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The Utilization of the Mineral Resources of Kitui County >>. PG 2

My Five Agendas For Kitui County - Kiema Kilonzo.

I have no problem with the concession but how the tender He spoke to Star Writer Kibiwott Koross on his mandate to the people of Kitui County if elected governor. in the county; Support female headed households in the county through a social security; Ensure that women make up 30-40% of public officers by 2018. Creation of wealth Ensure proper utilization of abundant natural resources especially minerals by establishing a vibrant mining and industrial sector through strategic partnership; Initiate, develop and promote cottage industries in all districts of the county; Revive the cotton industry in the county; Identify international partner markets for products from the county. Eradicate Mwolyo Modernize agricultural production through providing affordable credit for appropriate tools and farm inputs; Ensure household water harvesting; Initiating small holder and large scale irrigation schemes; Develop storage facilities across the county; Initiate household agribusiness like poultry and livestock rearing; Employ agricultural extension officers to support farming within the county; Identify and support markets for local county produce. Social Empowerment: I will ensure that more Early Childhood Education (ECE) facilities in all the divisions of the county are constructed and employ at least 50 ECE teachers each year;

Case Agaisnt Kiema Thrown Out. >> PG 3

hat do you have for the people of Kitui County if elected governor?

I have come up with five areas to address. I will be looking at empowering the youth who are the backbone of this country. Many of them dont have jobs as we speak and Empowerment of youth and this will be done through provision of quality education; Improved access to training facilities and opportunities; Access to affordable credit for businesses; Creation of job opportunities in cottage industries around the county; Initiating SMEs for youth; Identify and open markets for youth enterprises in county government and nationally. Women Empowerment Secondly, I will be rooting for empowerment of women through capacity building and training; Access to affordable credit for business; Initiating SMEs for women; Identify and open markets for women enterprises in county government; provide reproductive healthcare services to all women

Construct at least 1 secondary school in each division to ease congestion; Initiate a 1 child 1 laptop program within the county; Work with national government to employ at least 100 teachers each year in the county; Equip all the Youth polytechnics with modern learning equipment and ICT facilities; Construct at least one centre of technology excellence within the county. On health matters, I will ensure that at least 50 doctors each year in the health facilities; Upgrade Kitui and Mwingi Hospitals to county referral centres with modern equipment; Enhance preventive healthcare programs by employing more Public health staff;. I will also improve social amenities in partnership with private sector to develop at least a modern stadium within the county; Initiate and promote youth centres across the county to tap into youth talents; Set aside a budget to support youth sports and entertainment enterprise. On Infrastructure, I will work with the National government modernize the road network within the county; Initiate a road maintenance program working with youth; Ensure that all county administrative services are ICT compliant and accessible; Initiate a renewable energy program in public schools and hospitals.

Hon Kiema Kilonzo

Why Kiema Kilonzo?

have served as a Member of Parliament for Mutito constituency for 10 years since 2002. In these years I have shown great leadership by initiating development projects that have uplifted the lives of his community. Using the CDF and other devolved funds like LATF, Roads levy, his national and international networks, I have initiated and developed projects in the following social sectors: Education: Developed 21 schools (both Primary and Secondary) across the constituency includ-

ing the following; Kyanika; Kwa-tundu; Kavea; Kaliku; Ikuyuni; Malalani; Kanduti; Nzunguni; Kivutini; Kivumbuni; Kanzauwu; Muthungue; Thua; Kanguu; Kyaango; Kyamatu; Mwitika; Kavaani; Kiema; Kisayani; Kateke Healthcare: Developed and improved 50 health centres and dispensaries in the following areas: Kakungu; Ikuyuni; Nzangathi; Kanzauwu; Kwa- Amutei; Kiongwe; Kamaembe; Kyaango; Muthungue; Nzanzu; Matundu; Kikuu; Makongo; Tambui; Kyukuni; Manyoeni; Itiko; Itangani; Yoonye; AIC Zombe Maternity ward; Ngelani Dispen-

sary; Mwitika; Endau; Yanzuu; Voo; Chuluni; Ngungi; Masasini; Kakungu; Ikuyuni; Nzangathi; Kanzauwu; Kwa- Amutei; Kiongwe; Kamaembe; Kyaango; Muthungue; Nzanzu; Matundu; Kikuu; Makongo; Tambui; Kyukuni; Manyoeni; Itiko; Itangani; Yoonye; Ngungi; Masasini. Roads and Bridges: All locations in the constituency have good road network connections. He has developed the following infrastructure-Kiongwe Drift; Kasonoo Drift; Nzeeu Drift; Kwa-munyali Drift;Katumbu Mbangulo; Mwangenikiema_kilonzo Email

Kandongi; Thua constructing a permanent bridge; Ithangathi; Kyamatu-Voo; Kasyonoo bridge; Nzeu bridge; Kavuti bridge; Kisiio; Kyangaa; Nzokani Social Amenities: Developed social amenities in Chuluni Social Hall/District Commissioners Office; CDF offices and Zombe stadium Electrification: Through his leadership the following loca-

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I support Hon Kiema Kilonzo for Governor Kitui County 2013.



Kitui News

The Utilization of the Mineral

inerals are naturally occurring inorganic substances that are usually solid and stable at room temperature. Minerals were formed from long geological processes over long periods of time. People value and search for minerals for many different reasons. Most are useful as they are the raw materials of the metals we manufacture into goods. Precious metals such as gold and silver are widely used in commerce. Other minerals are valued as gems with many applications in the jewelry industry. Kitui County is thought to have the most mineral deposits in the same area in the whole of the Eastern and Central African region. The County has enormous deposits of limestone, coal, iron ore, granite, sand and clay. Besides, Kitui County is known to have mineral deposits of gypsum, malachite (copper carbonate), and a diversity gemstones. Kitui County has generally been thought to be an arid and semi-arid area (ASAL). This makes the County a food-insecure area with poverty levels at a high of 63 % well above the national average of about 56 %. But the truth is that the County has a large variety of minerals which if mined and utilized properly can transform it to be among the top four (4) richest Counties in Kenya. The Mui-Zombe Basin is thought to have one of Africas richest coal deposits estimated at about 500 million tones and worth over KShs. 3.5 trillion. Coal is an industrial mineral that can be harnessed as a direct source of energy for industries. Already, the Ministry of Energy is encouraging each firm winning a concession to develop a 300 Megawatts power plant as a source of cheaper energy for the countrys needs. Coal can also be used for smelting iron ore for iron and steel production as well as fire kilns in cement production. It can also be converted through an industrial process to produce petroleum. The harnessing of this enormous resource can transform this otherwise remote and desolate area to an industrial hub. Revenues generated from the mining and industrial use of the coal if shared equitably The presence of sand, clay and granites can therefore support the construction and building industries in the County as well as exporting to neighbouring Counties. These would create jobs for the local people and boost the economy of the County. Other notable minerals found in Kitui County include sillimanite which is important in the manufacture of glass and in refractory insulation. Gypsum occurs alongside limestone and has applications in the manufacturing of wall boards, Portland cement and plaster of Paris. It is also used as a soil conditioner. All around this area abound a variety of green, red and yellow garnet gemstones that already are exploited by artisanal miners. If proper extraction methods are applied, the production of gemstones would greatly improve and attain commercial levels. The School of earth Sciences in the South eastern University College (SEUCO) should initiate programmes to train the local community on appropriate methods of artisanal extraction of the precious minerals especially the gemstones. Thus the combination of coal, iron ore and limestone occurring within the same zone is a great impetus to spur the development of an industrial park in this part of Kitui County. The local community would easily find employment in the mining industries. Besides, there are many other minerals found in Kitui County. These include vermiculite which has many industrial uses such as high temperature and refractory insulation and in brake-linings. Vermiculite is also used in the manufacture of structural steels and pipes, paint and packaging materials. It is used in agriculture as a soilless growing medium, soil conditioner and in the storage of bulbs and root crops. Copper carbonate deposits of unproven amounts are also known to occur in the County. These can be used to extract copper which is important in the production of electricity wires and currency coins. Zinc deposits are also found in Kitui. Zinc is used in combination with copper to produce the brass alloys which have many uses in the industrial production of pipes, communication equip-

Right Mutito MP. Kiema Kilonzo with South Sudan President, Salva Kiir
with the local community can be used for infrastructural developments such as roads, schools and health facilities. Cheaper energy sources using local coal would reduce costs of industrial production and domestic use, thus having a multiplier effect not only in the County but throughout the country. As if God was answering the cries of his desperate people, huge iron ore deposits are known to occur adjacent to the coal zone. What remains is to verify the quantities and quality of these iron ore deposits to facilitate their commercial extraction. Iron is a common industrial mineral with wide applications ranging from steel production to various industrial and domestic tools. Currently, Kenya is estimated to spend over KShs. 60 billion to import iron ore. All this foreign exchange would be saved and commutated to other developmental uses. Moreover, huge deposits of limestone occur just to the south in the Mutomo area almost adjacent to the coal zone. The limestone deposits have been estimated to support the development of about five (5) large-sized cementmanufacturing plants for over twenty (20) years. Limestone has wide industrial application and its use touches on everyday life. Besides the production of portland cement, limestone is used in the production of chalk, paper, glass and medicines, floorings and farm conditioners (fertilizer). Kenya is now in the middle of a boom in the construction industry. Currently, the level of cement plant production has exposed a low capacity in the manufacturing plants that cannot meet the construction industry demands. The proper exploitation of the enormous limestone deposits can therefore greatly reduce the cost of cement, and thus of construction. It can also earn the country lots of foreign exchange through exports to neighbouring countries such as South Sudan and Tanzania. Locally, the County residents would be the primary beneficiaries of lower cement costs by obtaining the commodity at factory prices. As cement is a bulky material that involves high transportation costs, the local community would thus benefit from lowered transportation costs owing to shorter travel distances from local factories in the County. Kitui is endowed with huge amounts of very high quality sand in all its many rivers and streams. Sand is an important commodity in the construction industry. Much of the sand that has build cities such as Nairobi, Thika and Machakos has been mined from Machakos and Kitui. The extraction of sand by lorry owners has been largely unregulated leading to the land owners being grossly disadvantaged. The lorry owners obtain sand at throwaway prices and sell the same at high prices in the towns. Moreover, they use the local youth as sand loaders with very low wages for the back-breaking job. There is therefore a case to regulate sand harvesting especially the pricing system so that it benefits land owners and the riparian communities. Sand stores a lot of water in the river beds which is easily available during the dry periods. The local community obtains water from shallow wells made in the river sand beds. This natural system keeps the local people supplied with fairly clean water throughout the dry periods. However, the unregulated harvesting of sand has left many river beds devoid of any sand. Thus women and children are forced to walk long distances to fetch water where there is still sand. The County has also huge deposits of granites and phonolite (clinkstone) that are used in the construction and building industries. These minerals are crushed with heavy machinery to generate ballast of various sizes which have many uses in the building and construction industries. Clay deposits are also found throughout the County. Clay is as an important commodity for making bricks and ceramics. Clay is also mixed with graphite to make the lead used to make pencil.

Why Kiema Kilonzo?

Continued from Page 1 tions have electricity: Nzambani Location; Thua Location; Nzangathi Location; Zombe Location; Mutito Location.
Water Sector: I have presided over a remarkable water access projects across the constituency through the following projects: Kwa Ngindu Maluma; Emwa-Earth Dam; Ikyatine Earth Dam; Kaumbini Rock catchment; Yonyoni pipeline; Kwa-Katuni pipeline; Kwa Muthwa pipeline; Kaliku pipeline; Kyamatu pipeline; Mwitika pipeline; Mutito water project; Zombe water project. Advocate for Mkamba Community Rights Kiema is a vocal and passionate advocate for the rights and uplifting of the Kamba community. He is on record for defending the communitys rights to the vast reserves of coal in Mui basin. He is founder member of the Mutui Museo Initiative that helps in the alleviation of hunger and poverty in greater Ukambani area of Kenya. He is always on the forefront to support the appointment of Kamba Professionals whenever opportunities arise. He has continued to mobilize local, national and international leaders to support of Mutui Museo cause alleviate the suffering of Mkamba. It is this impressive track record that I seek seek to take to the rest of Kitui county by providing a transformative leadership. Corporate Leadership Experience In seeking to govern Kitui county, I am bringing in a solid corporate background having managed leading companies and run successful businesses.I have gained this experience working with the following companies: -Toplic & Handling Ltd - Trainee Investigator and rose to the position of Manager-In-Charge of Investigations, Fraud and Tracing, Madison Insurance Company Limited Manager-In-Charge of Investigations, Fraud and Tracing Crystal Clear Loss Adjustors Ltd - Assistant General Manager, and rose to the position of Managing Director, Dynasty Group of Companies - Chief Executive Officer Academically Qualified Leader I have the requisite academic and education qualifications to take Kitui county to a new development level. I hold a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science and History and Master of Arts (MA) in Armed Conflict and Peace Studies both attained from University of Nairobi. Kitui County needs a tried, tested, experienced, qualified leader. Kitui county needs a passionate advocate for its rights and resources and this is all I have.



Kitui News

Resources of Kitui County

With abundant coal, iron ore, limestone, gypsum, sand and clay within the same region can make Kitui County the Ruhr of East Africa. The industries initiated in this area will open many job opportunities to the local people.
ment, instruments and water valves. Zinc is also used in the iron and steel industry and to make motor car parts, batteries, automotive paints, photocopying ink and electronic parts. In some countries, zinc is used in the currency industry to make coins. Zinc is also an important ingredient of toothpaste to prevent bad breath and shampoo to control dandruff. Other notable minerals known to occur in Kitui County are magnesite that is used to extract magnesium. Magnesium has wide industrial applications in the manufacturing of beverage cans, iron, steel, motor parts and batteries. It is also used in the production of parts of mobile phones, laptops and cameras. Magnesium has also applications in the textile and paper industries. Baryte also occurs in some places and can be used to produce barium. Barium is used in the production of fireworks, in glassmaking and in the electronics industry as well as in x-ray tubes. Today unemployment levels in Kitui County are alarmingly high as there are no manufacturing industries established in the County. School drop-out rates are very high owing to the high poverty levels in the County. Again many people of the County have limited capacity to produce cash crops and livestock at commercial levels. Erratic rainfall further conspire to impoverish the local community with many people living from hand-to-mouth on daily basis. Given the proposed sharing of mineral wealth between the County Governments and the National Government, Kitui County stands to greatly benefit from the enormous mineral wealth it possesses. The County Government must move with speed to attract investors who will bring in the capital and technical capacity to explore the vast mineral deposits outlined above. Above all, favourable terms must be carefully negotiated so that the local community directly benefits from the investments of extracting the minerals. Besides minerals, the County is endowed with plentiful wildlife and forests giving a high potential to develop ecotourism. The County hosts Kitui South Reserve which is an extension of the worldfamous Tsavo East National Park. It also has the Kitui North Reserve bordering the renowned Kora and Meru National Parks. Other touristic attractions include the mystic Nzambani Rock, locally known as Ivia-ya-Nzambani (which loosely translated means the rock of cocks), just a few kilometers to the southeast of Kitui Municipality. Then there is the Ikoo Valley near Migwani Town. The landscape of the central parts of the County are dominated by the scenic chain of hills with the peaks of Mutonguni, Mutitu and Nzangathi. Thus a case can be made for an eastern tourist circuit connecting with that of Meru to the north and that of Tsavo to the south. Kitui County has fairly fertile soils in most areas. The biggest constrain is lack of water due to erratic and low rainfall in most of the lower zones of the County which receive about 500 mm of rain per annum. The central parts of the County are straddled by a chain of hills that receive moderate rains of up to 1050 mm per annum making these zones more fertile and green most of the year. The County has warm weather ranging from a minimum of 14 degrees centigrade to a maximum of 34 degrees centigrade. Thus the County has a pleasant climate, fertile soils and water resources favourable to many economic activities all year round. Kitui County has the potential to feed the rest of the country if its fertile soils are well irrigated to produce various food and horticultural crops. Funds generated from the mining of its minerals should be ploughed back to set up irrigation projects. Mineral revenues can also be used to establish agro-industries to add value to the agricultural produce. This would fetch better prices to enrich the County Government

Hon. Kiema addressing local residents in Kitui County on security matters

and the local people. Funds generated from the mineral wealth can also be used to build the Countys road infrastructure. The County lacks a modern airport to facilitate easy and faster access by the local people and visitors. The mineral revenues can also build modern education institutions to replace many of the decaying buildings found in almost all the Countys primary, secondary and polytechnic schools. Institutions of middle and high levels of learning should be established to cater for the very many youth who otherwise waste away when they miss the few places in the universities. The County Government should also use the mineral wealth to create an education fund to assist the bright children from needy families. Modern health facilities with adequate equipment and medicines should also be constructed for the health of the Countys people. The County Government should establish a modern referral hospital to offer first-class health services to the County residents. A good road network and a modern airport will encourage local and international tourists to visit the Countys wildlife parks. Ecotourism can also be encouraged to take advantage of the rich cultural heritage of the local community. The Kamba people are known to be skilled artists, musicians and dancers. The County Government should establish a modern museum to preserve the cultural heritage for the present and future generations. A vibrant mining sector as envisaged above normally supports diversified industries that utilize the various minerals. Many examples abound where the mining of mineral resources have given rise to large industrial areas such as the Ruhr region in middle Europe and Pittsburgh in the United States. With abundant coal, iron ore, limestone, gypsum, sand and clay within the same region can make Kitui County the Ruhr of East Africa. The industries initiated in this area will open many job opportunities to the local people. Multiplier effects from the industries will be many business opportunities for the local people in supplying goods and services as well as in building accommodation for the factory workers. There would also a boom for hotel and lodging facilities for the factory workers. All these business opportunities would generate a lot of revenue that would be income that would greatly empower the local communities. Many youth and women that would otherwise be unemployed would find many opportunities to engage in SMEs as gainful employment. Ultimately this industrial area would be the engine to enable Kitui County become a globallycompetitive middle-income economy. The County Government will utilize the revenue generated from the mining and industrial sector to support the social sectors in education, health, affordable housing, sanitation, environmental conservation and in infrastructure development. Prudent utilization of the revenues would see the construction of modern school, health, housing, sewerage, roads, airports and ICT facilities. It will be necessary to equitably distribute these revenues to reach all areas and segments of society of Kitui County.

Case Agaisnt Kiema Thrown Out.

case in which Mutito MP Kiema Kilonzo had been accused of misappropriating CDF was yesterday thrown out. High Court judge David Majanja said the matter should first be arbitrated before the CDF board before it is taken to court. He said the constituent who filed the case should follow the laid down dispute-resolution procedure. I am satisfied that the petitioner has not invoked the dispute settlement procedure provided for in the Act and I take the drastic but necessary step of striking out this petition to enable the petitioner pursue his complaint in

accordance with the prescribed procedure under the section 52 of the Constituencies Development Fund (Amendment) Act, 2003, the judge said. The case was filed by Bernard Samuel Kasinga. Justice Majanjas ruling arose out of an application by the MP to have the matter referred to CDF board as required by CDF Act. This argument was opposed by Kasinga who preferred the matter to be arbitrated by the high court. And yesterday the judge agreed with the MP saying case is largely a complaint against the manner in which the Committee runs its affairs and in view of the statutory scheme, it is most

appropriate that the mechanisms established by the legislature be allowed to work as contemplated. In his suit papers Kasinga accuses the MP and four members of Mutito CDF committee of breaching their constitutional and statutory duties by directing and approving the use of Sh36.9 million CDF money intended for development projects and misusing it. Kasinga also sued the Attorney General Prof Githu Muigai, the CDF board and Mutito CDF committee. He said the AG through the Finance minister, Planning minister and Auditor General has failed to audit the CDF accounts. Kasinga

said, the CDF committee is duty bound to ensure that every payment or instruction for payment out of funds account are strictly on the basis of a minuted resolution by its members. The court was informed there is real danger the MP and the members of the CDF committee will approve the use of Sh50 million released to the constituency in August unless the judge intervenes. Kasinga believes Kilonzo and the committee members should be held liable for any loss from their approval of the public funds.



Kitui News

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