Fan chat with Author J.A.

Thursday, January 10, 2012
9:00 PM – 10:00 PM EST

Lovermichelle: Yea, our special guest has arrived! Welcome Jessica! Any problems getting into the chat?
jessicaredersmki: Thanks! No, it let me right in. :-)
lovermichelle: Yea, well, welcome. As I said, we'll have people trickle in throughout the chat. There is no
special format.
jessicaredersmki: Yeah that's good. I just tweeted it, too.
lovermichelle: We just wanted to open up this venue to allow your fans to chat with you and ask
jessicaredersmki: I'll try to answer everything but I hope spoilers are avoided! :-)
lovermichelle: Yes, absolutely. No spoilers for those fans who are still reading or haven't read yet. Are
you surprised at how well The Edge of Never has been received?
jessicaredersmki: Very! I thought it might do OK, but I never imagined the scale of success it has drawn.
lovermichelle: How did you come up with the story? I read that you sat down and wrote for 6 straight
yesi_cavazos: Hi! What was the inspiration behind Andrew and Camryn's story?
jessicaredersmki: To answer both of you…Yes, I wrote furiously for 6 weeks, neglecting daily life pretty
much. Though I swear I showered. And it was basically inspired by my own lifelong dream to drop
everything to travel the world.
tarynplendl: Are you currently writing
jessicaredersmki: Yes, I'm actually working on two novels. But they are a secret. :-)
lisa_calabrese: When you are writing do you know how the story will end up? Or does it happen as you
are writing?
jessicaredersmki: The ending I usually always know in advance, but everything else just kind of unfolds
as I write. I think it's more exciting that way not knowing what's around the corner.
tarynplendl: You tease! :) Can' wait! I LOVED The Edge of Never!
jessicaredersmki: Thank you taryn!
lisa_calabrese: Thanks! It certainly sounds that way! I loved TEON!
jessicaredersmki: Thanks Lisa!
yesi_cavazos: I loved everything about The Edge of Never...from beginning to end but one of the things
jessicaredersmki: What didn't you like? lol I can take it :-)
yesi_cavazos: that really stood out was the music. Is that the type of music you like/listen too or was it
just for the book? I LOVED IT!!! There was nothing I didn't like, honestly.
jessicaredersmki: Yesi: yes I do listen to the music featured in the book and I love The Civil Wars :-)
seyxii: I cried a lot while reading the book. I mean A LOT.
yesi_cavazos: I think cried is putting it mildly! ;)
jessicaredersmki: Seyxii: if you cried then I did my job! :-)
tarynplendl: Was this your first book?
jessicaredersmki: Taryn: No this was my 4th published. I mean my 5
tarynplendl: Where have I been? I better get to reading the rest of them!
jessicaredersmki: I admit my Darkwoods Trilogy isn't as good as TEoN, so please don't be too
hoang_betular: Did you start of wanting to write both POV's or did you decide to switch it up as you were
jessicaredersmki: hoang: It started out with just Camryn, but when Andrew stepped on that bus I knew
it had to be dual POV's.
hoang_betular: yes, I admit it was a great surprise when it switched.
yesi_cavazos: I enjoyed the dual POV. It made me fall in love with both of them.
jessicaredersmki: Thank you Yesi :-)
seyxii: you pretty did a pretty good job, the impact of the story to me is just unexplainable!
jessicaredersmki: Thanks Seyxii!
lovermichelle: How close is your personality to Camryn's personality?
jessicaredersmki: Michelle: I have to say very close. She sort of is me, just a younger and better version.
lovermichelle: I doubt better! Maybe younger but...that means you are wiser.
jessicaredersmki: lol, older and wiser
tarynplendl: I loved the dual POV also.
jessicaredersmki: I think both POV's just gave the story more depth. At least that's what I was shooting
tarynplendl: No doubt!
hoang_betular: =)
yesi_cavazos: It absolutely did! Most books are in the female POV so when the male POV is in there it just
makes the book that much better IMO!
jessicaredersmki: I think a lot of readers are looking for more male POV books.
christine_cuffssalvatore: I agree Yesi
yesi_cavazos: Especially when said male is Andrew Parrish! <3
seyxii: is there any chance that the book will be made into movie? coz I would to see it.
lovermichelle: Agreed! It would be the perfect movie!
hoang_betular: LOL! I agree Yesi!!
yesi_cavazos: Yes!
jessicaredersmki: That would be awesome, but something I have no control over. If they ask, I will say
lovermichelle: Nicholas Sparks cannot even compete with TEoN.
yesi_cavazos: Totally agree Michelle!
jessicaredersmki: Wow, thanks Michelle! :-)
yesi_cavazos: Do you picture anyone specific for Camryn and Andrew if it were ever turned into a movie?
tarynplendl: Got to put the babes to bed so I can stay up reading! :) Thanks Jessica, you have a fan!
jessicaredersmki: Sparks is great though. I just like to write dirtier, for lack of a better word.
hoang_betular: LOL
lovermichelle: Taryn thanks for joining us. We'll post the transcript later tonight for you to read!
christine_cuffssalvatore: I like dirtier!!!
jessicaredersmki: And I don't mean just sex. I can't stop myself from saying the word 'fuck'. sorry!
tarynplendl: Great!
yesi_cavazos: lol
christine_cuffssalvatore: I say it all the time Jessica
jessicaredersmki: lol Christine
lovermichelle: :)
yesi_cavazos: :)
christine_cuffssalvatore: It just gets your point across faster!!!
jessicaredersmki: I just think that omitting cursing and sex in books makes a story less real.
lisa_calabrese: I agree
yesi_cavazos: Me too!
patti_shaughnessy: I love the cursing! I am a huge curser so I can totally relate
hoang_betular: so true
lovermichelle: Well, especially with the age of the two main characters.
christine_cuffssalvatore: yep!!
lovermichelle: OMG, Patti, you are too much.
lisa_calabrese: so am I LOL
jessicaredersmki: Yeah definitely
christine_cuffssalvatore: haha Patti!!!
jessicaredersmki: lol @ Patti
jessicaredersmki: sailor mouth on a daily basis?
patti_shaughnessy: fuck yea ;-)
jessicaredersmki: lmao!
christine_cuffssalvatore: lmao
yesi_cavazos: haha!
lisa_calabrese: lol
lovermichelle: Have you been approached from a publisher regarding rights to TEoN?
jessicaredersmki: Michelle: Actually yes. Announcements will be made soon. :-)
christine_cuffssalvatore: exciting!!!
lisa_calabrese: That’s great!
yesi_cavazos: ;) YAY!
jessicaredersmki: Yes, very exciting!
hoang_betular: =D
lovermichelle: It's very exciting for you because more people need to read this story!
jessicaredersmki: I can go ahead and say that TEoN will be published in Brazil and the UK among
SEVERAL other countries soon.
yesi_cavazos: Any chance that Andrew and Camryn's story continues?
patti_shaughnessy: Is there a plan/thought for a part two?
patti_shaughnessy: Great minds yesi!
yesi_cavazos: Yes! I have told everyone and their mother about it!
yesi_cavazos: You know it Patti! :)
jessicaredersmki: Yesi: it's a possibility! But I can't say for sure yet.
yesi_cavazos: Hope is all I ask for. :)
lisa_calabrese: I am getting palpitations already!
christine_cuffssalvatore: Me too and I didn't even finish yet!!
lovermichelle: But that was not your intention originally, for a follow up. Correct?
yesi_cavazos: Well you better get to it right after this Christine!
christine_cuffssalvatore: My nook is right next to me Yesi :)
yesi_cavazos: ;)

jessicaredersmki: When I first started writing it, I DID intend to write a sequel, but when I saw how well
it was doing and how much readers loved Cam and Andrew I got scared to write a sequel because I was
afraid to screw it up.
hoang_betular: OMG the "..." is killing me!
jessicaredersmki: lisa_calabrese: Yes but only if we could continue loving Cam and ANDREW!
lisa_calabrese: LOL
jessicaredersmki: lol
yesi_cavazos: No don't get scared! We would LOVE IT!!!!
patti_shaughnessy: We C&A basd on anyone you know? Or just completly ficticious?
jessicaredersmki: People say that and I believe you, but it still makes me nervous!
lovermichelle: But I understand what you are saying. Basically the same thing Samantha Young said with
regards to a follow up to On Dublin Street. You don't want to bring drama into their life.
hoang_betular: we would love it, cause we're so in love with Cam & Andrew already!
yesi_cavazos: Totally understand.
jessicaredersmki: I also thought about doing a prequel in Andrew's POV before he met Cam. But only
lovermichelle: Wow, that would be really, really good!
yesi_cavazos: Ooooooo I like that!!! Why not both??? ;)
jessicaredersmki: Well that's just it, can't avoid drama really...not fully anyway. Otherwise
it will just turn out to be a boring progression.
lisa_calabrese: Exactly what I'm afraid of UGH!
lovermichelle: Do you have a man in your life to help with Andrew's POV?
yesi_cavazos: Drama is fine as long as there is no cheating and they get their HEA!
lisa_calabrese: AGREED YESI!
jessicaredersmki: No, Andrew was all in my head, though I'm not sure what that says about me! :-|
lovermichelle: BTW, if your question doesn't get answered, ask it again.....
yesi_cavazos: ;)
jessicaredersmki: Yes, if I miss anyone's question, please ask again.
hoang_betular: lol, i agree yesi!
jessicaredersmki: It's hard for me to keep up. Lisa: What are you afraid of?
lisa_calabrese: THE DRAMA or should I say MORE DRAMA
yesi_cavazos:'s fine but NO cheating and a HEA. :)
lisa_calabrese: yes agreed and no dying!
lovermichelle: What inspired Andrew's tat?
jessicaredersmki: I used to want a tatto that fit with the 'love of my life's' tattoo in the same way. But I
researched the Orpheus and Eurydice story specifically for TEoN
jessicaredersmki: lovermichelle: OMG, that is so presh!
yesi_cavazos: I loved the tattoo and love how it all came together.
lisa_calabrese: Yes I loved the tattoo as well
jessicaredersmki: No cheating how?? lol
yesi_cavazos: Yes Lisa, NO dying!
patti_shaughnessy: I don't think HEA is always necessary though. Id rather it be realistic than cheesy! lol
jessicaredersmki: You all need to tell me these things! :-)
lisa_calabrese: Not for this story Patti please.
lovermichelle: Yea Patti! :)
yesi_cavazos: No cheating on each other with other people.
jessicaredersmki: Ohh! No way, I wouldn’t do that. That would defeat the true love message of the book.
yesi_cavazos: Okay...see that just made me smile.
jessicaredersmki: :-)
yesi_cavazos: Thank you! :)
jessicaredersmki: You're welcome :-)
yesi_cavazos: ;)
lovermichelle: Now that the book is written, do you miss spending time with Camryn and Andrew?
jessicaredersmki: Michelle: I do, but at the same time I would love to get acquainted with new characters
and a new love story.
lisa_calabrese: That sounds exciting!
yesi_cavazos: Yes it does!
yesi_cavazos: Have you visited the places Andrew and Cam went to? I felt like I was right there with
jessicaredersmki: Yesi: Actually, no. Google maps and the internet helped tremendously with details.
yesi_cavazos: Cool!
jessicaredersmki: But I do intend to visit New Orleans soon.
yesi_cavazos: I loved them in New Orleans....
jessicaredersmki: And of course, Old Point Bar.
lisa_calabrese: I hope you sing when you go there!
yesi_cavazos: ;)
christine_cuffssalvatore: will you sing??
jessicaredersmki: Hahaha! Yeah, that will not happen, I can assure you. -P
patti_shaughnessy: Oh speaking of singing - I LOVED the "soundtrack" to the book!
jessicaredersmki: Thanks Patti! Yes, I especially love The Civil Wars.
yesi_cavazos: lol
lisa_calabrese: LOL
yesi_cavazos: me too Patti
lisa_calabrese: me too!
yesi_cavazos: Do you have a youtube channel set up with the music from the book?
jessicaredersmki: No, but here is the playlist linked to all the songs on YouTube:
lisa_calabrese: thats great!
yesi_cavazos: Thank you!
jessicaredersmki: Very welcome!
lovermichelle: I absolutely loved the cover of the book!
lisa_calabrese: yes
yesi_cavazos: me too!
hoang_betular: yes, it's such a perfect cover!
jessicaredersmki: Thanks! I used a beautiful stock photo and did the text myself. Simple style. :-)
yesi_cavazos: It's beautiful. Great job!
lovermichelle: Simply stunning and memorable.
patti_shaughnessy: haunting and beautiful!
yesi_cavazos: What was your favorite scene/part to write in TEoN?
jessicaredersmki: yesi: “Say whatever it is that you feel! I don’t care how dangerous or stupid or hurtful
christine_cuffssalvatore: love that too!!!
lisa_calabrese: THE BEST PART!
yesi_cavazos: Love it!!!
christine_cuffssalvatore: I felt all his passion in those words!!!
jessicaredersmki: That's my favorite scene.
patti_shaughnessy: yes! he is
yesi_cavazos: Everything that came out of Andrew's mouth made my heart beat just a little faster...
jessicaredersmki: I was emotional myself when I wrote it! lol
yesi_cavazos: LOVE HIM!!!
christine_cuffssalvatore: melting!!!
jessicaredersmki: :-D
lisa_calabrese: yes!
yesi_cavazos: I was like O.M.G during that scene! WOW!
jessicaredersmki: I'm glad it turned out like it did. I wanted that particular scene to be just right.
hoang_betular: I loved loved, loved the dedication, it's one of my all-time favorite dedications, did you
write that before or after you fisnhed writing TEoN?
yesi_cavazos: It was perfect.
jessicaredersmki: Thank you, Hoang. :-)
yesi_cavazos: I did too Hoang!
jessicaredersmki: and yesi!
yesi_cavazos: :)
christine_cuffssalvatore: OK so was Natalie written after anyone??
jessicaredersmki: Christine: Actually, yes and no. Her personality was completely made up...or just one
of my split personalities, but what she did was based off an ex best friend. I had something similar
happen to me a long time ago and never forgot it.
yesi_cavazos: Interesting....
christine_cuffssalvatore: I have a crazy girlfriend like her thats why I asked. Thanks :)
jessicaredersmki: Just the part where she chooes Damon over Cam.
jessicaredersmki: lol @ Christine
yesi_cavazos: That made me sad :(
patti_shaughnessy: yes me too jess in that regards. picking the d-bag boyfriend over the good friend.
christine_cuffssalvatore: Happened to me too :(
jessicaredersmki: patti: yeah, it happens to a lot of us!
patti_shaughnessy: which seemed more realistic and helped shape the characters & story
christine_cuffssalvatore: wait LOVE my d-bags!!!
yesi_cavazos: I agree
jessicaredersmki: LOL
lovermichelle: Yes, you are right Patti. Very realistic.
lisa_calabrese: LOL
patti_shaughnessy: hahahahaha i wrote that Cuffs and thought woops, not those dbags lol
jessicaredersmki: Thank you, Patti lol
christine_cuffssalvatore: haha Patti!!
lovermichelle: “I could die in this bed with him right now, wrapped in his arms and I would never know
that I had died. Fav quote!
jessicaredersmki: *blush*
yesi_cavazos: LOVE
christine_cuffssalvatore: good one Miche;;e
lisa_calabrese: <3
patti_shaughnessy: Do you read a lot of the YA or romance/erotic books? if so do you have a fav now?
jessicaredersmki: I used to read a lot of YA, but they were too 'innocent' for my tastes. That's why I got
into New Adult. My Darkwoods Trilogy is considered YA
lovermichelle: "innocent is usually boring.” Just sayin.
yesi_cavazos: I loved when he talked about "owning" for the first gave me goosebumps and from
then on I knew Andrew was even more awesome than we were led to believe ;)
christine_cuffssalvatore: Yesi he can OWN me ;)
lisa_calabrese: anytime!
jessicaredersmki: I guess my favorite YA would have to be The Forest of Hands and Teeth
yesi_cavazos: That is exactly what I said on my Goodreads progress! LOL!
jessicaredersmki: lol Christine
yesi_cavazos: Anytime, anywhere!!!
lovermichelle: Always keeps it exciting that's for sure.
yesi_cavazos: yes, please
jessicaredersmki: I didn't realize people could do that to a chat I haven't been in one since my role-
playing days on MSN.
yesi_cavazos: What???
alyssaxchen14: role-playing days? haha do tell
lovermichelle: Yes, what roles did you play?
jessicaredersmki: Oh, LOL.
yesi_cavazos: lol
jessicaredersmki: No, I used to do freeform fantasy role-playing online, lol.
yesi_cavazos: Can't leave us hanging now....
lovermichelle: OmG! No you did not!
christine_cuffssalvatore: what is that??
jessicaredersmki: Yes I did! lol
lovermichelle: Christine, you know! Were you ever a man?
jessicaredersmki: Wait are you thinking something weird or perverted?
lisa_calabrese: LOL
jessicaredersmki: lmao
yesi_cavazos: lol
christine_cuffssalvatore: OHHH now I know. LOL
alyssaxchen14: lol
lisa_calabrese: LMAO!!!!
jessicaredersmki: It was just live creating stories and interacting with other players. Definitely nothing
freaky, lol.
lovermichelle: Okay, so it wasn't like a 1-800 number?
lisa_calabrese: lol
lovermichelle: Okay, that's what I was thinking! :)
yesi_cavazos: LOL!
jessicaredersmki: Oh Hell no! LMAO Completely innocent, I swear. :-)
patti_shaughnessy: Like a world of warcraft type of thing?
jessicaredersmki: Yes, but not exactly.
lisa_calabrese: ;-)
jessicaredersmki: I've actually seen people doing it on Goodreads.
lovermichelle: Seriously, I have tears rolling down my face right now.
jessicaredersmki: LOL Why?
lovermichelle: Because I thought you meant you were one of those role players, kinky ones!
yesi_cavazos: haha
jessicaredersmki: HAHA! Yeah, no way! That's so funny!
hoang_betular: hahaha
jessicaredersmki: I don't think my voice is sexy enough on the phone. I can't even stand listening to my
voice on a voice mail!
lovermichelle: Okay, anyhow...what were you like as a teenager?
jessicaredersmki: I was a wild teenager. A rebel, I guess.
yesi_cavazos: Back to TEoN.... I am from Texas and lived in the Houston area for a long time...Why
Galveston? Just wondering....
jessicaredersmki: Yesi: I just kind of picked it off the map. It had to be far south, so Texas was a good,
plus, a friend of mine went to Galveston every year for vacation, so it was kind of stuck in my head.
yesi_cavazos: Okay....thanks for answering that. It's just Galveston is not that pretty and I wondered why
it was!
jessicaredersmki: Yeah, but Andrew doesn't care about that. ;-)
yesi_cavazos: Maybe because I am from there... :)I know, because HE ROCKS!!!
jessicaredersmki: :-D
yesi_cavazos: :)
lovermichelle: So how long do we have to "patiently wait" until you can announce your new projects?
yesi_cavazos: Good question...
jessicaredersmki: Not too long. Be watching for some news soon. :-)
yesi_cavazos: great!
jessicaredersmki: I'm typo Queen so don't feel bad.
yesi_cavazos: thanks
jessicaredersmki: Does anyone want to know about a scene I deleted?
yesi_cavazos: YES!!!!!
patti_shaughnessy: YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!
lovermichelle: We've got about 10 minutes left.
lisa_calabrese: OMG!
jessicaredersmki: OK....
lovermichelle: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
christine_cuffssalvatore: yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lovermichelle: PINS AND NEEDLES....
jessicaredersmki: While on the road, Cam and Andrew were going to be stuck in a traffic jam on the
patti_shaughnessy: i love it already ;-)
yesi_cavazos: me too
jessicaredersmki: and to pass the time, Camryn was going to hear When the Doves Cry by Prince on the
christine_cuffssalvatore: I think I like where this is going!!!
hoang_betular: =D
jessicaredersmki: tell Andrew to turn it up really loud and she was going to start dancng on the street.
yesi_cavazos: i love it!
jessicaredersmki: Other people were going to turn to the same station...
christine_cuffssalvatore: love it
lisa_calabrese: love it!
jessicaredersmki: and some funky girls were going to dance too. I loved the idea but ultimately thought
it would be too cheesy, LOL
yesi_cavazos: That is awesome!!! I would have loved that in the book!
lovermichelle: I agree!
lisa_calabrese: me too!
jessicaredersmki: LOL thanks!
hoang_betular: awee, it seems like something they would have done for sure
patti_shaughnessy: agree but it's pretty damn funny though lol
yesi_cavazos: yep!
christine_cuffssalvatore: great :)
jessicaredersmki: Yeah, I still kind of kick myself for not adding it, but nothing I can do now.
lisa_calabrese: but we know about it now!
yesi_cavazos: Well you can always treat us, your fans to a deleted scene during your book tour...
patti_shaughnessy: it's not like the story was lacking anything so it wouldve just been an added bonus.
jessicaredersmki: Yeah :-D And I feel a little relieved that it got out there in some way.
christine_cuffssalvatore: good idea Yesi!!!
yesi_cavazos: I am so happy you shared that with us...thanks!
patti_shaughnessy: yes, thank you!
lovermichelle: Absolutely.
hoang_betular: i've always wondered how authors come up with a character's name, how did you pick
christine_cuffssalvatore: thank you
hoang_betular: cam and andrew's?
lovermichelle: I can just picture the whole thing in my head.
jessicaredersmki: Well, the book tour stops have been pre-planned.
yesi_cavazos: Without giving anything away, is the ending what you always planned it to be?
jessicaredersmki: I'm actually very picky when it comes to names....I hit the baby name databases and it
took me days to pick.
lisa_calabrese: Love the names!
jessicaredersmki: Yes, I planned that ending far in advance, though some people hate it, lol.
yesi_cavazos: Love them too!
jessicaredersmki: But thats what I felt in my heart to do and so I did it.
christine_cuffssalvatore: Don't tell didn't read it yet!!!
jessicaredersmki: Thank you!
patti_shaughnessy: hated it? wow! that's crazy. and get ready christine!!!! c'mon!
jessicaredersmki: I wont tell :-)
yesi_cavazos: I LOVED IT! Well for about a minute or two I didn't because I couldn't breathe...but I
jessicaredersmki: LOL
lisa_calabrese: Yes Christine get ready!
yesi_cavazos: would not change a thing! It was perfect!
hoang_betular: ditto yesi
patti_shaughnessy: Yesi neither could I! I almost went through a box of tissue. i was sobbing!
lovermichelle: Jessica, I have to confess the reason I could not write a review is because I had to read
christine_cuffssalvatore: Thanks Jessica :)
lovermichelle: the spoilers. I was in Hawaii, and Yesi lied to me.
christine_cuffssalvatore: you are killing me girls!!!
yesi_cavazos: I DID NOT LIE!!!! For the last time! LOL! ;)
lovermichelle: I was halfway into the book and had to read. I just had to.
christine_cuffssalvatore: I have to go and read!!!
lovermichelle: Yes, you did! Okay, you did't tell the truth.
jessicaredersmki: You read the spoilers??? Lol
yesi_cavazos: haha!
patti_shaughnessy: now now girls ;-)
lovermichelle: I did. I had to because I was in a "happy place" and had to know.
christine_cuffssalvatore: no cat fights here lol
yesi_cavazos: loll
jessicaredersmki: Awww!
yesi_cavazos: You know I love you Michelle... ;)
lovermichelle: I mean I was touring Pearl Harbor with my head in a book every chance I had.
jessicaredersmki: Well, Patti can loan you some tissues, Christine.
patti_shaughnessy: hahahaha
yesi_cavazos: hahaha
patti_shaughnessy: not many left! lol
christine_cuffssalvatore: Please NO TISSUES!!!!!
jessicaredersmki: No other way to be than with your head in a book!
patti_shaughnessy: agree!
lisa_calabrese: YES
hoang_betular: yup
lovermichelle: :)
yesi_cavazos: Absolutely!
lovermichelle: Do you have anything you want to ask your fans?
jessicaredersmki: Yes....What would you rather have? A sequel, a prequel or spin-off?
hoang_betular: sequel!!
patti_shaughnessy: all of the above - no not option? lol
christine_cuffssalvatore: sequel and I'm not even done yet!!!lol
yesi_cavazos: Sequel AND prequel with Andrew's POV!
alyssa_chen: all of the above? haha jk sequel
lovermichelle: Sequel, pre-quel, then spinoff.
yesi_cavazos: Is that too much to ask??? :)
jessicaredersmki: lol!
hoang_betular: lol, yes, all three if possible
jessicaredersmki: Ok, I'll see what I can do. ;-)
yesi_cavazos: Yes, that order Michelle!
lovermichelle: I've heard that many people want to read Asher's story.
patti_shaughnessy: wow....i don't know. i would like to know more about andrew’s fam
lovermichelle: Is that something you are considering?
yesi_cavazos: don't need a life...just write! ;)
jessicaredersmki: I can't say!
christine_cuffssalvatore: yes you can!!!
jessicaredersmki: My life IS writing, lol, so that's ok.
yesi_cavazos: we won't tell...
christine_cuffssalvatore: please with cherries on top??
patti_shaughnessy: tease :-0
yesi_cavazos: Great! We love your writing!
hoang_betular: lol, yes please write a lot more... no matter who's story it is i'd read it!
jessicaredersmki: All I can say is that I am working on one of the three I mentioned, but I can't say which.
lovermichelle: I know it's hard when you have news and can't share it.
patti_shaughnessy: ahhhhh!!! lol
yesi_cavazos: Can I just say The Edge of Never instantly made my favorites shelf! Thank you so much for
christine_cuffssalvatore: yeah I'm excited!!!
lovermichelle: And how much longer do we have to wait to find out?
] yesi_cavazos: this beautiful story! LOVED IT!!!
jessicaredersmki: Thank you so much, Yesi. :-) I'm honored.
jessicaredersmki: Michelle: not long, lol
hoang_betular: ahhh... tease!
jessicaredersmki: Sorry! 
yesi_cavazos: I meant it, from the bottom of my heart. Can't wait for more! Whatever it is you decide.
christine_cuffssalvatore: Ok thank you Jessica for the chat. I have to get my tissues and finish my book :)
lovermichelle: We understand. And we'll be patiently waiting.
yesi_cavazos: Yes
patti_shaughnessy: absolutely!! thank you for bringing them to us :-)
lovermichelle: I will be following up with you though. Thank you again Jessica for agreeing to chat with
jessicaredersmki: OK all, thank you so much for attending and for reading TEoN. It really means a lot to
me. 
lovermichelle: We hope that you will come back and chat again!
yesi_cavazos: Yes, thank you.
hoang_betular: thanks for Cam & Andrew and for chatting with us!
patti_shaughnessy: yes please! with news to share maybe!
jessicaredersmki: Have a great night and weekend and thank you all so much. :-) (hugs)
christine_cuffssalvatore: thank you!!!!
alyssa_chen: thank you Jessica!
lovermichelle: Night all ~ thanks for joining in. Next week we'll be chatting with Katie Ashley
jessicaredersmki: YW Alyssa!
yesi_cavazos: Goodnight! :)
christine_cuffssalvatore: Can't wait Thanks Michelle

Note: Jessica was sweet enough to give us a deleted scene (as discussed above). Here is the entire scene
without interruption.
jessicaredersmki: “While on the road, Cam and Andrew were going to be stuck in a traffic jam on the
freeway; and to pass the time, Camryn was going to hear When the Doves Cry by Prince on the radio, tell
Andrew to turn it up really loud, and she was going to start dancing on the street. Other people were
going to turn to the same station and some funky girls were going to dance too. I loved the idea but
ultimately thought it would be too cheesy, LOL”