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ngels are the messengers of God, and are spoken of in the

epistle to the Hebrews as ministering spirits (Heb. 1:14).

There are good and bad angels. The good Angels are God's A
angels while the bad Angels are of Satan who were thrown down to
earth from heaven with Lucifer, they lost their place in heaven and
came to cause havoc to the church of Christ no wonder Jesus said
the gate of hell shall not prevail against the church.
In the Catechism of the Catholic Church (ccc329) it defines
Angels according to St. Augustine as the name of their nature, they
were purposefully created by God to serve as messengers who
hearken to his word and who will always do his will. The word Angel
is derived from the Greek word Angelos which simply means
messenger. They always behold the face of my father who is in
heaven; they are the mighty ones who do his word, hearkening to
the voice of his word. Angels as depicted by the Bible as
messengers of God who serve as mediators between the heavens
and the earth. Angels are celestial beings; they are spirits by nature
and are immortal. In the Bible, they are pictorially illustrated as two
winged creatures dressed in crystal white garments. They are the
first in the ascending order of the celestial hierarchy, followed by
archangels, principalities, powers, dominions, thrones, Cherubim
and Seraphim. Angels have demonstrated their duty as messengers
and guardians in many instances in the Bible like the annunciation
of the birth of Jesus, Luke 1:30-33, the annunciation of the birth
of Samson Judges 13:3-21, led the Israelites out of Egypt Num.
God is watching over you, he will not allow you to be
destroyed by the devil and his agents, remember his promise in
Exodus 23:20 and 21-23 where he said I will send my angels
ahead of you, to protect you as you travel and to bring you
to the place where I have prepared for you. Angels also
minister to Churches as we were told in the book of Revelation
about the Angel of God sent to the church in Ephesus, Laodicea;
In the life of Jesus Christ the Bible says in Col. 1:16 for by
him were all things created that are in heaven, and that are
on earth, visible and invisible. Be it thrones, or dominions,
or principalities or powers, all things were created by him.
Angels have been present since creation and throughout the
history of Salvation, announcing the news of salvation from far and
near, and serving the accomplishment of the divine plan.
Remember; they closed the earth's paradise, they protect Lot and
his family from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, saved
Hagar and her child from perishing in the desert and did many more
things both recorded and unrecorded.
Rejoice, you saints of the most high: for
there are Angels on assignment empowered
by heaven to bless you on earth!
Chapter One
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beckon on you brethren to acknowledge the deliverance,
.Angels of God have carried out, and are still carrying out and
are yet to carry out in our daily lives, for God has put them in I
charge of us. The efficacy of soap remains unknown unless you put
it to test. It is only when you have used a cream, a new soup
condiment or even a newly introduced drugs that you can ascertain
its efficacy or effectiveness. In the same way is the ministry of
Angels; indeed they are always at your service only when you put
them to work. Let's put our Angels to work, Heaven has assigned
them to us, it's now your responsibility to tell them what to do for
you. How does it sound to your ears, that you have servants in your
house and you don't make use of them. It's unfortunate, because
they will not be happy with you. Its high time believers begin to put
Angels to work in order to reap powerful result and share their
testimonies with people as I will be sharing this one with you.
Few years back prior to 1996 Christmas I boarded a
commercial car traveling from Maiduguri to Jos. It was a 504 s/w
car and I was to break the journey in Jos before proceeding to
Onitsha for another program. Immediately after we left Darazo in
Bauchi State of Nigeria, a private car overtook us and not long after
that, it lost control and skidded off the road and headed to the
brush and started somersaulting. It was a very terrifying incident as
we were the first people to arrive at the scene of the accident. I
came to discover to my utmost surprise that I knew the people in
the car as we rushed to help them out of the damaged car we
discovered that the maid was carrying a nursing baby who was just
eight (8) months old. The parents of the baby were still
unconscious so we rushed them to the nearest hospital to revive
Looking at the maid and the baby who were both unhurt, I
was moved to inquire how she managed to survive without any scar
and she told me that a man dressed in white came and brought her
out, gave her the baby and told her to help her aunty and her
husband. It was then I knew that God sent an Angel to save the
family. Do you know that the man who planed the accident was
busy telling people in the village that tragedy will befall this family
but unknown to him as he was planning the accident, God was
planning a rescue mission powered by Angels. The wicked shall not
succeed in your life; and their plans will never work. In Psalm
91:11-12 for he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee
in all they ways they shall bear thee up in their hands least thou
dash your foot against a stone. Can you now see how Angel saved
this family, he will also save you, the man and the wife survived and
today they are living fine to the glory of God. All your enemies will
loose every battle in your life and all of them will be disappointed.
There is this family friend of mine whom I pray for each time
they needed God's intervention in their family. She had been
married for seven years but had lost all her four children. She lost
two in the womb at the ninth month of pregnancy and the other two
died after delivery.
When she was to be operated upon at the fourth pregnancy,
it was a battle of life and death as she stopped breathing three
consecutive times. She was placed in the intensive care unit and
was supported for four days with oxygen after she could no longer
Chapter Two
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move any part of her body, infact it was a hopeless situation. People
were waiting for her to give up, Prayers were offered on her behalf
and night vigils were conducted at the end of which she started
responding to treatment. She was now able to recognize people
and after a few days, she was brought out from the (I.C.U) to the
When I want to see her, she called my name and held my
hand and was saying thank you I.G. thank you for saving me. I was
both surprised and confused at the same time, and then she called
me aside and narrated all she went through while unconscious. She
said her mother who was an agent of witchcraft appeared to her
threatening to kill her. Her mother promised the witches that she
will sacrifice all her children that were loyal to her to the witches.
But along the line, she gave her life to Christ and this brought about
disloyalty making her mother to vow that she will never have a
child. Each time she was about to have a baby the mother will go to
her in-law's house and tell them that Evelyn will soon deliver, as
usual meaning the baby must die. But in this case she decided to kill
her. She said her mother took her to a very strange place and at
each gate she pays a token to gain entrance, they continued going
until they reached the third gate where she started hearing the
wailings of people probably imprisoned, then suddenly the gate
that was open closed and I (I.G.) appeared immediately and said to
her mother take her back.
As I was talking with anger, two men came with glory
dressed in a garment that looks white, and suddenly her mother
disappeared. She opened her eyes to discover she was on oxygen
and that was how she came back. Glory be to God. Take note that
all these things happened as she was on her sick bed after her
operation. Her mother became sick that same day, and the day
after she was discharge from the University of Maidugri Teaching
Hospital and her mother died. Today this woman has two healthy
and spirit filled sons to the glory of God.
Did you see how Angels came at the moment of danger, at
the zero hour, at the period when all hope were lost, believe it that
the angels of God are there for you. At any point, don't question
God, the angels are there to see you through. What a terrible
experience Evelyn had, and what great deliverance the angel
fought for her. Angel will fight for you; stand for you to oppose your
enemies too. Amen. In Daniel 6:20 it says when he (King Darius)
came near the den he called to Daniel in an anguished voice, Daniel
servant of the Most High, is the God whom you serve continually
been able to rescue you from the Lions? Daniel replied, O king, live
forever! My God sent his angels and he shut the mouths of the lions.
They have not hurt me, because I was found innocent in his sight,
nor have I done any wrong before you, O king. Dear reader know it
that if you are a child of God any secret plans, wicked plans against
you, your family, brothers or sisters in your family or in your village.
God will send an angel to fight for you.
A brother friend of mine in the Charismatic Renewal went
home to build a house. He was the only son in a family of four. When
he laid the foundation of the house and started the building, on
reaching the lintel level, he came back to Maiduguri, only for him to
come down with a terrible sickness. The sickness was so serious
that people thought he was not going to see the next day. Infact, it
was terrible.
While in the hospital, a lot of tests were conducted on him
but none yielded any significant cause of the sickness. An operation
was recommended after his Tommy started enlarging. A lot of
people kicked against the idea of an Operation because they
thought he will die. Meanwhile I was at Aba, in Abia State where I
went for a crusade. There in my Hotel room I had a dream that
terrified me, I saw people beating this brother, one of them was
using a heavy cane on him, I was shouting stop, stop, it seemed
none of them heard my shout, suddenly the man was set to push
him into a big erosion pit and I woke up. I was still saying God have
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mercy in my heart when my phone rang. It was a call from
Maiduguri telling me about this brother's situation. I called the little
children praying with me to go in for midnight battle before I
returned. On his sick bed it was battle between evil and good. God's
Angel and demonic angels, it was terrible the case was that the
master of this my friend belonged to one secret cult that made him
rich and before he settled this friend of my he initiated the young
man without his knowledge, he told them that whenever the young
man began doing something meaningful in life, he will
automatically become a member. Later the master died and it was
the wife that settled this young man who later became born again.
It was based on the agreement his master made with the cult that
he is now being hunted not with the aim of dragging him to the cult
but to kill him since he has now repented.
As soon as I returned, I went straight to the hospital. When
I enter, I met people still debating with the doctor some said
operation others objected to it so the doctor angrily walked out
leaving them with option of either approving for operation or
discharge. That night prayers were positioned by all brothers and
sisters and I went into another battle with those forces causing the
problem, I knew it is not the will of God but that of the devil. I went
back to the hospital the next morning only for me to see him seating
on his sick bed with some nurses attending to him. He now told me
what happened between 1 and 2 am. He saw his master with his
fellow cultists dressed in red and black and he called him up and
went away, he told me they went into the thick forest where the
master told him a story how he initiated him and told him to
renounce Jesus and follow them. He never uttered a word so they
brought out a sharp object and tried to kill him, he was tied down to
be killed but suddenly a light appeared there and all of them fell
down, and then someone appeared in the midst of the light and
said I am Michael the defender of the saints, you are free. Go,
return to your people and family. Instantly he woke up and started
coughing, vomiting, urinating, purging and that was how he was
healed. Today this brother is living well with his family, serving God
and moving in the grace of God. Can you see how Angel fought for
him, Oh! How I wish you will learn how to put your Angel at
work. How many people are in the grave today because they didn't
put their Angels to work? Angels are ministering spirit they are
there to minister to you. As you are reading this book they are
watching over you, as you are traveling they are there. Do you
recognize them following that car you are traveling with? Do you
see the angels seating with you in the car, or in the aircraft or even
in the ship.
I could have been forgotten in this world if not for the
Angel's that goes around with me. In the volume 2 of this book you
will hear my own experience and encounter. Bishop David Oyedepo
of living faith church gave a testimony in one of his tapes. While he
was in his Peugeot car with his wife, a trailer truck was coming
towards them and out of fear his wife shouted Daddy what is
happening he responded to the wife saying good things are to
happen always as the truck was about to smash them, it suddenly
diverted to another direction. If not for God's Angel, who came and
lifted the truck out of the way, a different story would have been
While I was growing up I remember an incident that happen
in the village, which I hardly forget. There was this little baby who
was still learning how to crawl, as the baby crawled behind the
kitchen, there was a small local pot there, and behind it, there was a
big black cobra. After her mum had searched everywhere for her
only to find her at the back of the kitchen playing with the Cobra.
She was paralyzed with fear at the sight and could not do anything
but to raise an alarm after which the Cobra was killed with the baby
Can you explain why the cobra did not harm the child? It is
simply because the Angel of God shut its mouth turning it into a toy.

The Angels are at work all the time for God's children. Don't neglect
the angels, how many times have you called to thank heaven for
the help the angels are rendering to you. In (CCC 334) it says, The
whole life of the church benefits from the mysterious and powerful
help of angels. What are these benefits? It will be discussed in the
next volume.
A woman once gave me her testimony of how each time she
conceives, in her dream she will either see herself holding a flower
which is a symbol of fulfilled love, or fruits which is always a symbol
of blessings but on each occasion, somebody must come and take it
away from her. She had lost about five pregnancies because of this
experience. But one day somebody gave her my book titled, THE
BATTLE OF MID NIGHT. She reminded me the day she called me
to join her in prayers which I did, she said, that same week
somebody came to collect guava she was holding in the dream as
the person was about to go I appeared and commanded the person
to give it back to her, at the same time an angel came, and the man
gave it back to her and disappeared. When she woke up in the
dream she was afraid and could not, but call her husband and they
prayed. She later conceived and had a baby boy who she named
after me (I.G.).
It was the Angels that killed the first-born sons of Egypt; it
was Angels that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. It was Angels
that stopped Pharaoh's horsemen before the red sea. In Num.
22:21 it says and Balaam rose up in the morning, and saddled his
ass, and went with the prince of Moab. And God's angel was kindled
because he went and the angel of the Lord stood in the way as an
adversary for him. Now he was riding upon his ass, and his two
servants were with him. And the ass saw the angel of the Lord
standing on the way, and his sword drawn in his hand; and the ass
turned aside out of the way, and went into the field; and Balaam
smite the ass, to turn her into the way. But the angel of the lord
stood in a path of the vineyards as wall being on this side, and a wall
on that side. And when the ass saw the angel of the Lord, she trusts
herself unto the wall, and crushed Balaam's foot against the wall:
and he smote her again. And the angel of the Lord went further and
stood in a narrow place, where there was no way to turn either to
the right or to the left.
Note here that Balaam was going against the will of God
toward Israel and an angel came and stood against the will of
Balaam. Any force, power of kingdom that is against you, the angel
of the Lord will go against them. The Lord will send the hosts,
armies of angels against the wicked plans of the enemies in your
life, your business, your office, your home and project.
As the ass crushed the leg of Balaam so shall it be to your
enemies, their bones will be broken to pieces. There are many
battles the angels have been fighting for you, which you don't
know. Do you know what is happens when you are asleep? Do you
know there are people who went to bed but could not wake up? But
you are awake. Do you know that many people have pass the same
road you passed, but never return back, but you pass it and return.
There are many that have gone to the same hospital you went but
did not return.
I remember a young boy that went to the stream with his
brother to wash their cloth in the village. The elder one knew how to
swim but the younger one didn't know how to swim, when they
arrived at the stream after dropping the clothes they were to wash,
the elder brother dived into the stream, as he was swimming, he did
not know that his younger brother also dived into the stream, the
boy started drowning but before he knew it, an Angel came and
picked him up and kept him at the bank of the river. It was a man
tapping palm wine at the side of the stream who saw the person
that rescued the boy but when he arrived at the scene, he did not
see the person again. He was the one that narrated the story.
Can you just see Angel's at work? Indeed they are ministering
spirits and they will minister to you right away in Jesus name. Amen.
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