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Friday, August 10, 2012


Chamber music concert to be performed
On August 25 at 6 pm, young, talented, and successful Mongolian classical musicians E.Batmyagmar, D.Amarmend, B.Nomingua, S.Nomin and T.Geleltuya will come together to perform a chamber music concert, at the Mongolian Philharmonic Hall. The concert will feature works of famous composers such as Mozart, Schumann, Mahler, Strauss and Piazzolla. This concert brings Mongolian talents who are studying abroad back to their home country. For their academic achievement, these 5 young musicians studied at world class music schools such as United World College, Venice Conservatory & the Boston Conservatory. D. Amarmend cello player, studied at the Music & Dance College of Mongolia, United World College, Boston conservatory and Venice Conservatory. He has won several awards at international competitions in Russia, Italy, China and Mongolia. E.Batmyagmar- viola player, studied at the Music & Dance College of Mongolia and United World College. He is currently studying at the Oberlin Conservatory. He won 1st place and 3rd place in the La Musica Nella Scoula & Paolo Spincich international chamber music competitions. T.Gereltuya Violin player, studied at the Music & Dance College of Mongolia and United World College. Now, she is a 3rd year student at the Boston Conservatory. She successfully participated in international competitions in Slovenia, Croatia, Russia, Italy, China and the USA. B. Nomingua pianist, studied at the Music & Dance College of Mongolia, United World College and Venice Conservatory. She won 1st place at international contests in France, Spain & Italy. She is currently studying at the Venice Conservatory in Italy. S.Nominpianist, studied at the Music & Dance College of Mongolia, United World College, and Boston Conservatory. She successfully participated at international competitions in Spain, France and the USA. United World College is a global educational movement that brings together students from all over the world with an aim to foster peace and international understanding. The school is attended by around 200 mixed-gender students between the ages of 16 and 19, all on full scholarship from around 80 countries of the world. They all study in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, a two-year internationally recognized preuniversity program. Dont miss this chance to enjoy

Professional Mongolian musicians return from abroad

Mongolian artistic excellence as well as world music masterpieces and know that Mongolian artists are competitive and internationally recognized. Tickets are available for Tgs 10.000 at the State Philharmonic Hall ticket office. Please contact 94200498 for more details.






Time & Space Nomadic Arts Residency Program2012

art (video and music, performing arts and media art), and dance. This year, five Korean and five artist Mongolian artists were selected by the ARKO and ACM Selection Committees. Mongolian artists E.Naidandorj, L.Munguntsetseg, O.Altankhuyag, B.Tuvshin and dancer Ts.Undarmaa were selected by the committee. The goal of the Nomadic Arts Residency is to promote a cultural and creative exchange between Korean and Mongolian artists and to increase the use of the arts in facilitating positive social change. This years art work theme is Tusgal, which means the light of shaman mirror. It will present human and natural art, the history of life, time and space. Ten participants from Korea and Mongolia will travel to Huvsgul and work on the creation of their own art pieces and community art work for 7 days. At the end of their stay, these artists will hold exhibitions in Huvsgul in Ulaanbaatar. On August 29, the final presentation of the artists will be held at the Zanabazar Fine Arts Museum in Ulaanbaatar.

Joint performance of Arirang held with Korean Orchestra

Arirang performed jointly with Korean orchestra

From August 15-30, the Time & Space Nomadic Arts Residency Program will take place. The program is a collaborative project which provides opportunities for Korean and Mongolian artists to work together in the Mongolian countryside. The Arts Council of Mongolia (ACM) started this project in 2008 and runs the event annually inviting artists from Arts Council Korea (ARKO) and ACM to participate in a range of disciplines: visual art (fine arts, land art and installation), contemporary

2012 is the 50th anniversary of the State National Music Orchestra. To celebrate, several events will be performed for the public. On August 10th, the first joint performance by the Korean and Mongolian Orchestras will be held at 3pm at the National Folk Song and Dance Ensemble. Both orchestras will be conducted by Won Il, conductor of the National Theatre of Korea. Arirang is a rich song of the Nanhiad national group. It is played with string and wind instruments and considered

the unofficial national anthem of Korea. Arirang is also appreciated and sung all over the world. This piece was composed by North Korean composer Chui Son Huan in 1976. Then it was performed by the famous symphony orchestra of Tokyo conducted by Kim Hun Jehin in 1978. After that, it became famous in Japan and in 1992; it was played in the Kane Theatre of the United States. The National Folk Song and Dance Ensemble invite you to come see this great performance.

Sunrise Festival held at River Beach Resort

Art is a hard way to make an easy living

On August 3, the Patron Tequila held the Sunrise Festival - 2012 at River Beach Resort. Previously held in 2011, it was one of biggest events of the year in which 6000 energetic youths came together in one place. For this years party, the following DJ line up was arranged with DJs ZERO, Amara, Chin, Anna, Henza, Gana, Show

E and Shaman playing nice music for young people. This was a great chance to listen to music, dance the night away, and see the morning sunrise. Barsaa was MC and entertainment was provided by Circus Mongolia, super technique from D-Light, nonstop Go-Go Dance and colorful fireworks were staged all night long.

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