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Tuyen sinh : CAO HOC Mon thi : ANH VAN Thi gian : 120 phut Chu y: Th sinh: - Khong c dung tai lieu - Lam bai tren phieu lam bai thi


Choose the word/phrase (a, b, c, or d) which best completes the meaning of each sentence. 1. Beckham had to of the match because of injury. a. fall out b. race out c. run out d. drop out 2. I am I've been working all day. a. hilarious b. horrible c. exhausted d. exciting 3. Mary was good looking, rich and intelligent. All the girls her. a. wanted b. longed c. envied d. desired 4. The is a kind of seabird that cannot fly. a. penguin b. eagle c. swan d. raven 5. You must be! Come and eat lunch. a. frustrating b. starving c. exciting d. interesting 6. Everyone has the to live in peace. a. mind b. sight c. fight d. right 7. If only my grandfather had left me something in his! a. wage b. will c. earning d. account 8. I hate standing in a queue. It's such a of time. a. loss b. bankrupt c. waste d. uneconomical 9. I a little Italian when I was working in Rome. a. worked up b. looked up c. thought up d. picked up 10. Nowadays it is very for British people to cook British food. a. unusual b. manual c. edible d. breakable 11. Gabriel will never from the death of his wife. a. cover from b. get over c. climb over d. recover from 12. He is and cautious, never making a swift decision.


14. 15. 16. 17. 18.



a. reserving b. preserved c. reserved d. conserved The English woman wears tweeds, likes dogs and going for walks in the countryside. a. lonely b. national c. stereotype d. fashionable She'swith her husband because he is always drinking. a. tied up b. fed up c. turned up d. c up Whenever we have a party, people with their drinks to the kitchen. a. participate b. gravitate c. dissipate d. anticipate Ais a woman who is paid by parents to look after their children. a. pygmy b. candy c. gypsy d. nanny Nearly all of us have about winning the big prize in The National Lottery. a. nationalized b. fantasized c. visualized d. capitalized Keenu Reeves is very famous now. His popularity really when he played in that film. a. took off b. flew off c. broke off d. got off Robert doesn't speak much Vietnamese so it was difficult to to him what I wanted. a. think over b. get over c. discuss over d. lean over He can't bear seeing his sister going out with a black man. He isn't really a/an man. a. unkind b. emotional c. tolerant d. hospitable

SECTION 2 : GRAMMAR AND STRUCTURE 21. Next term on 12 April. a. starts b. is starting c. is started d. will start 22. The bus driver managed to avoid the dog. a. to hit b. hitting c. being hit d. getting hit 23. They next Sunday at 8:00 a. arrive b. will arrive c. would arrive d. are arriving. 24. How many times sheto Barcelona? a. does/ go b. does/been c. will/ be d. has/ been. 25. In the year 2050 the world's population reach 10 billion. a. will b. would c. should d. shall 26. They weren't hungry because theydinner. a. have had b. had had c. might have d. could have. 27. 3-0 up with five minutes to play. Real Madrid win. a. will b. shall c. ought to d. are going to 28. In my town, you only find a few bars where smoking is allowed. a. can b. can't c. could d. manage to 29. Yousteal other people's things. It's wrong. a. don't need to b. mustn't c. don't have to d. haven't got to 30. Was her poetry published she was alive?

a. during b. though c. since 31. As soon as breakfast is ready, I you. a. call b. called c. will call 32. I like my bills on time. a. paying b. to pay c. being paid 33. What did you spend all your money? a. on b. on c. to 34. Id like to sales manager. a. to promote b. to be promoting c. to be promoted promoted. 35. Whatyou rather do, stay in or go out? a. will b. must c. would 36. I remember very unhappy as a teenager. a. being b. to be c. having been 37. She's 20 years old but she sometimes behaves a child. a. as b. like c. exactly 38. She said that she to the country last weekend. a. was been b. has been c. had been 39. Ithat in the future almost nobody will smoke. a. thought b. think c. am thinking 40. The officer made her for over two hours. a. wait b. waited c. to wait

d. while d. would call d. having paid d. with d. to being

d. could d. had been d. similar d. might been d. have thought d. being waited

SECTION 3 : READING COMPREHENSION A. People wrote with feather pens and then used pens with metal points. They had to dip the point into ink after every few letters. Next someone invented a fountain pen that could hold ink inside it. A fountain pen can write several pages before you have to fill it again. Two Hungarian brothers, Ladislao and Georg Biro, invented the ballpoint pen that we all use today. They left Hungary and started making ballpoint pens in England in 1942 during World War II. English pilots liked them. They couldn't write with fountain pens in an airplane because the ink leaked out. Later, a French company called Big bought The Biro's company. Some people call ballpoint pens a bic. Australians call them biros. Whatever we call them, we use them every day. 41. The first pens were . a. wooden b. feather c. metal d. graphite 42. A fountain pen can hold inside it. a. coal b. lead c. ink d. gold 43. The Biro brothers made thousands of pens in . a. England b. Hungary c. France d. Switzerland 44. are best for writing in airplanes.

a. Ballpoint pens b. Pencils c. Fountain pens 45. Some people call ballpoint pens. . a. bics b. tips c. kids

d. a and b d. leaks

B. Rock and roll came from jazz and blues during the 1950s. One of the first rock and roll songs was Bill Haley's "Rock around the clock." One of the very famous rock and roll singers was Elvis Presley. Others were Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry. Now, almost every country has many rock and roll bands and singers. Sometimes performers call their music by different 'names, like "rap" or "punk". They sing and play mixtures of rock and roll and talking or other sounds. Rap" and "punk" both came from rock and roll, or "rock music." Some fans who like rock music think classical music is boring. Many fans play rock music very loudly. They forget about the people who enjoy soft music. Loud music can make these people nervous. Many fans also like to dance to rock and roll.
46. Bill Haley's "Rock around the Clock" was one of the first songs. 47. 48. 49. 50.

a. blues b. rap c. punk d. rock and roll Many fans like their rock music . a. soft b. nervous c. loud d. boring Rock and roll came classical music. a. before b. after c. during d. instead of One of the first very famous rock and roll singers was . a. Celine Dion b. Michael Jackson c. Ricky Martin d. Elvis Presley. Rock lovers think classical music is . a. boring b. thrilling c. promising d. interesting

C. A satellite is a body that moves in an orbit about a larger body. Our moon is a satellite of Earth. Earth and the eight other planets are satellites' of the sun. These are natural satellites. The Earth has many artificial satellites too. Most artificial satellites are used for research and communication. Communication satellites have had the greatest effect on our daily lives. They have made it possible for live radio and television broadcasts to be carried around the world. A communication. satellites is like a big mirror for radio and television signals. A television signal is sent from Japan high into space and bits the communication satellite. It bounces off the satellite and is directed towards the United States where it is picked up by television stations and relayed to millions of viewers at home. Mt v tinh l Mt thn th m di chuyn trong Mt qu o v Mt thn th larger. Mt trng (ca) Chng ta l mt v tinh (ca) Tri t. Tri t v tm hnh tinh khc l nhng v tinh\' Ca mt tri. y l nhng v tinh t nhin. Tri t cng c nhiu v tinh nhn to. a s nhng v tinh nhn to c s dng Cho.

nghin cu v truyn thng. . Nhng v tinh thng tin c hiu ng greatest trn nhng cuc sng hng ngy (ca) chng ta. H lm cho n tr nn kh d (cho) nhng pht thanh truyn hnh sng s c mang trn khp th gii. . Mt truyn thng. nhng v tinh cng nh mt gng ln (cho) rai v nhng tn hiu truyn hnh. Mt tn hiu truyn hnh c gi t Nht bn cao vo trong khng gian v cn v tinh thng tin. N ny ln ra khi V tinh v c ra lnh v pha Nc M u N c nht ln bi nhng i truyn hnh v t li ti hng triu trong s nhng ngi xem ti nh//translated by 51. Satellite is a. a body that moves b. a body that moves around the equator c. a body that moves around the solar system d. a body that moves around a larger body 52. The Earth is a/an satellite. a. natural b. artificial c. scientific d. environmental 53. Most artificial satellites are used for a. fun b. pleasure c. individual competition d. research and communication 54. A communication satellite is like for radio and television signals. a. a big mirror b. a television set c. a radiogram d. an artificial satellite 55. Communication satellites have made it possible be carried around the world. a. live radio broadcasts b. live television broadcasts c. cargo d. a and b D. Rubber is very important in the modern world. We use it for tires for automobiles, buses, tracks, motorcycles and airplanes. We use larger trucks and other machines to build highways. They have large rubber tires. Natural rubber comes from trees. Most of the world's rubber comes from Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand in South East Asia. We also make rubber from petroleum. This kind of rubber becomes hot very fast. We can use it for only some kinds of tires. Now scientists can make rubber from guayule. This wild plant grows in northern Mexico and the southwestern United States. It doesn't need very much rain. It can grow in desert soil. Guayule rubber is nearly the same as rubber from die rubber tree. Cao su (th) rt quan trng trong th gii hin i. Chng ti s dng n (cho) nhng lp xe (cho) nhng xe t, nhng xe but, nhng vt, nhng xe gn my (xe m t) v nhng my bay. Chng ti s dng larger xe ti v nhng my khc xy dng nhng i l. H c nhng v cao su ln. . Cao su T nhin n t nhng ci cy. Hu ht cao su (ca) th gii\ n T Malay, Indonesia, v Thi Lan trong pha Nam pha ng Chu . Chng ti cng lm cao su t

du m. Nhng loi cao su c tr nn ny nng rt nhanh. Chng ti c th s dng n (cho) ch mt s loi nhng lp xe. . Gi nhng nh khoa hc c th lm cao su t cy cc cao. Cy hoang di ny ln ln Print Pha bc Mexican V southwestern hp nht nhng trng thi. N doesn\ ' T cn rt nhiu ma. N c th ln ln trong t hoang mc. Cao su Cc cao gn l cng nh cao su t cy cao su xc xc//translated by 56. We use rubber for . a. trucks b. crystal 57. Most of the world's rubber comes from . a. Western Europe b. Antarctica 58. We can make rubber from a. rambutan b. mango 59. Guayule is found in a. Mexico b. Belgium 60. Guayule can grow in a. wet soil b. muddy soil

c. motorcycles c. Scotland c. orange c. Norway c glacial soil

d. a and c d. South East Asia d. petroleum d. Holland d. desert soil

SECTION 4 : WRITING Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means exactly the same as the sentence printed before it. Example: I expect that he will get there by lunchtime. I expect him to get there by lunchtime. 61. I can't wait to see you in September. I'm looking forward ; . 62. "I will lend you some money", she said to me. She offered . 63. Tom goes out less than he used to. Tom doesn't . 64. I've never met such a beautiful lady like Princess Diana. Princess Diana is .
65. Although he's got a French name, he is in fact Greek.

Despite . 66. I havent got any spare time. I wont learn Chinese. If I .... 67. The coat was so expensive that I couldn't buy it. It was .... 68. Workmen were putting up new traffic' lights at the crossroads. New traffic lights . 69. Tom is going to the fair only if Joe goes too.

Tom isn't . 70. A plumber was repairing our sink. We were ... Make all the changes and additions necessary to produce; from the following ten sets of words and phrases, ten sentences which together make a complete letter. Example: I / wonder / why you / not / reply / last letter. I was wondering why you had not replied to my last letter. Dear Yotano,
71. I be / very pleased / receive / parcel / send .

. . 72. What / good idea I send / selection / different kinds of food / your country. . . 73. I / enjoy / eat I very much / so / my family . . . 74. It / be / not possible / buy / things / France except perhaps / Paris . . . 75. You / say / your letter / you /would like / me / send / you / parcel/ English food. . . 76. I / just / post / one / you . . . 77. It / not arrive / same time / this letter / send / by sea-mail. . . 78. In / parcel/ be / information / prepare / eat / food . . . 79. How / be / you? / What / be / you / up / to? . . 80. Write / me / soon / tell / me / everything . . . Love Paul Davis

AP AN E THI 2002
Section I VOCABULARY 1. d 11. b 2. c 12. c 3. c 13. d 4. c 14. b 5. b 15. b 6. d 16. d 7. b 17. b 8. c 18. a 9. d 19. b 10. a 20. c

SECTION II GRAMMAR AND STRUCTURE 21. a 31. c 22. b 32. a 23. d 33. c 24. d 34. c 25. a 35. c 26. b 36. a 27. d 37. b 28. a 38. c 29. b 39. b 30. d 40. a

SECTION III- READING COMPREHENSION A. 41. b B. 46. d C. 51. d D. 56. d 57. d 58. d 59. a 60. d 52. a 53. d 54. a 55. d 47.c 48. b 49. d 50. a 42. c 43. a 44. a 45. a


Xem file Write BKSDH 2007.



Tuyen sinh Mon thi : Thi gian : Chu y: Th sinh : CAO HOC ANH VAN 120 phut - Khong c dung tai lieu - Lam bai vao giay tra li

(Answer sheet) SECTION 1 : VOCABULARY (Questions 1 - 20) Choose the letter (A, 8, C, or 0 ) next to the word or phrase that best completes each sentence.

1. The firemen were able to _________ the fire quickly.

A. make up away B. put out C. keep down D. put

2. He looks very nervous. He is not _________.

A. attentive puzzled B. concerned C. calm D.

3. Sue _________ a great fortune from her parents.

A. offered inherited B. got up C. had D.

4. Waiter, please bring me the_________ . I must leave now.

A. menu A. by chance A. relieved clock. A. hands A. pleased A. house accommodation B. pointers B. unhappy B. estate C. arms C. sorry C. apartment D. fingers D. impatient D. B. starters B. chancily B. released C. bill C. fortunately C. set out D. soup D. luckily D. put out

5. They discovered the cause of the fire accidentally. They discovered it _________. 6. Joey Gobber was in prison for two months. He has just been _________. 7. I couldn't tell what time it was because the workmen had removed the _________ of the

8. We are looking forward to the games. So we will be _________ when they begin. 9. Mr. Palmer is looking for a new house and he's with the _________ agent now.

10. _________ a flat with someone is cheaper than living on your own.
A. Dividing A. case B. Sharing B. situation C. Cutting C. circumstance D. Halving D. dignity

11. In seeking independence, they do not sacrifice their human _________. 12. Jimmy: I've got a terrible headache.
Dave: Well, try these tablets. _________ two with water every three hours. A. Drink A. spirit A. watched A. appliances B. Get B. mood B. stared at B. applicators C. Swallow C. feeling C. glanced at C. applicants D. Take D. disposition D. read D. B

13. He had a bad temper. He was in a bad _________. 14. She gazed at the carpet for some time. She_________ it. 15. I'm going to apply for that job. How many _________ have you had so far? 9

and C are correct

16. They will attempt to leave. That's what they'II_________ to do.

A. try A. completely A. back on down on B. make B. finally C. experiment C. eventually C. out of D. taste D. carelessly D.

17. They, searched the cave thoroughly. They searched it _________. 18. She's such a snob. She looks _________ anyone that doesn't have all the things she has.
B. away from

19. Ann is at the doctor's. She just wants to collect the _________ .
A. prescription A. get down B. recipe B. get over C. direction C. get out of D. description D. get off

20. The writer got on the bus but he didn't know where to _________.

SECTION 2: GRAMMAR AND STRUCTURE (Questions 21- 40) Choose the letter (A, 8, C, or 0 ) next to the word or phrase that best completes each sentence.

21. The biologist admitted _________ excessive numbers of animals in laboratory test.
A. to use A. which A. make A. an A. so that when B. used B. that B. find B. these B. that C. using C. where C. do C. those C. before D. being used D. when D. give D. some D.

22. Do you know Paris, has been considered as the cradle of fashions? 23. I don't like to ask people for help, but I wonder if you could _________ me a favour. 24. He has just bought _________ expensive new furniture. 25. It was not until the fifteenth stroke _________ the bell stopped.

26. I know you feel bad now, John, but try to put it out of your mind. By the time you are an
adult, you _________ all about it. A. forget forgot B. will have forgotten C. will be forgetting D.

27. Mary: What does Mr. Douglas Greig do for a living?

Sandra: Nothing. He's very rich. He _________ work for a living. A. must not cars. A. parking parked B. being parked C. to park D. to be B. shouldn't C. doesn't have to D. hadn't better

28. Sam always remembers _________ in the garage so that the driveway is free for other

29. Next week, we are going to take a _________ to Singapore.

A. three day trips trip B. three-day trip C. three days trip D. three day's


30. _________ moved to that city recently.

A. A number of Chinese have C. The number of Chinese has for longer than a minute or two. A. as business. A. for/ for B. with / on C. for / on D. in / in B. due to C. because D. therefore B. A number of Chinese has D. The number of Chinese have

31. Timmy doesn't do well in school _________ his inability to concentrate on anyone thing

32. The general director traveled sometimes_________ pleasure and sometimes _________

33. Tom: Is Martha still here?

Bill: No. She was the first_________. A. to leave left B. leaving C. in leaving D. that she

34. Instead of slowing down, Evan drove _________.

A. more fastly more Identify one of the underlined words or. phrases (A, B, C, or D ) that should be rewritten or corrected. B. more faster C. faster D. faster

35. Bacteria are responsible of many of the textures and flavors in our food and are
particularly important in milk A products. B C D

36. Every fuel has their own particular temperature at which it begins to burn.
A natural gas. A amateur use. A electrical energy. A about them. A B C D B C D B C D B C D B C D

37. The most of the energy used in our homes and factories is generated from coal, oil, and

38. The Kodak was the first camera designed specifically for both mass production or

39. Energy exists in different forms, such as light, heat, and chemical, mechanic, and

40. The study of these animals are truly fascinating, and many books have been written

SECTION 3: READING COMPREHENSION Read the following passages and choose the best answer (A, 8, C, or OJ to each question.


Passage 1 (Questions 41- 45) May 7, 1840 was the birthday of one of the most famous Russian composers of the nineteenth century: Peter Illich Tchaikovsky. The son of a mining inspector, Tchaikovsky studied music as a child and later studied composition at the S1. Petersburg Conservatory. His greatest period of productivity occurred between 1876 and 1890, during which time he enjoyed the patronage of Madame Von Meek, a woman he never met, who gave him a living stipend of about $1,000.00 a year. Madam Van Meck later terminated her friendship with Tchaikovsky, as well as his living allowance, when she herself was facing financial difficulties. It was during the time of Madam Von Meck's patronage, however, that Tchaikovsky created the music for which he is most famous, including the music for the ballets of Swan Lake and the Sleeping Beauty. Tchaikovsky's music, well known for its rich melodic and sometimes melancholy passages, was one of the first that brought serious dramatic music to dance. Before this, little attention had been given to the music behind the ,dance. Tchaikovsky died on November 6, 1893, ostensibly of cholera, though there are now some scholars who argue that he committed suicide. 41.What topic is the passage primarily concerned with? A. the life and music of Tchaikovsky B. the development of Tchaikovsky's music for ballets C. Tchaikovsky's relationship with Madam Von Meek D. the cause of Tchaikovsky's death 42.Tchaikovsky's father was most probably A. a musician soldier B. a supervisor C. a composer D. a

43. In lines 4, the phrase enjoyed the patronage of probably means

A. liked the company of C. solicited the advice of A. She had economic troubles. C. She was never introduced to Tchaikovsky. A. its repetitive and monotonous tones B. was mentally attached to D. was financially dependent upon B. She was generous. D. She enjoyed Tchaikovsky's music. B. the ballet-like quality of the music

44.According to the passage, all of the following describe Madam Von Meck EXCEPT

45.According to the passage, what is Tchaikovsky's music most well known for? C. the richness and melodic drama of the music D. its lively, capricious melodies Passage 2 (Questions 46- 50) Tomatoes are probably the most popular garden vegetable grown in the United States. This can be attributed to their unique flavor, attractiveness, richness as a source of vitamin C and A, and versatility as a food. The popularity of peppers can be attributed to the same factors, although they are usually not consumed in large enough quantities to make them an important nutritional factor in the diet.


The cultivated tomato originated in the Andes mountains of South America. It was introduced to the other areas of the :world by Indians and European travelers. The first report of the tomato in North America was in 1710 where it was grown primarily as an ornament plant. Tomatoes began gaining wide acceptance as a food plant in the United States between 1820 and 1850. Peppers are also native to tropical America and were grown by American tribes in both North and South America over 2,000 years ago. The small red hot peppers were discovered by Columbus in the West Indies and introduced into Europe where they became popular before gaining widespread acceptance in the United States. Peppers became one of the first New World foods used commercially in Europe. 46.The topic of the passage is A. food discoveries of early Europeans vegetables C. tomatoes and peppers than peppers 47.According to the passage, why are peppers not an important nutritional factor in a diet? A. People don't eat enough of them vitamins C. They are less tasty than tomatoes climates D. Peppers are found in tropical B. They lack the necessary D. why, tomatoes are more popular B. the nutritional value of garden

48. It can be inferred from the passage that tomatoes were first used in North America
A. for food B. as decoration C. in place of peppers D. for nutritional purposes

49. All of the following can be inferred from the passage about peppers EXCEPT
A. peppers became popular in the United States later than in Europe B. peppers were bought and sold in Europe C. red peppers are highly spiced D. peppers originated fairly recently in North and South America 50.The Word unique in line 2 is closest in meaning to A. unparalleled B. special C. equal D. unified

SECTION 4: CLOZE TEST (Questions 51- 60) Read the text below and decide which answer A, 8, C or D best fits each space. There was so much to do at the last minute that there was not time to be nervous. All of us wanted to be on our way (51)_________ to sea, but there was still one more problem to overcome: the anchor became (52)_________ under a rock. We gave it mighty pull, but it would not come loose. In the end a fishing boat had to pull us (53) _________. The crowd waved and as we sailed out of the mouth of the river and passed the cliffs


(54)_________ on each side, I turned back and saw a sight that will remain in my memory for ever: two hundred or more people were (55)_________ their way to the cliff-tops for a final view. The sight had a dreamlike (56)_________ because the sun was setting in the west and the evening light picked out the shapes of the people climbing the hill. The figures were tiny and black, all hurrying (57)_________ one direction and with the same intention towards the farthest tip of the cliff. (58)_________ we were well away from the entrance to the river and there was' no longer any (59)_________ of the tide carrying us back onto the rocks, I (60)_________ the crew to raise our sails. We were finally on our way.

51. A. out 52. A. stuck 53. A. clean 54. A. mounting 55. A. making 56. A. quality 57. A. for 58. A. As soon as 59. A. alarm 60. A. suggested

B. across B. fixed B. free B. raising B. state B. to B. In case B. anxiety B. said

C. down

D. over D. secure D. moving

C. attached D. held C. safe C. rising D. lifting C. going D. at D. If only D. concern C. demanded D. ordered

B. setting C. in

C. condition D. capability C. As long as C. risk

SECTION 5: WRITING (Questions 61- 80) Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means exactly the 'same as the sentence printed before it. EXAMPLE: ANSWER: I haven't enjoyed myself so much for years. It's years since I enjoyed myself so much.

61.I would like you to help me to take the children to school. Do you mind ..? 62.It is against the rules to park your car here. You are .. 63.I'm sorry that I didn't finish my homework last night. I wish .. 64.We got lost in the forest because we didn't have a map. If we .... 65.He never buys a paper without reading the whole thing. Never .. 66.If the letter is heavier, you have to put more stamps on it. The heavier .. 67.I asked my brother to fix the motorcycle yesterday. I had ............................................................................................ 68.They proved that he was innocent. He was .........................................................................................


69.Though it rained continuously, we all enjoyed the trip. , In spite of .....................................................................................

70. Did you phone me yesterday? Tom asked Mary.

Tom .............................................................................................. Make all the changes and additions necessary to produce complete sentences. EXAMPLE: ANSWER: I / look / forward / see / you I June. I am looking forward to seeing you in June.

71. Who / teach / you / how / write / when / primary school?

................................................................................................................................................. .............................

72. He / such / talented / man / everybody / admire ..

................................................................................................................................................. .............................

73. It / take / him / least / two hours / find / solution / puzzle.

................................................................................................................................................. .............................

74. She / lock / door / so / not disturb.

................................................................................................................................................. .............................

75. We /try / vain / persuade / him / not / go.

................................................................................................................................................. .............................

76. I / sorry / previous / letter / take / time / reach / you .

................................................................................................................................................. .............................

77. Jack / father / work / engineer / company / since 1995 .

................................................................................................................................................. .............................

78. This / book / cost / me / twice / much / that / one.

................................................................................................................................................. .............................

79. I/ used / spend / lot / money / toys / when I a child .

................................................................................................................................................. .............................

80. You / know / how / people / die / Sars?

................................................................................................................................................. .............................


SECTION 1 1. B 2. C 15. C 16. A SECTION 2 21. C 22. A 35. A 36. A

3. D 17.A

4. C 5. A 18. D 19. A

6. B 7. A 20. D

8. A

9. B

10. B

11. D 12. D 13. B

14. B

23. C 37. A

24. D 25. B 38. D 39. C

26. B 40. B

27. C

28. A

29. B

30. A

31. B

32. C

33. A

34. C

SECTIONS 3 & 4 41. A 42. B 43. D 44. D 45. C 55. A 56. A 57. C 58. A 59. C

46. C 47. A 60. D

48. B

49. D 50. A

51. A

52. A

53. B

54. C

SECTION 5 61. Do you mind helping me to take the children to school? 62. You are not allowed to park your car here. 63. I wish I had finished my homework last night. 64. If we had had a map, we wouldn't have gotten lost in the forest. 65. Never does he buy a paper without reading the whole thing. 66. The heavier the letter is, the more stamps you have to put on it. 67. I had the motorcycle fixed (by my brother) yesterday. (l had my brother fix the motorcycle yesterday.) 68. He was proved to be innocent. 69. In spite of the continuous rain, we all enjoyed the trip. 70. Tom asked Mary if / whether she had phoned him the day before. 71. Who taught you how to write when you were in primary school? 72. He is such a talented man that everybody admires him .. 73. It took him at least two hours to find out the solution to the puzzle. 74. She locked the door so she was not disturbed. (She locked the door so that she would not be disturbed.) 75. We tried in vain to persuade him not to go. 76. I'm sorry for the previous letter which took a lot of time to reach you. 77. Jack's father has been working as an engineer in this company since 1995. 78. This book costs me twice as much as that one. 79. I used to spend a lot of money on toys when I was a child. 80. Do you know how people die of Sars?





Lu y th sinh:

Khong c dung tai lieu Lam bai tren phieu lam bai thi

PART I: USE OF ENGLISH Section A: VOCABULARY, GRAMMAR AND STRUCTURE Choose the letter (A, B, C or D) next to the word or phrase that best completes each sentence (Questions 1-20). 1. From the hotel there is a good __________ of the mountains. A. vision A. flood overnight. A. dangerous Sunday. A. severely money. A. annoying A. with B. arguing B. by C. to

B. view B. flow

C. sight C. spill

D. picture D. spread

2. Be careful! Don't __________ your drink on the table. 3. They were very__________ keeping so much money in the house B. willing C. nervous D. risky

4. She complained __________ when she heard that she had to work on R. bitterly C. extremely D. terribly

5. Mr. and Mrs. Hudson are always __________ with each other about C. discussing D. shouting D. in

6. Our football team lost__________ three goals to nil. 7. She had changed so much that __________ anyone recognised her.

A. almost __________ me a favour. A. make __________ A. sight A. improper almost anything. A. flavour had bought on holiday. A. room

B. hardly

C. not

D. nearly

8. I don't like to ask. people for help as a rule hut I wonder if you could

B. do

C. find

D. pick

9. The manager did not offer her the job because of her untidy B. view C. presence D. appearance D. unappealing

10. His laziness at work made him __________ with his workmates. B. unpleasant C. unpopular 11. He's a wonderful cook: he can make a delicious __________ out of B. food C. meal D. plate

12. They didnt have __________ in their suitcase for all the things they

B. place

C. size

D. area

13. For a long time after the accident, he suffered from constant _________ in his back. A. hurt A. by far application form. A. fill in illustrated pictures. A. suitable A. truth B. pleasant B. reality C. clear C. facts D. favorite D. success 17. With hard work. you can turn dreams into __________. 18. In looks she __________ her mother.

B. ache B. by chance

C. pain C. by myself

D. injury D. by myself

14. This is __________ the most difficult job I've ever had to do. 15. If you want to join our football club, you must first _________ this B. make up C. write down D. do up

16. This book is __________ for children because it contains fully

A. comes across B. calls back A. settled down B. turned down A. work out Directions: In B. put out questions

C. takes after D. holds on C. cut down D. broke down, D. get in has four

19. Sorry to keep you waiting. Our car __________ on the freeway. 20. I couldn't __________ where the music was coming from. C. turn down each sentence


underlined words or phrases. The four underlined parts of the sentence are marked (A), (B), (C), and (D). Identify the one underlined word or phrase that must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct. 21. Medical students must to study both the theory and practice of medicine. A B C D 22. The U.S. president serves a maximum of two four-years terms. A B C D 23. One of the most important steps in to produce a motion picture is film editing. A B C D 24. Neither humans or dogs can hear as well as cats. A B C D 25. Much kinds of vegetables are grown in California's Imperial Valley. A B C D 26. Because of cheese is essentially a concentrated form of milk, it contains the same A B C nutrients as milk. D 27. Texas is the larger of the forty-eight continental states in the United States. A B C D 28. The dachshund is a hardy, alert dog with a well sense of smell. A B C D 29. Steel is so a useful material that it is used in almost all modem buildings. A B C D 30. Since the Irish depended in their potato crop for food, the potato famine had A B C devastating results. D

Section B: CLOZE TEST (Questions 31-40) Directions: Read the text below and choose the word that best fits each place. According to the World Bank the Kingdom of Bhutan is the second (31) ________ country in the world, but there is no unemployment, no begging and almost no crime. Jigme Singye Wangchuck, the 'Dragon King, is the world's youngest hereditary ruler, but he says that the country is more (32) ________ than any other in the region. He travels round Bhutan, showing himself to the people and listening to their (33) ________ Although this is a very old country, the monarchy is quite (34) ________; until this century it was a theocracy run by Buddhist priests. There is still a very strong religious feeling and there are 1,300 monasteries in a nation of only 1 million people. Bhutan allows only 2,000 tourists a year, but no multinational companies (35) ________ it is very short of capital. It takes no (36) ________ from the United States or Russia. Students who go abroad to (37) ________ must spend 6 months when they (38)________ in remote villages to rediscover their roots before going back into Bhutanese society. Although people are poor, they are content. The atmosphere is (39) ________ and traditions have hardly changed since the Middle Ages. Archery is the countrys major sport and folk dances are the main forms of (40)________. 31. A. poorest wealthiest 32. A. modem 33. A. curses 34. A. rich harsh 35. A. because B. unless

B. most powerful B. traditional B. beliefs B. new

C. smallest


C. democratic D. developed C. demands D. opinions D. D. C. open-minded C. even though

whenever 36. A. help domination 37. A. travel 38. A. leave 39. A. tense tradition PART II: READING COMPREHENSION (Questions 41-60) Directions: Read the following passages and choose the one best answer (A, B, C, or D) to each question. Passage 1 (Questions 41-45) Humanitarian Dorothea Dix was born in Hampden, Maine, in 1802. At the age of 19, she established a school for girls, the Dix Mansion School, in Boston, but had to close it in 1835 due to her poor health. She wrote and published the first of many books for children in 1824. In 1841, Dix accepted an invitation to teach classes at a prison in East Cambridge, Massachusetts. She was deeply disturbed by the sight of mentally-ill persons thrown in the jail and treated like criminals. For the next eighteen months, she toured Massachusetts institutions where other mental patients were confined and reported the shocking conditions she found to the state legislature. When improvements followed in Massachusetts, she turned her attention to the neighboring states and then to the West and South. Dix's work was interrupted by the Civil War; she served as superintendent of women hospital nurses for the federal government. Dix saw special hospitals for the mentally ill built in some fifteen states. Although her plan to obtain public land for her cause failed, she aroused concern for the problem of mental illness all over the United States as well as Canada and Europe. 41. In what year was the Dix Mansion School closed?

B. intervention B. migrate B. die B. relaxed

C. opposition C. trade C. return C. exciting

D. D. study

D. marry D. serious D.

40. A. employment B. transportation

C. entertainment

A. 1821

B. 1824

C. 1835

D. 1841

42. Why did Dorothea Dix first go to a prison? A. She taught classes there.
state legislature. B. She was sent there by the

C. She was convicted of a crime. a book.

D. She was doing research for

43. The word "confined" in line 7 is closest in meaning to A. restricted treatment of the mentally ill? A Canada B. Massachusetts D. Europe 45. Dorothea Dix was NOT successful in her attempt to A. become superintendent of nurses children C. arouse concern for the mentally ill Passage 1 (Questions 46-50) Its a sound you will probably never hear, a sickened tree sending out a distress signal. But a group of scientists has heard the cries, and they think some insects also hear the trees and are drawn to them like vultures to a dying animal. Researchers with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Forest Service fastened sensors to the bark of drought-stricken trees and clearly heard distress calls. According to one of the scientists, most parched trees transmit their plight in the 50 to 500-kilohertz range. (The unaided human ear can detect no more than 20 kilohertz.) Red oak, maple, white pine, and birch all make slightly different sounds in the form of vibration at the surface of the wood. The scientist think that the vibrations are created when the water

B. imprisoned C. treated

D. taught

44. Where was Dorothea Dix first able to bring about reforms in the

C. The West and South

B. publish books for D. obtain public land

columns inside tubes that run the length of the tree break, a result of too little water flowing through them. These fractured columns send out distinctive vibration patterns. Because some insects communicate at ultrasonic frequencies, they may pick up the trees' vibrations and attack the weakened trees. Researchers are now running tests with potted trees that have been deprived of water to see if the sound is what attracts the insects. "Water-stressed trees also smell differently from other trees, and they experience thermal changes, so insects could be responding to something other than sound," one scientist said. 46. Which of the following is the main topic of the passage? A. the vibrations produced by insects B. the mission of the U.S. Forest Service C. the effect of insects on trees D. the sounds made by trees 47. The word "them" in line 3 refers to A. trees distress signals? A. torn roots C. experiments by scientists
of the following?

B. scientists

C. insects.

D. vultures

48. Which of the following could be considered a cause of trees' B. attacks by insects D. lack of water

49. In line 16, the phrase "pick up" could best be replaced by which A. perceive B. lift insects to weakened trees EXCEPT A. thermal changes C. sounds Passage 3 (Questions 51-55) The Maldives are now one of the most popular tourist destinations but depending on the island you choose, it can still be easy to get away from the crowd. Professional divers come to these clear waters for the

C. learn

D. attack

50. All of the following are mentioned as possible factors in drawing

B. smells D. changes in color

320 different kinds of coral, many of which exist nowhere in the world. On land, scented trees somehow manage to survive in the soil that has grown up over hundreds of years from broken coral. Most of the hotels have been built on islands that were uninhabited for years. However, the guest bungalows, restaurants and electricity generators which provide Westerners with such a high level of comfort and luxury are almost hidden by the tall trees and bushes. But for an outsider to get a taste of the Maldives beyond their natural beauty, he or she should visit the island of Gan. Here a short bicycle ride takes you through areas where whole families are at work collecting coconuts. The people living here are not poor - the shops are full of goods, and every house has electricity. The Maldivians like their privacy, and after the evening prayer rings out from the mosque at sunset, all tourists must be out of the local villages and back in the hotel grounds. 51. What does "which" in line 4 refer to? A. professional divers C. the kinds of coral A. the clear water. C. the strange fish. A. trees can grow so well. C. there is so much noise. 54. According to the text, the hotels A. have spoilt the environment. B. have forced islanders from their homes. C. offer a very high standard of service. D. are popular with couples on honeymoon. 55. It is particularly worth visiting the island of Gan because A. you can come into contact with the local people. B. it is easy ride around by bicycle. C. it has good shopping facilities. D. you can spend the night in a village there. Passage 4 (Questions 66-68)

B. the clear waters D. the Maldives B. the unusual coral. D. the Lack of tourist. B. it always feels so hot. D. there is not much rain.

52. In the Maldives experienced divers particularly appreciate

53. The writer finds it surprising that

The past few years have seen quite increased interest by women in offroad riding and mountain bikes seem to be gaining in popularity as a means to this end. In an effort to learn why, earlier this year readers of this column were invited to write in about their experience. The most frequently mentioned reason for trying a mountain bike was that a world existed out there that was waiting to be explored, but walking provided limited possibilities, and light touring bikes weren't felt to be tough enough for the job. Some began by way of hiring one or borrowing somebody else's while on holiday. For others, it was a husband, a father, a daughter or a "mad friend" that got them started. One woman claimed she would have never seen much of her husband if she hadn't started riding a mountain bike. Only about half had ridden with a group consisting of women only, but their experiences were strongly recommended. Overall, it was regarded as a positive and healthy experience, women being regarded as more supportive, more cooperative, more patient and less competitive than men. Such groups were more likely to take time to stop and notice things around. them, and to share the enjoyable experience of riding deep into the countryside, rather than to feel the need to ride for riding's sake or to become competitive. Men were considered too keen on taking risks, and showing off the strong points of their bicycles. However, some women felt that mixed company encouraged them to try harder. 56. What do the words "this end" (line 3) refer to? A. Having mountain bikes C. The gain in popularity A. to be discovered C. to be recommended B. Riding off-road D. A means B. to be invented D. to be considered

57. The words "to be explored" (line 6) is closest in meaning to

58. Why do many women take up mountain bikes? A. They want to spend more time with' their husbands or friends. B. They are interested in cycling with women's groups. C. They are trying to prove that they are as capable. as men. D. They want to get to areas that are difficult to reach otherwise. 59. What are the advantages of cycling in a women's group? A. The women do not have to try so hard. B. It is easier to compete with other women.

C. The group atmosphere is more pleasant. D. Everyone has similar bicycles. 60. The words "mixed company" means A. a group of women cycling together B. a group of men cycling together C. a family cycling together D. a group of both men and women cycling together




Mon thi: tieng Anh Trnh o: Thi gian 120 phut Lu y th sinh:

Khong c dung tai lieu Lam bai tren phieu lam bai thi

PART I: USE OF ENGLISH Section A: VOCABULARY, GRAMMAR AND STRUCTURE Choose the letter (A, B, C or D) next to the word or phrase that best completes each sentence (Questions 1-20).

1. The play_______ when we arrived at the theatre .

A. has begun B. begun C. had begun D. begins


2. Peter's on his way, so make him a coffee _______ he arrives.

A. if when B. until C. while D.

3. If I _______ you, I'd apply for that job.

A. had been A. to be kept A. go A. could A. in doing doing B. were B. keeping B. us to go B. would B. to do C. am C. being kept C. to go C. can C. with doing D. being D. kept D. we should go D. will D. to

4. I don't mind _______ waiting for a few minutes. 5. My aunt suggested _______ for a swim. 6. I wish I _______ help you, but I can't. 7. There's no point _______ his work for him.

8. He takes a great pride _______ all his achievements.

A. of A. more A. go A. nowhere D. there B. in B. much B. going B. anywhere C. with C. lot C. went C. somewhere D. for D. many D. gone

9. Ho Chi Minh city is _______ bigger than Dalat. 10. I used to _______ swimming more often than I do now. 11. You can go _______ you like. This isnt private land.

12. She remembers _______ after you when you were a baby.
A. look A. get out of B. to look B. come up with C. looking C. put up with D. have looked D. get on

13. Although he's my friend, I find it hard to _______ his selfishness.

14. If you are suspected of _______ a crime, you will probably be arrested.
A. doing A. notes A. pollution waste B. making B. marks B. chemicals C. committing C. degrees C. fumes D. getting D. reports D.

15. She always gets very good _______ in her exams . 16. Experts are warned that _______ is damaging the ozone layer.

17. When she showed me the letter, I_______ her to throw it away.
A. suggested environment. A. campaign A. work B. research B. post C. energy C. employment D. conservation D. B. advised C. informed D. insisted

18. People are becoming more and more interested in the _______ of wild life and the

19. He went to the city hoping to find a teaching _______. 27


20. A/ An_______ finds interesting news stories and writes about them.
A. announcer B. commentator C. reporter D. editor For the Error Identification questions, each sentence contains four underlined words or phrases. Select the one word or phrase that must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct.

21. At the end of the party, Loan found herself doing the dishes lonely again as usual.
A A A A collect the insurance. A assassinate. A A B B C C D D B C D B B B C C D D C D B C D

22. Pleasing with their new car, the Levincs went for a short drive around the town. 23. Don't worry about her; she just feels like to stay home alone tonight. 24. Lately, Don has been tired very much, so his friend said he should relax for a few days. 25. The police is accusing this businessman of having his store blown up, so that he could

26. The World War I began in 1914 after Archduke Ferdinand Austria - Hungary had been

27. Antarctica has so cold temperatures that no one is able to live there permanently. 28. On any given weekend - especially holiday weekends - the number of highway deaths
are predictable. A B C D

29. Neither rain nor snow keeps the postman from delivering our letters which so much look
forward to receive. A A B B C D C D

30. The flowers in my Uncle Nam's garden smell sweetly at this time of the year.
Section B - MULTIPLE-CHOICECLOZE Read the following passages and choose the best answer (A, 8, C, or OJ to each question.

Passage 1 (Questions 31- 40) Bodies are made to move! They are not designed for sitting around in front of the television or reading magazines. Keeping fit doesn't (31) ________ you have to be a superathlete and even (32)________ exercise can give you a lot of fun. When you're fit and healthy, you'll find you look better and feel better. You'll (33)________ more energy and self-confidence.


Every time you move you (34)________ exercising. The human body is designed to bend, stretch, run, jump and climb. The (35) ________ it does, the stronger and fitter it will become. Best of (36) ________ exercise is fun. lt's (37) ________ your body likes doing most keeping on the move. Physical exercise is not only good (38) ________ your body. People who take regular exercise are usually happier, more relaxed and more alert (39) ________ people who sit around all day. Try an experiment - next time you're (40) ________ a bad mood, go for a walk or playa ball game.

31. A. mean 32. A. much 33. A. bring 34. A. were 35. A. more 36. A. least 37. A. when 38. A. with 39. A. than 40. A. under

B. suggest B. a little B. take B. is B. little B. all B. which B. on B. less B. in

C. define C. few

D. signify D. not much D. make

C have C. have C. both C. what. C. across D. for D. are

C. not much D. tiny D. many D. while D. at least

C. much more C. between D. for

PART II - READING COMPREHENSION Read the following passages and choose the best answer (A, B, C or D) to each question. Passage 1 (Questions 41-45) Most educational specialists believe that early schooling should provide children with an awareness of their own abilities and the self-confidence to use these abilities. One approach recognized by many experts as promoting these qualities is the Montessori method, first practiced by Maria Montessori of Italy in the early 1990s. Nancy McConnick Rambusch is credited with popularizing the method in the United States, where today there are over 400 Montessori schools. The method helps children learn for themselves by putting them instructional materials and tasks that facilitate acts of discovery and manipulation. Through such exploration, children develop their sense of touch and learn how to do everyday tasks without adult assistance. Other benefits include improvement in language skills and acquaintance with elements of science, music and art. 41.What is the main purpose of this passage? A. To explain the role of early education in child development B. To describe the development of the Montessori method C. To discuss the life and work of Maria Montessori D. To demonstrate how children learn social and cultural values

42. According to the passage, who was first responsible for spreading the Montessori 29

method in the United States? A. Nancy McCormick Rambusch C. Maria Montessori Education B. A prominent educational expert D. An administrator in the Department of

43. In line 7, the word facilitate is closest in meaning to which of the following?
A. Educate B. Require C. Assist D. Determine B. Improvement of language ability D. Knowledge of arts and sciences B. will lose its popularity in the D. is an effective means of child

44. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a benefit of the Montessori method?
A. Development of tactile senses C. Capacity to perform adult tasks A. has little long-lasting benefit for children United States C. does not accomplish what it claims to achieve education Passage 2 (Questions 46 - 50) Samuel Morse accomplished something that is rarely accomplished: he achieved fame and success in two widely differing areas. Throughout his youth, he studied art, and after graduating from Yale University he went to London in 1811 where his early artistic endeavor met with acclaim. In London he was awarded the gold medal of the Adelphi Arts Society for a clay figure of Hercules, and his painting The Dying Hercules and The Judgement of Jupiter were selected for exhibit by the Royal Academy. Later in life after returning to America, Morse became known for his portraits. His portraits of the Marquis de Lafayette today are on exhibit in the New York City Hall and the New York Public Library. In addition to his artistic accomplishments. Morse is also well-known today for his work developing the telegraph and what is known as Morse Code. He first had the idea of trying to develop the develop the telegraph in 1832 on board a ship returning to America from Europe. It took eleven long years of ridicule by his associate, disinterest by the public, and a shortage of funds before Congress finally allocated $ 30.000 to Morse for his project. With these funds. Morse hung a telegraph line from Washington, D.C. to Baltimore, and on May 24, 1844, message in the dots and dashes of Morse Code was successfully transmitted.

45. The author of this passage probably feels that the Montessori method

46. Which of the following is the best topic of this passage?

A. Samuel Morse's artistic talents C. The invention of the telegraph. the following careers? A. A career as an inventor C. A career as a telegraph opera for A. A statue of Hercules B. A career as an artist D. A career developing Morse Code B. The Dying Hercules B. The use of Morse Code in art. D. Samuel Morse's varied successes.

47. According to the passage, in his early life, Morse concentrated on preparing for which of

48. According to the passage, Morse won a prize for which of the following works? 30

C. The Judgement of Jupiter telegraph? A. It was a long anti difficult process. B. It happened almost overnight.

D. A portrait of Lafayette

49. According to the passage, which of the following best describes the development of the

C. Morse's friends were highly supportive of his work. D. Money was not an issue in the development of the telegraph.

50. How was the first telegraph message sent from Washington to Baltimore?
A. A voice was transmitted over the wires. B. The telegraph line carried a written message. C. The message was in a special code developed by Morse. D. Funds were transmitted from Washington to Baltimore. Passage 3 (Questions 51-55) Though harvesting ice is not a new concept, recently it has been considered in a new way. Scientists have been studying this idea of harvesting ice as a possible solution to the problem of the world's dwindling fresh water supply. Ninety percent of the earth's fresh water is in the icecap of Antarctica. If only 10 percent of that ice could be towed to civilization, it could provide water for 500 million people. But the problem, of course is one of melting. How can a giant iceberg be towed across the sea without melting? The answer could lie in enclosing the floating ice in a huge cylindrical container made of a high strength synthetic fabric. If the iceberg were nudged into the fabric container, which is opened at both ends, then the ends could be scaled and the sea water pumped out. After that it could be towed to civilization. The melting rate would be slowed down and the synthetic cocoon would act as a holding tank for the water. Engineering this project, which might include a container up to one kilometer length and 100 meters in diameter, would be a feat, but engineers say it is possible. After all, fishermen in North Australia sometimes use nets 8 kilometers long and 20 meters across.

51. The word concept' in line 1 is most similar to which of the following?
A. belief B. idea C. concern D. opinion

52. Of all the earth's water, the icecaps of Antarctica contain

A. 10 percent of the fresh water C. 90 percent of the fresh water A. protect the ice C. cause the ice to float A. secured B. stamped B. 10 percent of the salt water D. 90 percent of the salt water B. diminish the speed of melting D. pump out the sea water C. screened D. scrubbed

53. According to the passage, the purpose of the fabric container is to

54. The word sealed as used in line 9 is most similar in meaning to 55. The purpose of the last sentence is to
A. reinforce the feasibility of the project


B. compare fishermen to engineers C. contrast iceberg containers and fishing nets D. define the size of the container Passage 4 (Questions 56 - 60) The planet Earth is 4,600 million years old. It is difficult for us to think about such all enormous length of time because it has little meaning for us. We could, however, simplify the idea to make it more understandable. We can compare the, planet Earth to, a person of forty-six years of age. Nothing is known about the first seven years of this person's life. Very little information exists about the middle period either. It was only at the age of forty-two that the Earth began to flower. Dinosaurs and great reptiles did not appear until one year ago, when the planet was forty-five. Mammals only arrived eight months ago. In the middle of last week man-like apes became ape-like men and began to communicate with each other. Last weekend, the Ice of Age covered the Earth. Modem man has only been around for four hours. During the last hour man discovered agriculture. The Industrial Revolution and the rise of large cities began just sixty seconds ago. During that short time, modern man has made a rubbish tip of the Earth. In one minute, he has increased his numbers to terrible proportions and has caused the death of hundreds of species of animals. He has robbed and destroy the planet in his search for fuels. No he stands like a violent, spoilt child, delighted at the speed of his rise to power, on the edge of the final mass destruction and of killing all the life which exists in the solar system. 56.The passage tells us that A. a great deal is known about how the Earth was created. B. life on Earth began relatively recently. C. more is known about the first part of the Earth's life than the middle part. D. scientists are well-informed about the middle part of the Earth's life.

57. We are informed by the author that

A. the dinosaurs appeared during the middle period. B. mammals and great reptiles both appeared at the same time. C. there were more than forty-five kinds of great reptiles. D. ape-like men appeared before the last Ice Age.

58. The author is mainly interested in

A. the time when man first evolved from apes. Industrial Revolution. C. the effects of farming A. will destroy everything on Earth. C. there will be a population explosion. D. the period before the last Ice Age. B. man will use up all the fuels . D. more species of animal may die out. B. what has happened since the

59. It would appear that the main danger ahead is that main danger ahead is that


60. The word it in line 2 refers to

A. the planet idea PART III - GUIDED WRITING Section A : SENTENCE TRANSFORMATION Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means exactly the same as the sentence printed before it. B. the Earth C. the length of time D. the

61. Jane's hair isn't as long as Helen's.

Helens hair is

62. What are your plans for the summer?

What do you intend 63.They are building a new museum in the city center. A new museum

64. Lan felt unhappy and she cried.

Lan felt so

65. Despite the heat. Diane wore her winter clothes.


66. Why have you turned off the television? Ellen asked me.
Ellen asked me

67. I think you should go to the doctor.

If I were 68.I find studying all night rather difficult. I'm not used 69.What Sally saw is difficult to describe . It's difficult


70.The last time I saw Phong was in 1990. I haven't Section B : SENTENCE BUILDING Make all the changes and additions necessary to produce complete sentences .

71. Last / summer / friend / Charles / invite / me / stay / him. 72. Winter / before / last / be / long / hard / cold 73. Price / small bar / chocolate / those days / be/ two/ pence. 74. Conservationists / very much concerned/ deforestation. 75. Without the atmosphere living things / survive / this planet. 76. The car was / expensive / we / expect. 77. She regrets / not / invite him. 78. The man / son / I often play / a taxi driver. 79. I have / washing machine / fix / yesterday. 80. I / tired / listen / your stories .

END OF TEST ANSWER KEYS PART I - USE OF ENGLISH ( 40 POINTS) Section A - VOCABULARY, GRAMMAR AND STRUCTURE 1. C 11. B 21.C 2. D 12. C 22.A 3. B 13. C 23. C 4. C 14. C 24. B 5. D 15. B 25. A 6. A 16. A 26. A 7. A 17.B 27. B 8. B 18. D 28. D 9. B 19. B 29. D 10. A 20. C 30. C

SECTION B MULTIPLE-CHOICE CLOZE 31. A 32. B 33. C 34. D 35. A 36. B 37. C 38. D 39. A 40. B

PART II - READING COMPREHENSION (20 POINTS) 41. B 51. B 42. A 52. C 43. C 53. B 44. C 54.A 45. D 55. A 46. D 56.B 47.B 57.D 48.A 58.B 49.A 59.A 50.C 60. C

PART III - GUIDED WRITING ( 40 POINTS) 61. Helen's hair is longer than Jane's. 62. What do you intend to do in (during) the summer.


63. A new museum is being built in the city center. 64. Lan felt so unhappy that she cried. 65. Although it was hot Diane wore her winter clothes. 66. Ellen asked me why I had turned off the television. 67. If I were you, I would go to the doctor. 68. I'm not used to studying all night. 69. It's difficult to describe what Sally saw. 70. I haven't seen Phong since 1990. 71. Last summer my friend Charles invited me to stay with him. 72. The winter before last was long, hard and cold. 73. The price of a small bar of chocolate in those days was 2 pence. 74. Conservationists are very much concerned about deforestation. 75. Without the atmosphere, living things could not survive on this planet. 76. The car was more expensive than / was not as expensive as we had expected. 77. She regrets not inviting / not having invited him. 78. The man whose son I often play with is a taxi driver. 79. I had my washing machine fixed yesterday. 80. Im tired of listening to your stories



CONG HOA XA HOI oc lap T do Hanh


Mon thi: theng Anh

Trnh o: B Thi gian: 120 phut

Lu y th sinh:

Khong c dung tai lieu Lam bai tren phieu lam bai thi

PART I - USE OF ENGLISH Section A - VOCABULARY, GRAMMAR & STRUCTURE (Questions 1-30) Choose the letter (A, B, C, or D) next to the word or phrase that best completes each sentence. 1. How many people ________ the meeting yesterday? A. helped B. attended C. participated D. took part 2. We can no longer ________ the cost of running two cars, so we're selling one. A. spend B. waste C. afford D. spare 3. If you ________ working so hard, you'll make yourself ill. A. get by B. carry on C. go through D. look into 4. Bill hates spending money. He's rather ________ A. frank B. greedy C. mean D. rude 5. The driver of the truck admitted that he had _____ an error. A. done B. got C. put D. made 6. The two old ladies were ________ of their purses. A. stolen B. attacked C. robbed D. snatched 7. Jack has decided to ________ the time he spends watching television. A. run out of B. see to C. cut down on D. come up with 8. I have to go. I'm ________. A. in hurry B. in a hurry C. hurry D. hurriedly 9. The two cars for sale were in poor condition, so I didn't buy A. either of them B. both of them C. neither of them D. each of them 10.This is exactly________ I was looking for. A. job B. a job C. some job D. the job 11.Sorry I can't stay longer. I ________. A. have to go B. might go C. may go D. can go 12. I got to the station just _______ time to see Kevin getting

________ the train. A. in / out B. on / off C. in / off 13. Peter comes from Witney, ________ is near Oxford. A. that B. which C. who correct 14. If there's too much snow, the match ________ A. cancels B. will cancel C. has cancelled 15. I feel rather cold. I wish I ________ my pullover with me. A. brought B. had brought C. have brought 16. She has been working ________ since she was promoted. A. much harder B. as harder C. more hard 17. John refused to let his children ________ to the concert. A. going B. to go C. go 18. I'm not very keen _______ the idea ______ going climbing. A. of /in B. on / to C. in / of 19. By the time Mary got back, her husband ________ to sleep. A. went B. had gone C. has gone 20. Tom is depressed because ________ living alone. A. he did not use to B. he's not used to C. he used not to

D. on / out D. A & B are

D. will be cancelled D. bring D. more hardly D. gone D. on / of D. goes D. he didn't used to

Select the one word or phrase that must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct. Example: The living room was enough large to accommodate two long sofas easily. A B C D Answer: B
21. Do you remember to meet him in my office last year?

A B C D 22. Please send me information with regard of insurance policies available from your A B C D company. 23. Despite of many attempts to introduce a universal language, notably Esperanto and A B C Idiom Neutral, the effort has met with very little success. D 24. Until recently, women were forbidden by law owning property. A B C D 25. It is imperative that a graduate student maintains a grade point average of "B" A B C in his major field. D

26. Regardless of your teaching method, the objective of any conversation class should be

27. 28. 29. 30.

A B for the students to practice speaking words. C D Fertilizers are used primarily to enrich the soil and increasing yield. A B C D The prices of homes are as high that most people cannot afford to buy them. A B C D To the men who worked so hard on the project, the news was profound disappointing. A B C D Almost poetry is more enjoyable when it is read aloud. A B C D

Section B - MULTIPLE-CHOICE CLOZE (Questions 31-40) Read the text below and decide which answer A, B, Cor D best fits each space. The reality of an interview is never as bad as your fears. For some reason people imagine the interviewer is going to jump on every tiny mistake they (31)_________ . In truth, the interviewer is as keen for the meeting to go well as you are. It is what (32)_________ his or her job enjoyable. The secret of a good interview is preparing for it. What you wear is always important as it creates the first impression. So (33) _________ neatly, but comfortably. Make (34) _________ that you can deal with anything you are (35) _________ Prepare for questions that are certain to come up, for example': Why do you want to become a nurse? What is the most important quality a good nurse should have? Apart (36) _________ nursing, what other careers have you considered? What are your interests and hobbies? Answer the questions fully and precisely. (37)_________, if one of your interests is reading, be prepared to (38)_________ about the sort of books you like. However, do not learn all your answers off (39)_________ heart. The interviewer wants to meet a human being, not a robot. Remember, the interviewer is genuinely interested in you, so the more you relax and are yourself, the more (40) _________ you are to succeed. 31. A. perform B. do C. make D. have 32. A. does B. causes C. happens D. makes 33. A. dress B. wear C. put on D. have on 34. A. evident B. sure C. definite D. clear 35. A. requested B. questioned C. required D. asked 36. A. from B. of C. to D. off 37. A. For instance B. That is C. Such as D. Example

38. A. say 39. A. at 40. A. easy

B. talk B. in B. possible

C. mention C. on C. likely

D. chat D. by D. probable

PART II - READING COMPREHENSION Read the following passages and choose the best answer (A, B, C 01' D) to each question. Passage 1 (Questions 41- 45) Most educational specialists believe that early schooling should provide children with an awareness of their own abilities and the self-confidence to use these abilities. One approach recognized by many experts as promoting these qualities is the Montessori method, first practiced by Maria Montessori of Italy in the early 1990s. Nancy McCormick Rambusch is credited with popularizing the method in the United States, where today there are over 400 Montessori schools. The method helps children learn for themselves by providing them instructional materials and tasks that facilitate acts of discovery and manipulation. Through such exploration, children develop their sense of touch and learn how to do everyday tasks without adult assistance. Other benefits include improvement in language skills, and acquaintance with elements of science, music, and art.
41. What is the main purpose of this passage?

A. To explain the role of early education in child development. B. To describe the development of the Montessori method. C. To discuss the life and work of Maria Montessori. D. To demonstrate how children learn social and cultural values. 42. According to the passage, who was first responsible for spreading the Montessori method in the United States? A. Nancy McCormick Rambusch. B. A prominent educational expert. C. Maria Montessori. D. An administrator in the Department of Education. 43. In the line 7, the word "facilitate" is closest in meaning to which of the following? A. Educate B. Require C. Assist D. Determine 44. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a benefit of the Montessori method? A. Development of tactile senses. B. Improvement of language ability. C. Capacity to perform adult tasks. D. Knowledge of arts and sciences. 45. The author of this passage probably feels that the Montessori method. A. has little long-lasting benefit for children B. will lose its popularity in the United States C. does not accomplish what it claims to achieve D. is an effective means of child education


Passage 2 (Questions 46 - 50) Accreditation is a system for setting national standards of quality in education. The United States is unique in the world because its accreditation system is not administered by the government, but rather by committees of educators and private agencies like the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and the Society of Engineers. Before registering to study in any educational institution in the United States, a student should make certain that the institution is accredited in order to assure that the school has a recognized standard of organization, instruction, and financial support. Foreign students should be particularly careful to check an institution's accreditation because other governments or future employers may not recognize a degree earned from a school that has not received accreditation. If a college is accredited, catalogs and brochures will usually indicate the accreditation status. If you are not sure about a certain school, don't hesitate to check its reputation with an education officer at the nearest U.S. embassy.
46. The title that best expresses the ideas in this passage is __________.

A. Studying in the United States B. Accreditation C. How to Find the Best School D. The Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 47. What should students do in order to check the accreditation of a school that may interest them? A. Write to the school. B. Write to the, U.S. Ministry of Education. C. Register to study at the school. D. Consult a U.S. embassy official. 48. According to the author, all of the following statements are true of the accreditation system in the United States EXCEPT A. The accreditation status of a school will be listed in its catalogs and brochures B. Future employers will be influenced by the accreditation of a candidate's school C. Accreditation provides information about the standards of instruction and organization of a school D. The accreditation system is like that of many other countries 49. The word "unique" in line 2 most nearly means _________. A. unusual B. first C. standard D. large 50. From this passage, it may be concluded that an unaccredited school _________. A. does not offer a degree B. may close because of financial disorganization C. is administered by the government

D. is better than an accredited school Passage 3 (Questions 51 - 55) After inventing dynamite, Swedish-born Alfred Nobel became a very rich man. However, he foresaw its universally destructive powers too late. Nobel preferred not to be remembered as the inventor of dynamite, so in 1895, just two weeks before his death, he created a fund to be used for awarding prizes to people who had made worthwhile contributions to humanity. Originally there were five awards: literature, physics, chemistry, medicine and peace. Economics was added in 1968, just sixty-seven years after the first awards ceremony. Nobel's original legacy of nine million dollars was invested, and the interest on this sum is used for the awards which vary from $30,000 to $125,000. Every year on December 10, the anniversary of Nobel's death, the awards (gold medal, illuminated diploma, and money) are presented to the winners. Sometimes politics plays an important role in the judges' decision. Americans have won numerous science awards, but relatively few literature prizes. 51.The Nobel Prize was established in order to A. recognize worthwhile contributions to mankind B. resolve political differences C. honor the inventor of dynamite D. spend money 52.In which area have Americans received the most awards? A. Literature B. Peace C. Economics D. Science 53. In how many fields are prizes bestowed? A.2 B.5 C.6 D. 10 54. The word "worthwhile" in line 4 is closest in meaning to _________. A. economic B. prestigious C. trivial D. valuable 55. It is implied that Nobel's profession was in _________. A. economics B. literature C. medicine D. science Passage 4 (Questions 56 - 60) In order to request telephone service in the United States, either call or visit your local telephone store. A sales representative will be glad to show you samples of the designs and colors available. Simply choose the design and color that you prefer, and leave your name, address, and employer's name with the sales representative. Students with scholarships should provide their sponsor's name instead of an employer's name. A fiftydollar security deposit must be paid prior to telephone installation, and may be made by check, cash, Mastercard, or Visa. On the date that your telephone is to be installed, a responsible person, such as an apartment manager, must be at home to unlock the door for the serviceman.

56. The purpose of this passage is _________.

A. to persuade B. to correspond C. to inform D. to entertain 57. According to this passage, who will install your telephone? A. A sales representative. B. A serviceman. C. A manager. D. An employer. 58. The author mentions all of the following as steps for securing telephone service EXCEPT _________. A. call or visit a telephone store B. leave information with a sales representative C. give the serviceman a key to your apartment D. pay a fifty-dollar security deposit 59. The word "their" in line 5 refers to _________. A. scholarships B. employers C. sponsors D. students 60. We can infer from this passage that _________. A. there is more than one kind of telephone B. the person requesting telephone service must be at home when it is installed C. students may not request telephone service D. credit cards may not be used to pay for security deposits PART III - GUIDED WRITING Section A - SENTENCE TRANSFORMATION (Questions 61-70) Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means exactly the same as the sentence printed before it. Example: I haven't enjoyed myself so much for years. Answer: It's years since I enjoyed myself so much. 61. David went home before we arrived. When we_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 62. What a pity we didn't watch the match! I wish _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 63. Susan was tired, so she decided to go to bed. Susan was so _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 64. If you walk slowly, it takes longer to get there. The more _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 65. I think you should go to the doctor. If I were _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 66. The local cinema has a good film on at the moment. There _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 67. In spite of all our efforts, we failed. Although we _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 68. The last time she was here was in 1990. She hasn't _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 69. They have built two bridges so far this year. Two bridges _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

70. "I think you should work harder", he said.

He advised _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Section B - SENTENCE BUILDING (Questions 71-80) Make all the changes and additions necessary to produce complete sentences. Example: Answer:
71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80.

I / look / forward / see / you / June. I am looking forward to seeing you in June.

This / be / subject / Mary and / I disagree. I / only / satisfy / if / manager / apologise / fully. I / no idea/ what my feelings / would be / if / same thing / happen / me! They / should / complete / new road / last year / but / they / still / build. News / be/ such / shock / us / that /we sat there / without / say / word. I/ unable / be / here / on time / because / traffic. It / easy / us / get / tickets / concert. Although / I/ warn / them / not / climb / that tree / they/ did. Last Sunday / definitely / not / good / day / me. I / never / allow / walk / barefoot / when / I / child.

ANSWER KEYS PART I - USE OF ENGLISH ( 40 POINTS) Section A - VOCABULARY, GRAMMAR AND STRUCTURE 1. B 11. A 21. A 31. C 2. C 12. C 22. B 32. D 3. B 13. B 23. A 33. A 4. C 14. D 24. D 34. B 5. D 15. B 25. B 35. D 6. C 16. A 26. D 36. A 7. C 17. C 27. D 37. A 8. B 18. D 28. B 38. B 9. A 19. B 29. D 39. D 10. D 20. B 30. A 40. C


PART II - READING COMPREHENSION ( 20 POINTS) 41. B 51. A 42. A 52. D 43. C 53. C 44. C 54.D 45. D 55. D 46. B 56.C 47.D 57.B 48.D 58.C 49.A 59.D 50.B 60. A

PART THREE: WRITING (40 POINTS) . SECTION A 61. When we arrived, David had gone home. 62. I wish we had watched the match. 63. Susan was so tired that she decided to go to bed. 64. The more slowly you walk, the longer it takes to get there. 65. If I were you, I would go to the doctor. 66. There is a good film on at the local cinema at the moment. 67. Although we tried hard, we failed. 68. She hasn't been here since 1990. 69. Two bridges have been built so far this year. 70. He advised me to work harder. SECTION B:


71. This is a subject that Mary and I disagree about. 72. I will only be satisfied if manager apologises fully. 73. I've no idea what my feelings would be if the same thing happened to me. 74. They should have completed the new road last year but theyre still building it. 75. The news was such a shock to us that we all sat there without saying a word. 76. I was unable to be here on time because of the traffic. 77, It was easy for us to get tickets for the concert. 78. Although I warned them not to climb that tree, they did. 79. Last Sunday was definitely not a good day for me. 80. I was never allowed to walk barefoot when I was a child.