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Laker football holds win streak

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Loved the victory against Slippery Rock. 15% It was great to see old friends. 25%

vs. Millersville: 45-7 vs. Clarion University: 22-14

vs. Slippery Rock: 38-23 vs. Cheyney University: 36-10

vs. Lock Haven: 19-10



I dont know. I seemed to be early or late for everything. 23% I almost drowned. 38%
Total votes: 53

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Christmas on Campus Universitys new traditions to change website readied

By Jaslyne Halter
Staff writer
Christmas on Campus, an event that Mercyhurst has sponsored for the past decade, is getting a makeover. Like many events on campus, with the new university status and the changes the 4-1-4 calendar are going to bring to the academic calendar, rumors have been ying everywhere about the event being canceled. Upon hearing the rumor that the event was canceled, many students were outraged. Senior Jeremy Dickey said that, Yet again we see a very good service opportunity taken away from Mercyhurst. Just like the removal of Relay for Life, by removing Christmas on Campus we are limiting service, outreach, and charitable giving, something the university prides itself on. I think its surprising that the year of University also ushers in a year of stinginess towards others, Dickey said. I am disappointed with all of the negative changes coming along with the positive ones, said senior Daksha Crdova. Junior Katey Keiser said, We say that we are a Catholic school that lives in these beliefs, but all of a sudden we become a university and its almost as if those core values have taken the backseat. With so much backlash, Mercyhurst Student Government President Richard Molloy stepped in to voice the concern of the student body. Having seen the news explode on Facebook I went and spoke with Sarah Allen about the concerns of the student body and showed her the feedback that was being posted, said Molloy. I urged her to reconsider her decision and instead of cutting the event all together to perhaps investigate different alternatives. Director of the Campus Involvement Center Sarah Allen responded to Molloys thoughts by reconsidering and stating that, Christmas on Campus will not be held in its traditional sense. We plan on working with a smaller constituency of non-prot organizations. This years event will be smaller in scale and has yet to be named. In years past, the Leadership Certication Program students predominately staffed the event, but this year the event will be open this to the greater campus community, allowing more students to get involved. Activities and Spirit Coordinator Preston Reilly will be coordinator for this years event and hopes to work with both the Service Learning Ofce and Campus Ministry to assist in this effort. Dont be discouraged by this change, as the University grows and develops new programs and efforts, you may see changes like this take place. Change isnt always a bad thing, Reilly said. That being said, some of the agencies that used to be invited to the Christmas on Campus festivities are going to be left out. I would encourage students who would like to be in contact with the agencies that will not be invited this year to stop by the Campus Involvement Center, as we would love to get them in touch with these organizations, Allen said. Christmas on Campus is just another example of how Mercyhurst embraces its heritage and belief in service. Although not all of the children that students used to help will be present, some children in the Erie area will once again benet from generosity and kindness of the Laker community. For those that are interested in volunteering, the Campus Involvement Center will be releasing information once the event is planned and details are nalized.


October 10, 2012

for launch
By Brady Greenawalt
Staff writer
A new website is in the works as part of Mercyhursts transition from a college to a university. Currently, the website at has the updated Mercyhurst University logo in the corner, but Web Coordinator and Content Manager Chris Norris says there is a lot more involved in the transition than that. The entire Mercyhurst community has changed identities, said Norris. We want the university website to reect all of the changes weve seen over the course of the last year. Norris continued, The new website will feature a new look and will be completely rebuilt from the ground up. Were moving to a new platform, a new content management system, a new look and a new feel. A preview version of the new site has already been released to faculty and staff for feedback. Upon peoples feedback we realized that we cant just launch it tomorrow, because it needs a lot of work, said Norris. A majority of our feed-

back has been that the content is outdated. A major part of the development of the new site will involve talking to department heads and other staff members in order to make sure that all of the information is up-to-date. The main purpose of the site is to market Mercyhurst, said Norris. We want it to stand out to a 17- or 18-year-old kid whos probably visited hundreds of college websites. We want ours to stick in their head. Part of achieving that goal for Norris involves having an up-to-date and accurate website. The Erie-based web marketing company FH group has been at work building the new site for several months. The entire transition process has been going on for at least six months. There are thousands of pages, if it was as easy as clicking a button and making them all university that would be great, said Norris. Getting the content revised is a big process. Currently, there is no ofcial launch date on the public version of the new Mercyhurst University site.

Public intoxication Thursday, Sept. 27 Liquor law violation Friday, Sept. 28 Larceny Friday, Sept. 28 Public intoxication/ vandalism Sunday, Sept. 30

Briggs Avenue State citation issued Lot#8 Referred for discipline 3809 Briggs Ave. Closed Lot #1 State citation issued

Sept. 27 Sept. 30, 2012

Mercyhurst University Police & Safety

October 10, 2012

ACHA hockey show airs for fth year

By Alicia Cagle
News editor
Pezar is involved in many aspects of the show including production, editing and commentary. In the future, Pezar hopes to include player interviews, coach interviews and weekly reviews. Sheridan wants students to know that using LakerTV is not something that is limited to communication students. This is a campus resource that is not specic to a major, said Sheridan. Students get exposure to (television production) in high school and can continue that here. The hockey show airs on LakerTV, channel 19, Tuesday and Thursday at 10 a.m., Wednesday and Friday at 11 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday at 7 p.m. If you are interested working with the hockey show, contact Seth Pezar at If you would like to get involved at LakerTV, contact Brian Sheridan at


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Update: ID not required for election
Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson ruled that the voter ID law would be fully implemented next year and that voters are not required to have ID for the upcoming election. At polling locations in Pennsylvania, voters may still be asked for identication but will still be able to vote if they do not have it. Since this ruling can still be appealed to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania and possibly overturned, the Mercyhurst University OneCard Ofce will continue to provide voter IDs for student voters registered in Pennsylvania. For more information on the ID law and voting in Pennsylvania, go to http://www.

The ACHA Hockey show on LakerTV is on air for its fth consecutive year. The hockey show consists of footage and commentary of the Mercyhurst University American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) hockey team. The show began with alumnus John Baranowski when he was a sophomore at Mercyhurst and is now run by senior biology major Seth Pezar. Last year, Pezar began working with the ACHA team and its media. This year he is ofcially the team media producer. LakerTV adviser and Communication department lecturer Brian Sheridan sees the steady continuation of this show as a demonstration of student initiative. The communication department provides the necessary equipment and

Contributed photo

Pezar (right) and junior Ryan Cherry create commentary for the show each week.
airtime to Pezar to produce the show. (The hockey show) is a great example of students passion for a subject, said Sheridan. If you want to do a special show, we give you the tools and resources to do it. Pezar sees the show as something he does for fun. Hockey forced me to take a break from school work, he said.

Hurst sports med challenges spinal injury protocol

By Stefani Baughman
Staff writer
The risk of injury in practices and games is common among all levels of football, but in the case of the rare cervical spine injury the actions taken by medical staff immediately following an injury could mean the difference between paralysis and full recovery. Proper on-eld management of such situations is critical, and that is exactly why Mercyhurst University Sports Medicine Department Bradley Jacobson and graduate student Jacob Gdovin decided to make it the focus of their research. Jacobson and Gdovin challenged the all or nothing endeavor, or the position statement of the National Athletic Trainers Association that dictates if you have to remove the helmet to gain access to the airway, then the shoulder pads should also come off. They found that their method of pack and ll, which avoids removal of shoulder pads in on-eld care, reduced movement of the spine and neck, which decreased the risk for further injury to the athlete. The project started with Gdovins baccalaureate research project for his undergraduate program in sports medicine and pre-med, and it grew to include collaboration not only from Jacobson, but also from the motion analysis lab at Erie Shriners Hospital for Children and Mike Cendoma from Sports Medicine Concepts. Jacobson described Gdovins work on the project as above and beyond the expected research required in the undergraduate projects. With their research, Jacobson and Gdovin aimed to make on-eld care better in treating potential cervical spinal cord injuries. Cendoma, who runs educational programs for football teams of all levels about how cervical neck injuries should be managed on-eld, asked Jacobson and Gdovin to work with him and Sports Medicine Concepts over the summer. This gave them the opportunity to work with NFL teams and help present the results of their research. They helped educate the neurosurgeons, orthopedic doctors, athletic training staff and paramedics that comprise NFL medical teams. Jake and I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to go to NFL teams like the Colts, the Giants and the Jets, From that point on, it sparked an interest in this topic, he said. Though rules have been implemented through the years to discourage dangerous helmet-to-helmet contact between players, some including Jacobson and Gdovin credit improved on-eld care techniques with the decrease in catastrophic spine and spinal cord injuries. Gdovin commended the NFL, saying, the fact that these injuries are decreasing says a lot about the work they are putting into trying to keep these athletes safe. Both Jacobson and Gdovin found the experience immensely rewarding, and they were thankful for the special opportunity to teach and work with NFL medical staffs. They recently received conrmation that their ndings were accepted for publication in the Journal of Athletic Training. Mercyhurst students and faculty continually aim to make a positive impact in their respective elds. Jacobson and Gdovin are no exception, as they are looking forward to continuing their work in improving on-eld care and mitigating the effects of cervical spine injury.

Jacobson and Gdovin used their spinal injury research to help NFL teams such as the New York Giants.
Jacobson said. Both Jacobson and Gdovin drew interest in the project from their own experiences playing football, but one incident stood out to Jacobson as he recalled his motivation for the research. In 1983, his rst year as athletic trainer in charge of medical services at Mercyhurst, Jacobson encoun-

Contributed photo

tered a cervical neck injury that enlightened him on the preparation thats needed and the proper protocol thats needed to handle a situation like that. Though the player did not suffer any permanent damage, Jacobson realized that the lack of standards and condence in on-eld care left a lot of room for improvement.

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Andrew Forsthoefel completes 4,000-mile cross country walk

By Juan Mendez
Staff writer
Andrew Forsthoefel packed his bags and set on a transcontinental walk across the United States, traveling around 4,000 miles in 11 months. Forsthoefel is the 23-year-old son of Professor of Religious Studies Thomas Forsthoefel, Ph.D., and a graduate from Middlebury College born in Chadds Ford, Pa. Walking to Listen, the blog where he recorded all of his travels in the form of text and audio posts, as well as pictures and video, was the beginning stage of his project, which is now being worked into an audio documentary and a book. In his blog, Forsthoefel talks about his quest, saying, I wanted to do something that would both affect others in a positive way and satisfy my own need to explore the worlds inside and outside of myselfI began this listening walk as a way to try and make this happen. Forsthoefel began this journey wanting to know America and Americans in general in a more complex, rich and directly personal way, as opposed to reading about them in books or magazines. He wanted to set one foot in front of another in order to encounter people and diversity and gain a deeper knowledge of what it is to live in this nation. Dr. Forsthoefel thinks the biggest lesson anyone can take out of his sons walk is the bountiful goodness of people, the generosity and kindness of Americans, and the encouragement to develop a vision and see it through, no matter what. The walk began Oct. 14, 2011, as he left his home in Chadds Ford, Pa., and continued all across the country, south to Atlanta, Ga., and west through Alabama, Texas and New Mexico, all the way west to San Francisco, Ca. One year later, Forsthoefel thanks everyone who helped him in his adventure, either by giving him a story or allowing him to pitch a tent in their property, as they gave him the strength to go on. This marks a separation from one phase of his life into the next one, said Dr. Forsthoefel, who supported him from the very beginning. As his dad, Im amazed. I love my son dearly; Im amazed at his gifts, but this is astonishing, Dr. Forsthoefel said. Forsthoefel had to face challenges, from nding people to let him pitch a tent in their homes to walking across Death Valley, where the temperatures can reach up to 134 degrees Fahrenheit, forcing him to walk at night. I got to see the goodness in Americans and it convinced me that it is whats underneath all the bad stuff, said Forsthoefel. Thats the foundation. To be out of the ow of my normal life, literally be out there, it got me thinking a lot about what I wanna do and how I wanna be. He added, We all have a story, were all human, we all have our chapters of joy and triumph and sadness and sorrow, and thats incredibly important to remember. More about his travels and encounters can be found on his blog, http://


At approximately 1 a.m. on Thursday, Oct. 4 two Penn State Behrend students were walking to their Perry Street residence when one of the students was confronted by a hooded gunman demanding money. The other student tried to intervene but was hit on the head and face with the assailants weapon. The commotion resulted in people coming outside which caused the assailant to ee west toward Mercyhurst University. Police describe the suspect as a 510 white male who was wearing a dark sweat shirt with most of his face covered. The victims were returning from the Cornerstone Bar & Grill at the time of the incident. Mercyhurst University Chief of Police Robert Kuhn is urging students to use extreme caution when out at night, especially until the suspect is apprehended. Students should be aware of their surroundings and travel in groups. If students are out at night and do not feel safe walking back to their place alone, then call Police & Safety at 814-8242304 and an ofcer will escort you to your destination.

Behrend students confronted by gunman

News Briefs

October 10, 2012

Students approached by suspicious male

Two female Mercyhurst University students were approached by a suspicious male late Monday, Oct. 8, near East 41st Street and Briggs Avenue. The man said he was a freshman student who was having trouble meeting people. The students were suspicious because the individual looked older than he said and because he kept reaching into his waistband. The man ed when more students showed up. Police & Safety report that upon further review, the facts seem to indicate that the man meant no harm to any students. Students should always remain cautious when walking on campus. If students see anything out of place or suspicious, call Police & Safety at 814-824-2304.

MEOW event to address womens issues in news

By Caitlin Handerhan
Opinion editor
Just because the campus-wideyear-long gender symposium is over, doesnt mean the Mercyhurst Equality of Women (MEOW) is no longer active. Fresh off of the heels of a well attended lecture in September discussing the imprisonment of Russian punk band Pussy Riot, MEOW will be featuring a local speaker to address national political issues. MEOW will be hosting a dinner and discourse style event Tuesday, Oct. 16 at 7:30 p.m. at Molly Branigans. At the event, students will discuss current womens issues in the news, including the controversial, and often debated Grand Old Party (GOP) war on women. This rst event features guest speaker Tina Mengine, current vice-president of advancement at Edinboro University. Mengine, a Pittsburgh native and graduate of La Roche College has made a career in politics. Before taking a position at Edinboro, Mengine served as the chief of staff for U.S. Representative Kathy Dahlkemper. Mengines political prowess and expertise will be brought her presentation on women and politics, an issue many in the group are eager to discuss. Freshman MEOW member Devin Firestone weighed in the upcoming event and its relevance. Womens rights should be a part of our political discourse. The fact that the Republican party continues to advocate for policies contrary to wom-

ens rights is abhorent, Firestone said. MEOW adviser Lena Surzhko-Harned, Assistant Professor of Political Science, hopes everyone can make it to the event, as it is a controversial issue. Clearly this is a topic that solicits many differing opinions. I look forward to a good discussion of all points of view on these important issues, Surzhko-Harned said. For more information about the event, contact Dr. Surzhko-Harned at

Model IO Team wins scrimmage

Mercyhurst Universitys Model International Organization team hosted a scrimmage Saturday, Sept. 29. Members of the team competed against students from Cleveland State University, Lakeland Community College, Duquesne University and St. Bonaventure University in a simulation regarding the civil war in Syria. The team from Mercyhurst came in rst place. Seniors Lucas Sageot and Caitlin Handerhan received individual superior awards and senior Mark Vidunas and sophomore AJ Zahuranec received individual excellent awards.

Caitlin Handerhan is the current President of MEOW

In the Sept. 26 issue of the Merciad, the article Relay for Life canceled for spring term stated that Mercyhurst Relay for Life has taken place for two years. This information was incorrect. Relay for Life has taken place for the past three years.

Flu shots available from Health Center

The Cohen Student Health Center is offering free u shots to students, faculty, staff, spouses and trustees. Flu shot clinics will be Wednesday, Oct. 10, from 4 to 6:30 p.m. and Wednesday, Oct. 17, from 3:30 to 5:30p.m. Clinics will take place in the Faculty Dining Room in Egan Hall. For more questions call the Health Center at 814-824-2431.

October 10, 2012


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MacBride experienced amazing internship

By Daniel Tarr
Staff writer
Weve all heard the phrase everyone wants to be in pictures. Luckily, for one Mercyhurst University student, that phrase became a reality. Junior Communication major Caitlin MacBride had a unique internship over the past summer working behindthe-scenes with Ohio movie producer Tyler Davidson. MacBride rst gained an interest in lm and producing at a young age. She had always enjoyed editing, starting with her 8th grade graduation picture slideshow. MacBride has also made home movies in the past. However, this was not always her choice of career. During her freshman and sophomore years of high school, MacBride had wanted to become a pastry chef and even looked into some culinary schools. Her junior year, she went on vacation with her family and went on tour of a Hollywood studio. While on tour MacBrides mom told her, You could work here! MacBride thought so too, and is now looking to have a career in the lm industry. So, how did MacBride get a chance to do this unique internship? Her mom went to go see Davidsons lm Take Shelter when it rst came out. After seeing the lm, she searched for Davidson online, found his email address and passed it on to her daughter. MacBride then sent Davidson an email, and met with him in March. MacBride mostly worked in a production ofce during her internship. When she wasnt in the production ofce, she was busy working on the set of Toys House, a comedy lm that will be shown in lm festivals later this year. MacBride did a lot of sitting, driving, furnishing apartments for cast and crew and bringing random parts to the set everyday.

Hurst to Haiti: Handerhans adventure

Senior Caitlin Handerhan enjoyed blogging about her Haiti trip. After a day of ights, I arrived in Santa Clara, Calif., ready to begin interning with Mercy Beyond Borders. Although my time in California was relatively short, I hoped to gain experience working under the direction of MBB founder and executive director, Sister Marilyn Lacey.

She worked six days a week for 12-16 hours everyday during this internship. MacBrides favorite part of her internship was being on the set and picking up cast and crewmembers. On the other hand, her least favorite part was the amount of time she had to work, which amounted to over 600 hours. MacBride said, There was even a day that I had to bring breakfast to set at 3:30 in the morning. MacBride hopes to move to Los Angeles and nd a job there in the future. She is also considering taking lm classes in the future. MacBride gave some advice for Mercyhurst students interested in lm. Mercyhurst doesnt offer a lot of lm stuff. People who want to do that are kind of stuck. However, even with this limitation, you can still nd opportunities. Its all about putting yourself out there and making the right connections, MacBride said.

Parkhurst presents low impact meals

By Jade Gelsimino
Contributing writer
If you have been feeling more up beat and healthy lately, that may be because you have been eating a low impact meal at Parkhurst, that is now being served at lunch and dinner every Thursday in Egan. Low impact meals have tons of great benets. The meals are 80 percent plant based, and 20 perent meat based, which in turn lessen the ecological demand and impact on our resources. These meals can appeal to everyone from vegetarians, vegans, ovo-lacto vegetarians and the majority of us, carnivores. There will be at least 10 main options for each meal and possibly more. This is not including the salad bar and the three hot soups. So whats so special about and 80/20 diet, anyway? Eating meals like the 80/20 plan can help prevent cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. It can also help avoid the freshman fteen. One of the diets Parkhurst will be adding is a Mediterranean diet. This diet includes foods such as artichokes that contain 20 essential vitamins and nutrients and olives, which can stop cancer cells from growing and even prevents premature aging. This kind of diet also includes high amounts of ber, which help ones blood pressure.

On the ight, I began to reect on the end of another year at Mercyhurst, and how much has changed. This time last year I was gearing up for a three week jaunt across Europe with a Hurst FSAT trip to hit up all of the big cities and ashy attractions across the pond. Being a nave 20-something, I was nervous for my rst experience in Europe, and my rst time dealing with a language barrier. Looking back now, those anxious feelings toward what could be rightly termed a vacation in Europe seem so short sighted. Dont get me wrong, I loved every minute of my FSAT trip and would certainly do it again. I saw major areas of the world, experienced different cultures, walked through historic landmarks, and lets not forget all of the great food and wine. Yet, I cant help but feel like this summer will not be quite the same. While I am thoroughly enjoying the mountains, palm trees and sunny disposition of California, I cant wait to get on that ight to Haiti. Maybe many people would not be excited about traveling to a third world country, armed with malaria pills and cholera medication, but I nd it fascinating. To experience a culture so different from our own, to be pushed so beyond the limits of your comfort zone to confront some of the worlds worst areas of poverty and most deplorable treatment of women, something about that draws me in. It is something that is much bigger than myself, and my sheltered American world. I have been so very fortunate. I have a wonderfully supportive family, great friends at Mercyhurst and have never been in want of material comfort. While I expect this trip and internship to be difcult, I also think it will be very rewarding. I realize the world cant be saved by one internship, or one trip to Haiti, but we all have to start somewhere. I hope to use this blog to track not only my adventures in California and Haiti, but to track my own personal growthmy journey beyond the gates of Mercyworld, and into the third world. Stay tuned to learn more about Caitlins trip to Haiti in upcoming columns.

Salina Bowe photo

Parkhurst provides fresh food options for students.

In addition, hummus, which is rich in protein, antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids all can help improve intelligence and maintain a healthy heart. Not only does this new meal have

great benets health-wise, but also has an even better advantage toward our environment. Amazingly, worldwide only 2 billion people live on meat based diets, where as 4 billion live on plant-based diets. A meat based food system requires more energy, land and water resources than a plant based diet. In fact, 17 percent of the U.S. production system is dependent on fossil energy. Due to this, our food system, which is primarily meat based, is not sustainable for the future. In having a plantbased diet, there are less transportation costs as well as utility costs, naturally lowering the use of fossil fuels, all while providing a delicious meal. It was the Mercyhurst Green team who raised the question of having Meatless Mondays in the dining hall. Though a daunting task, Parkhurst was up to the challenge. Although Parkhurst did not take on a Meatless Monday, they have added, perhaps, an ever better option to appeal to all types of hungry students and faculty. Low impact meals will be available every Thursday for lunch and dinner.

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October 10, September 3, 2008 2012

Students study, travel in Ireland

By Kierston Bromley
Contributing writer
Many people would jump at the chance to get to travel and spend an extended period of time in another country. Juniors Catherine Costa, Clair Riley, and Hunter McCabe are among some of the students who took the opportunity to spend eight weeks studying and seeing the sights in Ireland through Mercyhurst Universitys travel abroad program. Costa explained her reason for deciding to study abroad in Ireland was for the experience itself. Costa said, I am in Ireland, it doesnt get much better than this. Other reasons why students chose to go on the trip included the relatively inexpensive price, compared to other school travel abroad programs and the difculties of coordinating a study abroad program that gelled well with Mercyhursts current trimester schedule. While learning to balance studying with traveling Ireland, each student is taking a rigorous course load. Riley is enrolled in a contemporary Social Problems Course and English Literature. Similarly, McCabe is taking Comparative Social Problems, but also Modern European Drama and Film, Biology, Irish Language and History. Costa is also studying in Comparative Social Problems, Environmental Biology and Modern European Drama and Film. The classes are challenging because it is hard to nd a balance between doing homework and wanting to go explore Ireland and Europe and see the different cultures, Costa said. But there comes a time to set aside the books and have a little fun. All three students mentioned their trip to Dublin, where they were allowed to explore on their own, as one of their current favorite experiences in Ireland. They also met and had drinks with the mayor of Ireland, and shopped on Grafton Street, a famous shopping district in Dublin. Riley, in particular, fondly remembers visiting Cork City, similar to Dublin but much less crowded. There she climbed to the top of Blarney Castle to kiss the famous Blarney Stone. McCabe explained the friendly nature of the people around Dungarvan as a denite plus during his stay in Ireland. He also enjoyed biking to high points in the Irish countryside. McCabe said, You can see for miles and miles, taking in all the beautiful scenery around you. But McCabe said his least favorite experience is the exchange rate

Contributed photo

Students enjoy the tour of the Guinness factory in Dublin, Ireland.

between the American dollar and the European Euro, which is currently 1.3 dollars to every 1 euro. It may not seem too bad, said McCabe, but it really adds up. Nevertheless, Costa, McCabe and Riley all recommend their experience during their trip abroad to other prospective students interested in visiting another country. Who knows what other time in our lives we will be able to do this, said Riley, After college, were broke so we need jobs and from there it becomes difcult to make time to travel. Doing it while we are young, I think, is also important. Though eventually the students will have to say goodbye to Ireland and return home, these experiences will stay with them for a lifetime.

Contributed photo

Students pose for photo outside of the Irish Parliament during an educational trip.

Food tips to help students ace tests

By Caitlin MacBride
Contributing writer
You are studying, but not really. You cannot focus. You are hungry. You want to be doing anything but prepping for midterms. Many students face this problem; they cannot focus and start to procrastinate. Do not worry. There are many foods you can eat to help you focus and get you ready to pass your midterms. First, always remember to eat breakfast. You should always try to eat healthy and include protein in your breakfast to ensure a good start to the morning. Protein will give you a boost for the rest of the day. Michelle Tobin, who works in the Mercyhurst Counseling Department said, Breakfast is essential. Tobin gave a list of good examples of healthy additives for any meal. She said, I put ground up axseed and chia seeds in oatmeal, brownies and tacos. I used to add it to anything and my boys had no idea. Chia seeds help you feel more energized and also curb your appetite. This means you will not snack on unhealthy foods that will weigh you down because the chia seed will ll you up. For a healthy but sweet and salty treat, Tobin gives a recipe for a delicious trail mix. I use Spanish peanuts, which are better for you than normal peanuts; pumpkin seeds (without the shells), dried fruit, almonds and dark chocolate M&Ms, said Tobin, Its sweet but good for you. If you still want your junk foods, Tobin suggests trying blue chips. They are more nutritionally valuable than regular chips. She also said pizza or tortilla chips with fresh lettuce, cheese and veggies are good. Some students had suggestions for snacks while studying that are healthy, but sweet as well. Junior Kerry Roberts said, I like pretzels, because they are easy and go with anything. Junior Ann Donnelly said, Bananas and chocolate, thats my thing. For beverages to help you study, Tobin said to drink plenty of water. She also condones drinking coffee and tea because they have antioxidants. Antioxidants refresh the body and keep you healthy. Some of her favorite drinks are kombucho and cranberry juice mixed with limeade. As for pop lovers, stray away because Tobin said, That stuff is just bad for you. How about having a beer to take the edge off ? Most students rely on this specic drink to ease stress and relax.

Drink a beer as a reward, said Tobin. You can have one when you nish studying, but dont drink too much because it will keep you up. Another tip from Tobin is to get a good night sleep. When you sleep, your body processes everything you learned while studying. So if you cram, your brain does not have time to store all that information. If reading this made you hungry, try going to Wegmans. They have a great health food section or Whole Foods Co-op on West 26th street and Brown Avenue. Hopefully, these healthy food tips will help you when preparing for test time.

October 10, 2012

The Voxare Quartet gave a thrilling


score. The movements and selections that matched up so perfectly with what was happening on the screen must have taken hours upon hours of editing and re-editing. Since its formation in 2008, the Voxare String Quartet has received constant praise over its attention to detail, passion, technical skill and its inventive programming. Voxare accompanied the silent lm with a level of virtuosity that is rarely seen on even the most prestigious stages today. At different moments in the lm, Voxare coordinated motifs that helped tie the whole production together. For instance, whenever the lm depicted the public riding a train or participating in any form of travel, the quartet repeated a passage that included a close harmony that gave the listener a sense of travel. Although performing around the country in numerous universities and concert halls, Voxare is the prestigious quartet-in-residence at New Yorks Bargemusic. The quartet studied repertoire with the founder of the Juilliard String Quartet, Robert Mann, along with the

Page 7

Voxare String Quartet stuns PAC audience

By Mathew Anderson
A&E editor
display of technical skill and musicianship for the audience in the Performing Arts Center, Wednesday night. The group jumps on its music with all fours and makes the tussle worth hearing, said the Washington Post in February earlier this year. For this particular performance the quartet decided to combine their skill with a silent lm called Man with a Movie Camera. Originally lmed in 1928, the silent lm features no actors, nor a plot line. Those who found themselves caught in the sights of this candid video camera were ordinary Ukrainian citizens who were going about their day. The avant-garde style highlights that this lm can go anywhere from a woman giving birth to beach-goers on a sunny day. Although the documentary was completely silent, the perfect accompaniment of Voxare gave the illusion that what was played was the original toral candidate at Columbia University. She performs on a Parisian violin made in 1815. Galina Zhdanova, also a violinist began studying at the age of ve. When she turned 15. In 2004, she was appointed assistant concertmaster of the Bayreuth Festival Youth Symphony Orchestra. A graduate of St. Petersburg, Zhdanova plays with Josh Groban, Sarah Brightman, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. Erik Peterson plays viola for Voxare and is originally from Chicago. He has played with the Cleveland, Milwaukee and New World Orchestra. Peterson has collaborated with the members of Juilliard, Brentano and the Cleveland Orchestra. Last, but not least, is Adrian Daurov on cello. Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Daurov was awarded rst prize at the international music competition in Bulgaria. A graduate of Juilliard, he has recently performed the world premiere of The Epistle with the Russian Chamber Chorus of New York. The Voxare Quartet gave a stunning performance and left the audience begging for more. photo

The Voxare String Quartet is one of the fastest rising quartets, performing at venues all around the world.
Tokyo, Orion and Kronos Quartets. Unlike many quartets that simply perform standard repertoire, Voxare encourages the performance of and interest in contemporary music, including works with Pulitzer Prize winning composers Ned Rorem and David Del Tredici. The Quartet consists of four players two violins, a viola and a cello. Emily Ondracek, violin, is a Chicago native and started playing violin at the age of ve. At 16, Ondracek had her very rst solo opportunity with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Ondracek received her masters from The Juilliard School and is a doc-

Upcoming arts events:

MU Theatre Program Presents: Camelot: The Musical Fri-Sun, Oct. 19-21 Fri. & Sat. at 8 p.m., Sun. at 2 p.m. Langer Film Series: The Intouchables Friday, Oct. 26 at 2:15 and 7:15 p.m. Bob Woodward Lecture Monday, Oct. 29 at 8 p.m.

Mumford & Sons have Sigh No More in their new album

By Zachary Dorsch
Photo editor
When Mumford & Sons came out with their debut album Sigh No More, I thoroughly enjoyed it and frequently listened to it. This British group put a new twist on folk inuences and instruments, while combining them with big singalong choruses. The lyrics in the rst album were touching and thoughtful. One that is especially remarkable is, Her white blank page, a swelling rage, you did not think when you sent me to the brink, you desired my attention, but denied my affections, my affections. Truthfully, it is still one of my favorite albums. Last month, Mumford released their sophomore album Babel. Quite honestly, I would rather listen to baby babble than this album. It just doesnt have the feeling the last album had. The songs feel like they used the same melody and tweaked it in different ways, over and over again, until they had 12 songs. The song I Will Wait was going to be the albums saving grace. It starts out with beautiful, strong harmonies that build up to this great folk sound and then the singer, Marcus Mumford, hits you with this poppy repeating vocal line that doesnt t with the song. This band has so much internal talent to offer, but I denitely did not hear it in this album. Throughout the album the band was trying to explore different elements from other genres. I support this when it is done well. Lover of Light is one of those songs that has some genre exploring in the mix. The little addition of some jazz piano in this song sounds nothing more than misplaced. I would not recommend this album, but then again I may just be a little too picky. If you are a fan of Mumford & Sons then give it a listen. You may nd more merit to their work than I did.


Full list of events can be found on the PAC website

View upcoming performances:

www.merciad.mercyhurst. edu/arts_entertainment

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October 10, 2012

September 3, 2008

MIAC is enjoying an extremely successful rst year, making many improvements around campus.

pac. photo

Mercyhurst introduces the Institute for Arts and Culture

By Juan Mendez
Staff writer
With the transition from college to university, Mercyhurst inaugurated the Mercyhurst Institute for Arts and Culture (MIAC), which will oversee the arts programming in the Mary DAngelo Performing Arts Center (PAC). The director for the MIAC, Jamie Grady, looks to develop academic programs in the various branches of arts management while overseeing the planning of the PAC events for each season. Although the 2012-2013 event season was programmed before the institutes inauguration, Grady begins his administration of the MIAC with world-renowned performers such as guitarist Pat Metheny, among others. About the changes coming with the introduction of the MIAC, Grady said, To the Erie community, little change will be apparent; we will offer the same world-class performances expected of Mercyhurst University, but internally our intention is to promote student involvement and to create a greater appreciation for the arts among them. The program looks to increase student involvement and interest on the events held at the PAC by means of contests, giveaways and the use of social media outlets. With the introduction of the Mercyhurst Institute for Arts and Culture, students who wish to pursue careers in arts management or theatre tech can earn credits for their work at the PAC, Walker Recital Hall and the Taylor Little Theatre. Vice President for Academic Affairs Phil Belore, Ph.D., said, Like any successful organization, Mercyhurst is always looking to improve and to create opportunities to enhance the student experience. Grady wants to work with the Mercyhurst community to make the arts more accessible and entertaining to the students, who frequently perceive these performances as boring. The environment should be fun, social and open to students curiosity, said Grady. I think once we get them in the doors, well be able to create lifelong attendees of the arts. photo

Langer Film Series: The Intouchables

An irreverent, uplifting comedy about friendship, trust and human possibility, The Intouchables depicts an unlikely camaraderie rooted in honesty and humor. A true story of two men who should never have met, and on the surface would appear to have nothing in common.

Taylor Little Theatre Friday Oct. 26, 2012 - 2:15 p.m. & 7:15 p.m. Language: French (with English subtitles)

The Master a captivating work of art

By Matthew Teleha
Contributing writer
It all begins with a scene of bright blue waves and swirls of white foam owing upward from the bottom of the movie screen. As the audience, our senses become lost in the beautiful chaos of the open water we see. We soon nd that this opening shot becomes a symbol for the main character of Paul Thomas Andersons latest lm, The Master. Joaquin Phoenix stars as a man named Freddie Quell; an alcoholic WWII veteran struggling to nd his place in society after returning home from the war. After losing numerous jobs due to his abusive habits, Freddie stumbles upon the friendship of Lancaster Dodd (Philip Seymour Hoffman); the leader of a philosophical movement labeled The Cause. Quell joins the movement and his recklessness inspires Dodd to help him adapt to the philosophy and shelter him from the judgmental outside society. The movie thus follows the friendship of the two and the development of Dodds movement, or cult, as many outsiders in the lm refer to it. Regardless of anything else, this lm is worth seeing simply due to the Oscar-worthy performances of Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman. The visuals of the lm are incredibly artistic. The camera angles, movements and editing are very well stated and deliberate; evidence of Andersons guiding hand is stamped throughout. Many of the shots cater toward the lead actors, giving us closeups that let us take in every aspect of their engrossing performances.

The Master is a fascinating new lm written by renowned director Paul Thomas Anderson. photo

As an audience member, one is scared to look away from the screen and possibly miss one of the fantastic subtle ticks that Phoenix brings to life, or Hoffmans steel gaze that seems to look right through you. The score of the lm, written by Radiohead band member Johnny Greenwood, is just as superb, and adds a great deal of suspense and intrigue to the visuals. Tailored specically for the lm to provide a mesmerizing tone, it more than accomplishes its goal. The music often equals the mystery the audience feels as we attempt to piece together the puzzles of Dodds movement. Artistic merit aside, while the plot feels like it is constantly changing and we never quite get to a climactic ending. Dodds Cause remains shrouded in more mystery than we would prefer, however, the ride as a whole makes the lackluster destination entirely worth it.

New faculty member gladly welcomed into Department of Music

By Tanya Coleman
Contributing writer
With every new year comes new faculty members. This year the music department has gained a spectacular string instructor, Mr. J. Kneer. He is an alumnus of the Oberlin Conservatory in Ohio and the Peabody Institute of John Hopkins University in Maryland. He is originally from Menomonie, Wisconsin. Kneers musical life began around age ve with the violin. His rst violin belonged to his grandfather who was a barn dance ddler. Kneer learned the violin through the Suzuki method. Though the violin was his rst instrument, Kneer picked up several more throughout his life. He started playing the French horn in fth grade and played all through middle and high school. During high school, Kneer learned how to play trombone and joined his schools jazz band. When asked about how he liked Mercyhurst so far Kneer replied, I love it. It is culturally like the midwest. The people are sincere, friendly and want to do well. The music department was very lucky to hear Kneer early on in the fall term. Students were able to attend a fantastic faculty recital given by Kneer. His recital included works by Beethoven, Faure and Kreisler. When asked about his recital and the programming he had done, Kneer explained he was aiming for a lighter program with interesting pieces that he found to be quirky. He said, The Beethoven is not

October 10, 2012


Page 9

played very often. Its a hidden gem. Though his recital did not include them, Kneer divulged that three of his favorite composers to play are Bach, Haydn and Stravinsky. He also enjoys Bachs organ works. Kneer admitted that if he had to, he could play Bach for the rest of his life. He said that Bach is multifaceted, as great music often is. Haydn is a favorite because he led a more normal life. Kneer sees Haydn as funny and creative and according to him, the poor sucker is one of the least appreciated. Besides music, Kneer enjoys activities such as ping pong, tennis and following current events. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful, talented and dedicated faculty member joining the ranks in the DAngelo Department of Music.

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October 10, 2012

Poor advertising sends bad message

By Jaslyne Halter
Staff writer Laker Football will be taking on the Gannon Knights this weekend at Gannons downtown stadium. Coming off of a 5th straight Mercyhurst win, chances are the Lakers will crush the Knights.
I was reading some of the posts on when I came across a post that I found incredibly offensive. The post went as follows: If youve ever had an issue nding the perfect guy-friendly gift, G Spirits, a German spirit label, has developed the ultimate solution. After pouring the drink over a sexy playmates chest, and then packaged along with photos for sale to some lucky individuals, the product is bottled. Booze. Boobs. Im pretty sure this is the manliest, most macho concept possible (unless it included bacon). This is a legitimate company, which claims to recognize a special type of woman with their liquors, but the provocative question in the back of my mind is What are they thinking? Why in the world does the concept of booze dripped over a womans ladyparts sound appealing? I know that I dont have any desire to drink booze that has been drizzled over a guys partsseriously it just sounds pathetic and incredibly unappealing. But what about the concept of objectifying womenin booze form? Why do men constantly feel the need to undermine women and treat us like were some piece of property or something to claim? In this objectication, women are depicted as the whole or a part of an inanimate object, the sweet burn of alcohol that will make them so incredibly manly. We all can relate to a guy not taking us seriously for some reason or another. Men are going to ogle as though we, women, are blind as bats. The source of this ogling comes from decades, centuries, hell, all of history, of men who have ruled society through patriarchal eyes. Their eyes are all seeing and all knowing, apparently. Men seem to think they have it right. However, they do not. They are missing the teeny-weeny (pun intended, guys) point where women are equals. We arent just some excuse for you to dump your alcohol over and increase the price because you can. And to the ladies, play-mates as they were referred to, what in the world made you think that this was a good idea? Have a little self-respect and a) keep your alcohol off your body b) dont let guys bottle said alcohol after it has been on your body, and c) use your brain. I honestly believe that just because

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there is an incredibly low percentage of women that feel the need to rip their clothes off and take pictures, or be barely clothed and take pictures, that the entire gender loses respect because of crap like this. We live in a world where women can be whatever they want to be, well for the most part, when cultural standards permit it. Stop objectifying yourself, and letting others objectify you. Women are not alcohol lters, nor do we want men to act in the same rule. Its not cute, its not sexy. All I can think of are the germs that go into that bottle, sit there, and are consumed by another. Its dirty. Its gross. Moral of the story: Just keep your clothes on and forget about this fad. Go do something with your life that doesnt involve spreading bacteria across bars everywhere.

While students are loving the new library entrance above Taylor Little Theater, many are lamenting the loss of the fountain outside of the theater entrance. The once beautiful fountain has been replaced with faux plants and a sitting area.

Weekends at the Laker have left many students less than satised, with the service severly lacking. Students have complained that food is never ready when the Laker opens, and even once the serving has started, many items on the menu are missing.


Students draw out their thoughts on the latest issues. This week, photo editor Zach Dorsch draws out his thoughts on presidential candidate Mitt Romneys proposed budget cuts. Submissions can be sent to opinionmerciad@

October 10, 2012


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The views expressed in the opinion section of The Merciad do not necessarily reflect the views of Mercyhurst University, the staff of The Merciad or the Catholic Church. Responses on any subject are always welcomed and can be emailed to

Conservatives need the Libertarian vote

By Zach Yost
Contributing writer
Even before the Republican convention ended a few weeks ago many Republicans and Conservatives were demanding that Ron Paul endorse Mitt Romney for President. To their dismay, he has refrained from doing so. However that has not stopped them from harassing Libertarians and Ron Paul Republicans for their votes. Many of Ron Pauls supporters have switched their support to the Libertarian Partys candidate Gary Johnson and it has the Republicans howling mad. This years Republican primary was very hard fought and in the course of the many, many debates Republicans repeatedly lambasted Mitt Romney on everything from his record as governor of Massachusetts to how he operated Bain Capital as its CEO. And now that he is the nominee it seems that all of the Republicans past reservations have all disappeared. Nearly everyone has begrudgingly or otherwise decided to throw their support behind Mitt Romney in order to defeat Barack Obama this November. Everyone that is, except for Libertarians and in such a close election the Republicans recognize that they will need every vote. Having realized that the Romney campaign could really use the youthful energy and enthusiasm that dened the Ron Paul campaign as well as every vote they can scrounge up Republicans seem to have decided upon a most unusual method of convincing the libertarian vote to join them. The abuses of the GOP establishment during the convention and primary process are well known to all Ron Paul supporters and will not be easily forgotten. In fact, these unnecessary actions on the part of the Republican establishment are what led to many Ronulans choosing to sever all ties to the Republican party altogether. Whether it was unseating delegates, vote counting shenanigans, or ignoring party rules, all of it was unnecessary as Romney would have won without cheating. What does it say about a mans character when he feels the need to cheat even when he will inevitably win? To add insult to injury, Republicans and prominent conservatives like Glenn Beck have the gall to stand up and not ask for but demand the Libertarian vote. On his radio show Beck called Ron Paul supporters delusional for not supporting Romney and said that if said Ron Paul supporters are trying to send a message by voting for Gary Johnson they are out of their mind. Beck then proceeds to explain how he disagrees with Romney but that he is better than Obama and Obama must go. Becks words sum up the feelings of many Republicans. Some Republicans acknowledge that Ron Paul was robbed at the convention and throughout the process but still they say that yes it was wrong but you need to shut up and get in line behind Romney because Obama must go. They also recognize that to support Romney would be to support the same big government policies that Conservatives so vigorously denounce in Obama. Both Romney and Obama support the National Defense Authorization Act which allows for the indenite detention of American Citizens without trial. Both supported the bank bailouts. Both support the failed policies of the Federal Reserve System that got us into this economic mess in the rst place. Most disturbingly of all, Mitt Romney, like Barack Obama, believes that the president has the authority to kill American citizens without trial if they are believed to be terrorists. When it comes down to the really important things, Romney and Obama are very similar, which is why most Libertarians are supporting neither. Sometimes Libertarians are compared to the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail who keeps on ghting even after all his arms and legs have been lopped off and he has no chance of winning. But perhaps the time has come to take a principled stand and stand fast on ones beliefs even though it will mean losing. Earlier this year Gary Johnson the Libertarian candidate for President was interviewed on NPR. There he was asked if he was on a torture rack and they were going to kill him unless he voted for Romney or Obama who would he vote for. Gary Johnson replied that he would rather die. That same sentiment is shared by the vast majority of Johnsons followers. Perhaps our nation would not be in the dire situation it is today if more people stood rmly behind their principles instead of compromising in order to win. When Republicans and Conservatives demand that Libertarians support Romney in spite of him being anathema to them, they demonstrate how little they understand the libertarian mind set. Libertarians are not members of either major party precisely because they believe that neither party aligns with their belief system. While Libertarians do not like Obama they certainly do not like Romney and therefore shall not vote for either. If Republicans believe that people should vote for a candidate even though they do not like him or her simply because he or she has a better chance of winning that is their choice. It is time for the Republicans to recognize that insulting Libertarians and then insisting they support their candidate will not work. Perhaps because standing on ones principles and beliefs is such a foreign concept to the Republicans they do not recognize that is what prevents the Libertarians from supporting Romney and they assume they are being sore losers because Ron Paul did not win the nomination. Whatever the case, if Obama is reelected in November, the Republicans and conservatives will have no one but themselves to blame.

In the Sept. 26, 2012 issue of the Merciad, The Bad discussed the new MSG publication, The Weekender. The weekender is not published by MSG, it is published by the Campus Involvement Center.

It is time for the Republicans to recognize that insulting Libertarians will not work.
- Zach Yost

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What Beck fails to realize is that by voting for Mitt Romney Ron Paul supporters would still be sending a message. The message that would be sent however would indicate to the Republican establishment that no matter how much the Libertarians are mistreated they will still fall in line and do what they are told when it comes down to it. This election demonstrates a key difference between Libertarians and Conservatives. While the Conservatives clearly do not like Romney and think he has a bad record they still support him because they view Obama as a worse choice. Conservatives are willing to sacrice their principles in a vain attempt to save their principles. If you have to abandon your belief system to attempt to save your belief system perhaps it is not a system worth saving. Now contrast that with the Libertarians. They recognize that Gary Johnson does not have much chance of winning this election.

The Merciad is the official student-produced newspaper of Mercyhurst University. It is published throughout the school year, with the exception of finals weeks. Our office is in Hirt, Room 120B. Our telephone number is (814) 824-2376. The Merciad welcomes letters to the editor. All letters must be signed and names will be included with the letters. Although we will not edit the letters for content, we reserve the right to trim letters to fit. Letters are due Mondays by noon and may not be more than 300 words. Submit letters to box PH 485 or via email at

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October 10, 2012

Football holds onto ve-game win streak

By Joe Chiodo
Sports Editor
After a hard fought 19-10 win over Lock Havens Bald Eagles on Saturday, Oct. 6, the Lakers claim an impressive win streak of ve straight games. With the win, the Lakers improve to 5-1 overall. Additionally, the team is tied for the third-longest win streak in team history. Additionally, the 5-game win streak is the best since the 2010 PSAC Championship season, when the Lakers won seven games straight. The Lakers have relied on their running game to put points on the board all season. Running back Brandon Brown-Dukes entered the game on Saturday ranked 12th in the country for rushing yards per game. However, concentrated defense against BrownDukes held him to just 39 yards on 18 carries. Having Brown-Dukes restricted by Lock Haven opened up opportunity for fellow running back Allen Jones II to ourish, rushing for 111 yards and a touchdown. Jones performance earns him a spot in Hurst history as the 12th player to rush for over 1,000

David Leisering Photo

Serge Augustin barrels through the Bald Eagle offensive line in the 19-10 win.
yards in their career. Senior defensive lineman Serge Augustin and his defensive teammates held Lock Haven to only 219 yards on Saturday, providing ample opportunity for the offense to produce results. During the homecoming game against Slippery Rock on Sept. 22, Augustin recorded ve tackles, twoand-a-half tackles for a loss, two sacks and a forced fumble. For his performance, Augustin was honored as

ECACs Defensive Player of the week. Its a great honor to be named ECAC Defensive Player of the Week, its a blessing. A lot of people who get recognized by the ECAC are really solid players, Augustin said. After not seeing action last season due to a hamstring injury, Augustin is excited to be back for his senior year. It feels great to be back. I feel like I should have been doing this for a while. Im taking full advantage of getting a second opportunity to be on the eld, Augustin said. It is hard not to anticipate another successful season such as the 2010 season already, but the Lakers still have a long way to go. With four games left in the regular season, the Lakers will have to ght hard to keep their win streak alive. If we continue to play Laker football the way we should; physical on both sides of the ball, coming out with energy and going out there and having fun, it will be a repeat (of the 2010 season,) Augustin said. The Lakers face hometown rival Gannon University next Saturday, Oct. 13 at Gannon University.

Lacrosse locker room receives an update

By Samantha Bante
Contributing Writer
The former mens lacrosse locker room was anything but t for a nationally ranked team. Head Coach Chris Ryan knew it was time for an upgrade. The old locker room was terrible. It was falling apart, the lockers were old, they barely served their purpose anymore, the ceiling was falling down and it was just a mess. This was pretty much an extreme makeover from what we had before, Ryan said. The locker room was built in stages, beginning in the summer. The ceiling was torn out in June, followed by a new one being put in during mid-July. The lighting and lockers were added on Sept. 10, and the nishing touches were added until Homecoming weekend for the mens lacrosse alumni game. This is 100 steps up from what we had before. Its a project we had been thinking about doing for the past 15 years, We just had to get the timing right and we were waiting for the program to mature, Ryan said. With the rst undefeated record in the schools history last season, the Lakers are hoping the new locker rooms will set the bar for yet another unforgettable season. I think this really sets the tone for years to come. Youre going to nd something like this for a DII mens lacrosse team. It shows all the support and interest in the program, especially with the school and how they helped. It really speaks highly of the school and what we have to offer, Ryan said. With an addition of 15 new freshmen, and two transfers, the team is now up to 48 players and is looking to stand out more than ever before. Its pretty much our locker room. There are exactly 48 lockers, and we were able to sell every locker to an alumni, meaning a graduated player bought a locker for a current player, Ryan said. Parents, alumni and various people participated in helping to raise money for this project, said Ryan. We could not have done without all the support that we get with our program. The annual alumni game on Sept. 21, brought back over 40 alumni players. It has become a really big tradi-

The new lacrosse locker rooms contain a locker for each player to store their equipment.
tion for us as a team. We always have a great turnout. Yes, its a chance for us to evaluate our new players, but its mostly about us all coming together and having fun, Ryan said. Its been 15 years of success, so now were trying to uphold the standards and high goals that we have set. Were in a new conference this year and we have high hopes to be in the

Samantha Bante Photo

playoffs again this year, Ryan said. The Lakers look forward to another successful year with their new locker room.