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Regd.Office : 3rd Floor, Belgium Chambers, Opp. Linear Bus-stop, Ring Road, Surat-395003. Ph.: (0261) 3911511, 2450774, 2438410, 2454647 E-mail: Website: Initially, in the year 1992, the company South Gujarat Shares and Share brokers Limited (SGSSL) was started as an Association & later on it was incorporated as a Company under the Companies Act on 5th January, 1995, by our esteemed Founder person Shri Anil J. Choksy & other esteemed members. He is one of our esteemed directors & in past he has served as the Chairman cum Managing Director. By his visionary grace he has put our company to very glorious situation. He, along with the co-operation of other esteemed Director, has served the company in a best way

The company has obtained SEBI registration as Stock Broker on 27th February, 1996 and has started its activities on 18th April, 1996, as full fledged member of the National Stock Exchange (NSE). Originally the operations were started at Baroda, since NSE at that time was not providing connectivity at Surat. Subsequently, once NSE connectivity was made available at Surat, the operations were shifted to Surat on 23rd July, 1996 at the present location of Belgium Chambers, Surat.

The company has been stressing on the delivery oriented securities trading and since its inception has been consistently one of the major delivering members. The company has been diligent in ensuring compliance with the securities trading and settlement regulations of the NSE. We are proud of the fact that weve maintained a record of prompt payouts to our customers, winning a reputation for reliability and transparency that is not too common a currency in this business.

We are the Depository Participant (DP) of National Securities Depository Limited. We are first Stock Broker & the first DP to start its activities within the South Gujarat region. We have DP clients over 17500, number of retail clients is over 6000 & number of mutual fund clients is over 500.

We are the Corporate Member of National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE), Bombay Stock Exchange Limited (BSE), MCX Stock Exchange Limited (MCX-SX), NSE F & O Segment & Depository Participant of National Spot Exchange Limited.

Shri Aiyub Mohamed Yacoobali is associated with the company since year 2001. He has joined the board as Managing Director in the year 2006 and under his proficient guidance the company has grown up rapidly into a full-flashed medium-size broking house over a short period. He is also a Permanent Director. His rich experience in corporate advisory services helps the Company to gain a lot.

Apart from Broking Business, SGSSL provides NRI services & is also engaged in the Distribution Business offering advisory Services of Investments into Mutual Funds, Investment Advisory, Initial Public Offer (IPO), Life Insurance and other small saving products, etc. The 2

distribution services add up to our broking business. It caters to the investment need of corporate groups, high net-worth individuals as well as retail clients both in India and abroad.

We are further planning to start the Portfolio Management Services (PMS) & Wealth Management Services (WMS).

We strive to provide with the best services and make our clients' life as simple as possible. We firmly believe in customer centric and transparent approach which is backed up by strong technological support. The organization finds its strength in its team of young, talented and confident individuals.

The operations of the company are headed by Shri Mohamed Yacoobali, the Chairman of the company. He along with other full time directors maintains a close hand on the operations. Shri Bhadresh G. Kapadia is the Wholetime Director & Compliance Officer. The directors of the Company have expertise and rich experience in the field of Financial Services. The Company has its own internal trading and settlement regulations which are in conformity with the NSE and SEBI regulations. These regulations ensure that the activities of the company are managed on the professional lines and in the best interest of the investors and the shareholder of the company.

Industry profile

Share Brokers
Share Brokers are persons or firms who execute buy/sell order on behalf of the investors and charge a commission for rendering the service. They are one of the most important constituent of the whole share dealing process. Any investor has to place an order through a recognized share broker of a stock exchange. Share Brokers (individuals or firms) are registered agents of stock exchange(s) who act as intermediary between buyers and sellers of shares and in return charge a commission for doing the same. They buy or sell share on behalf of their clients. In a stock exchange it is not permissible for a general customer to trade shares directly with another customer. Here the contracts are standardized ones and the customers are required to register themselves with the stock exchange through the share broker members. The actual transaction is done not between the customers but between the registered members of the exchange. The transaction between the share broker members of a stock exchange takes place on a net basis where the stock exchange itself acts as the counter-party to every transactions. The Share Brokers also provide many value added service to its customers such as :Share Tips They give advice to their clients about which shares to buy, the price around which to buy, and the target price around which the share can be sold time frame of holding of the share Portfolio Management Service (PMS) The share brokers take a lump sum amount from their customers and trade with that money in their own account by the help of a knowledgeable and experienced fund manager. The return rate in this case is generally much higher because the fund is being managed by an experienced fund manager. Thus, the commission charged by the broker is generally higher because here the whole headache of investing, making profit, and employing a fund manager is borne by the share broker only.

Share Brokers offer two types of share trading:(a) Offline Share Trading In this form of trading the customer either goes to the share broker's place and sits before the share trading terminal and asks the dealer to place orders in his account or rings the share broker, asks the share quotes and other relevant informations, and accordingly places orders over the phone.

(b) Online Share TradingThe client could avail the share market and could place his order on his own from any place he wants, provided he has a computer with an Internet connection. Share Brokers are of various types such as :1. Floor Brokers These share brokers place and execute orders on behalf of their clients (who are not allowed to the trading area) on the floor of the exchange. 2. Upstairs Brokers These brokers locate counterparties (out of their known traders) and negotiate trade terms with them on behalf of their clients (who are usually heavy-weight ones). They then execute the transaction at a rate better than the market rate and also at a less time. 3. Discount Brokers These share brokers charge less commission than the full service brokers but at the same time don't give any investment advice to their clients. 4. Value Brokers These are a type of discount brokers who charge commissions at a percentage rate of the currency value of each transaction. This is typically helpful for the small traders who generally trade in small quantities and generally invest in low-priced shares because the brokerage costing is relatively less. Thus the share brokers are the essential and inevitable part of the share trading system without whom the trade cannot be placed or executed.

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