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JAN 2013

The world is rapidly changing into a global village. However, due to West-East divide, wealth generation and regional disparities, security is becoming a cause for concern. There is need for products & services in security sector, be it corporate security, cyber security or public security.

Totem is in preparedness to meet the challenges with world- class consulting, products & training. Totem has strength in global business & security and has wide network of manufacturers & service providers of security products & services.

As a Corporate philosophy, Totem believes in alliances and partnerships and nurtures them to reach the customers with the right solution.

Totem offers wide array of products and services for fire & security.

Products / Services on offer

1. Provide corporate security consultancy in risk assessment, Intellectual Property, physical security, financial, forensics, accounting, cyber security, identity theft, corporate fraud, and brand protection.

2. Facilitate global manufacturers / service providers to supply to police, army, and air force.

3. Distribute Indian high technology security products/ gadgets globally.

4. Collect / collate database of security professionals.

5. Consulting services: Police & Fire services in areas of identification product / source.

6. Training of staff for awareness sensitization on security issues.

7. Cyber Security Training

8. Integrated security solution for large infrastructure project


Infrastructure Ltd.






Integrated Security Solution


Helmet with light-FR Fireman proximity suit Fire entry suit Nomex dungaree Fire masks Respirators SCBA Fire extinguishers Fire detectors Fire hazard cutting tools Kevlar gloves Fire fighting tender Telescopic tender High pressure pumps Hose pipes Fire suppression system


Helmet Visor Bullet proof jacket Bullet proof inner jacket Goggles Bomb suit Guard Jungle boot swat -50 O C suits (sub zero conditions)


Police uniforms (Cotton - Poly) Commando dungaree Amplitude dungaree Visa endurance uniforms Anti microbial uniforms Swat shoes Luminous jackets VHF HF sets


Camera with spy cam Traffic cones Traffic uniforms


Bomb blanket Bomb trolley X-ray scanner Handheld metal detector Prodder

Door frame metal detector Handheld metal detector Telescopic mirror Mine sweeper Deep search metal detector Mirror trolley Explosive detector Mobile trace Street lab mobile Itemiser Under vehicle scanner Mobile lab scanner Bomb suit Bollarsds, tyre killers / Boom barriers, turnstile


Peephole reverse viewer Mute electric drill Road block barrier Remote operative road block barrier Portable under vehicle Search camera system


X-ray baggage scanners Entry scanner Under vehicle scanner RFID parking vehicle entry systems Parking lot monitoring


Internet monitoring Gsm monitoring – off air type Wifi monitoring Cell seeking – off air interception Satellite interception althuraya iridium inmarsat Broadband wimax Broadband jammer Wifi jammer Cyber cafe tools for monitoring Corporate internet monitoring software GPS monitor Miniature gsm counter surveillance Mobile forensics Cellphone data extraction Encase suite Digital forensics Knoll on track


Mobile forensics Lab forensics Digital forensics Microscopes Laser scanner for debris Voice forensics Cyber forensics


CCTV installation Solar panel grid installation Baggage handling at airports City management surveillance Traffic management systems Mines safety and surveillance Secure and intelligent infrastructure Highway solar power and surveillance Residential colonies video door phone alarm Mall security systems Luxury housing complex safety security equipment LCD panels for airports, hotels, malls Access control for hotels, parking lots, complex Vehicle tracking system


IR camera CCD camera Laser camera Video door phone OB telecom fiber


GSM GPS surveillance Bag camera Tie camera Pen camera Mini-digital camera Button camera Mini watch DVR Car key camera F999 Listen through wall device F555 Listen through wall device Listen through wall device (Two powerful transducers) Electronic Listening and digital recording device Detect ear

Wireless day/night cam Hidden camera finder Monocular night vision Binocular night vision Small robot See through Wall Radar Wall climbing robots


Mirror with wheels Under vehicle search mirror (Square) Under vehicle search mirror (Round) Foldable mirror Hand-held metal detector Personal radiation detector Portable X-ray security screening system Ultra-low dose hand held X-ray device for fluoroscopy Mini metal detector Image X-ray security inspection equipment Portable walk through metal detector


Water jet disrupter (29mm) Hook & line tool kit EOD tool kit (36-piece) Portable jammer Bomb suppression blanket & safety circle Electronic Stethoscope Non-linear junction detector


Consultancy Security risk assessment


Flight Suits (Nomex)


ATM DVR with video analytics


H1 virus kit


Low temperature gas tight suit


CBRN masks, suits, body bags

GE Digital Energy UPS 3KVA to 200 KVA—Power Quality Solutions

Critical Services and processes need safe, reliable power

Delivering superior performance and industry-leading energy efficiency for backup power management. We ensure mission critical equipment and processes are protected and uninerrupted by power system anomalies

Application Example : Data Centre:

Mission critical processes need a power system that is cleaner and more reliable than what a typical utility can provide. GE’s Power Quality products achieve power availability of up to 99.9999%, the equivalent of just seconds of downtime per year, by providing immediate UPS backup power and power switching solutions, while reducing disturbances on the system.

Digital Energy™ Uninterruptible Power Supplies product overview

GPS Source connects the GPS signal to where you are. Period! We provide solutions to get GPS signals from point A to point B with a usable signal strength. Bringing the GPS signal indoors is what we are all about. If you need to increase/decrease, split, broadcast or transfer the GPS signal in any manner, we can do it.

· Lab R & D environment - designing and testing GPS equipment and solutions

· Manufacturing facilities - testing integrated GPS indoors

· Public Safety - keeping your GPS based AVL, Dispatch and Tracking System live while indoors, eliminating delays upon emergency vehicle being called out

· Defense - keeping all your GPS based weapons systems live indoors & inside any military vehicle

· Aviation - enabling the testing of aircraft navigation systems with the hangar

· Survey and Mapping - live GPS training rooms and GPS signals into service centers

· Mass Transit - know the location of your buses, taxis and fleets at all times and facilitate installing and servicing of GPS dispatch and tracking systems indoors

· Railroad: GPS is a critical component of collision avoidance Positive Train Control projects

· Telco / Timing - GPS delivered for system synchronization

· Car rental – GPS delivered to drivers while inside the rental garage

· Auto distribution centers – testing of Factory-installed GPS options

· Smart Grid Metering – remote metering of gas, water, and electric meters

· Financial - Banks and financial transaction exchanges

MSA AirXpress: Streamlined for efficiency

When there are lives at stake, no one wants to make compromises. With the MSA AirXpress no one has to. In building the AirXpress, an SCBA system made for tight budgets, MSA has concentrated on those features most essential for safety and performance. High volume manufacturing processes specially designed for this stream lined system and progressive logistic methods make it possible to offer the MSA AirXpress at a price normally not available for such high-caliber professional systems. What we haven’t sacrificed are the standards you’ve come to expect from products that carry the MSA label. To meet the specialised demands of industry and emergency response, the MSA AirXpress comes in two configurations: AirXpress Industrial and AirXpress Fire.

MSA Quality: World-reknowned MSA quality combined with advanced technology make the MSA AirXpress an outstanding value in SCBA equipment. The first-stage pressure reducer is the same one used in all MSA systems. This patented and choice component distinguishes itself through reduced parts and low maintenance – and that translates into reduced cost of ownership.

MSA Tough: Like our other SCBA systems all components on the AirXpress are designed to last long in rugged circumstances. They are EN137:2006 approved to withstand high temperatures, flames and rough handling plus they are intrinsically safe and ATEX-approved for zone 0 environments.

MSA World Class: MSA has offices in over 140 countries around the world. Qualified and friendly MSA staff is not far away to assist you with prepurchase evaluations and a complete program of after-sales training and service – wherever you are.

Introducing the Investigator TM AFDX (Avionics Full-Duplex Switched Ethernet) Test Solution. Powerful. Efficient. Flexible. Investigator™ AFDX Protocol Analyzer provides the most powerful and granular triggers and filters ever developed. Investigator’s efficient pre-filter memory management permits data capture over lengthy periods of time, while intuitive application software presents data in easily understood graphical and tabled display formats.

· Allows interoperability testing using a multi-speed, multi-protocol environment

· Captures data at Full Line Rates, allowing you to see exactly what’s going on.

· Increases robust-ness of your device by doing forced error testing and impairment testing

· Shaves days and weeks off your debug time

Applications Military Communications| Military and Defense | Satellite Communications | Radar System Development & Test | UAV Network Monitoring | Fibre Channel Avionics Test |Ground Vehicle Network Interfaces |Share, filter and study trace files using standalone viewer software (freely distributable) |Isolate problems quickly using automatic decodes of iSCSI, IP, TCP, UDP, and proprietary protocol frames | Capture only key events using multi- level, multi-channel triggers and filters | Real time display of statistical data in customizable tabular and chart formats | Time correlated analysis on up to 32 simultaneous ports of any supported protocol | 1GB Trace Memory per port | Multi-protocol capable hardware | Copper and optical interface support | External triggering input and output.

The Osprey Personal Tracker is an integrated, cost-effective terminal for tracking, communicating and managing personnel in Remote or dangerous locations. Drawing on the reliability of the Inmarsat satellite constellation, the Osprey Personal Tracker offers two-way communication, tracking and alerting for individuals and fleets across the globe.

• Robust, lightweight unit suitable for long-term use in all environments

• Lets you quickly locate and communicate with the nearest osprey Personal Tracker in your group or fleet

• Dedicated, protected alert button prevents false alarms

• Enables communications with multiple destinations, such as SMS and e-mail

Key features and functionality:


• Cost-effective • Automated GPS reporting intervals • Dedicated Alert and POI buttons • Terminal-to-terminals communication • One-hand operation •

Robust and lightweight device (350g) • Self-contained unit with integral battery

• Front Panel can be custom branded. Minimum volume commitments apply • Local time zone setting • Efficient, intuitive menu navigation


• Worldwide tracking, messaging and alerting • Alert notification to multiple

contacts via SMS and email • Locates nearest Osprey Personal Tracker in a group

• Up to 450 customizable pre-defined messages • Stealth-mode for silent and

low backlight operation • Synchronization “over-the-air” of pre-defined messages and address book • Customize map views using Points of Interest (POIs)

DuraCOR 810

Rugged MIL-STD-810 COTS Processor Platform

The DuraCOR 810 is a rugged military-grade processor system designed for high reliability applications requiring MIL-STD-810F environmental compliance with extreme temperatures, shock/vibration, and ingress. Mechanically designed with considerations for dust exposure, water immersion, EMI/EMC, corrosion resistance, power protection, and system mobility, this field-ready computer builds on years of experience developing and qualifying similar systems for harsh ground vehicle and aerospace installations.

DuraMAR 1000

Rugged Mobile IP Router (MAR-1001-03) - 5 Ethernet & 4 Serial on MIL-38999, MIL-810/704/1275/461

The DuraMAR™ 1000 is a rugged Mobile IP (Internet Protocol ) router designed for netcentric operations in harsh mobile environments.

The routing protocol includes including IPv6 and IP Mobility (IETF Mobile IP Standard RFC 2002)

Siemens Enterprise Communications offers a comprehensive portfolio of secure IP communication solutions and services for diverse enterprise customers ranging from Industry, Call Centers, Healthcare, IT, Hospitality, Telecom, PSUs, Banks & Financial Institutions, Defense and Corporates. OpenScape & HiPath convergence solutions integrate the wireline and wireless worlds offering comprehensive options combined with an attractive return on investment at a lower Cost of Ownership.

World class Communication Platforms

Our comprehensive portfolio of communications and collaboration solutions delivers real business benefits. It can help you maximize business productivity by cutting down on lost time chasing voice mails or email, excel in customer service by giving the right agent the right information and reduce costs by improving communications efficiency.

A range of product portfolio that addresses requirements for every market segment


Matrix is a leading manufacturer of telecom equipment for the customer premises (CPE). These solutions can be grouped under following categories - Voice Switching, Voice Messaging, GSM Products and VoIP Products. Matrix switching products include IP-PBXs for SOHO, SMB, SME and large enterprises. Matrix also offers Digital PBX, ISDN PBX, Key Phone Systems, Hospitality PBX and PLCC Switches. GSM products include GSM FCTs, GSM Routers, GSM-POTS Gateways and GSM-VoIP Gateways.

VoIP products include IP PBXs, VoIP-GSM-FXS-FXO Gateways, VoIP-POTS

Gateways, Universal Gateways, VoIP ATAs and VoIP Phones (SIP Phones). Voice messaging product includes Music-On-Hold. With over 150,000 line-units installed and growing by over 1500 line-units per day, the installed

base of Matrix connects over 15,000,000 calls every day.


No wonder, Matrix products have won many awards.

Matrix is a leader in security solutions for modern businesses and enterprises. Matrix COSEC range of Access Control and Time and Attendance solutions are comprehensive, modular, scalable and flexible. These products are built on state-of-the- art hardware and software technologies and offer wide range of features and are reliable. Matrix COSEC products are ideal for all customer segments and sizes – SOHO, SMB, SME and large enterprises. Matrix PROPAC series of Fire Alarm Panels are sturdy in design and rich in features.

Night Vision with Image Capture! World's only Night Scope that takes Pictures too!! NV 20/20

Captures black & white images on standard secure digital memory card | Images saved in JPEG & TIFF formats | Images easily tranfered to a computer | No special software needed

Features Ambient light amplication of 650 times | Works day or night | Variable Frame

Rate - user adjustable exposure time to enhance light gathering capability.

From 2 fps to 30 fps | Infrared Intelligence - 3 modes. Wattage adjusts

automatically as needed for varying levels of darkness | Variable display

brightness | Enhanced infrared sensitivity, double that of intensifier tube

technology | Clarity across the screen - edge to edge | Programmable time

out features | Color output choices | Video composite output



World’s only Simultaneous, dual mode handheld system for a broad range of explosives detection - detects explosives and narcotics in seconds.

Detects both the positive and negative explosives ions in one sample - important explosives are found in positive mode

Simultaneously test for a wide range of explosives and narcotics in seconds

Other handhelds work in one mode at a time, and require changing components and additional samples to test for both types of ions

Checks for CWA and Toxic Industrial chemicals also.


* Other models from 500 mm to 1800 mm are also available

Morpho Security's HRX 1000 X-ray System is a cost effective solution ideal for screening large parcels and cargo in airports, government offices, and other business applications. The tunnel size of 100 cm (39.4 in) wide by 100 cm (39.4 in) high maximizes the effective screening region, producing exceptional images while rapidly inspecting large articles.


36 Gauge Wire Typical, 38


Spatial Resolution:

1.25 mm both Horizontal and Vertical Penetration:

31 mm Steel Typical, 29 mm


Contrast Sensitivity:

24 Visible Levels, 4096 Gray Levels Tunnel Opening:

1000 mm (39.4 in) x 1000

mm (39.4 in)

X-Ray Detector

2304 channels in an "L"-

shaped array.


Built to quickly and accurately identify threats in the field, Morpho’s StreetLab Mobile is a go- anywhere, user-friendly handheld unit that can identify chemical substances using Raman Spectroscopy for data capture and analysis. Rugged, yet ergonomic and lightweight, StreetLab Mobile can reliably identify liquids, powders, and solids in a single step without sample consumption or subjective interpretation.

• Identifies broad range of substances (i.e., toxic industrial chemicals, toxic industrial materials, explosives, and narcotics)

• Samples through glass, plastic, transparent– and even translucent– materials

• Analyzes pills, powders, liquids and solids



The Respirex GTB is a reusable Type 1A “gas tight” Hazmat chemical protection suit covering both the wearer and the breathing apparatus. It comes supplied with safety gloves and either integral heavy duty safety boots or integral socks. Suitable for use with all types of self contained breathing apparatus. (Product Code: GTB203/215/3)


Frontair-2 suit manufactured in blue tint anti-static 150 micron PVC material. Also available in a lightweight barrier laminate material with excellent resistance to permeation by a wide range of chemicals. Large visor area allowing a wide field of vision both vertically and horizontally. Waist belt and internal air system to hood. High/low valve which is adjustable by the wearer and incorporating

a ventilation system to the arms and legs (excluding airline coupling). CE marked in accordance with EN1073-1:1998.


PRPS (Powered Respirator Protective Suit)

Hazmax boots and detachable mechanism. Gas tight locking cuff and glove. Gas tight zip and Velcro style flap for re-use. Gas tight seam construction certified to EN464:1994

(Product Code: CPS0005)

Respirex waist support with one EPD dose meter support.


ESAB operated at the forefront of welding and cutting technology. Over one hundred years of continuous improvement in products and processes, enables us to meet the challenges of technological advance in every sector in which ESAB operates.

With over 100 years of experience, and a presence in over 80 countries worldwide, ESAB is probably the most recognized brand in welding and cutting with a product portfolio, which


Standard Welding and Cutting Equipment Automated Cutting Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Automatic Equipment

Welding Consumables

Welding Accessories

ESAB offer a comprehensive range of Personal Protection Equipment, covering everything from head to foot, for both welding and cutting and general engineering applications. All ESAB products conform to all relevant EU legislation and standards.

As Health and Safety Standards improve year on year, so does ESAB's commitment to providing

a product portfolio capable of meeting the ever increasing demands of the markets we serve.

As you would expect from a leading supplier of welding and cutting solutions, the ESAB product range is second to none for quality and reliability.

FAAC India

FAAC India introduced hydraulics in the gate opening sector. And have perfected this technology adapting it to a multiplicity of needs. FAAC automated systems satisfy both Intensive use and Economic use. FAAC India began making its own electronic equipment which include control equipment, radio controls, as well as safety and signaling systems.

Tyre Killers

• Boom Barriers

• Bollards



Uniform Code, Polishable - Full-grain Leather Breathability - 1000 Denier CORDURA Lateral Support - Riveted Steel Shank Sandwiched Between 2 Flexible Lasting Boards Extra Comfort - High Ankle Heel Support Durability, Strength - Triple Stitched Upper Traction - Self-cleaning, Multi-tred Carbon Rubber Outsole Comfort, Athletic Cushioning, Total Foot Support - Compression-molded Eva Midsole Allows For Custom Fit - Removable Molded Orthotic Footbed Lining Wicks Moisture Away From Foot.



OCM provides the latest in fabric innovations through its strategic technology. Its vision is to become the premier supplier of technology based smart solutions for better living in a better world. It integrates technology, people, and processes to deliver these solutions, customized to meet individual client needs. It is committed to delivering high performance products that support the various lifestyles we live today. By combining innovation and quality with services, it offers the protection, comfort and durability you require.


Abloy Oy has over one hundred years experience in the manufacture of products associated with the locking and opening of doors, windows and devices. We develop, manufacture and market mechanical and electromechanical building locks, industrial locks, padlocks, door closers and door automatics, architectural hardware such as door handles and pulls, window handles and escutcheons. Our business idea is to develop sage, aesthetic and easy to use locking solutions which satisfy the needs of endusers and our construction industry partners for security and ease of access. Abloy Oy products are designed and manufactured not only to provide high levels of security, but also to be reliable, user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. ABLOY is your sign for security.





250 mm x 300mm x (10” x 12”)



Multi curve

Outer Finish


Black Nylon



1.6 Kg – 3 Kg for 10" X 12"

Protection Level

: Level IV according to NIJ 0101.04 when used in conjunction with NIJ Level IIIA soft armour.


The Indian Armour PASGT Helmets (US Personal Armour System Ground Troops) Helmet is designed to protect against fragments/shrapnel and other ballistic threats; with improved comfort. Used by,

Special Forces, Police, Military and SWAT teams High ballistic performance with low weight, using high- tenacity ballistic aramid fiber. Unique processing method and perfect fit suspension system.

• 3 different suspension systems. All have a 4 point chin strap harness, with an integrated nape pad.

• Crown Mesh: Crown Mesh with cross straps; with plastic chin cup

• Leather Ring: Shock Absorption harness, with leather webbing and leather split chin strap.

• Pad: 7 EVA foam pads; with webbing split chin strap


• 17mm ultra-thin indoor unit with advanced technology.

• Popular simple design and easy operation.

• Taiwan Grade - A TFT screen promises high definition image.

• Durable, waterproof and dustproof outdoor unit.

• 7” TFT screen with low power consumption, no radiation and high definition.

• Hands free intercommunication.

• Monitoring the outdoor.

• Electric-controlled unlocking.

• Brightness, chroma and volume adjustable.

• 8-chord melody rings for option.

• Enclosed a switch power supply and 15m cable for DIY installation.


Improved on the most advanced IR package available now, integrating multiple technologies never used in the industry, DELOPT Thermo Plus are another ingenious solution provides for professional IR Demographers around the world. In a rugged,compact and durables magnalium casing, offer a wide assortment of unexpected features that enable thermographers to work unprecedented efficiency and productivity. Exceeding all the existing IR radiometric cameras, it sets another new standard of the first class products for the whole industry. APPLICATIONS: Predictive and preventative maintenance Electricity inspections Building diagnostics Technical diagnostics Veterinarian helper Portable law enforcement DELOPT Thermo Plus.


Light –weight and rugged design | Unmatched imaging performance | Image capture, mission reporting | Waterproof and shockproof | License free and rapid delivery | Environmental Specification | Operating Temperature -40°C to 60°c | StorageTemperature -50°C to 70°C | Humidity Operating and storing10%to 95%, non- condensing | Encapsulation IP67




On line and non-contact measurement

Advanced recognistion of error in the products resulting in saving material

Compliance with narrow tolerance limits

PC Based Control Unit

High measuring accuracy and long term stability

Increase in productivity because of less downtime Short term amortisation of capital invested. Thickness Gauging systems are used where the thickness basis weight of a flat Product is to be measured and conrolled.



Moisture averaged over a time, depending on the speed of the belt, resulting in high accuracy Non-contact measurement, surface mounted probes and remote control electronics Measures moisture continuously Density compensation High efficiency He3 proportional counter detection PC based design with state-of- the- art technology Wide range of applications in moisture measurement in granular solids, powders such as coke, sinter mix, sand etc in hoppers. Principle of thermalisation of fast neutrons using Am241-Be fast neutron source.



Non-contact & non destructive measurement Easy to install in any industrial environment Compact and simple Micro-controller based Flexible and easy to calibrate Can count the number of times filling or emptying Rugged construction to withstand rough environment Can be used as an on-off control system for the control of liquid /solid levels in the storage vessels


Diversified sector - many segments, with varying growth rates



High Threat


Ports &




& Prisons



Our focus: Screening systems to prevent explosives/weapons being taken onto aeroplanes Primary Areas: Checkpoint, hold baggage, air cargo

Totem International has entered into a starategic partnership for providing specialised skilled manpower for hotels, ports, airports and critical infrastructure. The personnel from CISS will be equipped with necessary gadgets and training for managing critical installations and disaster response.

Garrett Metal Detectors is the global leader of security walk-through and hand-held metal detection products and training. From the Olympic Games to U.S. and international airports, Garrett has the proven experience, expertise and reliable products you need to design the most effective security screening checkpoint for your unique application. Whether it’s one walk- through unit or a hundred, let Garrett Metal Detectors work with you to make your facility or event more secure


Airports | Correctional Facilities | Arenas Public Buildings | Private Buildings | Special Events Schools | Loss Prevention | Nuclear Facilities Transportation Terminals | Courthouses Corporate Security | Historical Landmarks


MaxVision - BPAC

Handheld Rugged Computer with Built in Biometrics – Feature rich, fully functional, no-compromise rugged Ultra Mobile Personal

Computer (UMPC) for every industry. MaxVision’s BPac uses a rugged aluminum package that fits in a BDU pant pocket and can collect

& process biometric and other relevant in-the-field information. The BPac includes a 5.6” touch sunlight readable LCD, FIPS 201.1

compliant fingerprint scanner, Iris camera with IR illuminator, face/barcode/video camera, GPS, IEEE 802.11 b & g, Choice of 3G cellular

radio (GSM or CDMA), digital voice recorder, contact/contactless Smart card reader &easy-to-use biometric software or SDK support for porting users own application in Windows, all in a handheld package weighing

approximately 3.5 lbs.


“BPac 8000 mobile single finger capture device, incorporating the Futronics FS99 at

500 ppi, when used in image transmission mode (PIV-071006 Mobile ID SAP 10)

EBTS Appendix F Mobile iD SAP 10 using Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Single

Finger Capture Device Specifications”

MaxVision - 6PAC Fingur Print Capture System

The 6PAC uses six independent FIPS 201.1 certified optical finger print sensors arranged in a

unique patent pending softball sized hand grip which simultaneously captures all fingerprints from

either the right or left hand in as little as two seconds per hand. The 6PAC’s unique design and capture process eliminates the need for finger segmentation and individual thumb capture

traditionally used on a “Four Slap” device allowing for a faster, more natural, and less

intrusive capture experience. Furthermore each finger is independently processed for

FIPS compliance before given a green light on each finger.

MaxCube II

Rugged Deployable Server

MaxVision's MaxCub II 8241 is one tough, reliable, ultra-compact, rugged, mobile, super server

designed to meet the needs of servers compliant with the VMware virtual environments and any

Window Server, Linux Server or Desktop OS.



Infosys, Google and other software companies


AP Police, Kerala Police, Pondicherry Police

Petroleum Sector

and other state police, Para military, Force One Mumbai IOC / HPCl / Essar

High Networth Individuals

VIP’s / VVIP’s

UN Organization

ICRISAT, Hyderabad | ECIL, Hyderabad

Five Star Hotels

Marriot, Westin


Reserve Bank of India

Power & Steel

Jindal, Essar, Adani

Govt. of India





Name : State Bank of Patiala

Address : 1-99/14, Main Road, IFSC : STBP0000924 Madhapur, Hyderabad (AP) – 500081 MICR : 500007004

Company Incorporation No : U74999AP2009PLC064124

Service Tax No : AADCT2035LSD001 VAT&CST No : 28263035736

Auditors: Deloitte Haskins & Sells

Account No : 65088728875


Branch : Madhapur

TAN No : HYDT04053A

IEC : 0909007977 DUNS No : 650455632


Electronic signature capture pads, patented software tools and applications, and forensic authentication capability for any eCommerce environment.

Topaz offers the highest-quality and widest variety of electronic signature capture tablets available.

A Myriad of Options With more than 15 different models to choose from, Topaz brings the right product to your application environment. Signature pad products include passive pressure touchpads, rugged signing surfaces with electronic pens, interactive LCD displays included full-color VGA display, integrated fi ngerprint sensors, wireless capability, full-size inking clipboards, smallfootprint and desktop units.

Bundled Software Solution Topaz pads include a license to use our powerful software tools, applications, and plug-ins for a complete, integrated signature solution. All support and updates are free, meaning you’ll never need to subscribe to yearly or per-unit licenses or support services to keep your eSignature system up and running.

High-Quality Capture Topaz technology captures signatures as a series of high-resolution events. From this event data, images can be generated for display purposes or forensic experts can conduct authenticity analysis.

Custom Development Tools Topaz offers SigPlus tools for ActiveX, native .NET, Java, C++, Linux and Unix so you can take your eSignature solution to any platform or operating environment, or switch between them as your needs evolve, without having to purchase additional software or licenses. For users desiring Topaz forensic-quality signatures on a Tablet PC platform without additional hardware, we offer SigPlus TabletPC software to capture signatures using the PC’s own pen. All updates and support are provided at no charge, along with source code examples for all major development environments.

Totem Infrastructure Ltd. is a young, professionally managed infrastructure company with highly skilled and experienced team of associates and projects all over India. The organisation is involved in the construction of national highways, railways lines, irrigation projects and industrial infrastructure, from design to execution. Totem delivers high quality construction services across four major segments of Infrastructure – Transportation, Irrigation, Power and Urban Infra. Totem is now recognized for cost-effective and time-efficient solutions, which serve the country's ever growing infrastructural needs.

The journey which started with spirit of “Passion to deliver”, it still continues to spread vibrations across all the projects by scaling new heights in the infrastructure segment.

Technology related business solutions are an indispensable part of trade and commerce in today’s market place. These business solutions aim at generating value for consumers by effectively utilizing technology to advance their day to day processes. Today every company needs unique technology related solutions specifictotheirindividualenvironment.Keepingt he same in mind, Aircel offers a comprehensive range of business related applicationsto empowereveryaspectofyourbusiness. Our business enhancement solutions are aimed at generating profitable results for your enterprise.Our products ranging from premium internet services, E-Conferencing, MPLSVPN and Smart Stream provide a gamut of services that will support your needs. Aircel offers its customers, services and products that are easy to understand and use. All offerings are stimulating and at the same time extremely unique as Aircel continue store-invent itself constantly to deliver the best and most up-to - date services. The brand instills a felling of pride, confidence and reliance among all stake holders by anticipating their desires and fulfilling the same efficiently. Some of the Enterprise Data products that we offer Premium Internet Services | National Private Leased Circuits(NPLC) | Layer 3MPLS Services | Layer 2MPLS Service | IP Multicast VPN Service


Morpho Detection











OB Telecom








Life Safety

Cobra Defense





SM group


X Test

Cole parmar


Krav Maga






Avante Security Inc.

Security Design Inc.


Ingersol Rand




Audo Viso


Safeguards USA

GE Energy

Maxvision USA


Explosive Detection Products-Chemical Biological Detector/X Ray Machine/ CT scan Baggage Checking City Surveillance, CCTV systems Nuclear, Chemical, Biological Pharma Industry suits Knifes, Torches Cell seeker, Interception & Jammer. MAV Sensor Systems / Ravell Fire Panels Work Wear Uniforms CCTV Solutions Solar Fencing slik type For Locks and Keys BP Jackets, Helmets, Bomb, Blankets, Swat boots Fibre Optic Tx Rx Solar Panels, Signages LCD Panel Dome Camera, Digital Camera Masks N95, Swine Flu kits CBRB cartridge, throat mic UVSS, Thermal Imaging Camera Rope & Tackles, Slings Radiation Detection Equipment Isotopes – Radio Active Sources/Calibration Source CBRN Vehicles / CBRN Laboratories CBRN Software Cold Weather Clothing Escape Hoods, Breathing Apparatus Earth Imager, Ground penetrating Radar Cyber Security Forensic lab equipment/software Light Weight BP Jackets Level 4. Boom Barriers, Tyre Bursters Explosive Calibration Samples Hand Held X Ray, á â ð (Alpha Bita Gama) Detectors CCTV Solutions SWAT Combat Training E challaning, Biometrics SWAT Uniform For Training Security Forces Security Solutions Security Solutions Smart Box Solutions for Home Automation. Bomb Detection System Video Door Phone Access Control Equipment Road Safety Products Laptops Fire Doors Night Vision Binoculars Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer Aviation Intrusion Detection UPS Biometric Rugged IT Solutions. Wrist Wearable Computers

Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer Aviation Intrusion Detection UPS Biometric Rugged IT Solutions. Wrist Wearable Computers
Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer Aviation Intrusion Detection UPS Biometric Rugged IT Solutions. Wrist Wearable Computers
Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer Aviation Intrusion Detection UPS Biometric Rugged IT Solutions. Wrist Wearable Computers
Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer Aviation Intrusion Detection UPS Biometric Rugged IT Solutions. Wrist Wearable Computers
Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer Aviation Intrusion Detection UPS Biometric Rugged IT Solutions. Wrist Wearable Computers
Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer Aviation Intrusion Detection UPS Biometric Rugged IT Solutions. Wrist Wearable Computers
Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer Aviation Intrusion Detection UPS Biometric Rugged IT Solutions. Wrist Wearable Computers
Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer Aviation Intrusion Detection UPS Biometric Rugged IT Solutions. Wrist Wearable Computers
Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer Aviation Intrusion Detection UPS Biometric Rugged IT Solutions. Wrist Wearable Computers
Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer Aviation Intrusion Detection UPS Biometric Rugged IT Solutions. Wrist Wearable Computers
Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer Aviation Intrusion Detection UPS Biometric Rugged IT Solutions. Wrist Wearable Computers
Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer Aviation Intrusion Detection UPS Biometric Rugged IT Solutions. Wrist Wearable Computers
Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer Aviation Intrusion Detection UPS Biometric Rugged IT Solutions. Wrist Wearable Computers
Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer Aviation Intrusion Detection UPS Biometric Rugged IT Solutions. Wrist Wearable Computers
Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer Aviation Intrusion Detection UPS Biometric Rugged IT Solutions. Wrist Wearable Computers
Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer Aviation Intrusion Detection UPS Biometric Rugged IT Solutions. Wrist Wearable Computers
Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer Aviation Intrusion Detection UPS Biometric Rugged IT Solutions. Wrist Wearable Computers
Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer Aviation Intrusion Detection UPS Biometric Rugged IT Solutions. Wrist Wearable Computers
Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer Aviation Intrusion Detection UPS Biometric Rugged IT Solutions. Wrist Wearable Computers
Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer Aviation Intrusion Detection UPS Biometric Rugged IT Solutions. Wrist Wearable Computers
Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer Aviation Intrusion Detection UPS Biometric Rugged IT Solutions. Wrist Wearable Computers
Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer Aviation Intrusion Detection UPS Biometric Rugged IT Solutions. Wrist Wearable Computers
Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer Aviation Intrusion Detection UPS Biometric Rugged IT Solutions. Wrist Wearable Computers
Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer Aviation Intrusion Detection UPS Biometric Rugged IT Solutions. Wrist Wearable Computers
Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer Aviation Intrusion Detection UPS Biometric Rugged IT Solutions. Wrist Wearable Computers
Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer Aviation Intrusion Detection UPS Biometric Rugged IT Solutions. Wrist Wearable Computers
Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer Aviation Intrusion Detection UPS Biometric Rugged IT Solutions. Wrist Wearable Computers
Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer Aviation Intrusion Detection UPS Biometric Rugged IT Solutions. Wrist Wearable Computers
Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer Aviation Intrusion Detection UPS Biometric Rugged IT Solutions. Wrist Wearable Computers
Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer Aviation Intrusion Detection UPS Biometric Rugged IT Solutions. Wrist Wearable Computers

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