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The Glory of Chanting the Lord’s name

(Excerpts from Satsang of Pujya Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu)

The glory of chanting the Lord’s pious Name has found its description in the Swarga Khand of Padmapurana. The Universially Revered Saint Sutaji had been answering various spiritual questions put forward by the Rishi in the audience. Finally the Rishis prayed to Sutaji, “O Great Soul! You have answered all questions put forth by us. Now please let us know one more thing. Kindly name the ritual or observance that will yield the same virtue that is obtained by visiting all places of pilgrimage?” Sutaji said, “Blessed Rishis! Certainly there are a number of observances prescribed for Brahmins and other castes; but there is one observance that is the supreme amongst them. One who engages his mind, speech and actions in devotion to Lord Vishnu, is most blessed and is invariably victorious and successful. The Lord of all gods, Lord Vishnu should be properly propitiated. By chanting the mantra of the Lord’s name, the demons of sin are destroyed. There is not an iota of doubt that circumambulating the idol of the Lord even once purifies the human beings. They attain the virtues equivalent to taking a holy dip in all places of pilgrimage. Similarly, the mere darshan of Lord Vishnu's idol bestows one with the virtues attained by visiting all places of pilgrimage. Besides one acquires the virtues obtained from reciting all Mantras simply by chanting ‘Shri Hari’, the Supreme Name of the Lord. ‘One who has the two letters ‘Hari’ (in Hindi, the word Hari has two letters), on his tongue need not go to any place of pilgrimage like river Ganges, setubandh Rameshwar, city of Kashi or Pushkar.’ - Vamana Purana O Brahmins! The devotee who chants the various names of the Lord and dances in ecstasy, sanctifies the whole world like the holy water from the Ganges and other such pious rivers. The darshan of such a devotee, being touched by him, talking to him, or even venerating him absolves one of the most heinous of sins; there is absolutely no doubt in this. One, who devotedly chants the various names of the Lord whilst playing the cymbals and circumambulating the Lord’s idol, destroys sins as great as Brahmahatya (Killing a Brahmin) just with the same efforts as required in clapping of the hands. One is sanctified simply by having the darshan of a devotee who has devotedly listened to the emancipatory tales of the Lord. Irrespective of whether one is wise or a fool, a Brahmin or a chandaal, if one is a true devotee of the Lord, then the Lord Himself comes to rescue him from his miseries. Chanting the Lord’s name takes very little effort, but the good that ensues therefrom

is tremendous. Those who argue against it after learning this fact are condemned to hell

again and again. Therefore, one should completely surrender to the Lord and incessantly chant His name. The Lord manifests Himself in the heart of a true devotee who chants His name rather than in the heart of a temple priest. The great observance of doing japa of the Lord’s name is capable of destroying even

a mountain of sins. The feet of a man are worthy that take him to the Lord. Only those

hands are blessed that are used to propitiate the Lord. The head that bows before the Lord is the supreme part of the body. The tongue that chants paeans in the glory of the Lord is the most distinguished. The mind, devoted to the pious feet of the Lord, is the most excellent. The hairs on body are worthwhile, if they stand on end with the chanting

pious feet of the Lord, is the most excellent. The hairs on body are worthwhile, if

of the Lord’s name. Similarly worthy are the tears that are shed while remembering the Lord. Alas! People of this world are really unfortunate as they are not availing themselves of the grace of the Lord, who is always eager to give salvation to those chanting His pious name.