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Tom Hammarkvist Spring 2012 Te2 EnB

Abraham Lincoln
I choosed to write about Abraham Lincoln not only because the assaination but also how he successfully led the northern states to victory during the American civil war that occurred during his time as president.

Lincoln was born in 12th of February in Hardin County, Kentucky. Due to his familys big economical problem, Lincoln started to go into law school. That took about 18 months for Lincoln to pass, just because of his good "self education" and that he read all the books he could borrow. Lincoln started his political career year 1830 by a campaign for "Illinois General Assembly" where he was a member in the political group "The Whig Party", where he fought for a nomination to the American congress which he eventually got. Lincoln became the president of the United States on march 4th 1861 where he barely got 40 percent of the votes. The election was very rare because the rest of the votes were almost divided into even pieces. He led the northern states to victory in the civil war but six days after the war had ended, Lincoln got shot by an south state fanatic named John Wilkes Booth.1

The information in this text, are from the internet only. So why did i just take info from the internet? That is because that I think that it is very easy to find relevant information on the net because of its worldwide accessibility. In this essay I used three different sources, Ne, Wikipedia and The White House homepage. Many people say that Wikipedia isn't a trustworthy source, but I trust it. Just because some texts is just as an essay that people can write on the web. Many people also uses different books and sites to write the "essay" and that is what I find interesting. Wikipedia isnt a ordinary site, it is a library for essays about everything with sources.

Tom Hammarkvist Spring 2012 Te2 EnB

What did Lincoln do to win the civil war and why did he get murdered? that is a question I have been asking myself for a long time, and I think that I can answer that now. When Lincoln got chosen as the president of the united states, it was seen as a threat to the slavery institution in some of the south states and other things that they were involved in. Six weeks after the selection, South Carolina proclaim that they would exit the union. Then more states followed and in 1861 eleven states created Americas Confederate States. Lincoln was determined to stop the unions resolution, so he executed a barricade of the south states.2 "In your hands, my dissatisfied fellow countryman, and not mine, is momentous issue of civil war. The government will not assail you.... You have no oath registered in heaven to destroy the government, while I shall have the most solemn one to preserve, protect and defend it"3 In September 1962 Lincoln issued the emancipationproclamation that said that all slaves were free in the confederated states, except for certain states such as Kentucky and Missouri.4 In July 1863 a deciding victory was won by the northern states where the northern states almost had more then double the south states army, and they had the most of Americas industries on there side. In November the same year Lincoln held one of the most famous speeches in American history, The Gettysburg Speech. It is the most common quoted speech in American history.5 On April 14th 1865, Lincoln was murdered by a South fanatic named John Wilkes Booth. Booths original plan was to kidnap Lincoln when he was going to a play at Campbell Military Hospital, but Booth found out that the president werent going to the play, so he needed to change his plan. Therefore he murdered Lincoln at a play at Fords Theatre in Washington D.C.6 4 5
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Tom Hammarkvist Spring 2012 Te2 EnB

The assassination was a success, but at what cost? because the killing of President Lincoln only made it worse for the South states. America now had retaliation policies that would come to dominate the reorganization time that was soon to come.7