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Truth Calkins studied with the legendary Ron Teeguarden at Dragon Herbs for four years before moving

to Erewhon Natural Foods Market in Los Angeles, where he developed recipes using his broad knowledge and experience with healing herbs to create the Tonic Bar and its magical menu of healing elixirs. Being raised by naturopathic parents on a farm in northern California gave Truth a head start in the natural health industry. His upbringing came to bear strongly on his personal journey to heal himself of the underlying causes of chronic fatigue using self-study, herbs and diet. He has worked with the Body Ecology Diet (BED) system for ten years and uses his extensive experience of its protocols and their effects to help countless people navigate their own healing journeys. Truth is constantly researching and championing healing foods and the people who work to bring them to market. He does private consultations for people at the Tonic Bar at Erewhon and in the greater Los Angeles area, where he continues to follow his passion.

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Truth Calkins:

Jing City

From a live presentation given at The Longevity Now Conference Costa Mesa, California April 2011

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Today I'm going to talk about Chinese tonic herbs, the Three Treasures, and the superior ultimate treasure Jing. I have been working with the herbs, going through my own journey for the last 11 years. I started with ginseng. Everybody has heard of ginseng. I just knew that I needed more energy, and that something was not quite right. I believed in plant medicine from my upbringing, so I kept scouring the internet. I spent all my spare time researching. I couldn't find anything that says ginseng does this one thing. That's because its an adaptogen. It increases longevity. It helps you improve mental vitality and builds energy. It builds health. It makes you stronger. It builds muscle. It strengthens your spleen and your lungs. It helps your immune system. And it's a tonic. There are so many aspects to it that its hard to know exactly what ginseng does. But it all sounded good, so I started on a journey of buying different types of ginseng. I started with a red Korean ginseng paste that due to my state actually over-stimulated me, and then I would crash afterwards. So I kept reading, learning the difference between yin and yang, and sort of went with different products. I ended up going all the way to wild ginseng, buying seed stock and rootlets, transplanting it, and trying to grow it. But then, through research, I found out there were actually twenty to fifty other herbs within this same class of supertonic herbs that all work in these extraordinary ways. I was falling in love with ginseng the more I read about it, because it just seemed like a gift from God that can do everything for your health if you can respect it, and know how to use it, and get the real thing.
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Before that, as a westerner, I always believed that an herb was from the garden like comfrey or rosemary. That it had some nutritive properties. That you eat it here and there, but that's it. Or that there are some really strong cleansing herbs once in a while for certain issues. But that's kind of like using a drug, isnt it? You only take it when you have to take it, and it can have side effects. The Chinese tonic herbs are different. When I'm at work and I tell somebody new about tonic herbs, they're like, "That sounds great. But why do you take them all the time? Doesn't your body get tired of them? Don't you get sick of it? Isn't it just something you do once in a while?" That's when I have to explain the Three Treasures system of Chinese tonic herbs. Three Treasures The herbs that most people think of the ones that you have to stop taking there are thousands of those. Those are in the first class of herbs, called inferior herbs, because they are used to treat disease after you get ill. That is inferior health care to the Taoists, the original Chinese that started the system. Then there is a middle class of herbs comprised of a couple hundred herbs that are part remedial, part tonic. If you have a certain imbalance, you can take these over a fairly long period of time; but eventually you try to get yourself off of them so that you can just stay with the tonics.
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Then there is a top class of herbs. There are about fifty. Of those, there are about twenty that we would call supertonics that are the top of the top. Those herbs are called superior herbs, better taken earlier on in life, starting when you are healthy. Take them all the time, and you will build radiant health, superior health and then you never get sick in the first place. That is why they are called superior herbs or tonic herbs because they tonify your body. For an herb to be a tonic herb is it has to nourish one, if not more, of the Three Treasures. The Three Treasures is a profound philosophical system that runs through all of the Chinese healing arts. Some people know this stuff that I am talking about. I am just giving a little lay down, because some people don't know, and I really want this to be clear before I talk about Jing. The Three Treasures are three energies that the Chinese believe make up your entire life. The Jing is the essence, the primal essence, and that is the energy that is inherited ancestrally through your mothers and father's lines. Their genes change based on the life experiences they go through and what they adapt to, and what they eat, and what they think, and how long they live, and on and on. That is passed on. It goes into the fetal cells from the sperm and the ova into your body. You have original Jing which is stored in the lower lumbar. That feeds the whole body. That genetically determines how long you are going to live, how strong you are going to be, when you are going to go into menopause, when you are going to get gray hair, when you are going to lose bone density, how long your offspring will live, how much will and drive and courage you will have, and how strong and young and vital your body is. It will determine everything about your makeup your brain, your psychological
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outlook on life, whether you have more courage or more fear, and how you adapt to stress. It's fundamental one of the most important things about our physical existence that we have to respect and understand how to use. So, the Jing is the first treasure. The second treasure is Qi, which is immediate energy, vitality. That is the active energy we use on a daily basis. As soon as we are out of the womb and we are operating on our own energy, we release a little bit of Jing to function; then the spleen and lungs act upon the air we breathe and the food we eat to make Qi that goes to the meridians to animate the body. The Shen is the third treasure. That is the spirit that comes from the heart up. That's the light of our being. We have a lovely picture of a candle here. The candle analogy is used in the Three Treasures system. If you look at a candle, the wax the substance is the Jing. If you took energy and retracted it and condensed it into a form that was stored and very potent that's Jing. It's so potent that you can release it when you want. The body will release Jing on demand into any organ it needs to if something is off-balance, or if it goes into a stress response, or if it goes through extreme trauma. It's that Jing that gets you through. Learning how to preserve it, and learning how to build it
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up is a key in longevity arts in the Chinese system. So the wax and the wick would be the substance, or Jing, of the candle. The active function of the candle is the flame. That's the heat. Thats the Qi. The brighter the flame, the more it burns. It eventually consumes the whole candle. So your Jing is like that substance. If you have a bigger, stronger candle it's going to last longer; and if you have a better wick you can have a brighter flame, or Qi. But the purpose of the candle is the light that it emits and that's the Shen. Superior Ultimate Treasure So that's the Three Treasures system. Now, in the Gate of Life School the real longevity masters of Taoist arts the Jing is called the superior ultimate treasure. It is the foundation; because without the Jing, you really can't go anywhere. Everything is released from that. In today's world, where we have all these exciting technologies, we are getting closer and closer to longevity, and maybe immortality. Understanding this art form which is so ancient and sort of lost to us the philosophy of how to build and not lose Jing is so precious. For me to not have been an acupuncturist or brought up in a Chinese hermitage like Ron Teeguarden's teacher, Sun Jin Park, was and to have learned this, and to be able to apply it to my life is an amazing gift. I am so lucky to be in a workplace like the tonic bar in Erewhon and meet people who live in today's world. People know the most important thing is their body and their life, and they are trying to do the best they can; but they have stress and get burnt out. Or, they were doing fine, living a life, and everything was going great but all of a sudden, something is
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changing. At a certain age range, they are starting to peter out. They took their Jing energy for granted, and now it is starting to disappear. So it's really neat to learn, in today's world, how to use Jing herbs aggressively. When I use the word, aggressively, it's because the Chinese approach, back in the day, was more conservative using small amounts of herbs over a long period of time for a cumulative effect. When you boil your first Jing herb and you drink it, you feel something sink very deep into your core, into the kidneys; it replenishes something that was missing in the root of your being. The kidneys are the root of your being. You may be calm when it's working; then, when it wears off you feel like something has been put back in. Intuitively, you want that again. So you try it, again and again. Thats how to start the process of growing back your body from the root, and it starts to affect everything from the kidneys up affecting the bones, and the marrow, and the joints, and the brain, and your endocrine glands, and your hormones, and your blood, and your reproductive function, and your brain, and your hair.
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And then it starts to affect the fourth treasure, if there was one: your will. It affects your Shen, because now you don't have fear. You are not in a preservation or survival state to try to deal with life. You have an abundance of excess energy, eventually and then it gets exciting. You can go out into life and you can use this energy to bounce back if you hit some resistance or contrast. To be able to do that in today's world, where chronic fatigue is as common as headaches, is rare. I started using Jing herbs at higher doses and I started mixing them more and more. A lot of the people who have been following the work that David Wolfe and Longevity Now are doing have heard about these Jing herbs, to some degree, because I helped to bring these hot-water-extracted cooked herbs to a larger raw food audience that wasn't really interested in them before. I think it probably all started at Erewhon about seven or eight years ago, when I convinced David (after three hours) to buy a bottle of hotwater-extracted reishi. I started taking the Jing herbs and mixing them up, more and more and more. About six months ago, I wanted to take it a little further. I got a new version of shilajit. I didn't think it was important to put shilajit in hot tea. I just thought, Its a superfood mix it in stuff. What I did next was I took all my best Jing herbs at the highest dose. I have gone around the different deer antlers; I've gone around the different schizandras; tried deer placenta straight in the mouth; I've tried it in a hot tea. Finally, I struck on a recipe with a pretty good dose of all the main gentle yin and yang kidney tonics the best extracts that need to be done in alcohol tinctures or liquids and then a very special extra substance (if you are not a vegan, that is): the deer placenta.
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I add the right oils that I think are very helpful for the endocrine system. Keeping with what I call BED (Body Ecology Diet), I also add stevia (no sugar), and a little bit of some creamer; and a filler agent like Dandy Blend, to help smooth out and suspend the whole drink and make it taste really good. I came upon a recipe that was really strong. I call it Jing City. Jing City Tea Heres an example of the power of this recipe. About two weeks ago, a lady came to the tonic bar. She was in her mid-thirties, six months into chronic fatigue, just really burnt out. She heard about me, came to the store, wanted me to make her a drink, and waited. I knew the Jing City tea this new recipe was going to be perfect for her. I made the full dose, which a lot of people can handle. There might be a little bit of cleansing for some people that are new, but these herbs aren't about cleansing; they are really about building and nourishing. She probably only needed a half dose she could only drink half the tea. She drank it slowly, and she got really calm. She said she didn't want to move, and she didn't even want to think. She sat in the chair for about 45 minutes; because when the herbs come in, it stops you leaking Jing. That's the first thing that happens.
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Now to do this, these herbs have to be in a hot tea. They have to be blended on high for about a minute or two so they cook, so the energy explodes and they all blend together and we end up with a product that is stronger than it was when all the herbs were separate. We want to drink this on an empty stomach so that it hits the receptors and gets into all the channels and the meridians. When they drink this, people get very, very calm. They get into the moment. Strictly speaking, even thinking leaks Jing. It takes mental power from the kidneys. Like she said, "I don't even want to think." She sat there, and then after about 20 minutes the blood flow started to come up to her face, and the skin was all soft and kind of glowing, and the lines disappeared. She was just still, high, and relaxed and totally in the moment. This is what I call the yin face, or the download. To take a great quote from Ron Teeguarden, he says, "This is when the tonic herbs take your kidneys and plug them into the cosmos." It's energy, free energy that you can't get back in any other way. It's coming back into your being. All you know is that you are mellow, and you're high, and then there are little waves of serotonin that make you feel good and kind of goofy but you are still totally relaxed, like you can't use the energy. It's like taking your adrenal glands out and putting them into a battery recharger.
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You can feel the energy coming in, but you can't use it yet because it's still coming. Then, when it wears off in about 45 minutes for most people you are all of a sudden completely replenished. When the Jing is replenished, it feels like the morning you wake up after a good night-long deep sleep. Its as if you got all your power back. Anyway, that lady went home, cleaned her whole apartment, slept, had amazing dreams, woke up and felt amazing. Later she told me, "I think I only need that one drink, because for two weeks straight my chronic fatigue was completely gone." That was great to hear. Some people need it every other day. She drank the other half the next morning. So that's an example of what these herbs can do. There is a time in our lives when we start getting depleted and don't know how to get the energy back. Or maybe we are at our peak, but outputting at such a high level that we can feel we are pushing it a little too far. It's okay to get tired once in a while, but you never want to tap too deep, to get exhausted because thats burning up your prenatal Jing, and that's shortening your life span. That's aging your body. That's changing your genes in a disadvantaged way. When you know how to take a tea like this and put it together for yourself, this is like a human battery recharge tonic. You have to feel it, to experience it. I've been making this drink a lot, and have been hearing some great testimonials from people. I am very excited to be seeing the results. Putting It All Together I'm going to make Jing City tea here. We've got enough liquid to make four one Vita-Mix pitcher. I have taken all the herbs the
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Ho Shou Wu, the cordyceps, the eucommia, the cistanche, and the rehmannia from a few different sources, the best places I could find from my experience working with the herbs, and I have added a little bit of bupleurum and dragon bone instead of pearl. When I make it at the bar sometimes I use pearl, but the pearl is really hard to get the quality grade I want. The dragon bone works as a grounding supplement, to kind of anchor the Jing because it's a lot of Jing herbs at once, and sometimes the energy rises pretty fast. There was a Dragon Herbs store inside Golden Bridge yoga studio. Gurmukh, the famous yoga teacher there, has been taking Ron Teeguarden's herbs for a long time. She said the reason why she wanted the store and why she takes the herbs, and why she wants her yoga students to take them is because these herbs have the kundalini energy. They go to the core where that energy is, and then the kundalini starts coming up. This is life force, or the ojas. The source of prana is so deep. You can't get this from food. You can try all kinds of diets. Maybe some primal foods start building up some of this energy because they have a lot of yin some of the raw animal foods but it's really something you can't get in another food group. This is like a fifth food group that doesn't exist in the normal system. We westerners don't know anything about this. To us, it's all just theory. And if someone tells us about these things, were like, "You're crazy. That's too good to be true. Herbs can't do that." But the Taoists studied these sacred substances for a long time, and they felt what they did. Coming out of chronic fatigue, I opened that door through research. I just thought I needed energy. But I realized I needed
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more. I needed to restore, to rebuild, and to replenish my deep reserves of Jing, yin and yang. I needed to build that up and to lock it in to stop it leaking. It takes a while to build it up if you have been depleted for a long time. You need to build the blood, have a Qi-cultivating lifestyle, and then stabilize and develop the Shen which is where the reishi and the wild ginseng come in. The dragon bone and the pearl are beginning to stop the stress. The stress is a leak. When you take enough yin Jing herbs the dragon bone in here is a Shen stabilizer that stops the stress. It grounds the person. Because there are so many herbs coming in, sometimes the heat starts to rise pretty fast. You want to ground it and let it consolidate and get in there. The schizandra helps lock it in because it's astringent. And then all the Jing herbs start working. I put a half dose option on here, along with a full-dose recipe, because this is plenty strong. Some people are a little cleaner and they are ready, so their body soaks it up fast. They are not as sensitive; they go right into a full dose. These days, people don't have a lot of free time. They don't have time to sit down and do kidney Qigong and meditate for 20 years to learn how to really master this stuff. Those people need to take
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six tablespoons of this and put it in hot gynostemma tea with a teaspoon of coconut oil, ghee and pumpkin oil; six squirts of deer antler essence, Three Sisters schizandra and Dew Drops (wild red asparagus root); and throw in six capsules of placenta then blend that for two minutes hot, and drink it on an empty stomach. Drink it slowly, but let it get in. And don't drink or eat anything cold for an hour, because you are cultivating Qi and you don't want to dissipate it or deplete it. I wouldn't even have a cold shower, really. You are going to get a little warm and you are going to feel it. You are going to feel the download. Sit and just be. Meditate for about 15 minutes. It's still kind of there for an hour and then it wears off. Then boom, it's like rocket fuel. That stuff can take you to the moon. Its like you can go all day. You can have a double job, and you won't burn out. You won't age. You can give out a lot of energy, and you can do a lot. The other recommended add-on herb is Chinese mountain ant. If you want to take it all the way, put in two to four squirts of Chinese mountain ant extract from Dragon Herbs. What reminded me of that is, if James Bond had a secret weapon and nobody knew about it, it might be like this recipe, in that the internal code at Dragon Herbs they have a code on every product is 007 for ant. When I first took ant, I read the label. I decided to take 6 to 12 squirts a day, but not take any other herbs and go for a month or so and see what ant is about. The ant is so powerful. It builds back energy, where you feel like you are suddenly too good for your old life, looking at everything in a different way. You want to go back and conquer your dream. You just see it and feel it. You don't have to say it. You don't have to express anything.
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It's just there, and all of a sudden, you are looking at everything differently. It's like that movie Limitless, you know, as soon as they took the pill. Boom, youre opened up, and you see all the possibilities. That's what starts to happen when you have the best diet, and you detox, and you've got the perfect supplement program down, and you have the perfect sleep setup. Then you've got this as a secret weapon the power drink, the ultimate Jing tonic; and your consciousness is there. You are like a god in a four-layer bio-body suit, ready to play reality. Dressing up the Jing So, I don't even waste that much time anymore. Usually, when I have got an important person, or a good friend, or someone else that just walks in, I'll ask, "How are you feeling? What do you want?" Now I just say, "Okay, Jing City." Boom, I just go right to it. I mean, I could piddle around. I could make this, I could make that and some people want that. They want to go slow, and I allow them. But this is, to me, the culmination. If I had known this in the beginning instead of spending 10 years trying to learn everything about herbs I guess the process is there for a reason. So we've got those main Jing herbs. I would have never learned to make drinks taste good if it wasn't for years of standing behind the bar in the matrix, with a thousand people a day coming through a
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supermarket. It's like Vons, but it's healthier; and I've got to make drinks taste goodso I started using chocolate. Chocolate tastes good, but it stimulates a lot of people. That leaks Jing so I don't want to stimulate. It also releases serotonin. I want a serotonic; I want something that restores serotonin, because that's your yin. So the Dandy Blend started getting popular. One of the girls at the tonic bar started using it in the drinks. It tastes really great. It's gluten-free, with a tiny bit of carbs, but no stimulant. It has a little bit of dandelion. It's good for the liver. It's mostly roasted barley, rye, a little bit of a grain. That suspends the herbs, keeps it smooth with the oil so there is no head on the drink. It's not all frothy, with all the herbs settling into the bottom like mud. So we have a suspended, smooth drink with a little Dandy Blend, a little RenewPro and our New Chapter raw whey protein, with a little bit of polypeptides and a little bit of immunoglobulins left in there. It's like a Qi form of colostrum, kind of but more affordable. You could use colostrum, but you are probably going to kill the growth factors in it because of the heat. I put in a little RenewPro to cream it, smooth it out. That has a little bit of protein. And just a dash of Miracle Salt or an ionic trace mineral supplement to add the minerals. At Erewhon, we have never had a certified organic stevia in 10 years. I got the first one I could get in here, which is great. It's just a little bit to bring the sweetness up. The key new ingredient for me is the shilajit. I used to think shilajit was to put into cold superfoods. But the first time I got the dark, strong shilajit, the high-mountain Tibetan stuff it's really black and potent I put a half teaspoon of that into the hot tea with the
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herbs, then blended it on high to cook it and get the mix. When I drink it, I realize that shilajit is a potentiator. When they make really good ginseng, they always use a potentiator, they use a harmonizer, they use a catalyst some jujube date or a little licorice or a spleen tonic to help the spleen work a little bit better. Shilajit is a full-blown amplifier. It doubles to quadruples the potency of all those Jing herbs if it's hot in the tea and they are mixed together. You cook them together. You blend it on high for a minute or two until there is smoke coming off like it's hotter than it was before you made the tea. That cooking alchemizes all of the ingredients the oils, the Dandy Blend, the RenewPro, the sweeteners and the herbs. And you end up with a final product that is like something you get at Starbucks, like a strong coffee espresso: smooth, nice, light taste, no sugar, no gluten, and really good fats that actually have some hormonal intention. The zinc and the other trace minerals in the pumpkin seed oil are amazing for the prostate and the ovaries. Now we add ghee. This is true Ayurvedic ghee, Ancient Organics. This is from Ayurvedic herbalism; this is like God. This is like the essence of life. They put a teaspoon in every infant's mouth when it is first born. And it's refined down to have more of the conjugative linoleic acid. It's good for detoxing, and it helps with certain cholesterols. Read about it; it's an amazing food. And then a little bit of coconut oil, which we all love.
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Now you have this drink that tastes like Starbucks, but we are talking Jingbucks. This is a whole other stratosphere. I can bring someone in fresh off the street who is depleted and they might not even know they are depleted. They just want something that tastes good. And this tastes good. But what they start feeling is beyond any experience they have ever had; because it stops them from stressing, and it brings them into the now. Their blood starts flowing and circulating, and their serotonin and their yin comes back; and when it's done recharging they've got their core back, something they haven't felt for years. It's amazing, but you can do it all the time. And the good news is: the longer you do it, it builds. It's cumulative. The Taoists are all about not leaking Jing changing, refining the DNA, building Jing, eating these substances all the time so that your great grandchildren will live longer. You're modifying the human race, but you're empowering yourself for your creation. Understanding Dosages and Ingredients So we make it taste good, we make it smooth, we make it BED, we make it hot and we drink it on empty. You've just got to find out how sensitive you are, whether you go full dose or half dose. You may have great Jing and just do it once a week or you may be someone who needs it every other day in the beginning.

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We start with gynostemma tea. A perfect cup is 12 ounces, a cup and a half, for making one of these teas. You need a little room for the oils so you can come out with an even cup so I'd say 10 ounces of boiling water over one Spring Dragon Longevity Tea bag. Let that steep for a few minutes, swish it around. Pour the gynostemma tea into your Vita-Mix or your blender. You can use any blender, but a strong blender like a Vita-Mix is nice because you can really cook this as you mix it. Next, the Jing City mix has got all your dry ingredient powders. This is the small bag. This makes four drinks at full dose. Plus, you need your add-ons. If you can't afford the add-ons, just get this, because it's still so good. Just put in a little oil to suspend it. It will work without the oil too, but if you use a little bit of oil, it will smooth it out and make it really nice. If you only pick one oil, use just a little bit of coconut oil although the ghee and the pumpkin are probably more medicinal for the tonic. This makes four full Jing Citys, or eight half-doses. Just one of these tonics (with all the add-ons in it) is $40 at Erewhon for a full dose. If I cut it down to half dose, the tincture is $30. You don't need to do it every day; it's so strong. The most I do it is every other day. So this bag can last 16 days for someone who is doing it every other day at half-dose or eight days for someone who is doing it fulldose. In a few weeks, Longevity Warehouse will have more of these. We will also have big bags, which is really the way to go. Get the big bags. Ill talk a bit about each herb. Rehmannia is called the kidney zone food. This is gentle, it's fast, and you feel it right away. In some ways, I like it better than Ho Shou Wu. Ho Shou Wu is revered as the most rejuvenating and anti-aging herb long-term
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rejuvenating gray hair, quadrupling a man's sperm count in a month, and extending life. Ho Shou Wu is so potent. But the rehmannia is fast. You can feel when you are burning out your adrenals. You'll actually get sore with lower back pain. At such a time you could bend over to pick up something in a garage and completely blow out a disk and be in serious trouble because the cavity of Jing that supports your core is so weak that you are susceptible, fragile. For adrenals, you can cook the rehmannia by itself. Jing Herbs has rehmannia little pancakes, super cheap and you can snap those into four pieces and put one in a cup and a half of water and boil that for 15 minutes. It's a black, smooth, nice-tasting liquid. That was one of the first Jing herbs I tried. You'll feel it go right in to the core and start to replenish the kidneys. It's great for the bone marrow, it's great for the endocrine glands, for regulating, and it's great for building blood. Ho Shou Wu is up there with lycium as one of the premier rejuvenating yin herbs. There are yin kidney tonics and there are yang tonics. One is responsible for water; one is responsible for fire. The interplay of the yin and the yang together that opposing energy that is the root of life for the way the kidneys work. You need to regulate and build both, and that is why this recipe is

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strong yin and strong yang. A little yin stabilizing calms and helps you replenish so that you get that download. Eucommia is another good gentle yin and yang tonic more yang than yin. It's a rubber tree. You can stretch it. You can see the stretchy fibers. That goes right to the ligaments and tendons, and builds the joints. All the martial artists would take it to help joints. Like rehmannia, it also helps to regulate the endocrine glands and the hormones. And then we've got cistanche. I wouldn't have discovered cistanche if I wasn't so into Jing herbs. I noticed early on that most of the Chinese herbalists like to formulate things. They'll sell a few supertonic herbs straight, like reishi, because it's so good; it's a complete tonic by itself. Or sometimes schizandra, or lyceum, or deer antler, or cordyceps; but not many others. When you go further down the list of Jing herbs and you get to an herb like cistanche, they never sell it straight. As I read each one, I thought, I've tried this one, I've tried this one, I've added this one, and I love this philosophy of Jing "but how can I go further?" They never do this one, cistanche, separately. But I wanted it separate, so I asked someone to get it for me by the kilo. The first time I had cistanche straight, I put a teaspoon of it in a tea. It tastes
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really good. The next day, I felt the increase in sex hormones. It's used in all the sexual classics. It's a powerful sex hormone and libido tonic. It's also a yin and yang Jing tonic that is great for the large intestine and the kidneys, and it builds blood. I felt the yin when I first drank it. I felt the calming, like Ho Shou Wu or rehmannia. And I felt the kidney and the warmth a little bit in there. Then I noticed the potent libido effect, so I realized, "Okay, that's why they use small amounts when they mix it." So you have to be careful. Just keep taking it mixed with the other herbs, because we're looking for the long-term building effects. We're looking for the quick download recharge. We want the inner power that these things provide. I would have never gotten to experiment with isolated Jing herbs if I had not been curious enough to try to dissect them. And I never would have never done that if I had spent thousands of dollars to go through four years at acupuncture school, learning to use the herbs the way they do. If I had, I would probably be tiptoeing around these herbs, thinking, "This is too yang, this is too extreme, this is too strong, you're going to hurt somebody's kidneys." I came to it from a different point of view and I feel blessed because I feel like I'm getting amazing results that are very pertinent for people who want to know how to replenish this kind of energy quickly, safely and deeply. Adding the Tinctures Now we are going to go through our tinctures, the Jing herb addons that we are using in this drink, starting with deer antler. I have moved around with different deer antlers, and I get some customers that are a little confused with some of the new high-tech
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growth factor extracts, like what Daniel Vitalis has at Surthrival, so I just want to clarify this. The new growth factor scientific extracts that are extracted more and more and more, separate the mucilage and the fats from the tip, and they throw that away. They are doing it raw, so that the growth factors are 100 percent intact. That's an amazing supplement to take straight under the tongue. Never mix that in something like this drink, though, because you'll ruin the supplement. It's not going to work. It has extra saponins and growth factors that can feed stem cells and can help heal scar tissue. It can help with hormones to a certain degree. It's very yang. You've got to be careful not to take too much. Some people can get very stimulated, or they could lose sleep. Find the amount you can tolerate. That's growth factor therapy. That's different from the Chinese perspective of what deer antler does as a full body extract tonic. So you want to use a deer antler that works great with the other herbs as part of the alchemy. Six squirts 6 x 4 = 24 is about a fourth of the bottle, so I know I can just pour that in, like so. This is the strongest deer antler I have used as a full body Chinese tonic cooked with the herbs, because it also has the lycium in it, which is the top. And it has the Ho Shou Wu extract.

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Next, Ill add schizandra. If you take it every day, schizandra is one of the best herbs long-term. It builds all Three Treasures. Ive tried a lot of different extracts. Some companies have changed over time. I love the extracts that George is doing at Jing Herbs. They are very thick, very concentrated, and really strong. This schizandra has lycium (the goji berry) with some longan added. So same thing, six squirts per drink. It should be about 24 squirts for four doses. And then Dew Drops. This is an amazing herb. I think Ron got separated from his teacher in the early '70s after a few years because they were in an argument over whether or not people could fly by consuming wild red asparagus root like, literally fly. And Ron said to his teacher, "No, you mean people could fly metaphorically. They could go out of their body or they could meditate," and Master Park said, "No, no. They would chew on the roots for long periods of time. They would do this for years. They would fast. They would do baghua martial arts, they would cultivate their Qi, and they would meditate. They would get buoyant. They would walk up hills and they wouldn't feel gravity. They would be light." If you do the Five Rites of Rejuvenation enough, its almost like there is an invisible pogo stick at the base of the spine that is lifting you up, and when you walk there is a lightness, there is an airiness, there is a buoyancy. You can hike up hills and you don't feel your gravity quite the same. It's as if your cells are spinning faster and
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you are levitating just a little bit. And then you get to the point where you can jump a little further; and then you start to get to the point where, like in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, you can run and fly. And Master Sung Jin Park said they could fly. So it was, I don't know, early '70s when they were flying to the East together because Sung Jin Park was going to take Ron there to the hermitage in the mountain in Korea where he came from, and let him meet the people who could fly. But there was a war going on, and at the stopover Ron was separated from him because he was American. They sent him back, and that was the end of that story. But I think there could be some truth in it. So we are going to put in the Dew Drops, wild red asparagus root. This is yin and cooling, and it promotes fluids, moisture. The Taoists were all about not leaking excessive fluids: incontinence, loss of the semen, over-sweating, getting dehydrated, and diarrhea anything that makes you lose the fluids that we have in abundance when we are young. A woman who is going through Jing depletion and menopause at the same time, and who is really stressed out gets dry hot. She doesn't have those fluids. Once you start building the Jing back and getting the core, you start changing your intracellular hydration. If you are drinking better water it helps. If you start getting the toxins out, that helps. If you start putting some of the fluids in, like the extracellular matrix that is probably in the mucilage of deer antler tip it's hyaluronan, true bioavailable hyaluronic acid it puts the fluids back. When you look at the structure of the tissue of a 16-year-old person, it's thick and pliable and tight. Its plump, beautiful healthy tissue. This is a

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perfect example of Jing. And this is what starts growing back your fluids, your yin. So if someone is extra dry, extra hot, more yin, then more moistening, cooling herbs like the Dew Drops is great, especially at night. This is one of the first herbs I did that took my sleep to a whole other level. I would do 6 to 15 big droppers in a little bit of warm water before bed. It's so yin, it calms you right down, and it lifts the heart. It's a Shen herb, because it's wild. This is 80 to 90 percent wild red asparagus root and a little bit of American ginseng, and a couple of other cooling herbs. Ron is the only person I know who gets this. If you're really tired, make a Jing City and see if you can go rest or nap somewhere. Even if you don't really fall asleep, just sit down for 45 minutes or an hour and get as close to falling asleep as you can. It actually feels like you're sleeping, and the herbs are just downloading. You'll feel when it's done it's time to get up. Then stretch, get going. Find a place to do the Five Tibetan Rites and work those chakras. With the Jing City in the meridians, the Rites are going to be a lot stronger. You are going to get flushed in your face because of the kundalini and the Jing working together and the energy coming up.
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Then make a second Jing City. That's exactly what I did this morning, because I didn't get a lot of sleep last night. It works like nobody's business. You're calm and you're strong and you're there. To know how to cultivate that kind of inner power, that is an art form. For some people, it's live fast, die young. They are born with some Jing and they just take it for granted and burn it out. They are only 30, or they are 40, or they are 50, whatever that is still so young. I mean, you want to be able to live to 200 if you want to even start getting spiritual. That's what the masters are saying. Most people burn out too fast. When you learn the arts of cultivating life force like this, you've got something that nobody else has. You don't have to be a raw deadhead, or a yogi, or a spiritual person, or a Buddhist to get into this stuff. You could be a totally regular, normal person. You can be a Wall Street matrix Jing slinger. You could just have a blender in a corner and boom, just go. You can have a place at work to make one in the afternoon if you want to. It's rocket fuel. In Gratitude This is a good moment to give thanks to some of my teachers, because I wouldn't know this stuff if it wasn't for Ron. I studied online, and then I got one of Rons old books, his first book that came out in the '80s. That's like finding the Holy Grail. Imagine if there were only 500 copies of the Bible ever printed, and you found one at a used book store. It was pretty amazing. I got into buying a few bulk herbs when I found Teeguarden Herbal Emporium. My car broke down and I had to walk for miles at night. I remember feeling really bummed out. I was struggling with my BED ups and downs, the early years this was 2001 or so and then I stopped to put the gas can down. I'm resting and I turn
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around and I look at a window of a storefront that's in the dark. And I see this giant ginseng root and these mushrooms, reishi mushrooms, and I thought, "What is this?" I'm on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles at 10 o'clock at night. I couldn't believe it. I'm looking around the whole store, and the whole place looks like a Taoist hermitage. There is all of this beautiful furniture, and it's all dark wood and this old Taoist master is carved out of a 500-year-old tree in the window. I came back the very next morning. I walked in there and I didn't even say a word. They were looking at me like, "Are you a student?" I just looked at everything and took it in. I got a catalog, and I went home and I read and memorized it. I thought, "Okay, how much money do I have? What am I going to buy first?" I looked at a product line, bought a few bulk herbs, and then went home and took them. Traditional herbalists are a little conservative. When you go to a place like Dragon Herbs and you meet an herbalist for the first time, they tell you swallow the pills with your other herbs in a packaged program, taking one or two a day. They'll talk to you, and they love to get intricate and formulated. And it's helps, yes. It's a slow, long-term thing. Some people are sensitive and they do really notice a difference. That's good. The herbs are helping them. But a lot of people are more depleted, so they are not going to be that sensitive. They wont really notice a difference. And it costs a lot, the program; then you've got to comply. Rule number one is compliance. Ron used to always say, "If you don't take the herbs they are not going to do you any good." But people forget, and they don't take them. They don't know if it's making that much of a difference, so when they run out of herbs they are like, "Gosh. That cost $300, and I'm out now. Should I go back and
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get it? Nah, I'll just skip it." They don't really know how good this stuff is, because they don't take it right. I give thanks to people like George Lamoureux, because I would talk to him over and over again when he worked for Teeguarden Herbal Emporium; and Roger Drummer who worked beside him. He was an amazing man and a practitioner of these arts. When I went on to Dragon Herbs, the same thing happened. Rehmannia Dean Thomas helped me get to the next level there. Without Ron and then these other people subsequently, I would have never been led to this stuff. Now I'm over my chronic fatigue. I have new goals. I'm moving on with my life. But I have learned something. You dont have to go on a pilgrimage to China and find some Taoist monk by accident in a cave and live with him for 10 years and they don't like Americans very much, anyway. They don't want to tell you this stuff. They think we have no respect for this kind of thing. This is so sacred and deep.

Ron healed his own chronic fatigue with Shou Wu Chi just this cheap formula from Chinatown. He had been in bed with chronic
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fatigue and burnout from study and sex and overwork and everything that everybody did in the late '60s, I guess. He had low Jing to begin with. Nothing could get him out of bed, so his roommate got him a bottle of Shou Wu Chi. He drank the whole thing in a couple days instead of doing the recommended one teaspoon in a hot cup of water. He could feel the life force coming back, and he was up and out of bed and saying, "What is this?" He bought a case, and kept slugging it down. He quit med school and moved to California. He went to the Tao Healing Arts Center in Santa Monica, looking for how to get these herbs going when he found an ad for a very rare form of Qigong. Master Sung Jin Park was I don't know maybe in his late teens. He was young, and he was sent from a Taoist hermitage cave to America to teach ten people about Taoism. Kind of an initiation for manhood. And he didn't like it; he couldn't find anybody that would listen, so he put out an ad for an ancient form of Qigong that most people had only read about. Ron answered the ad, and there was one other guy there. Then a Korean kid walks in and says, "Head on floor, back against wall," walks out, starts smoking a cigarette. So Ron is upside down like this, and his neck is cracking. The other guy gets down, swears, and walks out. The Korean kid walks in and says to Ron, "Okay, you're the one. I'm going to teach you, and you are going to teach ten people about Taoism." And then Ron had to drive him everywhere and do his laundry. Just to learn one herb. You know, I had to get really sick. My soul had to make a big change in my life, and I had to come to terms with what really matters to me. That meant letting go of a lot of things. I had to pray and, from a very truthful place, really want divine guidance. Something above
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me. You have to be humble. Something bigger than you has to guide you; because this is not a commercial product. Our society is based on commodity. You are not going to find this at Vons. Now, thanks to this conference, it's getting easier. I mean, people who have no background in herbalism can come here. They can learn about this and take it home. They could have been going through Jing deficiency stuff for half their life and Jing herbs can change their lives, just like that.

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Jing City Rejuvenation So about six tablespoons of pumpkin oil and we are ready to cook this. We are going to have to blend this for about two minutes, maybe three minutes. The full dose is strong. Some people may not need the whole full dose they can drink half of it. They could leave it out of the fridge for a day, because the oils are preserving it and the herbs are cooked. They could stir it up and then re-blend it on high for a minute or two until it gets hot, or heat it on a stove preferably not in a metal pot, but you can. You want to drink it warm, on an empty stomach. It helps if you cultivate some reverence for the history behind these herbs, for how special they are, and for knowing how to take them; but you don't have to. You can just make a drink, and you are going to learn from it. There is a difference between conjecture and experience between reading about it, touching it, thinking about it, and just a little bit of prep work, making it, and feeling it. We know what we can do with technology. We can plug things in and recharge them and keep them going. If the car breaks down we can overhaul it, we can change the engine. But your body is an amazing biological organism. Experience says it all. You don't have to know anything about Chinese tonic herbs, you don't have to read the philosophy about Jing, and you don't have to buy bulk herbs. You could just drink one of these for the first time in your life, and the experience will teach you. You will feel it, and you will know what it does. You will know that is something that you've never had, and it does something that nothing else you know of can do, and that nobody really talks about. And it's a gift. It's a real gift.

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On the label, there is a recipe for the half Jing City. Just use three tablespoons in hot water or gynostemma tea. You don't have to use the oil, but it really helps suspend it. I think it helps the release if you use a little bit of one of the healing oils, or all three. Then there is a recipe for the full Jing City, which is six tablespoons in hot water or tea with the oils. The full Jing City Max is what I like. That's with the add-ons, including the deer placenta. Deer placenta is a little expensive. If you are depleted, you can take four to six capsules of this blended up with some other hot Jing herbs to potentiate it all. When you drink it, you can smell the musk from the deer placenta a little bit when it comes off. It adds a nice, slightly salty taste. Placenta is what nourishes new life. It is a deep, profound, powerful substance. This is 10-to-1 concentrated New Zealand deer placenta. The ranchers have very special farms out in the country. It's a pretty high-end business. They love the deer; they take really good care of them. They are free to roam, and they come back with their flock on their own. They are safe from predators and they are fenced, but they are out in beautiful places and are fed well, and cared for and loved. The ranchers clip the tips off the horn once a year when the fork happens. It's an annual rhythm. That deer antler tip grows back. The tip grows out from the heading, releasing the stem cells.

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It's the only mammal that can regenerate. The difference between healing and regeneration is big. We all know that if we sever our nerves, our spinal cord, we can't regenerate that. Most probably, we wouldnt be able walk. Or if we lose a chunk of muscle, the skin heals over but the muscle doesn't grow back. If we damage our heart from cardiovascular problems we get scar tissue, but heart cells can't grow back. If you hurt your liver, you could chop out three-quarters of it and grow the whole thing back pretty fast, because you have organspecific stem cells that are helping that. Or the intestinal crypt in your gut you can grow that back quickly. Thats regeneration, the definition being the reactivation of developmental processes to restore missing or damaged tissue to its original state with its original functionality instead of having an operation and putting a metal thing in your knee or a fake thing. That's actually growing back the original tissue, like you had when you were 16 years of age. That's real regeneration, and that's where we're going. That's more exciting. Stem cells can help with that. There are some animals, like the salamander, whose arm can be clipped off; and every single time, it will grow the whole thing back perfectly because it's got those organ-specific stem cells. But the only mammal we know that does this, the closest animal to us, is the deer. And the Chinese knew it 4,000 years ago. And then theres the placenta. When people have been through extreme trauma and shock, like war victims who have been tortured for weeks in a camp and are ready to die from total fear, paranoia, exhaustion, or trauma; that is when to bring out large doses of straight placenta because it can bring back the life

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force. They are so Jing-depleted. Their prenatal Jing is hanging on a thread, and it's pretty scary. You know, when you go through nine months of pregnancy and childbirth, you use a lot of Jing, depending on your age. If you are closer to middle age it's really like you are using your life to make another. You have got to know how to prepare before that, to build this Jing. Now you can do it safely without losing yourself; and then you can utilize the placenta and put it back. Audience member: What about for children? TC: I think the half dose straight, with just a little bit of oil would be great. Test it out on them. It's safe. It's gentle. They are just foods. And I think the sooner you start, the better. You know, you can change your genes over time. The Taoists really believe that over a lifetime, based on the choices we make, the thoughts we have, the foods we
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eat, what we go through, and what we learn, our genes change and it changes our makeup. When you start using these herbs on such a deep level because the DNA is part of the Jing you will find many correlations with Jing and telomeres. For example, after you get to a certain point when it's hard to build the Jing back. That last repetition of DNA that stops your chromosome from unraveling and your genes from turning off, and stops you getting cancer and dying that's your prenatal Jing. You don't want to go there. You want to build up reserves of postnatal Jing. You can burn in the postnatal, but you can also build it back up, and you can add excess. That's life extension. But yeah, I think it's gentle enough for kids. Even a low dose of some of these tinctures, like Dew Drops, is safe for kids. The Three Sisters is pretty safe; but the deer antler is pretty powerful. This is nature's answer to steroids, so I would just do low doses for kids. When they start growing, they could start doing a little more. If someone starts taking those herbs at that age, you are going to have an anabolic biomachine, like a recon marine. Going to the other end of the spectrum, as a postmenopausal woman you have to know how to regulate yin and yang. You have to take much more cooling herbs. You have to regulate the hormones gently, bring in the bupleurum and peony formula. There are lifestyle diets and certain oils and minerals that can help with the hormones getting younger. If you are not going to take bioidenticals hormones; if you are not going to do something outside your body; if you want to do it endogenously again, as you once did, you have to go slowly and carefully. When the hormones start getting more balanced, you can
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add in some yang herbs and it won't give you a hot flash, it won't stimulate you because the body is behaving more like that of a premenopausal woman, or younger. And then sometimes, depending on how many years since they stopped menstruating, I have seen women get their cycles back whether they think that's good or not. Every two years after menopause, most women's hormones are diving by 90 percent. If you use Jing herbs and reverse that, that is not going to happen to you. You are going to be more like the women at Hunza Valley in the 1960s, when Bernard Jensen went there. At 90, some were still having babies, and didn't look a day over 40.

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