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Boones Creek Baptist Association Serving, Encouraging and Supporting Christs Churches

Bro. John Ryder-Director of Missions Angel Kane, Secretary Floyd & Gale Holbrook-Camp Manager Twyla Sheffield-Bookkeeper Office (859) 744-0037 Fax (859) 744-1069 E-mail: Printed Jan. 2013, Volume 47, issue 1 Deadline for next Issue: Feb.15, 2013

A Note to you, Upcoming in February: 1-Executive Board meeting at Calvary Baptist in Irvine, KY on February 11. 2-Association Missions Fair and Chili Supper, at Central Baptist Church -Winchester, KY, on Friday, February 22, 2013, from 6-9 PM. Rev. Charles Dixon, pastor of Boones Creek Baptist Church and a missionary to Africa for 15 years will be speaking about his ministry in Africa. There will be representatives from local, state, national and international missions with information on various missions and how you and your church can be involved. 3-The Boones Creek Baptist Association monthly newsletter, The Tidings, will be seen for the first time in a co of the Western Recorder each month. The last two pages of the Western Recorder will be The Tidings. It will be sent to all the people on our mailing list once a month. If you already have a subscription to the Western Recorder, this will not interfere with that. You will get an additional copy each month with The Tidings in it at no cost to you. Food For Thought: Fact #1: Every abortion kills an innocent human being. Every new life begins at conception. This is an irrefutable fact of biology. It is true for animals and true for humans. When considered alongside the law of biogenesis that every species reproduces after its own kind we can draw only one conclusion in regard to abortion: every single abortion ends the life of an innocent human being. According to data from the Alan Guttmacher Institute: In 1973, the first year in which abortion was legalized, there were 744,600 abortions. That annual number rose to a peak of 1,608,600 in 1990, then started to slowly decline to current levels of 1,212,400 in 2011. Assuming a 2012 numbers are relatively constant, approximately 55,772,015 unborn babies have been aborted since 1973. AGI surveyed women who had abortions and issued a report: Reasons U.S. Women Have Abortions: Quantitative and Qualitative Perspectives: Top reasons U.S. women had abortions included Having a baby would dramatically change my life at 74%, Cant afford baby right now at 73%, Dont want to be a single mother or having relationship problems at 48%. Physical problem with my health was near the bottom of the list at 12% and became pregnant due to rape or incest was less than 1.5%. Rev. Joey Rogers of Means Baptist Church, immediately after the New Town, CT. Massacre, said this, I have a specific pain in my heart when I think of the innocent blood of the children that was shed today. Not only the reported 20 children in this school shooting, but the other 3,500 little children that will be murdered today before they ever have the opportunity to be held by loving arms, or to play with a puppy, or make friends at school. My heart breaks for the 3,500 little babies that today will be considered an inconvenience, or unwanted, or a mistake. The health of 3,500 new mothers will not be threatened today, but they will make a decision to end their childs life. This breaks my heart every day. God may have already given us the next great scientist who wouldve created a vaccine for the Aids virus, or the next great doctor who would have found a cure for cancer, or the next great preacher who wouldve reached the world with Gods Love, but they were an inconvenience and thus were murdered before ever having the chance to draw their first breath. This breaks my heart every day. While Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is January 20, 2013, all year should be sanctity of human life for a Christian.

Yours in Christ,

Bro. John Ryder

JEFFERSONVILLE Hymn Sing, Christmas Dinner at Michaels, Christmas program, great turn-out to each one. Christmas Parade, the float looked great. The children and adults participated. Everything is sort of quite this month. Bro. Paul CAMP REPORT Still need help before the camp season opens. Hubbs has started a Wed. night study of the Book of Acts. EX. BOARD REPORT We had a good turnout for the Assoc. Christmas Dinner and KIDDVILLE Christmas play was on Dec. 23 during the morning worship, then good fellowship. Thanks to Irvine First Baptist for hosting the Dinner. everyone enjoyed lunch together afterwards. We have begun the process to join ALLANSVILLE We began the month of Dec. with hosting one of the Assoc. Carol Through this service Kiddville will have a website and visitors to Sings. We had our choir Cantata on the morning of Dec. 23, and our Christmas Play, that will have access to a myriad of resources on topics such as: heaven, salvation, A Cricket County Christmas Cruise, on the evening of Dec. 23. 15 food baskets were death, God and many other projects. In this time of social networking, we felt that prepared and delivered to needy families and individuals. We celebrated missions both this resource would be a great way to connect with prospects and give them near and far by promoting the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for Inter. Missions and direction and answers to many of the hard questions in life. Plans are already in sending toys to Freeda Harris Baptist Center (with thanks to Reid Village Baptist the works for VBS! We will be using Answers in Genesis curriculum again and Church for helping deliver them). Our childrens mission groups went Christmas attending a workshop at the Creation Museum on Feb. 2. This years theme is caroling to shut-ins on Dec. 15. The next couple of months will continue to be very Kingdom Chronicles: Standing Strong in the Battle for Truth! busy as we prepare to present our Easter Passion Play. Make plans to join us for one of MACEDONIA We delivered 29 Christmas food baskets. The choir sang a the performances on Mar. 29 and 30 at 7pm. Christmas Cantata on Dec. 23. The adults presented a play entitled Christmas in BEECH GROVE No Report Cricket County on Dec. 16. and the children presented a play entitled, Seeking BOONES CREEK Our Annual Senior Adult Valentine Banquet will be on Sat, Feb. the Savior on Dec. 23. We delivered handmade Christmas ornaments, cards and 9th at Noon in the Fellowship Hall. The theme this year will be Western, so come socks to the residents of Windsor Care Nursing Home. The men are cooking dressed in your cowboy best. breakfast on Jan. 27. The older childrens church is collecting Change for CALVARY We hosted the Estill Co. Chorus Christmas Program, also the MWMH Chow. The monies collected will help feed the children on Wed. nights. Mark Bishop. Keyonna Tipton was baptized. MEANS Delivered Christmas gifts and food baskets to several needy families. CENTRAL Family Craft Night, WAM Showcase and Dinner, Christmas pageant Delivered snack packs to the High School basketball team for an away game. presented by the Workshop Ministry, and the Christmas Eve Candlelight and Hosted a community Christmas program preformed by the childrens ministry Communion Service. Jan. 19 Date Night.- Jan. 26- GUYS NIGHT for dads and sons team. Working on snack bags for other school groups for their away competitions. (6th grade and up). Jan. 30 YOUTH PARENT WORSHIP for grades 6-12. -Feb. 2 MT. OLIVE-No Report Mens Fellowship Chili Supper.- Feb. 9 Valentine Banquet. And March 8-10 NEW HOPE Christmas program, special music, group caroling. ELEVATION WEEKEND. Emphasis on visitation training in soul winning. CLAY CITY The Choir did a wonderful job at our Christmas Service. 37 people NORTHSIDE Our annual Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner was Dec. 2. That enjoyed the Christmas Dinner at Michaels. The men are planning for Baptist Mens afternoon 4 of our children had their piano recital at church. The choir sang at the Day. Assoc. Christmas Hymn Sing (Allansville) on Dec. 6. Had a baby shower for CORINTH No Report Casey and Lyndsey Harp on the Dec. 12. Their baby came early, on Dec. 28. We COW CREEK Christmas Bible School. Christmas Caroling to nursing home and shut welcome her to our church family. Our Christmas Play was on the Dec. 16 & 19. -ins. Christmas Cantata Come to the Manager. Childrens Christmas program and Its always a blessing and this yr. it will bless others by our Soles 4 Souls mission Christmas Eve Candle Light Service. project. The play was about this project and our church members collected 100 EMMANUEL No Report pair of shoes. Thanks Sharon Kline for all your hard work. We cancelled our EPHESUS Celebrated the birth of our Savior with a Christmas Dinner at Kathys caroling on the 21 due to cold weather. The choir Cantata Heavens Child was Kitchen in Clay City on Dec. 14, and a Christmas Program on Dec. 19 with musical on the 23rd. What a marvelous sermon in song. Each yr. everyone enjoys our performances by the childrens and youth ministries. We are continuing to collect for Christmas card exchange. This year the Senior Womens class will recycle them the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. Collecting diapers, wipes, formula and warm for St. Jude Hospital. Our month and yr. ended with a delicious meal provided by clothing for the New Beginnings Pregnancy Center, our Mission of the Month in Bro. Jesse and Sharon. All attended gave praises for 2012. Bro. Jesse led us in January. Began the Read the Bible for Life campaign with several signed up to read prayer as the New Year began. May each of you have a Happy and Healthy 2013. the Bible through in 2013. Baptist Mens Day will be Jan. 27 with a breakfast cooked PANOLA Our Cantata went off really well. We did it for Panola and Viny Fork. by the men of the church along with special music and testimonies during the morning Spring Revival, Valentine Day and Baptist Mens Day is in the works. worship service. Deacon Ordination Service for Floyd Holbrook will be Jan. 27 with POWELLS VALLEY Dec. 8- Womens ornament exchanged w/27 attended & the Council Meeting at 3:00pm and the Ordination Ceremony at 4:00pm. God has the men had lunch/fellowship at Michaels. Dec. 9 Our holiday dinner at the blessed Ephesus the past couple of months with 2 additions by letter, 1 by baptism, and church. Jan. 8 Growth Visitation. Jan. 14 Hosting the Ex. Bd. Mtg. The Food another baptism scheduled in January. Praying for and expecting great things from God ministry will be Jan. 26. in 2013! PROVIDENCE, CLARK Enjoyed a Family potluck Holiday Dinner, Youth FAITH Had our Christmas Dinner with Tom and Jenny Horn. Wonderful food, and Children presented a Christmas Play followed by refreshments and fellowship and inspiring devotional. Youth exceeded their goal of $180.00 for Lottie fellowship. Youth are sponsoring a coat drive in January. Moon Offering, the offering was $206.75. Praise the Lord! PROVIDENCE, ESTILL Wonderful Christmas Cantata! I can honestly say if FRIENDSHIP Meet our goal of $600.00 for Lottie Moon. Church enjoyed Caroling. you missed it, you sure missed a blessing! The WMU ladies at our church were Everyone enjoyed Christmas Play put on by the teens and children. Increased size of able to prepare and deliver over 30 fruit baskets to some of our shut-ins and fellowship hall. Set date for spring revival. Already discussing VBS plans, Baptist Men church family and neighbors for Christmas. The choir sings a special sometimes Day Feb. 2, 2013, breakfast planned for men. Men taking the ladies to Michaels to eat called I Have Been Blessed and I can truly say we have all been blessed so on Feb. 14, 2013 much, the chorus goes something like this, I have been blessed, Gods so good to GREENBRIAR Our Christmas Program was 12-8-12, it was wonderful! Church me precious are His thoughts of you and me, no way I can count them theres not house was filled. Fruit giveaway and Christmas gifts for the children on 12-23-12, enough time so Ill just think Him for being so kind, God has been good, so good Church had Special Prayer for Connecticut school shooting on 12-16-12. Jan. I have been blessed. Shouldnt we all be able to say this, even when things of Birthdays: Ina Elliott, Betty Horn. Feb. Birthdays: Pauline Bingham, Lisa Trimble, this world are so bad we have been blessed, because we know the outcome, devil Pastor Delmar McGee. may win the battle, but our God is going to win the war. We are so thankful and HEIDELBERG No Report blessed with our Wed. night youth group/bible study we are averaging 100 on HERITAGE Praise the Lord! We have completed our renovations of our bathrooms Wed, night. The last Sunday of the month we had a Candlelight Service and the and we have finished with the expansion of our Fellowship Hall. We are now able to Lords Supper in memory of families that have lost love ones this past year. God serve 85 people comfortably in our Fellowship Hall and 130 people in the Sanctuary. is truly blessing our church, we have a pastor that teaches us from Gods word We continue to be blessed with good attendance for Sunday mornings and Sunday and is not afraid to take a stand against sin and what it can do to destroy our lives. nights. God is moving amazingly through Heritage and we are excited to see what He Praying in 2013 that the sweet, sweet Spirit of the Lord continues to dwell at will accomplish through us next. Providence. Youth lock-in is scheduled in January. HOWARDS MILL No Report REID VILLAGE Our WMU delivered Christmas cards to Windsor Care, IRVINE FIRST Hosted the Ex. Bd. Christmas Dinner. Katie Fredrick represented us Gateway Childrens Service, Shepherds Shelter and the jail inmates and at the Christmas Carol Sing playing her violin. We had a great Holiday meal. Our youth calendars for the Windsor Care residents. The youth attended an evangelism and young adults resented a puppet, variety program Christmas through the Years. conference in Gatlinburg TN Dec. 30th. The WMU/CIA project Pure Water/Pure Rick Chaney and Marsha Stone, along with the choir presented a Cantata Name above Love raised $381 to purchased water filters for our foreign missionaries. We all names/ Jeremie Michaels mother went to be with the Lord on Dec. 24. collected $419 for Lottie Moon foreign missions. The Kids Worship group is IVORY HILL We hosted the Assoc. Christmas Hymn sing with approx. 150 present. going Cosmic Bowling this month. Well have a Valentines Party on Sat. Feb. 9. We fixed 38 food boxes with a Christmas dinner for the needy, 50 plus fruit baskets for Work is almost complete on sanctuary renovations to relocate the sound room, the widows and widowers, 8 angel gifts for children and hosted a Christmas dinner on and chairs are on order for added seating. We are excited for the growth the 23 after morning worship service with Ivory Hill singing afterwards. We have opportunity and Gods plan for our church. already stated having a Nursing Home Service once a month at the Irvine Health and Rehab Center with 21 plus present from Ivory Hill on Decs. service. Continued on Back Page

NEWS & UPCOMING EVENTS from the Association and our CHURCHES

In This Issue look for:
1-DOM (A note to you) 2-Disaster/Emergency Relief 3-To all Churches in the Association 4-Building Fund 5-Donations 6-Association Missions Fair 7-Birthdays and Anniversaries 8-Calendar 9-Western Recorder

II Corinthians 8:20-21
20-Avoiding this, that no man should blame us in this abundance which is administered by us: 21-Providing for honest things, not only in the sight of the Lord, but also in the sight of men.

Association Missions Fair and Chili Supper February 22nd 2013 6-9 PM at Central Baptist Church -Winchester Rev. Charles Dixon, pastor of Boones Creek Baptist Church and a missionary to Africa for 14 years will be speaking about his ministry in Africa. There will be representatives from local, state national and international missions present with information on various missions and how your church can get involved. NEWS & UPCOMING EVENTS from the Association and our CHURCHES (Continued)

TO ALL CHURCHES IN THE ASSOCIATION: The Disaster Emergency Relief Committee is available to the churches for projects that require manpower. Call the Association Office 859/744-0037 if you need help.

Building Fund For The Camp

You can donate to the Boones Creek Baptist Association in MEMORY or in HONOR of a Love One. Please write on your check memo: Building Fund. Pam & Alex Marshall made a donation to Boones Creek Baptist Camp in Memory of Mattie Farrow. James & Pat Bradshaw made a donation to Boones Creek Baptist Camp in Memory of Marie Pace.

1. Disaster Emergency Relief Volunteers Needed 2. Go Metro USA and Find It Here 2012. Contact the association office for more information Greg & Penny Wood made a donation to Boones Creek Baptist Camp in Honor of Cova Duvall.

SALEM Salems 24 member cast performed the Musical Camel-Lot: Dont Miss the Manager. It was a story in song that portrays in a beautiful way, the need to find Jesus. 29 members from Salem enjoyed a trip seeing and participating at Christmas Town (Bethlehem) at The Church at Andover in Lexington, KY SPEARS MILL No Report SPRING STREET A new piano was purchased for Church. We had an Angel Tree for 17 needy kids, food and gifts were served for the children. A chili supper is being planned for Feb. to assist in the roof fund. THOMAS We were blessed with a high attendance during our Christmas Program Service. We gave out 100 treat bags and 19 fruit baskets. VALLEY VIEW No Report WM. MEMORIAL No Report

Best Wishes February Birthdays: 1-Marcy Drake-Pastors Wife-Central 5-Ray Coates-Pastor-Allansville 6-Patty Martin-Retired Pastors Wife 13-Noreen Lahrmer-Pastors Wife-Cow Creek 16-John Runyon-Pastor-Spring Street 23 Delmar McGee-Pastor-Greenbriar 28-Barbara Bishop-Retired Pastors Wife Best Wishes February Anniversaries: 14-Todd and Nancy Rader-Ephesus 16-Gerald And Barbara Bishop-Retired 22-Chris and Judy Winkler-Irvine First February Calendar 2013: 1-Disaster Relief Chaplaincy Training-Region 3 (1st2nd) 2-Disaster Relief Training Region 3 7-Camp Mtg. 7pm (At Boones Creek Baptist Assoc. Office) 11-Ex. Bd. Mtg. Calvary Baptist-Irvine-7pm 11-Focus on WMU (11th-17th) 12-KY Baptist Mens Chorals/Wind Orchestra 13-Ash Wednesday 14-Valentines Day 16-Childrens Ministry Day 16-Pastors Prayer Breakfast-Michaels-Ravenna-9 am 19-Financial Support Issues for Ministers and Churches -London, KY 22-Assoc. Mission Fair and Chili Supper-Central Baptist-6pm-9pm 25-Evangelism Conference