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SK English Paper 1 Objective Paper Time 50 mins Total marks 40 marks No of questions 40 . Choose the correct or best answer marked A, B, C or D. Then, on the answer sheet , darken the space of the letter of the answer that has been chosen. Also circle the letter on the question paper.

Questions 1 10 Vocabulary word, phrase or sentence level. Questions stimuli based with or without graphics.

Questions 11 15 Social and language expression. - correct social expression with clues suitable vocabulary on given situations parts of speech based on clues.

Questions are based on pictures showing common social situations. Study each picture carefully, make sure of the situation. Choose appropriate response that fits the situation.

Questions 16 25 Grammar grammatical items, spelling and punctuation. synonyms and antonyms questions stimuli based with graphics.

Questions 26 30 Text Completion. A cloze passage a picture is given.

5 blanks test on the use of parts of speech ( grammar ) visual and textual clues. Look carefully and choose the correct answers.

Questions 31 40 Reading and Comprehension. ( 10 multiple choice questions , 2 passages. ) a non-linear passage and a linear passage.

Reading skills : main idea - specific information cause and effect relationships predicting outcomes vocabulary - drawing conclusions

- sequencing

- inference

TIP : To score excellently well , pupils must think beyond the text. Use own experience and knowledge in order to answer the questions correctly.


1. 2.

Read and understand the questions. Look at the pictures or graphics given and relate them to the answers given.

3. Pupils have to understand the situation and dialogue before choosing the correct response that fits the situation in the picture. 4. 5. 6. Look at all the punctuation marks. Cloze passage look carefully at the picture. Read the passage at least twice to get a general idea.

7. 8.

Read all the options A, B, C, D before choosing the best answer. Answer all the questions given.

9. Comprehension question -Pupils should read the passage at least twice so that they understand it better.


Section A ,Questions 1 10 ( VOCABULARY ) Question No 1 : Animals, footwear, plants , adverbs, places Question No 2 : Footwear, place, transport, clothes, adjectives Question No 3 : Kitchen utensils, relationship, animals, verbs (past tense ), animals (home ) Question No 4 : Objects, animals, occupation, animals, adverb of manner Questions No 5 7: Fishing, Personal hygiene, Gardening , Having dinner at a restaurant Question No 8 : Situation At a stall, Stroking a cat, Having breakfast, In the bedroom, In the garden. Question No 9: Situation Mending shoes, Returning a wallet, Hanging the clothes, In the garden,painting Question No 10: Situation Playing with rabbits, Mowing the lawn,Missed the bus, Baking a cake, Tapping the rubber tree.

Section B , Questions 11 15 ( SOCIAL AND LANGUAGE EXPRESSIONS ) Question No 11: How is your new school? ( To enquire ) / Does it fit you? ( To enquire ) I enjoyed the chicken curry. ( To confirm ) / Thank you for switching on the light . ( To express gratitude ) / I did , but its too spicy. ( To explain )

Question No 12: It will start at any time. ( To inform ) / I would suggest these roses. ( To suggest) I would like another piece. ( To request ) / Ill help you to look for them. ( To offer ) / These hibiscus are beautiful, arent they? ( To ask for confirmation)

Question No 13: Where did you buy the blouse? ( To enquire ) / Go straight and take the first junction. ( To explain) / Theres someone at the door. ( To explain ) / Its alright! I can manage. ( To decline ) / Where is the nearest bus stop? ( To enquire )

Question No 14 : Which one would you like? ( To offer ) / Oh, how kind of you . ( To express gratitude. ) / Let me give you a hand. ( To offer ) / Jenny bought it at the new bakery. ( To inform ) / Pleased to meet you. ( To greet )

Question No 15: I cant find my keys. ( To inform ) / I need a room for tonight. ( To request )/ Ill take you to the clinic. ( To inform) / Let me check it for you. ( To offer )/ Please help me clean the hutch. ( To request )

Section C , Questions 16 - 25 ( GRAMMAR , SPELLING & PUNCTUATI ON )

Ques. 16: Comparison of adjective / Adverbs / Adverbs / Articles/ Articles Ques. 17: Preposition /Adjectives / Adjectives / Verbs ( Interrogative ) / Main Verbs Ques. 18: Pronoun / Quantifiers /Conjunction / Verbs ( to-be ) / Subject-verb Agreement / Ques. 19: Adverb / Comparison of Adjective/ Present Tense / Prepositions / Conjunctions Ques. 20: Conjunction / Past Tense / Verb / Conjunctions / Determiners Ques. 21: Synonyms / Synonyms / Synonyms / Antonyms - Opposites / Antonyms-Opposites Ques. 22: Spelling- Object / Description / Mode of Transport / Insects / Vegetables Ques. 23: Spelling Part of the body/ Food / Object / Object/ Adjectives Ques. 24: Punctuation: Full stop / Apostrophe / Comma / Question marks / Exclamation marks Ques. 25: Punctuation: Question marks/ Exclamation marks / Exclamation marks / Exclamation marks / Comma

Section D, Questions 26 30 ( TEXT COMPLETION ) Yr 2006 2007 2008

Q. No. 26: Past Tense Q. No. 26: Present Tense No. No 26: Noun 27: Collective Noun 27: Common Noun 27: Preposition 28: Preposition 28: Verb 28: Noun 29: Noun 29: Adjectives 29: Past Continuous Tense 30: Adverb 30: Preposition 30: Noun

Yr 2009 2010 Q. No, 26: Noun Q. No. 26: Noun 27: Noun 27: Verbs 28: Noun 28: Infinitive to 29: Verbs 29: Prepositions 30: Verb-to-be 30: Pronouns

Section E , Questions 31 40 ( READING AND COMPREHENSION )

( NL ) : Non-linear ( L ): Linear Qs 31 35 Qs 36 40 2006 - TV Programme ( NL ) 2007 - Diary ( NL ) Factual ( L ) 2008 - Life Processes ( NL ) Dialogue ( L ) 2009 - Process in making ( NL ) Letter ( L ) 2010 - Notice ( NL ) Narrative ( L ) Types of Questions 2006 2007 2008 Question Number 2009 2010 Narrative ( L )

Main Idea ( Ide-ide penting ) Specific Information 33 31 31, 36 32

( Maklumat tertentu ) Predicting outcomes

31 32,39,40 32, 37, 38 31,34,36 31, 33, 34

( Meramalkan hasil-hasil) 32,40 Drawing conclusion (Membuat kesimpulan ) Cause and Effect ( sebab dan kesan ) Relationship ( Perhubungan ) 34, 37 35 Vocabulary ( Perbendaharaan Kata ) Inference ( Inferens ) 36 34,36 Sequencing ( Urutan ) 39 34 10 38 35 38

33 37, 39



32, 38, 40


36, 38


35,39 33

35, 39




Total no. questions 10 10


IMPORTANT NOTES & TIPS TO SCORE A Section A Questions 1 4 ( a sentence with a missing word ) You are advised to spend 4 minutes on these questions.


1.Animals ( Gender masculine and feminine ) , animals and their young, Mammals, birds, fishes, reptiles, amphibians, insects, other animals 2.Animal homes barn, hutch, den, lair , burrow, sty, stable, aviary, apiary,

3.Places airport, harbour, helipad, quarry, reservoir, landfill, desert, cemetery, sawmill etc 4.Objects - drawer, screwdriver, spanner, bucket, toothpaste, rake, hoe, microscope etc. 5.Transport air, land and water transport, hovercraft, raft, scooter, yacht, cable car etc. 6.Games sports equipment , sports attire , indoor games, outdoor activities, telematch etc. 7.Clothing traditional costume, vest, jacket, pinafore, dothi , jippa, overall, apron etc. 8.Footwear sneakers, sandals, slippers, boots, clogs, high-heeled shoes , spikes etc. 9.Occupations things ,instruments or tools used by the people 10.Hobbies collecting stickers, making handicraft, gardening, flower arrangement, 11.Plants fruit, flowers, trees 12.Kitchen Utensils ( pestle and mortar, fish slice, gas cylinder, chopping board , saucer etc.) 13.Relationships ( doctor-patient-nurse, aunt-uncle-niece-nephew, etc. 14.Buildings description of buildings , parts of the buildings ( minarets, arches, porch etc. ) 15.Food and Drinks 16.Parts of the body head, arm and leg 17.Collective nouns for people, things and animals 18.People Gender ( Masculine and Feminine ) ,

Samples questions.

1. The hunter turned his head when he heard the low _____________of a bear. A. growl B. bleat C. roar D. bark

2. Gopal is staying with his ___________because his parents have passed away. A. host B. teacher C. friends D. guardian

3. Karim practices blowing the _____________during his leisure. A. drum B. clarinet C. guitar D. cymbal

Section A Questions 5 7 ( A paragraph is given with 3 blanks . Options are in phrases ) You are advised to spend only 3 minutes for Questions 5 -7.

-Understand the paragraphs and the pictures before choosing your answer. -Look at the context ( situation ) in the paragraph. Study the pictures carefully. Answer all questions. -Check Read the paragraph using the phrases you have chosen.

Section A Questions 8 10 ( Sentence Level ) You are advised to spend only 3 minutes on Questions 8 10

A picture is given for each question Study the pictures carefully. Make sure the sentence you choose fits the picture given.

Section B ( Social Expressions ) Questions 11 15 ( 5 questions with various situations ) You are advised to spend only 6 minutes on Section B.

Types of Situations and Responses 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Greetings Introducing yourself and others Taking leave Giving and seeking information Giving instructions and carrying out instructions Requesting for objects Telephone conversations Other social expressions


Giving directions

Tips Understand the situation and the sentences in each picture. Look at the pictures and ask yourself what the people are doing. Read through all the options given before you choose the best option. Use your common sense to decide on the best answer. Make a good guess if you are unsure of the answer.

Section C ( Grammar ) Questions 16 21 ( 6 sentences with a missing word in each sentence ) You are advised to spend only 8 mins. On Questions 16 21 .

Pictures may be given for some questions. If no pictures are given, look for clues in the sentence. Make a good guess if you are unsure of the answers. Write the word in the blank and read the sentence aloud. If the sentence is logical and grammatically correct, circle that option as your answer. Answer all questions.

Grammar Items Tested 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Articles Nouns Pronouns Adjectives Comparison of Adjectives Adverbs

7. 8. 9. 10.

Prepositions Conjunctions WH-questions Tenses Present Tense, Present Continuous Tense, Past Tense, Past Continuous Tense,

Past Participle, Future Tense 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Verbs Interrogative Verbs, Main Verbs, Verbs-to-be, Subject-Verb Agreement Quantifiers Determiners Antonyms Synonyms

---------------------------Section C ( Spelling ) Questions 22 23 ( 2 sentences with a missing word in each sentence) You are advised to spend 2 mins. on Questions 22 & 23

Study the pictures and sentences given. It there are no pictures given, look for clues in the sentence. Check the options given and choose the correct spelling for the missing word. Read the sentence again and check your answers.

Categories of Words Tested 1. 2. 3. 4. Places Objects Games Vehicles mode of transport

5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

Clothing Occupations Hobbies Animals - insects Relationships Buildings Fruit Vegetables Food Adjective description Food Drinks

--------------------Section C ( Punctuation ) Questions 24 and 25 ( For each question, 4 sentences are given ) You are advised to spend only 2 minutes on Questions 24 and 25

Tips -Look at all the options carefully and focus on the punctuation marks. -Read each sentence carefully . Make sure that you choose the sentence with the correct punctuation. ______________________

SECTION D ( TEXT COMPLETION ) Questions 26 30 ( A picture and a short text with 5 missing words ) You are advised to spend only 6 minutes on Section D


Study the picture. Read the text carefully. Study the options given for each blank. Get the clues to the answers from the picture and sentences given. Choose the most suitable word to fill in each blank. If you are unsure of the answers, make a good guess. Do not leave any question unanswered.

Types of Grammar Items Tested

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Articles- a,an,the 6. Prepositions along, across, from, against Nouns park, beach, broom 7. Conjunctions so, but, while, Pronouns- they, them, themselves 8. Wh- questions whom , who, what, when Adjectives beautiful, heavy 9. Tenses Present Continuous Adverbs- slowly, quickly 10. Subject-Verb Agreement

11. Collective Nouns herd , swarm , troop, flock 12. Infinitive-to ___________________________ SECTION E ( READING COMPREHENSION ) Questions 31 40 ( 2 Stimuli ) You are advised to spend only 15 minutes on this section.

- 5 multiple choice questions are given after each stimuli.

Questions 31 35 (Non linear ) Questions 36 40 ( Linear ) 1. 2. 3. Notices 1. Letters Advertisements 2. Speeches Diary entries 3. Dialogues

4. 5.


4. Factual Passages 5. Narrative Passages

Maps & Flow Charts

Tips - Read the text or study the stimulus given carefully. - Go through each question and all the options given. - Choose the best answer from the options given - Circle A,B,C or D to mark the correct answers. Shade the space provided in the answer sheet. - Answer all the easy questions first. Then go back to the difficult questions. - Do not waste time. Cross out the options one by one until you get the correct answer. ______________________________________

Types of Questions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Understanding main ideas. Locating details or specific information Sequencing ideas / events Understanding meaning of words Recognising cause and effect relationships Predicting outcomes Drawing conclusions.

-------------------------TIPS TO SCORE A FOR PAPER 2 ( SUBJECTIVE )

SK English Paper 2 Subjective Time 1 hour 15 mins. No of questions 3 Total marks 40 marks 3 Sections Section A, Section B and Section C

* Pupils are tested on the ability to construct sentences with the correct structure and grammar. Pupils with a good command of the language are able to express ideas .

Section A - Question 1 Sentence construction based on given words and graphics. A composite picture with helping words based on the picture. May use or may not use all the words given Must write 5 sentences based on the picture given.

Section B Question 2 Information transfer question. Pupils have to read and understand information of the 3 items based on the various topics . Question 2 a - Word transfer word and phrase level Question 2 b - Sentence level while making a preference into grid (b) Remember Spelling , punctuation ( tanda bacaan ) dan legibility ( tulisan yang jelas )

Section C Question 3 -Note expansion question. -Write a composition in a few paragraphs based on the pictures and words given. -Read instructions carefully before answering the question. -Pupils who have a good command of English are able to score high marks in this section.


-Look at the pictures and observe the activities and situation in it. -The helping words given will help pupils get a general idea of what the situation is in the picture.

-Pupils may or may not use the helping words to construct sentences in SectionA and C. However read the instructions carefully. -The sentences must be related to the situation in the pictures. -Pupils must be careful with the spelling of words, capital letters and punctuations when transferring information from the original text. -Try not to make grammatical and spelling errors when constructing sentences. -Simple sentences, compound sentences and complex sentences can be used to construct sentences. -Write in paragraphs for Section C. -Do constant revision of your teachers notes , use the dictionary and do a lot of practices in answering the English papers. Do not forget to do all your corrections.


SECTION A ( Sentence Construction ) 2006 2007 2008 - Topic- In the Kichen - At a Durian Stall 2009 Children at Work / Drawing a Mural

- Preparing for Hari Raya 2010 Student at work / Wrapping Prizes

SECTION C ( Information Transfer ) 2006 Greeting Cards 2007 - Outdoor Activities 2008 - Hobbies 2009 - Personal Present 2010 - Holiday Destinations

SECTION D ( Note Expansion ) 2006 - An Incident : A Burglar Chased by a Goose 2007 - A Story : Helping An Old Woman Repair Her House.

2008 - A Process : Preparing Pickled Papaya 2009 - A Story : Boy Helping Mother To Sell Nasi Lemak 2010 - A Story : Buying Ice-cream for a Poor Girl

IMPORTANT NOTES & TIPS TO SCORE A UPSR PAPER 2, Section A Question 1 ( 1 picture and 10 words are given . Write 5 sentences about the picture. ) You are advised to spend 15 minutes on this section. TIPS: 1. Read the instructions carefully. 2. Study the picture and words given. 3. Use the words to make 5 complete sentences to describe the picture. You may not use all the words given. 4. Use linkers or sentence connectors and conjunctions where appropriate. 5. Read the sentences and check if they are logical and grammatically correct. 6. Make sure the sentences describe the picture logically and correctly. 7. Make your sentences interesting. You may add adjectives and adverbs. 8. You must be consistent when using tenses to describe the picture. Eg. Present and Present Continuous Tense. Pay attention to Subject-Verb Agreement. 9. Check your answers and correct any mistakes in grammar, spelling and punctuation.

------------------------Sample Answers: 1. The bread vendor, who is wearing a helmet, uses a motorcycle to sell bread , buns and cakes to his customers. 2. There are many types of bread hung around the container on the motorcycle which is parked under a shady tree. 3. Many children are buying their favourite bread, buns and cakes from the friendly bread vendor. 4. The hard- working bread vendor gets his supply of bread from a bakery in town.

5. Two women who are carrying their babies, are walking towards the bread vendor .

0r 1. Encik Ahmad, who is a bread vendor goes from place to place on his motorcycle to sell his bread and cakes. 2. He keeps the bread, buns and cakes in a big container behind his motorcycle and hangs some of them around it. 3.His customers are housewives and children who love to buy their favourite breads from him. 4.Encik Ahmads delicious bread, buns and cakes are made in a famous bakery in town. 5.A Malay woman and her Chinese neighbour want to buy some bread and they are walking towards him.

Or 1. The bread vendor sells his bread on a motorcycle. 2. He parks his motorcycle under a big shady tree. 3.A few children are buying their favourite bread from him. 4.There is a big container at the back of his motorcycle. 5.The two women are carrying their babies.

MORE USEFUL TIPS TO SCORE A IN SECTION A -If you do not know the word given or unsure of its meaning, do not use it. -You are not required to write a story. -Sentences do not have to be in sequence. -The tense used must be consistent. -For Section A, pupils may use the Present Continuous Tense to describe the actions that are happening at present. -You may name the people in the picture but you must be specific. Eg. Puan Kamariah, who is wearing a scarf, is carrying her baby.

-If there are two boys , you may say , The elder boy is walking away while his younger brother is still buying the bread. - Do not put yourself in the picture. Avoid writing , My family and I .. or I am very happy. -If you wish to use the Past Tense, state the time. Remember, the sentences must be in the Past Tense . Look for the words that can guide you. Eg. went , bought ,

Sample Answer 1. Last Sunday,Encik Ahmad,the bread vendor went to a housing area to sell bread to his customers. 2. Women and children bought their favourite bread, buns and cakes from him. 3. There was a big container on his motorcycle and some bread hanging around it. 4. Encik Ahmad got his fresh and delicious bread from a bakery. 5. His business was good that day and he was happy.

Table 1 Subject + Verb + Predicate The bread vendor is selling fresh bread, buns and cakes to his customers. The children are buying their favourite bread. The two women are carrying their babies and walking towards the bread vendor. The women and children bought a lot of bread, buns and cakes from Encik Ahmad, the bread vendor.

CONSTRUCTING COMPOUND SENTENCES Construct 2 simple sentences first. Join them together with conjunctions eg. and , so, while,but, because, as , when , so that . 1. The children are buying their favourite bread while their mothers are watching them. 2. The players are rushing to take shelter because it is raining.


1. NAME + WHO + ACTION + ACTION Latipah, who is wearing a scarf , is sweeping the compound.

2. NAME + ADJECTIVE + ACTION Siti Khatijah, a helpful pupil, is helping her teacher to carry her heavy bag.

3. NAME + OCCUPATION + ACTION + ACTION Encik Ahmad, the bread vendor, who is wearing a helmet, is selling bread and cakes to his customers.

4. NAME + OCCUPATION + ACTION + WHILE + ACTION Pn Ashah, the teacher, is showing her pupils how to make paper flowers while sitting on the floor.

5. NAME + DESIGNATION + ACTION + WHILE + ACTION Farah and Rani , two active children, are in their tracksuits while waiting for their coach to train them .

-------------------Scoring Good and Excellent marks for Question 1 Good marks - 7 and 8 - Most sentences are correct. - Few single word errors. - Few errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation. - Ideas are relevant to the picture.

Excellent marks 9 and 10 - Simple and compound sentences - Sentences are correct. -

- Nearly no grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. - Ideas are relevant to the picture. PRACTICE FOR QUESTION 2 Section B Question 2 ( A stimulus is given. Pictures with short notes are given. Complete a table with information from the stimulus. Then write a paragraph giving reasons for a choice made. )

You are advised to spend 25 minutes on this section. TIPS 1. 2. Read the instructions and information given carefully. For Question 2 a , look at the table and find the information you need to complete the table.

Look for key words. Refer to the answers given as examples to follow. 3. Transfer the information to the blanks in the table. Check your spelling, grammar and

punctuation . Write neatly and clearly. 4. For Question 2 b, choose one option from the choices given.

There is no right or wrong choice. You must try to give good reasons for making your choice. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. You can use the information from the table to help you list out reasons for your choice. You do not have to make a comparison with the other items. List down the points and reasons . Use a variety of sentences; simple and compound. Use adjectives to make the description more interesting.

10. Use linkers to give the description a smoother flow. ( Besides, Therefore, Moreover etc. ) However, use them appropriately ;and not for every sentence.

SCORING 1. Question 2 a Full marks is 10. 1 mark for each correct answer. No mark for an answer with spelling errors.

2. Question 2 b- Full marks is 5

Good mark - 4 - Language used is good. - Simple and compound sentences. - Some errors. Most reasons are well planned, relevant and clear. - Some punctuation and spelling errors. - Meaning is still clear.

Excellent mark - 5 - Language used is very good. - Hardly any errors. - Reasons are clear and well planned, relevant and interesting. - Simple and compound sentences. - Spelling and punctuation correct. SUGGESTED SENTENCES FOR ANSWERING QUESTION 2 B ( APPLY THEM APPROPRIATELY )

1. Price / Fee / Fare / Cost The price is low . The handbag is cheap. It costs RM20. It is the cheapest among the three . (items ) The price is RM70. Although the racquet is expensive, it is affordable. It is a reasonable fee and I think I can afford it. The price, which is RM50, is reasonable and affordable.

The fee is not too expensive. Furthermore, I will get a RM10 discount if I register early. This means I will pay less. The whole chicken costs RM12 each and it is the cheapest of all.


It is worth buying. I would choose SMART Tuition Centre because its fees is the lowest of all. Although the price of the kitten is quite costly, I will get a lovely basket for free. It is very economical to choose Package A because the price is within my budget.

Occupations I like to be a teacher when I grow up because I can impart knowledge to pupils. I prefer to be a doctor when I grow up because I can treat sick people and save lives. I can contribute my service to the poor people .

Being a pilot is interesting because I get to travel around the world. I can visit many different countries all over the world. Besides, I can meet many kinds of people and learn about their culture and traditions. I choose to be a policeman because I can keep law and order. It is my responsibility to keep the town safe and peaceful. This job is challenging although it is sometimes dangerous. This job is enjoyable and I get to meet many people. This occupation is suitable for me. / It suits me. It is highly paid. / The salary is high. The qualification needed is a university degree.


3. Houses / Homestay The double-storey house in Taman Sri Selama is located quite near my school. It is convenient to go to school because there is an efficient bus service in this area. The semi-detached bungalow is the most spacious of all the houses. Therefore, it is the most suitable for my elder sisters big family. I am sure she and her family will feel comfortable living in it. I prefer the house on the hill over looking the park because of the beautiful scenery and peaceful surroundings. Living in a terrace house is interesting because we have many friendly neighbours who can help one another.

In addition, there is a small garden in front of the house, where we can grow many colourful flowering plants. My father will like this house because the porch in front is big enough for parking two cars.

The security around this apartment is tight and my family will feel safe living here. Moreover, there are many facilities around such as a hair saloon, gymnasium and a mini-market. Therefore, it is very convenient for us. I would choose Homestay Sg. Bayor because my uncles family loves the countryside. The surroundings are green and the scenery is beautiful. Besides, it is quiet and peaceful. My uncles family can experience feeding the animals on the farm and plucking rambutans from the orchard. The package is for 3 days and 2 nights, which is sufficient for my uncles family. Staying in Homestay Amanda will be a wonderful experience for my sisters pen pal and her family who love nature. This place is quite far from the city and it is located near a jungle. The air is fresh and cool. They can enjoy jungle-trekking and looking at the beautiful flowers and plants. They can take photographs of many insects too.

4. Activities I prefer outdoor activities to indoor activities because they are more exciting, adventurous and challenging. I can enjoy the fresh air while cycling around the neighbourhood. Working indoor is more comfortable and I am protected from the sun and rain.

Swimming is a good form of exercise because it strengthens the muscles of every part of the body. It keeps me fit and healthy. Collecting stamps is interesting and beneficial. We can gain a lot of knowledge about countries all over the world. Reading can improve our general knowledge, vocabulary and grammar. I can become more knowledgeable. Singing is entertaining and fun. It is my favourite activity and I am very talented in singing. Joining the Music Club gives the chance to play musical instruments and make new friends. Co-curricular activities help me to become an active , responsible and disciplined person.

I get the chance to represent my school in sports . I can keep up the good name of my school. I will be proud if I win the first prize in the sports meet.


Clothing / Shoes I would choose the POLO sports shirt for my father because it is suitable for him. He can wear it when he goes for his sports activities. It makes him look stylish and sporty. It is comfortable to wear. The long-sleeved shirt suits my father well as he will look smart in it. Besides, he can wear it to important functions like meetings and business trips. The batik shirt has beautifully-designed patterns and it is very attractive. It is made of good quality silk material. It looks elegant. I would choose the long skirt with flowered patterns for my mother because she will look beautiful in it. Besides, it is fashionable and attractive. My mother can wear it when she attends a party with her friends. The sizes are large and medium. The large size fits me well. The free gift is a wallet. It is very useful .

SPARK shoes are comfortable for my brother to wear. They are made from good quality leather so they will last longer. Moreover, SPARK is the most popular brand among children today. My brother can wear them to school or for an outing. The Happyfit sandals come in three colours which are pink, yellow and white. So, I am going to choose pink as it is my favourite colour. These sandals are made in Malaysia and I prefer local products. I can walk comfortably in them. 6. Fruits I would choose the durian as it is my familys favourite fruit . Its flesh is creamy and It is trendy . It is durable because it is made from good quality material.

delicious. It is rich in carbohydrates and vitamin. It is known as, The King of Fruits and is very popular during the durian season. The orange contains Vitamin C which keeps us healthy. We can either eat it fresh or make it into a drink. We can buy them from the market or supermarket. Eating fresh fruits is good for health. We will not fall sick easily if we eat fresh fruits every day. I prefer local fruits because they are cheaper and fresher. I prefer the sweet and sour juicy mangoes. They are rich in vitamins. It is good to eat them when they are fresh. Mango juice is a popular drink too.

7. Shows / Movie / TV programme It is an interesting show / movie / TV programme and it is my favourite It is educational and I can gain a lot of knowledge from it. It is suitable for children like me. I can learn good moral values from the movie. It is entertaining and I would enjoy watching it. Laughing is good and I can release stress. This documentary provides me a lot of knowledge about sea animals and marine life. The ticket price is RM10 for an adult and RM6 for a child and it is reasonable. It is shown at the Star Cineplex which is a walking distance away from my house. The 5.00 pm show is suitable for me as I am free at that time.

* Task . Practise writing notes for the following topics and others:

Trees ( fruit tree , flowering plant , ferns ) Pets ( hamster , kitten , bird , fish ) Events ( car race , mountain-climbing , canoe race ) Books ( adventure , hobbies , grammar , magazine, encyclopedia , dictionary ) Toys ( soft toy , jigsaw-puzzle , remote-controlled car ) Food ( burger , sponge cake , muffins ) Transport ( coach , train , plane ) Objects ( watch , wallet, neck-tie , pen , handbag, computer ) Traditional Games ( top-spinning , kite flying , marbles ) Outdoor Games ( football, hockey , handball , netball, volleyball ) Indoor Games ( scrabble , chess, snake and ladder , monopoly , computer game ) Hobbies ( painting , drawing cartoons, gardening , sewing, cooking, collecting coins )

Package Tours to holiday destinations ( Genting Highlands , Langkawi Island , Malacca , Penang Island )


POINT REASON Fancy Blouse Price: Only RM65.70 Material : Cotton Free: Purse Available in four colours light blue, light green, light yellow, pink and brown. Price: The price is RM65.70. It is reasonable and affordable. Material The material is cotton and it is suitable for me. Besides, it

is comfortable to wear. Free it. The gift is a purse.It is useful as I can keep my coins in

Colours It comes in four colours. They are light blue, light green, light yellow, pink and brown. My favourite colour is light blue. _______________________________

PRACTICE FOR PAPER 2 QUESTION 3 Section C Question 3 ( Pictures with short notes are given . Write sentences to describe the pictures given. Use the notes given to help you write the sentences )

You are advised to spend 35 minutes on this section. TIPS

1. 2. 3. 4.

Read the instructions carefully. Look at the pictures carefully. Read and understand the notes given for each picture. Understand the story. Pay attention to the words given to give you a clue to what tense to use.

5. Try to use the same tense throughout. The introduction maybe in Present Tense if you are describing the main character of the story. 6. Using the notes given , write 3 or 4 paragraphs to describe the pictures or story. Write neatly. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Have an opening and a closure. Write a variety of sentences. Use simple, compound and complex sentences. Write creatively. Use proper vocabulary to express your ideas. Use adjectives and adverbs to make them interesting. If you are confident, use idioms, similies or proverbs. Your sentences should link well so that your story has a smooth flow in your story.

( Meanwhile, Within a few minutes, As he was walking home, Immediately, Firstly,Then, After that , Suddenly , etc ) 13. Check for mistakes in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Check that you have used the full-stop, comma and capital letters. 14. Use the correct sentence structures. 15. You may change the order of the words as long as the meaning is clear. 16. Plan your ideas well. Do not repeat your ideas.



A few days ago, Encik Mat Zen fetched his family to Lake Gardens.

Table 4

SUBJECT VERB PREDICATE There was an accident in the busy town this morning. A lorry knocked down a small boy who was cycling. The boy was unconscious and seriously injured. In a short while an ambulance arrived and rushed him to the hospital. The boys parents went hurriedly to see their son. The doctors saved their son's life. The boys parents thanked them gratefully. The boy had to be treated in the hospital until he recovered.


MARKS FOR PAPER 2 QUESTION 3 Full Marks - 15 Excellent - 13 15 Language used is very good. Ideas are clear, well-planned and interesting. Simple, compound and complex sentences.New words are used. No spelling and punctuation errors.

Good 9 12 Language used is good. Tried to make simple, compound and complex sentences. Some errors made. Most ideas are well-planned, relevant and clear. New words are used. Some spelling and punctuation errors. Meaning is clear

Average 5 8 Language used is correct. Simple sentences with errors. Meaning is clear. Ideas are quite good and vocabulary

is enough.Vocabulary is adequate to convey meaning. A few punctuation and spelling errors.

Weak 1 4 Poor use of the language. Many errors in sentences, spelling and punctuation. Ideas cannot be understood. Vocabulary is very weak. Sentences must have meaning.



Halim is my pen pal. He studies in the Year 6 Best in SK Cemerlang. Halim enjoys outdoor activities such as camping and fishing. We share similar hobbies too. Halim is an active and friendly boy. He is popular in his school and his teachers like him too.

During the last holidays, Halim and his friends went camping together. They were excited and planned for the trip well. They camped in Bukit Nanas quite far from their school. Halims uncle, Encik Abdul Rahman accompanied them on the trip. He was an experienced scout so he could look after the boys well and help them . They brought along tents, torchlights, clothes, cooking utensils and enough food for three days.

The weather was fine and everyone was in a happy mood. After getting down from Halims uncle new car, they had to walk through a jungle track to reach their campsite. Each of them had to carry their own heavy knapsacks on their backs. The air was fresh and they enjoyed walking . They were happy to get away from the hustle and bustle of their busy town.

Soon they reached their campsite. They saw a beautiful waterfall nearby. The boys pitched their tents and collected firewood for the campfire at night and cooking. After that, they spent a lot of time playing in the cool clear water. Encik Abdul Rahman taught them how to make a fishing rod. Halim and his friends made their own fishing rods from thin branches and twigs.

They had fun trying to catch fish using the fishing rods they had made. They also took turns to cook their simple meals over a fire.

Besides fishing and swimming, the adventurous boys also went jungle trekking . It was a challenging activity as the ground was steep and slippery. Although it was tiring, the boys enjoyed themselves in the jungle. They could see various types of insects and rare birds and plants. They collected some leaves and pebbles for their Science Corner in their class. At night, they had a lovely campfire and sang many camping songs , joked and laughed a lot.

Soon, it was time to return home. They had spent three wonderful days in the jungle. Before leaving their campsite, they made sure that the place was clean. They picked up all the rubbish and put it in a big plastic bag. Halims uncle made sure that he had put out the fire carefully. He did not want to cause any forest fires. Then, all of them left the jungle feeling tired but happy. It was an educational and adventurous experience. When they returned home, they wrote down their experience in their diaries.