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of any relativa term dealing with the The mathematical order of existence provides understanding to the phenomenon

It is a term that physical coocept of timg space and motion. Relativiry is the quality or state of being relative. the asfrological fact of the universe describes the charasteristic of one object in connection with anotheq for example: by the use of the stars and otherheavenly is used by the Asiatic Blackman to predict the history of the Nation of,Islam Sun-Blackma& Moon'Woman, bodies. This is a symbolic expressiog that as it is in heaven, so shall it be oa Earth. is a relative terrn, the realm of reiativity. Star-the babies^ The reality of our history manifested this expression but this
consisr of the fourth dimension which is

illusion. This is the dimension of time. It is the beginning of a object coming .

bringlng i1 into a state of being that did not enter the state of consciousness until the action transformation occured unconscious. There is ao into this state opposite to this state is also the beginniag of a coasciousnes$ beeomiog of a gas" definite form for any object which is materialisfic, things that exist derived &orn a universal fransformation


liquid and solid. Time is the relative term that deseribes the motion of the heavenly bodies in space to the different -",hlects is our atmosphere. But time did not motivate our heavenly bodies or these objects, the darkness of the of the


. ,, ,.. .r n , -,",*"orspaceasitisreferredtoitisenerrythattheseheavenlybodiesaremotivatedby(itwastheforceofthe

mind that caused the motion

ofthe atom to come in cohesiori), which shaped and formed a materialistic world, thus

we must understand all the bio-chemical physical forms (original elements) will return back to its natural state of prire

gas. Albert Einstein's theory of relativity ;J *,at theory which is based on a eoncept of timg space and motion


rnotion from a point ofview appears as the relative motion to one with respect to another, the Sun with the Moon
and the Stars.

Motion is never observable as motion. The principles of relativity in its widest since is contai*ed in

this statement, the physical phenomena is of such character that it gffes no basis for the introduction of the co.ncept


absolute motiorq this theory also iacludes a general and special theory of relativiry deal with tlrese and many. relatives rerms concerning the science of living mathematics eveil ttrough

it is an illusion in its use, for

a means of expression.

These are in relative one state opposite the other, life-deattr, beginning-end, love-hate, truth-lies, this evdn iaclude

kinship. In this world of shape and form everythirg is relative but for ooe to say he can relate something to tfre mind
is to say there is a equal and greater force. The mind is the principle of existence and the manifestation of



motivates infinity itself and retativity with all its relation could never be absolute