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International Journal of Industrial Environment, Safety and Health Accident investigation results

Accident Prevention Air Quality and Smoke Control and Management Autonomous machines in the vicinity of a human Biological Nutrient Removal Systems in Municipal Wastewater Treatment Buildings and Constructions Fire-fighting &Protection Case studies on Accidents, Near misses and Fatalities Comparison of Risk assessment methodologies considerations in systems safeguarding Contaminated Soil Remediation Controlling Dust, Silica, and Noise Exposures in Mining Crisis Centres and Fire Stations Disasters & Corporate Responsibility Environmental Accidents and disasters Environmental and Work Environment Protection Ergonomics Evacuation and Human Behaviour Statistics, Probability, and Risk Analysis Fabrics for Protective and Work Clothing Fames and Fire Dynamics , Ecology and Behaviour Fie Prevention, Detection and Test Methods Fire and Explosion Hazard Fire and the Effects of Climate and Seasonal Weather Patterns Fire Chemistry Fire Hazard and Architecture and city planning Fire Hazardous Materials (Hazmat) Clean up Fireproof and Heat Resistant Materials, Equipments and Storage First Aid and Medical Care Functional safety, Hazard identification, Hazardous Waste Operation and Emergency Response High-Risk Jobs and Populations Human presence sensors (Vision, RFID), Impact of War in Fire Management Industrial and Environmental Hygiene Industry Safety and Project Management Injury Prevention, Management and Rehabilitation Integrated Manufacturing Systems, International standardization in the safety of machinery, Management of Fire Man-machine interface, Maritime and Waterfront Safety Occupational Health and Safety Prevention of bypassing and defeating, Proactive safety design Protection and Fire Fighting Protective and complementary protective measures, Psychosocial predictors of occupational health and safety

Public Safety & Fire Protection Recognizing Potential Violence in the Workplace Relationship between Density and other aspects of Construction and Habitation in the Spread of Fires Reliability features of safety-related control systems Rescue and Emergency Response Plan and Preparedness Risk Management and Implementation Robots collaborating with humans, Role of software as a safeguard, Safety and Insurance Safety and Plant Engineering & Maintenance Safety and the Organizational Performance and Strategies, Safety Educational & Training Programs Safety in Multinational Organizations Safety in Specific Work Sectors-Construction, Manufacturing, Transport and etc Safety of robotics, Safety performance, Safety Policies, Procedure, Practices and Measurement Safety-related embedded software/firmware, Static Electricity Control statistical analysis of accidental trends, The Human Factor in Safety The Role of Information Technology in Industry Safety Warehouse & Material Handling Safety Wastewater and Sludge Treatment and Reuse Water Pollution Control Water Resources Management Wild Land and Urban Fire fighting and Rescue Work Design and Worker Health Worker Control and Working Conditions