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Johore Matriculation College Students View On Mobile Phones Instruction: Please tick (/) accordingly.
Gender : Race: Module : PNGK PSPM 1: Male Chinese MS 4.00 Female Malay MD MT 3.00-3.99 Indian Account 2.00-2.99 Others PDT below 2.00

Objective 1: To investigate the most popular phone brand among JMCs students. 1. Which brand of mobile phone you are using now? Nokia Samsung Apple Blackberry Sony Others, please state:

2. Which of the following is your ideal phone brand? Nokia Samsung Apple Blackberry Sony Others, please state:

3. How often do you change your mobile phone? Below 1 year 1-3 years 3 years and above

4. Would you prefer to stick to your current phone brand in the future or would you willing to purchase a different brand? Prefer sticking to current brand Open to try a different brand Dont know

5. Are you satisfied with your current mobile phone? Yes, because it works well Yes, because it is expensive No, because I need more function and application No, because I want to buy the latest phone

Objective 2: To find out how JMCs students can afford to possess such a mobile phone. 6. What is your family income? RM 1000 and below RM 1001-RM3000 RM3001 and above

7. What is the range of money that you are willing to spend on your mobile phone? RM700 and below RM701-RM1200 RM 1201-RM1800 RM1801 and above

8. How did you get your mobile phone? Reward from getting good result Do part time job Birthday present Others, please state:

9. Do you think the market price of the mobile phones nowadays are reasonable? Yes, because it consists of design that is worth it Yes, because it works well No, because it does not have much improvement compared to mobile phone No, because the tax for mobile phone is too high 10. Do you agree that the teenagers should use expensive mobile phone? Yes No

Objective 3: To investigate the features that JMCs students want on their mobile phones. 11. Do you prefer to use video call on your mobile phone? Yes, I use it often No, never Sometimes

12. Do you think that surfing internet by using mobile phone is easier than using a computer? Yes No It is the same for me

13. do you always use phone navigator to search the map? Yes Sometimes Never

14. what do you consider the most important factor or feature before getting a mobile phone? Phone Storage Design Function Others, please state:

15. What do you do most of the time with your mobile phone? Call/ Message Surfing internet Playing games Others, please state:

Objective 4: To determine how mobile phone will influence on JMCs students life 16. What design that you prefer on your mobile phone? Slide Touch screen Mini size phone Others, please state:

17. Are you affected by the sophistication of the mobile phone that you had used? State the reason. Yes Reason: 18. What type of application that you like to download using your mobile phone? Games Music Video Others, please state: No

19. How long do you spend your time on your mobile phone per day? 1-4 hours 8-12 hours 4-8 hours 12 hours and above

20. Which of the following social networking that you never miss to online? Facebook Twitter Instagram Others, please state:

Thanks for your cooperation.