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All praise and glory goes to God our Father who makes all things beautiful in His time.

And tonight we sense His sweet and gentle presence with us. On behalf of the participants I want to thank God for Dr John Haggai whose far-reaching vision has made this night and our whole experience here at the Haggai Institute a possibility. Words are inadequate to express our heartfelt gratitude towards our generous sponsors, Don and Irene Dizney. Their investment has brought 52 women from 24 nations together to be trained for such a time as this and we rejoice that the whole Dizney family is here tonight to celebrate this momentous occasion with us. A very good evening too to all Haggai Institute staff and volunteers, faculty members, honoured guests, ladies and gentlemen. In Isaiah 40, the prophet wrote: 29 He [the LORD] gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. 30 Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; 31 but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. When we, the participants, arrived at Haggai, some of us were tired, others were weary and a few were at the point of fainting. Through this training we have discovered that we are not chickens or ducks. We are eagles. Eagles are not made to walk or even to run. We are meant to soar! Many of us found our destiny here at Haggai while others are discovering the potential that God has deposited in their lives. As God renews our strength and as we renew our commitment to Jesus Christ and His cause we are going to spread our wings and soar on wings like eagles riding on the wind of the Holy Spirit! The whole HI experience began from the moment we stepped foot at HI. Manisha from India was overwhelmed by the warm welcome she received from the volunteers. She was especially touched when the volunteers held her hands and prayed for her after showing her to her room. All of us came with different expectations of the training ahead of us. Nellie came expecting to have a rest and a retreat. After all, she was already evangelizing and even training leaders and equipping them to share the gospel back in the Philippines. However, as the training unfolded, Nellie, as well as the rest of us, were amazed at the well-planned curriculum that opened our eyes to many new and exciting aspects of evangelism. We were excited to learn of the different mission fields among the Muslims, Buddhists, pluralists, atheists, Hindus and the next generation. As lesson after lesson was presented, God placed burdens for the lost in our hearts. And that was not all. Other lessons followed that equipped us with the tools that will enable us to bring our vision and mission to fruition. Like Nellie, we can all say that the training at Haggai Institute has surpassed our highest expectations. Sal, who is also from the Philippines was inspired by The Coffee House approach of evangelism that was shown in the video clip by Rhoda, our facilitator for the next generation session. Suddenly it occurred to her that God wanted her to make use of one of the function halls from the New Roxan Hotel that she owns as a youth outreach to the friends of her children among whom are Muslims. Whatever our expectations, the greatest impact of HI upon the participants was the uncompromising philosophy of HI where every Christian is obligated to participate in the spreading of the gospel and refusal to do is disobedience and insubordination to the Lord Jesus Christ. For my fellow Malaysian Jean, every session only served to reinforce the call to evangelise and to renew our commitment to be Gods instrument of love for the salvation of His people. Senait the only Ethiopian in our session also noted that each subject reinforced the message of evangelism, especially lifestyle evangelism. The one statement that inspired her most was Be the best AV or audio visual. We ought to be what people are looking for when they want to see the Lord!

Although the emphasis was on evangelism, our facilitators did not merely give us head knowledge or simply teach us skills, they also ministered to our spirit. Vera my fellow participant from Brazil testified that some facilitators ministered to her in terms of assurance. Again and again we were assured that there is a calling that we could fulfil, and we can do it because we are chosen of the Lord Himself. Therefore, in Jesus name, our fears have been replaced with courage and boldness. Like Vera, we are bringing this courage and boldness back with us to our countries to fulfill Gods call for us there. Madhurita my sister from India felt that God was chipping away at her to polish and reveal a brilliant diamond within her. I believe there are many of us who could echo her words. Our learning was not limited to the classroom. Some of us experienced transformation working together on projects. Here we are, 52 leaders, all ladies, and coming from 24 different countries. We had to overcome cultural differences, learn plenty of give and take, accept one anothers personality type and adapt to different leadership styles in order to see our group projects to completion. Through it all, it was the love of God that knitted us together because people were praying for us from the moment we accepted the invitation and throughout our training here at Haggai Institute. Adele our sister from Brazil was right in attributing the amazing unity in diversity to the overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit here in this place. Morning devotions were special times of praise, worship and communion with the Lord. Tears flowed freely as God ministered. Sometimes it could be a simple word in season. Jewell my sister from the Caribbean learned of the perfect peace as God meant it to be; the peace that went beyond freedom from fear to completeness in God. So tonight, as we begin our new adventure with the Lord we have a keen awareness that what we are is God's gift to us but what we become is our gift to God. Here at Haggai we have discovered that we are fearfully and wonderfully made in Christ. From this day forth our lives are going to be a gift to our God. We shall make a difference because God has made a difference in our lives. And now it is my pleasure to invite my sister Tania will share with you on how we are going to apply what we have learnt when we get home. Thank you.