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Thursday, January 17, 2013


Morning forecast

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8 more days of drying in Argentina No rain for 20+ days for some Rain into Uruguay/RGS today-Friday

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Y-O-Y improvement big+widespread

8 More Dry Days For Argentina

Argentina continues in a dry spell that rivals the longest of last summer. The good news is that soil moisture is in the bank and year-over-year crop improvement remains phenomenal! This ongoing dryness (8-12 days for many so far) will likely end 8 days from now.

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.01 to .10

.01 to .10

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Over the next weekprecipitation will be minimal at .01-.10 inches across the Pampas into Paraguay over the next 8 days. New to the mix are the on-going showers over Uruguay today that will move into Rio Grande do Sul tonight with 0.10-0.25 inch totals in the next 18-24 hours.

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Over the next 8 days it will be dry over Argentina. Mountain storms will build in the West and Northwest and today, clouds and some showers will continue in Uruguay, the border area in Entre Rios and tomorrow into Rio Grande do Sul, otherwise dry and warm to hot conditions will prevail over the region. The pattern appears ready to shift 8 days from now to a more friendly one with a series of fronts and storms bringing an end to this dry period.

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After the next 8 dayswidespread storminess returns to Argentina! 1-2 inch totals will then be reaching most regions. The return of the rains will be highly welcome by most farmers putting an end to the most recent dryness.

Over the past 10 days, rains have been nil to 5mm (.2 inches) across Central Argentina, Uruguay (some today), Paraguay, Mato Grosso do Sul and parts of Rio Grande do Sul, too (some tomorrow). Center-West into Southeast and Northeast Brazil will continue with their wet period, further disrupting early soybean harvest (in spots) while favorably wetting later planted crops.

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Year over year vegetation improvement is shown by remote sensing to have improved considerably (solid blue) in most of Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and South Brazil. Numerous areas of Center-West, North and Southeast Brazil show improvement, too (spotted blue). Northwest Argentina and Northeast Brazil show overall year over year crop and vegetation deterioration (spotted to solid brown).

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