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Needs some tangible improvement


Manu Prasad

angerine at Indiranagar had always been in my favourites list from the first time I dropped in there. But thanks to the column space hogged by Namma Metro construction and the resultant chaos on the road, and helped by competition toitening its grip, my visits had tapered down to zero. So I was extremely happy when I saw a signboard late last year in Koramangala one that was familiar in terms of font and colours that announced the launch of the restaurant. I learned during my visit that the Indiranagar outlet had been shut down. A stones throw from the busy Sony World junction, and yet somehow retaining a sense of calmness, exists the new version of Tangerine that started operations in September. The trademark light-coloured wooden furniture has made it, but sadly, their companions, the chimney lampshades havent.

Cuisine Owner(s) Chef Alcohol Price range

Parking Wheelchair access Service Music & Sound level

Sizzlers & more Arun V Rao, Manjula V Rao Vijayshankar Wines soon For about `1,300, you could share a non-veg starter, a couple of non-veg main course dishes and a dessert. (Inclusive of taxes and service charge) Valet parking No


From top: Vegetables with Feta; Pennepasta; Fillet of Fish Moutarde; Mud Pie

The Spicy Chicken and Coriander Soup had been a favourite, so we decided to begin with some nostalgia. Unfortunately, it hasnt taken the location transition very well. It was thinner, stingier on the coconut cream, and the chillies hadnt been informed about their role. The Fried Prawns that came next did nothing to salvage the situation. The prawns were leathery, and beer wasnt the only thing that deserved to be battered. Mustard Chicken Sausage Flowers hooked us with its matter-of-fact, non-flowery description, but the actual dish, though not lacking in flavours, went a tad overboard on the salt. Hope took a long time coming, and it came from an unexpected quarter Vegetables with Feta. But even that was too little, and too late, since we had to remind the service staff a couple of times that we had ordered a veg starter, as the vegetarians at the table cast mournful glances at the dishes that arrived much before theirs. In the end, they gloatingly offered to share their fried vegetables and tasty cheese dish with us meatheads!


Despite unfortunate experiences with aquatic life earlier, we asked for a Fillet of Fish Moutarde. The last word sounds like a lot of things, but its only French for mustard, and that was indeed the prime player in the dish that also featured red chilli flakes and oregano, all of which complemented the grilled fish perfectly. But the Chicken Desiree, unfortunately, left a lot to be desired. The chicken was rubbery, the jacket potatoes werent boiled well, and the sauce, despite featuring spiced honey and lemon (on paper) was rather insipid. The penne pasta, with a sauce that had minced chicken, red chilli flakes, tomatoes and herbs, thankfully, brought some cheer. It wasnt dry; the flavours were brought out really well, and it was just spicy enough to make an excellent dish. The vegetarians ran out of

their beginners luck with the Stuffed Cottage Cheese Steaks, as the paprika and herb sauce proved to be extremely spicy. In case you want to experiment, there are some interesting Indian Sizzler options. All the knives that were out thus far for the place were replaced with spoons after the desserts arrived. In a heavily competed section, the Mud Pie emerged the winner, despite having a slightly tough base. The unique Death by Chocolate would have won if it had not been at room temperature, and had been less grainy. The Tiramisu was not bad either. But the actual winner was the chocolate sauce and they clearly knew it, judging by its active presence in any dish that offered a chance!

A bit tardy Just about exists, and conversations can be conducted at regular voice levels. Ambience Functional but pleasant. Some tables offer a good view of the busy road. Hours 12-3.30 pm, 6-11 pm Home delivery No Reservations Early days, so not really required



ranagar version had earned. In the journey from one end of 100 Feet Road to another, something seems to have been missed out. It isnt as though the food was uniformly bad, but in Koramangala, where were approaching the state of one restaurant per family, things need to be perfect for a restaurant to thrive. I have to admit that the desserts and an old times sake fondness got them an extra point in the verdict.

In all: Tangerine needs to work harder

if it hopes to win the affections its Indi-

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Every evening, an auto morphs into a popular dosa stall in Koramangala. And its now become a YouTube sensation

rakash Raghaveya (43) can churn out one dosa every three minutes at his eatery Sree Balaji Darshan Dosa Plaza. The Plaza is a modified auto with a 30m long platform and six stoves all parked on the footpath outside Lakshmi Park on Koramangala main road. After 5 pm, the autoeatery is usually surrounded by fancy cars and hoi polloi, all waiting to get a taste of Raghaveyas dosas. No favours here, his wife gives you a waiting number and you will be served when your number is called. Raghaveya and his wife are referred to as aunty and uncle by their faithful customers. Aunty and uncle are very friendly and hospitable and their stall is always clean, irrespective of the crazy rush throughout the week. It is value for money and a healthier option for dinner as opposed to Mc D, says Shani Menon, HR consultant. The Chinese dosa with noodles is most popular, but my favourite is paneer cheese.... every dosa is

different here. Butter plane (yes, its not plain), sezwan plane, Mysore masala, beetroot, carrot, Chinese dosa, paneer cheese, paneer spring, palak sweet corn, mashroom shinese (yes, yes) and gobi masala are some of the 99 varieties of dosas mentioned in the A4 size

laminated menu. With 25 key ingredients (vegetables), Raghaveya does a double mix for a dosa. A butter masala costs Rs 25 and the maximum a dosa is priced at is Rs 125 (pizza masala). On Sundays, there is a special treat chocolate dosa. On an average, they make 400-500 do-

sas in one evening. Raghaveya and his team work 24/7 for 365 days. In the mornings, they shop for their groceries in Madivala market and in the evening they satiate many foodies desires. A set up since the last four years, I drive my auto to the same spot in Koramangala every evening because this is not Bangalore; it is as advanced as Mumbai and I like it like this, he says. There are two other carts 30 metres apart from Sree Balaji Darshan Dosa Plaza that also boast of 99 varieties but they are not as popular as this one. Just after you are done with a gastronomical experience and before you bid Prakash and his wife farewell till you visit again, he says, Check out to find out more about my stall, and that is also written on his board, right next to the stalls name. Consider taking honey pie for a dosa date! Khushali P Madhwani