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Quick Reference Card

Keyboard shortcuts


Pick Tool

Rectangle Flyout
Rectangle Tool 3 Point Rectangle Tool

Shape Edit Flyout


Shape Tool Knife Tool

Ellipse Flyout

Ellipse Tool 3 Point Ellipse Tool

Eraser Tool Smudge Brush Roughen Brush Virtual Segment Delete Tool

Object Flyout

Graph Paper Tool Polygon Tool Spiral Tool

Zoom flyout

Zoom Tool Hand Tool

Perfect Shapes Flyout

Basic Shapes

Curve Flyout
F5 Z

Arrow Shapes Flowchart Shapes Star Shapes

Freehand Tool

Bzier Tool

Artistic Media Tool Pen Tool Polyline Tool 3 Point Curve Tool

Callout Shapes

Text Tool

Smart Drawing Tool

Keyboard shortcuts
Interactive Tool Flyout
Interactive Blend Tool Interactive Contour Tool Interactive Distortion Tool Interactive Drop Shadow Tool Interactive Envelope Tool Interactive Extrude Tool Interactive Transparency Tool

Fill Flyout

Fill Color Dialog Button Fountain Fill Dialog Button Pattern Fill Dialog Button Texture Fill Dialog Button No Fill Button Color Docker Window Button

Interactive Fill Flyout

Interactive Fill Tool Interactive Mesh Fill Tool

Eyedropper Flyout
Eyedropper Tool Paintbucket Tool

Outline Flyout

Outline Pen Dialog Button Outline Color Dialog Button No Outline Button Color Docker Window Button


Contain pull-down menu options

The area in which you add objects to a movie, compose the contents of individual frames and preview animaton

Property Bar
A context-sensitive toolbar that shows commands relating to the active tool or object

Standard toolbar
Contains shortcuts to menus and other commands

Contains tools for creating, filling and modifying objects in a movie

Contains available commands and settings relevant to a specific tool, effect or task

Delete keyframe button

Lets you delete keyframes

Color palette
Contains color swatches

Insert keyframe button

Lets you add keyframes

Drawing window
The area outside the stage, bordered by the scroll bars and application controls

Delete button
Lets you delete unwanted layers

Movie playback controls

Contain controls for playing movies

Opens a smaller display to help you pan around on the stage

New layer button

Lets you add new layers to organize objects in a movie

Zoom control button

Lets you scale the frame header to display more or fewer frames on the Timeline docker

Insert frame button

Lets you insert frames before or after the current frame

Status Bar
Contains information about object properties such as type, size, color, fill and resolution. The Status Bar also shows the current mouse position

Delete frame button

Lets you delete frames before or after the current frame

Timeline docker

Behaviors button
Opens the Behaviors dialog box

The window displaying the timeline of all objects in a movie. This is where you animate, organize and coordinate objects in a movie

Show onion skin button

Lets you display the contents of multiple frames on the stage


Shows which frame in a movie is displayed on the stage and lets you navigate through frames

Keyboard shortcuts
Menus and menu commands

New Open Close Save Save As Import Export Print Flash preview in browser Exit Undo Redo Repeat Cut Copy Paste Delete Duplicate Copy properties from Symbol } Symbol manager Properties Full-screen preview Snap to grid Snap to objects Dynamic guides Control } Play movie Control } Rewind to beginning Control } Step back one frame Control } Fast forward to end Control } Step forward one frame Insert frame Delete frame Label frame Behaviors

Ctrl + N Ctrl + O Ctrl + S Ctrl + Shift + S Ctrl + I Ctrl + E Ctrl + P Ctrl + Shift + F9 Alt + F4 Ctrl + Z Ctrl + Shift + Z Ctrl + R Ctrl + X Ctrl + C Ctrl + V Delete Ctrl + D Ctrl + Shift + A Ctrl + F6 Alt + Enter F9 Ctrl + Y Alt + Z Shift + Alt + D Enter NUMPAD4 NUMPAD1 NUMPAD6 NUMPAD3


Transformations } Position Transformations } Rotate Transformations } Scale Transformations } Size Align and Distribute } Align left Align and Distribute } Align right Align and Distribute } Align top Align and Distribute } Align bottom Align and Distribute } Align centers horizontally Align and Distribute } Align centers vertically Align and Distribute } Center to page Order } To front Order } To back Order } Forward one Order } Back one Group Ungroup Combine Break apart Convert to curves Convert outline to object Contour Envelope Lens Format text Insert character Align to baseline Writing tools } Spell check Encode Change case Convert Show nonprinting characters Options Refresh window Help topics

Alt + F7 Alt + F8 Alt + F9 Alt F10 L R T B E C P Shift + Page Up Shift + Page Down Ctrl + Page Up Ctrl + Page Down Ctrl + G Ctrl + U Ctrl + L Ctrl + K Ctrl + Q Ctrl + Shift + Q Ctrl + F9 Ctrl + F7 Alt + F3 Ctrl + T Ctrl + F11 Alt + F12 Ctrl + F12 Shift + F3 Ctrl + F8 Ctrl + Shift + C Ctrl + J Ctrl + W F1




Text Movie

Ctrl + B

Tools Window Help

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