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Bioscalar Energy: The Healing Power 2000 Valerie Hunt We have had many requests to (re)post this article

e written by Dr. Hunt in 2000. It is followed by an excerpt from her book Mind Mastery Meditations in which she first described how to create a scalar wave. Most leaders in the healing arts accept that all mass including the body is comp osed of atoms which operate electrically and that organized electromagnetic ener gy called fields is involved in all healing. Certainly I have contributed to the se facts with my research describing the science of the mind-field reported in I nfinite Mind and Mind Mastery Meditations books. But I had lingering questions a bout how an electromagnetic field with frequency patterns directly and instantan eously effects dense tissue like cells, organs and systems. Most of us have accepted elaborate deductions of how this happened. I believe wh en the field patterns become more ideal (healthy) the bodily tissue follows. Suc h thinking has led us to believe that the human mind with consciousness is maste r of the body and its behaviors. Somehow I rejected complex enfolded answers as to what is the power that creates the healing. My higher wisdom told me that the source of information I sought w as simple, straightforward and profoundly encompassing. On a broader level I eve n entertained the idea presented by some physicists that there was another undis covered energy that would be found to explain the mystical happenings of remote viewing, distance healing, teleportation and the powerful acts of the yogi maste rs who resist crushing forces. Invariably I sensed that the unknown energy I was seeking was related to the electromagnetic field that I had researched but that somehow it was different; it had new dimensions and properties. Woven into the philosophies of ancient cultures and religions, are forces called chi, psi, and life force. While I did not reject such beliefs, as a scientist I was looking fo r energy with power that carried tangible effects and could be created in and ou tside the body to fuse biological information with para-psychological knowing. Along this line my first new insights came while I observed, even participated, with some outstanding psychic surgeons. I was not interested in whether they rem oved bodily tissue or cured symptoms. I was only interested in did they open the body without pain and bleeding and close it up without leaving scars. During my work with them I put my fingers into their incisions and felt the intestines an d periosteum of the person (familiar from my long experience teaching anatomy us ing cadavers). In one instance the psychic surgeon pushed unrolled gauze into an incision to absorb the contaminations . Before he closed the incision I took hold of the gauze and pulled it to one side. To my wonderment the skin and incision m oved to that side. Only then was I convinced he had opened the body but I didn t k now how. Later came an amazing discovery. These men did not radiate electromagnetic energ y through their auric field like healers do. The psychic surgeon s bodies were lik e inert posts. Such was so strange that I had believed that I had lost my sensit ivity to electromagnetism under the amazement that they had opened the body so e asily. At that moment a world-renown animal psychic and healer, Samantha Khury, entered our small circle radiating her strong electromagnetic field. It was then that I recognized the energy created by the psychic surgeons was different from that created by good healers. What the energy was and how they created it was s till a mystery for me. Weeks later my persistent questions and growing impressions fused. I realized th at the psychic surgeons did not emanate an electromagnetic wave action. Somehow they did their dramatic work with a strong, huge but more passive energy. It was

then that I remembered my contact with Tom Beardon and Eldon Byrd some 15 years ago at Psychotronics meetings. They lectured and wrote about scalar energy. Eve n then I grasped the importance of this information but I could not relate that energy to electromagnetism, my field of study. Before I share with you my excitement and personal discovery of Bioscalar Energy , the conscious ways to create it and its clinical results here is a brief summa ry about scalar energy. The term scalar was used by Nikola Tesla at the end of t he last century as a part of powerful non-Hertzian energy (without frequencies) which he referred to as cosmic waves. Einstein gave reference to the scalar ener gies in the 1920 s. Yet even today modern physics textbooks and scholarly publicat ions do not mention scalar energies. This is understandable. The electromagnetis m that we know so much about has frequencies, wave action and motion that we can measure. Scalar energy is described to have zero frequencies, to be static, a s tationary energy which therefore cannot be evaluated by our current frequency in struments. We do know how to create this energy but only its effects tell us tha t it exists in space and has power. During the Cold War Tom Beardon and Eldon Byrd, visionary and somewhat rebel phy sicists-engineers, discovered the Russian development of scalar standing energy and how it could be transported as a powerful weapon. This energy was created fr om high voltage generators. (Fortunately for the world it was never used destruc tively). Andrija Puharich, physicist, researching in Germany, developed a miniature milli -volt scalar generator. The ELF Co. of the USA refined his scalar module placing it in a Teslar wristwatch that created a standing energy to protect the wearer fr om destructive environmental radiation. What is Scalar Energy The literature states that the scalar is created when two common electromagnetic waves come together from two different converging vectors or angles; where the energy vectors meet the equal frequencies cancel each other leaving a standing o r stationary energy. The space the scalar occupies is not a vacuum but alive wit h checked and balanced energies. The literature describes that it can be created by electromagnetic generators or naturally when similar frequency waves in the environment meet from two different vectors. Therefore, small random scalar ener gies are always present in the environment. I have discovered that when the Mind-Field is consciously focused, intent can dir ect electromagnetic frequencies to enter the body at opposite ends of a straight angle or line, i.e. front to back, up to down, right to left, placing scalar en ergy in the trunk, head and legs. I believe that the bioscalar is the sustained energy for healing that all successful healers create and direct. In the same wa y each of us can create the powerful resting bioscalar energy and by thought we can direct it to bodily areas and give it instruction to: eliminate pain, heal t raumatized tissue, destroy disease and eliminate tumor growths. Certainly this i s not a new thought to the healing arts, however the mechanism by which the mind creates and directs this energy is new and scientifically verifiable. Beardon believed that the scalar energy resided in the nucleus of the atom. How profound! If this is true, the bioscalar energy is deeper than cells, molecules, genes, and the DNA. It is a source energy that directly influences all tissue. Beardon further states that the scalar energy is a repository for information. P robably when human thought and intent make major changes in bodily tissue it occ urs by creating and informing the scalar energy at the most microscopic level th e nucleus of the atom. After the energy starts pooling at the center of your body , this is where your

intent takes over. Now consciously direct the energy to a location with informat ion as to what it is to accomplish, such as: remove pain, clear trauma, destroy disease, rebuild degenerated tissue and absorb growths. You may change vectors t o another plane. Depending on the severity of the health problem this procedure should be continued for 10 minutes to several hours. When healing another person it is best to increase and stabilize your own electr omagnetic field first, followed by visualizing or hands-on treatment using the s ame procedure as creating a scalar in yourself. It is better to create the scala r for another person while exhaling. Many excellent healers create this bioscala r energy automatically without awareness or realization that they have manipulat ed the structure of electromagnetic waves. The scalar energy will increase in size up to a certain point if you continue cr eating it. When the internal pressure increases, the surface tension will lessen and the energy will expand in bodily tissue. Your intent can also start the exp ansion which continues until the energy is dissipated and returned to electromag netism. You cannot store scalar energy indefinitely. If you need it you must recreate it. During the expansion phase the energy spreads out over molecules, cel ls, organs and systems. This is when healing takes place. Remember that the scal ar energy is force by expansion. The human mind instructs it in its direction an d its focus. How Does the Scalar Heal? 1) Improving circulation. Research in 1950 at the Max Planck Institute in Germany found that when a mechan ically created scalar wave was introduced into a petrie dish containing living c ells, the cells separated, lost their clumping and became more active within the fluid medium. This is a significant finding. All disease, injury or degeneratio n is accompanied by swelling and stasis in blood and lymphatic circulation. The body s healing substances are then immobilized. Apparently the expansion aspect of the scalar energy improves circulation by removing the pressures. We have found that the scalar energy remarkably reduces swelling. I doubt that this occurs fr om ionization of fluids because the zero-frequency of the scalar is not ionized. 2) Improving chemistry. Puharich found improvement in the immune and endocrine systems from in vitro stu dy of scalars. Rein did extensive biological studies using the Teslar watch. Lym phocytes exposed to the Teslar watch scalars increased proliferation by 75% comp ared to the same watch without a scalar coil. Using other scalar generators he d iscovered a modulation of basic biochemical communication between nerve cells. B yrd also showed scalar energy increased the strength of low-level EEG frequencie s. Rein found individual differences in biological responses to both electromagn etic fields and scalar energy. Our research has shown that the individual s signat ure pattern of the electromagnetic field, probably the coherency of the individu al s field, predicts the responsiveness to both energies. Furthermore, Rein questi oned how much effect on biotissue could be uniquely attributed to the scalar wav e since it exists in a larger electromagnetic field. Clinical Evidence of Bioscalar Healing. My students and I have used the bioscalar in healing for about 3 years. We have not encountered any illness, injury or surgery that the scalar energy did not he lp. The speed and completeness of recovery is outstanding. Injury

Traumatic injuries, fractures, dislocations, subluxations, and bone spurs have b een completely healed in approximately one quarter of the average time. With one person pulverized fractures, where bone setting was impossible, re-grew down no rmal pathways in five months. Acute pain ordinarily only relieved by codeine or morphine became tolerable with across-the-counter analgesics. Medical Conditions. The anticipated time for surgery was considerably shortened. Bleeding was minimi zed with low hemoglobin patients. Recovery seemed to be much faster and more com plete. Healing of hyperactive nervous disturbances like skin rashes or shingles were cu red or shortened to days not weeks. More serious hyperactive diseases like scler oderma were greatly improved. The debility and course of action of viruses and bacteria was shortened. During congestive pneumonia there was rapid improvement of breathing without the introd uction of oxygen. Cancer patients reported improved tolerance to chemotherapy. A degenerative liver condition following hepatitis C was greatly improved. Cellular degeneration was eliminated with one patient, another improved through standing and walking. A patient with a massive stroke with poor prognosis continues to improve. Scalar energy was particularly effective with ill domestic animals. Releasing Emotion. Healers report more incidences of release of tissue held emotions when they acti vate the bioscalar. Two patients who learned to create their own scalar energy reported breaking a l ong drug adduction without withdrawal symptoms. Conclusions. Clinical results from our treating some common medical problems show that a comb ination of ordinary electromagnetic fields with bioscalar energy causes the fast est and most complete healing. The bioscalar energy adds the unique qualities of strength and sustaining power for enduring changes. The discovery of the bioscalar energy has many other pluses. It lets us know aga in the magnificence of the human mind to direct our destiny, to use our consciou sness to create this powerful energy for healing self and others. It strengthens our security with independence from drugs Its only side effects are the improve ment of health. My laboratory will explore the role of bioscalar energy in distance healing, rem ote viewing, telepathic communication and the feats of the masters to create inhu man forces . Bibliography

Bearden, Thomas E., AIDS: Urgent Comments on Mankind s Greatest Threat and the Sec rets of Electromagnetic Healing, Journal of the United States Psychotronics Asso ciation, Volume I, Number 1, 1988. Byrd, Eldon, Why Life Responds To and Radiates 10 Hz, Journal of the United Stat es Phychotronics Association, Volume II, Number 1, 1989. Puharich, A., Fourteenth United States Psychotronic Association Conference on Bi oenergy, Dayton, OH, 1988. Rein, Glen, Biological Interactions with Scalar Energy Cellular Mechanisms of Ac tions, Proceedings Seventh International Association Psychotronics Research, Dec ember, 1988. Rein, Glen, Utilization of Cell Culture Bioassay for Measuring Quantum Fields Ge nerated from a Modified Caduceus Coil, Proceedings 26th Intersociety Energy Conv ersion Engineering Conference, Austin, TX, August, 1991. How to create a scalar wave From the book Mind Mastery Meditations 1997 Valerie Hunt This exercise can be learned best by sitting. After acquiring the skill it can b e repeated while standing and lying. ...Prepare your field by breathing through and spinning the chakras. Visualize your entire body as a container where you will draw in electromagnetic energy with each inhalation, bringing it into the center of the body. Do not mo ve it out or up or down, just in. Start by breathing energy in through the front of your body, head to toe. Then f ocus your attention upon breathing energy through the back of your body, also he ad to toe, into the center so it meets the front energy and folds upon itself, goi ng nowhere. Next breathe through both sides of your body simultaneously, right & left, from head to toes. Let the energy again meet the same opposing energy building up and enfolding into a scalar standing field in the center of the body. Now concentrate upon the top of your head and the bottom of our feet to breathe in energy until it meets in the middle of the body to enfold upon itself. The center of your body is now filled with a powerful quiet pool of energy . Now is when the pool of energy expands outwards, through all your cells towards the body surface, like a balloon inflating. Allow this to continue until the center scalar energy has dissipated outward loosening tight muscles and connective tis sue, and expanding the space between cells. Begin the process all over again but this time breathe from all directions into the center of the body simultaneously...When your scalar field is full you will start to experience its spontaneous even expansion towards the body surfaces CONSCIOUSNESS descriptions and definitions 2004 Valerie Hunt Q: What is it in a human that seeks higher order, coherency and light? A: The stimulus is the universal need on the soul level to be simultaneously div ine and human. The energy comes from emotions on the biohuman level. The process directed by the will on the conscious level brings order, coherency an d light.

The results on the material and non-material level are evolved thoughts and acti on, making possible divine humanness. Q: Describe a Divine Human A: The referent of a divine human is God a mystical symbol of our ultimate guidin g field of information. We have given God a tangible human form (Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed) that we can realistically hang on to. God, the ultimate guiding inform ation is perfect, beyond good or bad. Individuals and groups develop unique images of God from the reality of their ow n cultural and personal experiences. These can be consciously expanding or restr icting but are prevailing. Some see God as a mystical robed figure Some sense a divine vibration Some receive directions for sublime action Some experience oneness beyond expression where everything is everything and per fect Some know that their body and soul are one and divine Some manifest divine humanness in thought and deed DEFINITION OF TERMS An Intuitive One who pays attention to unpredictable yet related life happenings without ques tions and has opinions and actions without doubts A Mystic One who has cognitive awareness of information systems that are beyond ordinary sensory happenings that are deep or superficial. * Can include information about past, present and future happenings * Includes mystical intuitive thoughts from another domain * Sees changes but the center of expertise is outside of self in the Quantum universe * May or may not put their thoughts into action * Intuitive knowing may be specific in time and space and kind of informatio n Some mystics limit their reception and application to specifics: medical diagnos is, prediction of future, past life readings, cosmic happenings, and some develo p systems of ideas and thoughts as philosophers, guides of behaviors and even cu lts, with life dictates. A Visionary One who has a broad capacity to tap into universal information with the strength and flexibility to select the ideal relationship of facts and flavors * Can apply to material and human problems to give superbly wise answers and actions * Is a mystic who has choices about how to apply mystical information * Is action oriented This is the most expanded level of consciousness. Visionaries have the center of the information transaction within themselves but the ramifications are univers al. Psychiatry and Psychology * Limited mostly to biology, postnatal biography and individual consciousnes s * From the works of Freud, Adler and Jung

* The psyche and emotions are linked to sexual and cultural orientations * The goals are material problem solving and pleasure * Little agreement of professionals concerning the most fundamental theoreti cal issues. Transpersonal Psychology TP carries the basic models of psychiatry and psychology, but it extends to incl ude prenatal life and trauma beyond personal experiences, and ancestral, racial, collective and phylogenetic memories, karmic experiences and archetypal dynamic s. Humanism model According to this model, * The deepest source of human experience is divine. All experiences are refe renced to the divine level of consciousness * Life is about evolution of the soul- to change people, the world. The focu s is universal * The soul, which is infinite and forever, was programmed by its many human lives, and brings its patterns of emotional behaviors into each new reincarnatio n. * The energetic power of life comes from emotions which are geared to embell ish life and protect the soul and the body The Humanistic model focuses upon the relationship of levels of consciousness: t he biopassionate level, blending onto the conceptual and intellectual level and infused with the creative level. The ultimate work of each individual is to evol ve where his humanness and divineness are inseparable. Wisdom The capacity to receive and integrate known, unknown and etheric information int o a holistic picture to enable a person to select the ideal thoughts and actions for each transaction. Wisdom is inspired judgments. Groundedness A state of awareness that is anchored in the subatomic patterns of the earth as a stable reality for all other conscious awarenesses The Human Energy Field and Sound Therapy Valerie Hunt An isolated truth is not that important. A truth is only important if you make a concept out of it. Once we make a concept we build models, and each one of us i s operating on models. I ll ask you to build some new models. The model I am after is a new model of a human being based on health, consciousness and evolution. Here are 3 models that make up our belief system: 1) The physiological model has to do with disease: we treat symptoms of disease because we do not know what health is, and we accept the fact that health is the absence of disease. 2) The biochemical model: you ve read that life started from a chemical soup and t hen progressed to protozoa. It is not so. It takes an electrical spark: you can have all the chemistry in the world, but if there is no electricity, no power an d no charge there is no life. Even the DNA can be altered by the change in consc iousness of a human being. 3) The behavioral model has to do with perception, experience, ego, personality, emotion, and brain hemispheres. This model only answers a very small part of hu man behavior and only memory of life in the current times. These models are not incorrect, but they are incomplete. Hence the need to find

a new model rather than trying to fit our behaviors into a model that does not f it: the current model cannot explain some selections we make or things we percei ve. The final instructions are in the new model: the human energy field or the m ind of man, a field of energy that incorporates all behaviors, even to the highe st level the level of the soul. The soul is the apex of the energy field, which holds the memory of everything t hat has ever occurred to that soul, including other lifehoods. It is also the so urce of intuition, insight and creativity. These higher-level capacities are not found in the brain (the brain is a dandy computer with a lovely switchboard, bu t it is not the source of high level creation). The human field is also the source of mystical experiences. We have believed in the past that when we have mystical experiences the brain is in alpha or theta. Do you know how narrow alpha and theta waves are? One to two frequency cycles apart! The most creative thing the brain does in alpha or thet a state is to get out of the way, so that the mind can take over. As soon as the brain gets out of the way the field of energy expands, soars, catapulting in fr equencies. In the field of the brain we may have some psychic experiences, but t hese do not soar, and they never reach the spiritual experiences or insights. Sp iritual vibrations of the field are the highest vibrations I have ever recorded in the human being: here there are no agnostic or atheist; your background may b e Jewish, Christian, Muslim or Buddhist, but the spiritual experience is identic al when your field advances to a profoundly divine state. There are some real problems connected with the energy field. The ancients had s imilar experiences but they did not have scientific answers, so they gave answer s based on intuition and referred to parts of the field calling them the emotion al body, the spiritual body, the etheric body and the physical body. Scientifica lly fields are all inside and outside of the body. Bodies have the rigidity of m aterial substances, and when you apply a body concept of layers, you encourage t he same rigid concept. But people say: I see the field . While it is true that the eye has the finest perception of our five senses, it is also the most distorted: visual information tries to make sense of everything it sees by layering it. Fi elds do not layer: they fuse, they blend, and they have a rolling effect. I enco urage you to stop the layering thinking about the field. We could not understand the field during the material age, but we can now in the atomic age, the age of consciousness. Everything that exists in space is atomic. All the energy in the world comes fro m atoms, and energy becomes organized: the atom of my desk and the atom of my ri ng are exactly the same as my atom; they are only controlled and organized in a different way. Lightning is organized energy. A rock is organized energy. The human energy is organized around emotions. When emotions become disturbed an d distorted the energy field suffers, it becomes anticoherent, flighty. Also the old concept about auras, emotional bodies, etheric bodies gave the idea of some thing from the inside going out, while the field is both inside and outside. It comes from inside the atoms of the body, it manifests outward and transacts with the atoms of the world. Everything that exists in space has an aura, but the hu man aura is peripatetic: it changes, it flies around, it colors, it becomes quit e stationary and rigid at times and it is the most dynamic of all, more than ani mals or plants because we have capacities that come from higher organization: it is living, changing and growing because we have a soul. And when the soul enter s the body (somewhere around the first trimester), it does not come in neutral, it carries the experiences it has had throughout all of its lifehoods. The energy field lies between the physical organism and the universe. It is the direct interface with every experience this body has. When we are in groups we h ave interaction: my field meets yours and in the interaction we are changed. Yet sometimes when you introduce two fields neither changes, or only one field chan ges. This is because the field is always selective.

The way in which the field is organized determines how it affects the human body . With the contaminated and weak electromagnetic energy of your environment you also decrease the energy of the field internally. For proper action the field ha s to be constantly nourished. Sound and music nourish the field and take us into those places where the brain gets out of the way and allows the field to soar. All the music you hear must first go through the electromagnetic field of the au ra where it becomes colored by how that aura is charged. Everything you hear has to come through the field before it gets to the ear or to the skin, before it c an become sensory information. So you are already altered by everything that is on the outside, whether you pay constant attention to it or not. The perception and sensation coming from the outside is then filtered through the energy field, which is emotionally organized and will determine what goes inside via the nerv es. Tissue level On the very lowest level, the tissue level, we have atoms, molecules and cells. The red orange and amber ( see Music of Light auric sounds) is its primary level of communication. Some of the very primitive movement, the percussive sounds, h as the greatest effect upon tissue. The primary problem with injury or surgery o ccurs first and foremost on the cellular level. You can change the cellular leve l of healing very fast by using the vibratory type of sounds and imagery that ha s to do with sensations and feelings. Vibrations here are in the magnetic levels of 7-8 cycle per second. Neurological level This is the next level up, the level of integration of the cells, what organizes the very basic tissue energy: the neurological integration of both the motor an d sensory stimuli. The music that goes best with neurological integration is rhy thmic music with a distinct sound wave. The waltzes are particularly good. To ta ke a person through the complete healing you must have the red for the cells, ye llow and green for the neurological, movement integration that is undulating and imagery that is flowing. This is the level of coherency that is so important in healing. If the field is coherent, all of the electrical system inside the fiel d becomes coherent. If the field is incoherent, everything goes awire. Brain Level The brain level of cognition is where we record our belief systems (not where we develop them). When there are disturbances at this level, there will be disturb ances at all other levels below it. Much of the work done early in hearing loss and speech defects was done at this sensory and perceptual level. At this level use Gestalt imagery of happiness and ask people to go back and rem ember the happiest, healthiest, most vibrant time of their lives. That is when t he integration will take place. The motion most helpful at this level is not a s ophisticated one, but one that goes with coordinated acts such as running, swimm ing, reflexes. Field Level This level is the reception of all stimuli. While the highest vibrations in the nervous system, tissue and brain are 250 cycle/second, here the vibrations are c onsiderably higher and do not even start until 500cycle/sec. That is atomic ener gy. Complex music is the answer for such a profound field pattern, in the great clas sics of Brahms, Beethoven, and Bach. The more complex it is, the closer it comes to nourishing the mystical aspects of the field -high music, beauty, profound m editation takes us into the mystical. The vibrations are exceedingly high, and t he emotion we experience is not connected to the physical body as in the old Fre udian model. It protects the soul. Sound, Movement and Diseases.

Deficiency diseases are very prevalent in our society today because of the empha sis on controlling our emotions. These are the fatigue syndrome, low blood press ure, low hemoglobin, diabetes, and cancer. I use the dynamic red vibrations with people who have cancer: they lack the low strong vibrations in their field; they do not have a kundalini -the red is gone. These people are sweet, lovable and often scared of anger; they are too good. T hey need stimulus to the tissue. But they have to be eased into it, otherwise th ey will reject it immediately. In the hyper diseases neurological diseases and pain, there is too much of a cert ain vibrations. Pain exists when there is too much energy. High blood pressure, all of our skin diseases, arthritis, diseases for which we take tranquilizers. H ere the person has very high vibrations that need to be calmed down the hypertens ive are often aggressive athletes, the get things done types -. Use water sounds m usic and take them into big, expansive, flowing movements. You have probably never heard of barrier diseases before because it is not a med ical term, but an energy field term. Because the surface of the body is positive ly charged and the energy of the field is negatively charged, the field clings t o the body. In barrier diseases the person does not transact with the outside wo rld. An example of this is Lou Gehrig s disease, scleroderma, multiple sclerosis. These are the most difficult to heal. But they do respond to music played throug hout the entire day. This helps remove the barrier. In penetrable diseases the field is penetrable and does not make a selected tran saction. People with these diseases are highly dependent; they take in everythin g from everywhere. Their field is all over the place and can t discriminate; it is always buffeted and interacted with. They lack power and coherency, so the musi c must have a smooth quality first, then move right in with power (beat, rock, r ed from the Music of Light set). Fractures, contusions and surgery are injuries to the cellular part of the field . Bring energy in, and move it in thought right through the injured area . Start with the blue or high frequencies (Music of Light auric sounds)to calm down the pain and then move on through the full spectrum. Be gentle with the red and ora nge vibrations as long as there is pain. Aging degenerative diseases came from the concept of atrophy ( everything starts well and goes downhill). That is still exact for material substances, but livin g dynamic substances such as the field do not go downhill if you feed it energy. You need a rich electromagnetic environment including sound so that you can nou rish yourself. There are many ways to heal and evolve. You will heal yourself and others on the level of where you are. As you grow in your conscious evolution you will heal a t higher levels. Organized vibrations and organized sounds create mass. We can c reate new tissue in our body: the atoms are available; we can reconstruct them. For more information on the The Music of Light auric sounds read Part 2 of this article. The Music of Light sounds , available on tapes or CDs, and the book Min d Mastery Meditations can be purchased online at Posted October 2001 The Lost Chords Found 2001 Valerie V. Hunt The human energy field both permeates the entire body and radiates to the outsid e, inches to feet beyond the body s surface. This field has been validated in scie ntific laboratories as light emissions using photometers and color filters, as D r. Valerie Hunt describes in her book Infinite Mind. During a research that harn essed the complex wave forms and resonance that connect us to our source, Dr. Va lerie Hunt found that the human energy field vibrations were as much as 1000 tim es higher frequency than the electrical signals of nerve and muscle, with contin

uous, dynamic modulation, unlike the pulsating signals of the nervous system. * These signals were recorded from the body s surface using special high frequ ency instruments with sensors placed over selected spots on the joints and the h ollow areas of the trunk, abdomen and head. * To determine the color correlated with these signals, Dr. Hunt had eight d ifferent aura readers observe the field around the body of the subjects, while t he instruments recorded the signals. * The resulting data were submitted to Fourier frequency analysis to determi ne the frequency spectrum of each color. * Wave shape comparison differentiated the colors, and voice spectrogram ana lytic procedures further tested their purity. The resulting vibrations were in the audible range of frequencies, and when ampl ified they could be easily heard and differentiated. Even with the intensity low ered to a subliminal sound, they were still felt in the soft body tissue and the hollow areas of the head, spine, chest and abdomen. The effects of these vibrat ions (real and unaltered except for amplification to the audible range) are univ ersal and profound, yet subtle and do not require loudness. The vibrations are b elieved to come from the atomic and subatomic molecular activity of the human ce lls: quantum physics has described that all matter, which occupies space, contai ns potential atomic energy that is released in small quantities as electrons spi n off. An interesting characteristic about energy emission from any objects is t hat it stays somewhat organized into fields: it has its own integrity and does n ot randomly dissipate. However, living substances emit a higher frequency and wi th more dynamic pattern changes than inert substances. Body vibrations are like communal music, with the bodies being both transmitters and receivers of sounds. The sounds of the human energy field are signals broadcast from the entire body and are referent sounds perceived simultaneously with all outer world sounds. Human energy field vibrations are not pure colors: the colors of the field chang e rapidly based upon our will and our needs, so that at any given time there may be only one or a few colors manifested. Generally individuals have a unique, co nsistent pattern of limited colors and even more often, these colors are mixed a nd unclear, coming from a narrow range of vibrations. Only a person in peak heal th and performance showed the presence of all the colors of the human spectrum, clear ad distinct. During her research Dr. Hunt designed many situations to unde rstand the specific meaning of the five different vibrational spectrums, and the ir profound emotional, psychological and behavioral effects. Red-orange-amber This warm, vibrant, stimulating vibrational spectrum is more prevalent in the fo llowing situations: * In young people who are physically active. * Strenuous, strong athletic activity seems to stimulate red-orange, as does vigorous primitive dance rituals. * With assertive, aggressive or angry emotional expression. Also happiness a nd joy are common correlates, while this color spectrum is absent in sadness, we akness, illness and depression. * Following strong sensory stimulus from light, sound, noxious odors or pain , as though the body is in alert. After further testing, the red-orange-amber spectrum appears to have a positive biofeedback effect on the physical body, decreasing muscle weakness and fatigue and encouraging health, vigor and strength. Those recovering from illness or deb ilitating diseases respond brilliantly to the increased stimulation. A marked im provement is also noticed for those suffering from hypo diseases. This spectrum is the biological, material, sensitive flow with the realities of the universe, encoded by the existence of life in the physical world. Listening

to it helps vitalize and activate the body, it excites and stimulates the emotio ns and enhances the motivation to accomplish. Blue-violet-mauve This cool soothing spectrum is present during relaxation and in healthy states o f pensiveness, quiet thought, spirituality and meditation. It accompanies well-b eing and appears in slow, repetitive work, or receptive, listening states. It dr amatically manifests also in the second wind of endurance athletics, when the bo dy relaxes and all systems operate at maximum efficiency. This spectrum quiets a hyperactive body and emotions, clearing the thought proce ss and relieving hypertension conditions (elevated blood pressure, inflammatory states of the skin). It assists in relieving constriction, ordinary stress and t ension from overwork by expanding the body and mind. Yellow-green-amber This middle vibrations appear to be transition colors that assist people to chan ge from one state to another. It had great effects on the neural tuning of all s enses, supporting the creating, planning, relating, and interfacing processes. T hese colors accompany a purer and more elaborate awareness, and are therefore mo st helpful for accomplishment in creative thinking, problem solving with quicken ed response, elaborate imagery, facilitating learning and inducing a quiet expec tancy, an anticipation of change. Rainbow This spectrum includes all the color vibrations of the white light, completely b alanced without weaknesses or strengths. It fills the air with coherent fullness to offset the confusing electromagnetic vibrations and sound contaminations tha t bombard the urban man. Blue-white gold This highest human vibration spectrum is like the diamond to a stone. Resembling the oscillations of plasma surrounding spacecrafts, the sounds of outer space, it appears to drive the will to find a home at another level. As with music, the highest frequencies seem to have the greatest recharging effe cts. The blue-white-gold sounds carry the consciousness expanding spectrums char acteristics of the requiems, chorals and great religious music. The awareness th at carries thought is here expanded and elevated from the material world into th e spiritual. These are the sounds of refreshment and regeneration. The importance of human energy field sound as biofeedback is becoming increasing ly known: while the usual feedback stimulus is from nerve activity and so its pr imary effects are on the muscular and circulatory system with limited effect upo n the motivational and emotional states, human energy field sounds affect the en tire organism, its capabilities and its feeling states. Now available both on ta pes or CDs, they can be experienced at any time and place. We have also learned from biofeedback studies that auditory feedback is the most accurate and effecti ve of all, as it apparently provides an energy source directly to the brain. Natural spas have used ultra violet radiation, heat, herbal and mineral water vi brations for centuries. Physical medicine has developed instruments to create ultrasounds and heat waves to affect deep tissue healing, and they are using low frequency DC vibrations f rom batteries to rapidly heal non-union fractures. Small magnets hasten healing of abrasions, cuts, burns, incisions, and inflammat ory debilities. The human energy fields sounds, like magnets, natural foods and homeopathic medi cine, naturally assist the body to maintain health or during a healing process. When listening to them, rather than hearing them with your ears, sense the vibra tions in your body, especially the hollow areas of your head, trunk and bones. The ideas from basic biology that life forms are complex energy exchange systems is faster becoming the frontier of medicine, psychology, education and communic

ation. We also know from physics that human exists, grows, works and changes in complex, interacting electromagnetic fields, an environment as basic as the air we breathe or the water we drink. We can then greatly improve health, well-being and performance by consciously introducing in any way possible a coherent, high -frequency, natural field or sound. The applications of bio-energy sound vibrati ons appear unlimited. For the book "Infinite Mind" or to purchase the vibrational sounds of the human energy field "Music of Light", log on to

Understanding Emotions From The Wisdom Level Valerie Hunt Each of you reading my thoughts about emotions will filter these through what yo u know about them. In a sense, you are your own expert. You have experienced emoti ons in utero, throughout this life and in other lifehooods. Your beliefs about e motions were formulated from these experiences, and strengthened by what you gai ned from experts. Do you know that there is more printed material about the psychology of emotions than about any other subject ever written? Yet your experiences and the written words overwhelmingly focus upon one level of emotions: on the material, rationa l level of I, my and me, the physical and personal selves. Even Freud s formulatio n of the super and sub conscious saw emotions as connected to every day operatio n in the world, not to the soul. Despite what we accept, as the world s consciousness expands, we seek deeper level s of understanding about everything and especially emotional happenings. We intu itively know that the human soul , the highest level of human existence, is somehow deeply involved. But remember that the soul is not a higher self. It is the hig hest self. For 40 years I have been a counselor assisting people to advance in spiritual kn owing. This is how I learned that the soul level is the source of all emotional strengths and weaknesses in human life. MY BELIEFS ABOUT EMOTIONS Emotion is the metronome of life. It is organized energy that is patterned to ke ep us alive and make our lives richer and more satisfying. Emotion is energy dir ected to action, to behave. Simultaneously emotion is a feeling state, which may accompany action or precede it. The direction of action and feelings comes from the emotional programming of our patterns laid down by experiences of living in this and other lifehoods. In other words, we softwire programs ourselves. We spir itual counselors learned that all profound emotions , even those triggered by he re and now body-ego-self threats have their source in the deep programming of so ul experiences. THE FUNCTION OF EMOTIONS To remove life threats. The most difficult emotions come from physical life threats. These may be so int ense that we fear our conscious will cannot control them. All behavior and feeling s, sometimes even simple reflexes, are emotionally charged and directed. The qua ntity of energy dictates the available strength of action and feelings. Emotiona l patterns were established throughout lifehoods in order to handle in the best way possible personally strong emotional energies, and are programmed on various levels. Where and how this emotional energy is manifested ultimately comes from the Master Program to protect and embellish the soul.

With imagined or potential threats to life electromagnetic energy is directed to eliminate that threat with God ordained feelings of anger. Whenever we are in a situation where we feel emotionally or physically threatened, our response is a nger, giving us energy to solve the problem or run away from it. If a situation is so overwhelmingly threatening our response may be acute fear, which does not activate energy but freezes it. Sometimes inconspicuousness protects us. When the above solutions are unavailable or can t be constructively used , the ang er may turn against people or ourselves, with bodily disturbances. With no solut ion, the active anger may be drained off in depression or, if it remains, we may choose a psychotic altered state escape. To solve feelings of despair we inevit ably seek the ultimate help: God s help. Our requests are dependent pleading or an gry demanding. If we feel we are not getting any help from the divine source we turn away from spiritual thoughts and remain angry with God. This level of emoti onal processing is totally oblivious to most people. However we must be able to experience this ultimate anger in order to receive the divine guidance. Then the re is blessing, understanding and peace. We generally interpret aggressive emotion as bad and unpleasant because if inten se it can be irrational and unacceptable to the consciousness. Whenever emotiona l energy is activated there are feeling states not always directly related. Ofte n the feelings stem from how we try to cope with the raw destructive energy how w e have learned to handle these. Ideally the feeling states should be directly ge ared to the direction and power of the energy action. All of the above anger rea ctions are similar whether the threat is body-self destruction or soul annihilat ion but the difference is in the intensity of the emotion. Soul destruction is e xponentially stronger and less controllable. To embellish life Emotions directed toward enjoyment are equally important and far more pleasant. * To feel the sensual pleasure of the body and that we are loved and protect ed. * To experience awe at the glorious wonders of nature as these unfold in liv ing things. * To behold the beauty of sunrise and sunset, the rainbow, the sparkle of mi st and the twinkle of stars. * To accept praise bestowed upon us because of accomplishment. * To experience the profoundness of great art, music and the written and spo ken word. All of these pleasure come from emotional energy and feelings stimulated by the senses on a self, ego and personal level. However if the emotional energy is str ong enough it can move our consciousness to the divine, highest self, to the sou l level where we recognize the profound greatness of our soul, where we are in d irect contact with the divine, the source of our experience. At this soul level these emotions are profound, overwhelming and beyond explanation. WHY UNDERSTAND BOTH LEVELS OF EMOTIONS If we are on the path to expand our consciousness and gain wisdom and peace, our only barriers are our emotional energy patterns. If our goal is to have command over emotional energies to improve our life and health , to find our profound c apabilities and happiness we must choose experiences that help us understand the emotional energy patterns, the drives, inhibitions and the elegance at the soul level. Our goal must be emotional maturity where energies are free to be felt, to be un derstood, and directed by our higher will with a full range of consciousness. Emot ional energies must be available, dynamic and enjoyed. Emotional change is a process like meditation where we grow in understanding of our patterns, where they came from, their limitations and how they served us eve n if not well. But it is more than intellectual understanding; it requires a str

ong emotional commitment, a dedication and a willingness to give up the old patt erns, so we are in command of our emotions rather than they in command of us. Su ch change is difficult. Intellectual decisions do not eliminate the unacceptable emotional patterns so firmly grooved into our recorded subconscious plan. These records must be emotionally reconfronted over and over again. With time these c an change. Some impatience is good; too much blocks the process. HOW DO I GO ABOUT IT? We all want a technique to shorten and clarify our path to enlightenment. First we must rearrange our lives to provide time, quiet, and learn to meditate. Medit ation techniques from Zen, Tao, religious and shamanic philosophies based upon b elief systems are effective for some people to live a more spiritually peaceful life. These techniques are weak in assisting us to successfully redirect deep em otional patterns so we can operate with strength and wisdom in all levels of our human lives. So often we get caught up in the process of meditation, believing it is enlightenment rather than the path that we have chosen. Too easily we acce pt some meditative philosophies that outline these stages of enlightenment as ex pansion and elevation. They easily allow us to get lost in powerful experiences so grand to remember but that have little impact upon the wisdom of our living. Regardless of what techniques you follow you must confront and change your emoti onal patterning. I think it is comforting but incorrect to believe that if you h it conscious peaks all limitation will fall away. You can substitute or transcen d temporarily but that does not bring spiritual and material wisdom. I hope you can learn that you are your best teacher, because you and you alone k now the source and all the correct answers to your emotional patterning. Quietly ask your higher self for directions. Put a damper on your brain figuring out th e answer. Listen to your mind divulge the answers. These answers can intuitively hit a bingo, jackpot. If they don t, contemplate the information and put it on th e shelf. If it is correct, it will return. If not, you should and will forget it . Remember that the mind is extremely creative in coping with emotions. Don t get led down a primrose path . Such an approach will redirect the goals of your meditat ion. My book Mind Mastery Meditations ( has helped many people use meditation to realign emotional energies toward wisdom. updated June 2001 Emotional Energy Blocks to Health and Healing Valerie Hunt We all accept the truisms that emotions affect the body, and bodily conditions a re reflected in emotions. But these do not tell us how or why. Today we believe that the emotional sources lie in the brain, nerves and biochemical substances t hese emit. We may be surprised to learn newer research on the genes and the elec tromagnetic mind-field shows us a much broader understanding of the body-emotion s relationship. Here are fresh insights into why certain alternative medical tre atments work with some people and some diseases while not with others. What is this illusive power we call emotions? Let s peel the emotional onion from the microscopic to the macroscopic to find out. Emotion is aroused energy that t akes a direction. Emotional energy is released whenever there is action. It moti vates us. When the emotion is strong and flowing there is great physical energy. And when emotional energy is blocked weakness results. I have researched the hu man energy field extensively to conclude it is both the atomic and the mystical source of life. The field is emotionally directed to protect and enrich our live s. Emotions give instructions to all biological structures and direct feelings a nd thought about reality -- both material and mystical. On the biological level

emotional instruction goes to tissues, organs and systems. Emotions can be viewe d as a computer programmer of the field that directs information to all aspects of the mind and body. Depending on the focuses and the blocks there will be grea ter or lesser effects, and because each person builds his emotional program from what has importance for him or her, each person will create somewhat different instructions. The primary level of emotional instructions occurs at the tissue level in the ge nes of the cells. Such instruction provides information to cells about living, g rowing, multiplying and dying. Candace Pert s pioneering research (reported in her book Molecules of Emotion ) concludes that genes have memories and emotions. Th ese are basic memories of cellular injuries, illnesses and conditions. Emotions are felt as good or bad. The energy response of genes is to give on or off instr uctions to the cells. They make things happen or they don t. For example: Have you ever had a bad day when your tissues felt swollen, exhaust ed and painful? You wanted to escape to the bed. Or you may have awakened with a feeling of radiant electrified cells like when you were a healthy teenager and could conquer the world. Actually all injury and long term physical problems hav e blocks in the flow of emotional energy at the tissue level both with or withou t conscious awareness. For tissue illness body work techniques are the most effective because these quick ly feed the low frequency magnetic vibrations required for cellular healing. The rule is to stimulate all sensory receptors with drum beats and deep sounds, wit h red and orange colors, with energy nourishment from massage, touching, and joi nt manipulation and with muscular exercises and acupuncture. Improvements on the tissue level occur quickly showing healthier skin, increased movement and vital ity. Fortunately these tissue changes resonate to a higher level to improve orga n systems function. The next level of emotional organization subjected to even more blocks than the tissue level is the brain with its primary control of systems and organs. Disrup tion of flow causes cardiac, breathing, digestive and urinary malfunction. Likew ise this level sends more detailed instructions to heighten or override the gene s. Here emotional energies are more complex than in tissues, with awareness of t he basic emotions of love, fear and anger and elaboration of anxiety, hate and d epression. These energy states protect the physical body and self from real and imagined threats. Here the memories of this life s experience are stored and color ed by the belief systems of the family and culture. Emotional patterns become pr ogrammed for each person. At this level the techniques to remove emotional block s must be more complex involving active patient participation. Neurolinguistic p rogramming; meditation; group therapy; guided imagery; expressive art, music, dr ama, writing and story telling and exercise systems underpinned with concepts an d philosophies such as tai chi and chi gong are excellent. At the highest levels of consciousness, emotional blocks are frequently the most stubborn and persistent. This twilight area of consciousness, the mind, stores all past life memories as well as those of this life where altered states occur du ring major trauma. These memories not available to everyday recall are freed by returning to altered states. The emotions here are intense and the instructions overshadow those of the brain or tissue levels. We have discovered that blocks w ith unresolved emotional problems at this spiritual, mystical level are directly associated with major wasting diseases such as: ALS, multiple sclerosis and can cer. These seem to be impossible to change without major new insight and drastic changes in the person s relationship to his or her world. To uncover such hidden blocks requires that the person move into deep mystical states of consciousness. Successful techniques are hypnosis; free association; spiritual experiences fro m prayer, art, music and poetry; mystic and shamanistic rituals and dedicated me ditation.

Although I have described blockage of energy flow on three levels of emotional i nstruction each level in itself is incomplete. The tissue level is too small and localized. The neurological level is too materially focused, and the mind-field level is too big -- too cosmic. The following example demonstrates the profound interrelationships of these emotional instructions. A man has a hideous traumatic experience in multiple collisions. His tissue is i njured, and he retains strong and emotional tissue memories of the shock. His ge nes issue instructions to reestablish magnetic energy on the cellular level. Sim ultaneously his five senses alert his brain about the circumstances of the colli sion -- what, why, and who caused or fed into the mishaps. First, emotional ener gy reflexively stimulates physiological systems to handle the trauma. If the ela borate information the brain receives ties into unresolved traumatic childhood m emories, the emotional instruction will be intensified and or the resulting bloc kages more obstinate.The mind first receives accurate information about the coll ision directly through the energy field. Almost simultaneously the mind gets add itional but often inaccurate information colored by the emotional programs of th e brain and the field of the cells. Remember that the mind field location is whe re memory of all past lifehoods is stored. Here also are accumulated the memorie s of violent experiences from this life that were so devastating that the person was thrust into an altered state. If the emotions on both levels, brain and min d, body self and soul self, have not been resolved and there is a perceived comm on threat from the trauma the emotional energy will be exponentially intense and the body hyper activated. In fact the emotions may be so great that responses b ecome disorganized with paralysis and psychological disorientation. This above example emphasizes the complicated emotional continuum that spawns in structions and create blocks so that techniques from the tissue, brain and mind levels may be required for total healing. With simple problems a simple techniqu e may suffice. To summarize, regardless of where emotional disturbances occur the entire organi sm suffers. Blocks cause decreased or anti-coherent energy flow with stress to p sychic and physical functions. Because our mission as therapists is to restore p erfect energy flow so that the body can heal itself we should select the most di rect treatments for the paramount energy blocks and shift treatments when each l evel is improved. But how can a therapist decide where the major emotional blocks are? 1. Listen to a patient describe his problem -- not his utterance of the doctor s d iagnosis. 2. Evaluate the consciousness focus of the patient s comments. Does he talk about his life/death or mystically related experiences? Does he stress problems in his personal operations and how his injury complicates his life? Or does he dwell u pon his sensory or motor losses and pain? 3. If the tissue is badly gnarled start treatment on the tissue level. 4. If the problems seem to be general or the result of shock start major treatme nt at a higher emotional area. 5. If no clear cut picture emerges start on the tissue level and work upward wit h techniques. One final comment -- if you are a specialist with one important technique that h as only limited stages, be vigilantly alert to the changing conditions of the pa tient. Make referrals to other healers when your unique work is completed. Const

antly remember that health comes when there is freedom to process energies effec tively on all levels. The body can repair and regenerate beyond our wildest drea ms if the blocks to the emotional organized energy systems are removed. Evolutionary Tools The BFF will offer outstanding tools to improve biofields. TESLAR WATCHES DO YOU: * * * * Use a computer, cellular phone, view television? Work around electrically operated equipment? Live near high tension wires? Become fatigued when in crowds or driving on freeways?

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