to exit the warp, something entered the ship and possessed crewman Barta. The thing that was crewman Barta is the cause of the screaming, it is tearing a path through the crew and passengers of the Brash Blue in a murderous rampage. In the dark, cramped passageways, it is not hard to identify the Barta thing, it stalks the passageways pounding its burning hands on any human flesh it encounters.

Crewman Barta (see Appendix 2: NPCs). If the acolytes successfully deal with crewman Barta, they are immediately offered better accommodations by a grateful captain. It takes several days for the Brash Blues tech-priests to get the engines up and running again. Any tech-priest may offer his assistance to help restore power; it is a challenging Tech-use (+0) test to contribute to the restoration of power, shortening the work by a day. Clerics can help calm down the crew and passengers, soothing their frayed nerves and leading them in prayer. It is an ordinary common lore Imperial Creed test (+10) to calm the people down and assure them that they have succeeded at passing this test of faith. The rest of the Brash Blues voyage is blissfully uneventful.

41 Pry
Read aloud or paraphrase the following: As the Brash Blue glides towards her destination you can get a good look at the space station orbiting 41 Prys gas giant. It is old and as you come closer to it, you can make out small clouds of vented gas, most likely oxygen. The station is however, very busy, you can spot numerous freighters docked to the station. A challenging common lore Imperium test (+0) test reveals that the space station is an infamous hub of illegal activity. Ghostfire

pollen is available here if you talk to the right persons. It is an ordinary Inquiry test (+10) to learn the following about the August Seas: Standard: four years ago, a ship bearing that name docked for a week at the station. Refuelling and taking on new crewmembers. It then left in quite a hurry. Strange part is that the ship didnt pay for the fuel, it traded tech for it. 1 degree of success: two years ago, it was here again under a different name. As soon as Captain Cortez learned that a Cobra class destroyer had entered the system, he bolted. He must have had a guilty conscience, heheeh. 2 degrees of success: the August Seas has used the following aliases: Grand Oceans, Noble Brines. Three months ago, the Noble Brines docked at the station, it took in fuel and supplies. It is a challenging Inquiry test (+0) to learn that Captain Cortez usually employs the services of Althan Guir, a merchant. Speaking to Althan Guir It is a routine Inquiry test (+20) to learn that Althan Guir is a respected merchant aboard the station. Station authorities are fairly sure he is not a player in the Ghostfire pollen trade. Guir mainly deals in food stuffs, fuel and oxygen.

Guir is in his early thirties, has long brown hair and green eyes. He always seems to wear a polite smile on his face. If asked about his dealings with Captain Cortez he will tell the acolytes that he cannot reveal information about his clients to just anyone, it is bad for business. Arbitrators who identify themselves, a challenging Charm or Intimidate test (+0) can all sway Guir from his position. He will reveal that Captain Cortez buys supplies from him every six months, give or take a few weeks. Oddly enough, Cortez buys more than he would need to just operate his vessel. Waiting The acolytes should realize that they are in a long waiting period. The August Seas is a frequent visitor to the station but uses many aliases. It is up to them to identify the ship when it docks. If they found out about Cortez and his dealings with Guir, they can charm, force or use any other method to ensure that Guir informs them when Cortez arrives.

Elite advance
The extended waiting period aboard the 41 Pry space station does give the acolytes the opportunity to learn something new: Speak Language (Ship Dialect 41 Pry). The cost for this elite advance is 100 xp.


Read aloud or paraphrase the following: Uneventful week after week passes by as the August Seas fails to visit 41 Pry. A knock on the door breaks that routine. A messenger hands you a folded piece of paper. Unfolding the paper reveals an elegant script bearing the following: It has come to my attention that you seek the August Seas, I believe I can help you, for a price. Meet me at Hold B-16a at 13:00. The current time is 11:00. A bribe of 5 throne gelt or a routine Charm test (+20) reveals that the messenger works for the Pry Couriers, the stations messenger service. The messenger picked up this particular message when he started his shift at 08:00. Going to Pry Couriers and succeeding at an ordinary Inquiry test (+10) reveals that this particular message was left at Pry Couriers for delivery a week ago. Who left it and paid for the delivery cannot be recalled by the staff. Hold B-16a Osina Wren, the August Seas former steward, has been alerted to the acolytes presence. She has been left by Captain Cortez as a mole aboard the space station. Osina knows she is hopelessly outnumbered by the acolytes, but she has set up a trap to take them out in one fell swoop. Read aloud or paraphrase the following: Hold B-16a has not been used for quite some time, the layers of dust and several mounts of rubble point that out quite clearly.

A few windows reveal the nearby, in cosmic terms, gas giant. The ceiling sprouts several listless cables, some even reach the floor. An easy Search test (+30) uncovers a battered looking hand vox, firmly planted on a mount of rubble near the windows. At 13:00 exactly, the hand vox squawks to life: hello? Anyone there? a female voice inquires. It is an easy Perception test (+30) to find the hand vox once it comes to life. If nobody is there to answer the call, Osina will call it quits after 10 minutes. Assuming the acolytes answer, Osina next question will be if one of the acolytes (GMs choice of the most conspicuous acolyte) is there as well. This should unnerve the acolytes a little. Osina will ask if this acolyte, if present, could be handed the hand vox. Ive got some information for you, but it will cost you. Your life! the female voice whispers through the hand vox. With that final remark, Osina will detonate the det-cord that has been planted around one of the windows, on the void side where it cannot be detected. The explosion rips out a man sized hole in the holds wall and exposes the acolytes to the vacuum of space. All acolytes present in the hold should make a challenging agility test (+0), if they are successful

they grab one of the cables hanging from the ceiling and are not sucked towards the hole. If they fail they are sucked towards the hole and there they have one more chance to succeed at an ordinary agility test (+10) to grab the holes serrated edge or be sucked into the void. If the acolytes succeed at grabbing the holes edge they are dealt 1d10 rending damage for their trouble, this damage targets the arms. Please consult page 210 of the Dark Heresy core book for further information about vacuums. The space station machine spirits will automatically seal off the compromised section. The acolytes need to exit the hold and shut the holds door and pray to the God-Emperor that there will be enough air for them all. To accomplish that feat the acolytes must succeed at strength tests of varying difficulty. If the whole exercise takes longer than five rounds then all hope is lost for them, air will run out and suffocation is very likely. Please consult the table to determine the difficulty of the test
Present location Hole Cable 1 Cable 2 Hold door Success moves to Cable 1 Cable 2 Hold door Safety of the corridor

Succeeding at a test with two degrees of success or more means that the difficulty of the next test is lowered by one level. Failure by three degrees or more means that the difficulty of the next test is raised by one level. If after 5 rounds the acolytes have not reached the relative safety of the corridor and shut the holds door, then every acolyte should make an easy Intelligence test (+30). Success reveals to the acolyte that for every round that the holds door remains open the amount of air will be reduced according to the following formula: Acolyte cell size x, where x stands for the number of rounds that the door remains open. Development If the acolytes succeeded to close the holds door within 5 rounds they can wait for the rescue party to find them. If the acolytes managed to close the door after 5 rounds then there exists to possibility of suffocation. (Acolyte cell size current number of acolytes in corridor) x = y, where x is the number of rounds that the door remained open after the 5 rounds. As long as y is a positive number or zero the acolytes will not suffocate,
Failure moves to Test

Hole + 1d10 rending Challenging strength damage test (+0) Cable 1 Cable 2 Hold door 14 Ordinary strength test (+10) Challenging strength test (+0) Routine strength test (+20)

if y is a negative then the acolytes will suffocate. Please consult page 210 of the Dark Heresy core book for further information about suffocation. The hunt for Osina Wren If the acolytes manage to survive the ambush it is a basic investigation (+20) to determine that Osina Wren is the culprit. If this investigation takes longer than 6 hours then Osina Wren will have fled the space station. If not, then the acolytes can try to take down Osina Wren while she is boarding a freighter headed towards Scintilla. Osina Wren will recognize the acolytes on sight so a disguise might be in order to apprehend her. Osina Wren (see Appendix 2: NPCs). Osina Wren is desperate, so she will try everything in her power, like taking hostages, to escape the Inquisition. If the acolytes manage to arrest her, an interrogation can reveal the following: Metalus Xeta organized a mutiny aboard the August Seas four years ago. Metalus Xeta granted Cortez Kiq the captaincy, while he kept the cargo of tech. Metalus Xeta now engages in various tech-heresies like invention, he also keeps a pet ork and builds custom weaponry for any who will

meet his price. Captain Cortez does all of Metaluss shipping. Metalus Xeta has a research facility on the dead world of Threnos. The arrival of the Exalted Gulfs Two months after the incident in hold B-16a a freighter bearing the name Exalted Gulfs will dock with the space station. It is a challenging Logic test (+0) to determine that the Exalted Gulfs is a synonym of August Seas, just like Grand Oceans and Noble Brines. Or if the acolytes have met Guir he will point out the Exalted Gulfs to them after Captain Cortez visits him. This is the time to open the strongbox. The strongboxs DNA scanner will recognize and provide access to the acolytes. If an unauthorized person tries the DNA scanner, the strongbox will explode dealing 5d10 explosive damage to anyone within 5 meters and destroying the strongboxs content. The strongbox contains a dataslate with instruction, a cognomen and a silver medallion with a stylised I for every acolyte. The dataslate offers the following instructions: +++ Acolytes, Congratulations are in order when

you read this. You have located the August Seas. The cognomen you found in the strongbox will identify the bearer as Captain Krein of the Imperial Guard. Use the cognomen as you see fit to seize the August Seas for the Inquisition. The medallions are there to give you added respectability. Please be aware that once opened the strongbox records and transmits the time of opening. There will be repercussions if the time of opening and capture of the August Seas do not match. Information is Power +++ The acolytes should decide amongst themselves who will assume the role of Captain Krein, please note that Tech-priests will have a very hard time posing as a captain of the Imperial Guard. The acolytes, if they use the Captain Krein credentials, can easily enlist the help of thirty station enforcers to help them seize the August Seas. They can request more personnel if they succeed at a challenging Command test. If successful they get another fifteen men and for every two degrees of success another fifteen. To seize the August Seas the acolytes first need to gain access to the freighter and if successful then take control of bridge. What if the acolytes do not identi16

fy the August Seas? If the acolytes do not identify the August Seas, Captain Cortez will learn about the disappearance or death of Osina Wren and he will know that he is at risk. The August Seas will move out as soon as possible and will not return to 41 Pry for at least a year. The adventure is essentially over for the acolytes if this occurs as that eventuality is beyond its scope. Storming the August Seas The acolytes and their back-up first need to storm the freighter along the boarding ramp, which connects the freighter with the space station. Two pirates are on guard to prevent access to the freighter, if they see a large armed group approaching they will draw their conclusion and engage the acolytes and any enforcer they can see. The boarding ramp is only 4 meters wide and about 30 meters long. It offers little in the way of cover. Two pirates (see appendix 2: NPCs) Development After five combat rounds another pirate armed with a Seq-Las (see appendix 1: new weapons) will join the fight, taking aimed shots at anyone he can see. Once the acolytes have gained access to the freighter, they should split up their forces to gain control of the bridge and the engines.

If after five minutes of fighting the acolytes still have not gained access to the August Seas it will start it engines and flee the station, even if it needs to tear free from the docking clamps and boarding ramp. Read aloud or paraphrase the following if that happens: The August Seas thrusters flare brilliantly to life. At first, nothing happens but then the ominous screech of straining metal fills the boarding ramp and the floor shudders under the strain. The acolytes have ten rounds to either gain access to the ship or flee back to the safety of the station. After that time the August Seas breaks free, tearing the boarding ramp off the space station. Anyone still on the boarding ramp will be exposed to a vacuum. The August Seas freedom is short-lived however, as the station defence turrets will target the August Seas engines, leaving her powerless in the void. The acolytes can board a shuttle to fly to the helpless ship or if they managed to get aboard, they still need to take control of the bridge. Taking control of the bridge Read aloud or paraphrase the following: The screams of the dying and the wounded resonate throughout the freighter along with the intermittent discharging of weapons. Your group has been

hit as well as it carved a path towards the bridge, few of the station enforcers you took to board the freighter remain combat ready. A sign ahead informs you that the bridge is further ahead. Enforcer Jackson peers around the corner and then his head just melts away as it is hit by one of those heretical las weapons all the pirates seem to carry. Captain Cortez, Metalus Xeta the heretek and five pirates are making their stand at the bridge. The acolytes need to kill or incapacitate them all, the acolytes do receive the assistance of three station enforcers. The bridge is a large room, roughly 10 by 12 meters long. It is riddled with machinery and workstations that are needed to operate and guide the ship. The pirates control the only door to the bridge and have taken up defensive positions. Captain Cortez, Metalus Xeta, 5 pirates and 3 enforcers (see appendix 2: NPCs)

With the heretics defeated, the acolytes have won a great victory. The August Seas logs and the interrogation of any surviving heretic point to the location of Metalus Xetas research facility on the dead world of Threnos. There, an Ork is found who tinkers with tech given to him by Metalus Xeta. For the heresy of consorting with Xenos and various acts of tech-heresy, any surviving pirate is given over to the Adeptus Mechanicus for ap-

propriate punishment. Metalus Xeta kept a detailed record of contacts and transactions and the acolytes Inquisitor could ask the acolytes to look into the actions and wherabouts of one Isha Vent if the acolytes have not yet uncovered the Khorne Cult. The acolytes Inquisitor will request back the Captain Krein cognomen but the acolytes may keep their medallions. Award the acolytes 800xp each for successfully completing this investigation. Future Investigations If the Khorne cult has not yet been uncovered, or all of its members have not yet been terminated then this could be the acolytes next assignment. The origin of the pet Ork that Metalus Xeta kept could also be investigated further. The identification and punishment of the various hereteks that dealt with Metalus Xeta is another avenue of future investigation.


Appendix 1: New Weapons

Las Weapons
Name Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special Wt Cost Availability





1d10+2 E



Recharge, Unreliable







2d10+4 E



Overheats, Recharge, Tearing, Unreliable



Rev-Cap: The Rev-Cap is a solution to the lasguns inability to provide a full auto burst. Fusing the venerable stub-revolver and lasgun designs together in a heretical hybrid, the Rev-Cap features a cylinder holding eight laspistol capacitators which cycle towards a point in the weapon where the stored power can be siphoned off. After discharging all capacitators in such a manner the Rev-Cap requires a few moments to recharge them all again for use in the next cycle. Seq-Las: A heretical marvel, the Seq-Las features four capacitators that are drained sequentially resulting in an incredibly powerful laserbeam which is able to punch through the toughest armor. All that extra power does make the weapon prone to overheating.


Appendix 2: NPCs
Richter WS BS S T 35 35 38 41 Ag 27 Int Per WP Fel 25 25 37 31

Movement 2/4/6/12 Wounds: 12 Skills: Awareness (Per), Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int) Talents: Melee Weapon Training (primitive), Basic Weapon Training (LAS, SP), Pistol Weapon Training (LAS, SP) Armour: Guard Flak Armour 4 Weapons: Knife (1d5+3 R; +0 PE ; primitive), Rev-Cap (30m; -/-/8; 1d10+2 E; Pen 0; Clip 40; Reload 2 Full; Recharge, Unreliable) autopistol (30m; S/-/6; 1d10+2 I; Pen 0; Clip 18; Reload full) Gear: empty bottle of amasec, frag grenade, 2 autopistol clips, poor quality clothing. Description: Since leaving the Guard Richter has become despondent and a mean drunk. His hair is starting to gray at the edges and his eyes are bleary.

Isha Vent WS BS S T 37 39 32 37

Ag 41

Int Per WP Fel 35 35 37 31

Movement 4/8/12/24 Wounds: 11 Skills: Awareness (Per), Dodge (Ag), Inquiry (Fel), Interrogation (WP), Intimidate (S), Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int) Talents: Ambidextrous, Melee Weapon Training (primitive), Basic Weapon Training (LAS, SP), Pistol Weapon Training (LAS, SP) Armour: Mesh vest (body 4) and leather outfit (Arms 1, Body 1, Legs 1 primitive) Weapons: Knife (1d5+3 R; +0 PE ; primitive), two autopistols (30m; S/-/6; 1d10+2 I; Pen 0; Clip 18; Reload full) Gear: 4 autopistol clips, good quality clothing, micro-bead Description: Isha Vent is an attractive woman in her late twenties. She has short black hair. Her grey eyes are void of emotion, except when Isha kills, then they gleam with excitement. Tactics: Isha Vent uses two autopistols to defend herself, one in each hand. Brass Servitor WS BS S T 45 15 40 40

Ag 20

Int Per WP Fel 15 25 30 3

Movement 2/4/6/12 Wounds: 12 Skills: Awareness (Per) Talents: Melee Weapon Training (primitive)

Traits: Dark Sight, Machine 1 Armour: Brass Plate 4 (primitive) Weapons: Mono Greataxe 2d10+4 R; +2 PE ; unwieldy Gear: internal micro-bead Description: Dressed in brass feudal plate, with eight interconnected eights stamped on its breast, this servitor appears as a knight hailing from an age long past. Its axe however, hails from the current age. Khorne Cultists Ishmael Brun, Alison Dein, Stigga Lesart, Lionus Ross, Octia Dassat, Drake Ericsen and Jakes Krupp Use the enforcer statistics as found on page 339 of the Dark Heresy Core Book with the following modifications Ishmael Brun Weapons: Sword (1d10+3 R; Balanced, Primitive), Las Carbine (60m; S/2/-; 1d10+2 E; Pen 0; Clip 40; Reload full; Reliable) Gear: PDF uniform, micro-bead Description: Ishmael Brun is an aging PDF sergeant with far to many facial scarring to be called anything else but ugly. Alison Dein No modifications Description: A small woman of 19 years Alison loves to inflict pain with her club. Stigga Lesart Weapons: Club (1d10+3 I; Primitive), Pump-action Shotgun (30m; S/-/-; 1d10+4 I; Pen 0; Clip 8; Reload 2Full; Scatter) Gear: street clothes, 24 shotgun shells, micro-bead Description: Stigga likes to toy with her prey, inflicting pain instead of killing opponents just to prolong their suffering. Lionus Ross No Modifications Description: on-descript is what makes Lionus such a successful assassin. Octia Dassat Weapons: Club (1d10+3 I; Primitive), Shotgun (30m; S/-/-; 1d10+4 I; Pen 0; Clip 2; Reload 2Full; Scatter, Reliable).

Gear: uniform, 20 shotgun shells, micro-bead Description: A tall woman in her fifties, Octia is used to being obeyed which is noticeable in her bearing. Drake Ericsen Weapons: Knife (1d5+3 R; Primitive) Custom Autopistol (40m; S/-/6; 1d10+2 I; Pen 0; Clip 30; Reload Full) Gear: Combat clothing, 5 autopistol clips, micro-bead. Description: Lean and tall, Drake keeps himself in peak fighting condition. A human predator. Jakes Krupp Gear: leather clothing, micro-bead, Description: Has a large facial tattoo which obscures most of his face. Crewman Barta WS BS S T 31 32 45 44

Ag 31

Int Per WP Fel 50 50 50 20

Movement 3/6/9/12 Wounds: 17 Skills: Awareness (Per), Dodge (Ag), Intimidate (S), Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int) Talents:Melee Weapon Training (primitive), Psy rating 2 Weapons: Burning Fist (1d10+4 E) Gear: uniform Psychic powers (Psy Rating 2): Burning Fist Description: The thing that was crewman Barta wears an orange uniform and bears a wide smile while it pounds its burning fists on the flesh of men. Osina Wren WS BS S T 31 33 32 32

Ag 37

Int Per WP Fel 35 35 37 41

Movement 3/6/9/12 Wounds: 10 Skills: Awareness (Per), Dodge (Ag), Inquiry (Fel), Interrogation (WP), Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int), Trade (valet) (Fel) Talents:Melee Weapon Training (primitive), Pistol Weapon Training (LAS, SP) Armour: Light Flak Coat (Arms 2, Body 2, Legs 2) Weapons: Mono Knife (1d5+3 R; +2 PE ), Laspistol (30m; S/-/-; 1d10+2 E; Pen 0; Clip 30; Reload full, Reliable) Gear: good quality clothing, hand vox Description: A lithe woman with dark brown eyes and long black hair. Osina always dresses in the latest fashions.


Pirate WS BS S T 31 31 32 32

Ag 31

Int Per WP Fel 29 31 30 31

Movement 3/6/9/12 Wounds: 10 Skills: Awareness (Per), Intimidate (S), Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int) Talents:Melee Weapon Training (primitive), Basic Weapon Training (LAS, SP), Pistol Weapon Training (LAS, SP) Armour: Light Flak Coat (Arms 2, Body 2, Legs 2) Weapons: Knife (1d5+3 R; +0 PE ; primitive), Rev-Cap (30m; -/-/8; 1d10+2 E; Pen 0; Clip 40; Reload 2 Full; Recharge, Unreliable) OR Seq-Las (60m; S/-/; 2d10+4 E; Pen 2; Clip 15; Reload Full; Overheats, Recharge, Tearing, Unreliable) A D autopistol (30m; S//6; 1d10+2 I; Pen 0; Clip 18; Reload full) Gear: autopistol clip, poor quality clothing 41 Pry Enforcers Use the enforcer statistics as found on page 339 of the Dark Heresy Core Book. Captain Cortez WS BS S T 42 39 34 37

Ag 42

Int Per WP Fel 35 35 37 39

Movement 4/8/12/24 Wounds: 12 Skills: Awareness (Per), Dodge (Ag), Inquiry (Fel), Interrogation (WP), Intimidate (S), Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int) Talents: Ambidextrous, Melee Weapon Training (primitive), Basic Weapon Training (LAS, SP), Pistol Weapon Training (LAS, SP) Armour: Mesh vest and Light Flak Coat (Arms 2, Body 4, Legs 2) Weapons: Mono Sword (1d10+3 R; +2 PE ), autopistol (30m; S/-/6; 1d10+2 I; Pen 0; Clip 18; Reload full) Gear: 2 autopistol clips, good quality clothing, micro-bead Description: Tall and handsome, Cortez truly loves to play the part of the daring pirate and his dress matches this. Metalus Xeta IV WS BS S T 28 29 34 32

Ag 28

Int Per WP Fel 45 35 47 29

Movement 2/4/6/8 Wounds: 12 Skills: Awareness (Per), Chem-Use (Int), Common Lore (Machine Cult, Tech, Imperium) (Int), Forbidden Lore (Archeotech, Xenos) (Int), Logic (Int), Scholastic Lore ( umberology) (Int), Secret Tongue (Tech) (Int), Speak Language (Low Gothic, Ship-Dialect) (Int), TechUse (Int) +10 Talents:Melee Weapon Training (primitive), Basic Weapon Training (LAS, SP), Pistol Weapon Training (LAS, SP) and many more. Traits: Mechanicus Implants

Armour: Carapace chest plate (Body 6) Weapons: Custom Seq-Las (60m; S/-/; 2d10+4 E; Pen 2; Clip 15; Reload Full; Overheats, Recharge, Tearing), hand cannon (35m; S/-/-; 1d10+4 I; Pen 2; Clip 5; Reload 2full) Gear: 2 charge packs, 1 clip for hand cannon, black robes