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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Mary Ellen Reis Development and Outreach Coordinator St.

Johnsbury Athenaeum 1171 Main St. St. Johnsbury, VT 05819 Phone: 802-748-8291, ext. 306 Email: Website: Date: January 16, 2013

ST. JOHNSBURY ATHENAEUM ANNOUNCES CURATOR OF COLLECTIONS St. Johnsbury, Vermont St. Johnsbury Athenaeum Executive Director, Matthew Powers and the Board of Trustees are pleased to announce Robert Joly as Curator of Collections. Joly joined the St. Johnsbury Athenaeum in 2004 working primarily in library services while expanding his experience in the presentation and preservation of the Athenaeums significant collection. He has attended preservation and conservation workshops and classes to understand best practices of collections management. In 2009, he was selected as the Vermont Department of Libraries representative to Connecting to Collections, a forum in Buffalo, NY highlighting the importance of using institutional collections to serve as sources of inspiration and education. I welcome the opportunity to enhance the Athenaeums considerable reputation and invigorate the presentation, preservation and interpretation of the collection. There are many opportunities to improve the interpretation of the Art Gallery and the incredible objects within the collection, some that have never been shared with the public. I also look forward to my continued work with the docent program, says Joly. As the former Library Associate/Coordinator of Interpretation and Volunteer Services, Joly served a key role in the reinstallation of the Art Gallery following the Skylights Project, a significant capital project that closed the Art Gallery for almost two years. During reinstallation, and with the assistance of an NEH grant, Joly supervised a frame survey to examine, gather information and prioritize the need for conservation treatment of the art collections gilded frames. A detailed survey of this type had never before been conducted by the Athenaeum. Over 42 frames were surveyed and the result was a report establishing a prioritized list for frame conservation. Protection and preservation of all our collections is critically important, however, the Athenaeum must also have contemporary relevance, says Matthew Powers, Executive Director. We strive to inspire and enrich our patrons and visitors with unique experiences. As a long-time employee, Bob brings a multifaceted perspective to the opportunities we face in the future. I am looking forward to working with him. In his new role as Curator of Collections, Joly will be responsible for the creation of a Collections 1

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Management Plan based on a proposed intellectual framework established by the Collections Committee. In addition to other tasks relating to conservation, a key focus will be the establishment of collectionbased outreach programs. He will also serve as a key liaison with the technology plan as it relates to the collection. We are very pleased to have Bob as a member of our new team moving forward, says Bill Marshall, Chair of the Board of Trustees. His professional experience and commitment to the Athenaeum are admired by all who visit and work with him. We look forward to supporting Bob as he initiates plans to utilize the collection as a key educational resource.


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