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Glitching is a major rule in which we take very seriously. I have Play lo.igg.

co m for almost 3 years now and over my time and last few months I have learned sev eral glitching practiced by many and told by several they work on Hero Cavitatio n. Well in this paper I will tell you every glitch I know of on IGG and how to p erform this glitch. I would like to credit my work to M3l and myself, SpecialOps . Those are our server names not our login names. Castle Building When a player wishes to upgrade buildings within his castle he can glitch them f rom level 1 to 14, 15, 16 or any number he or she wishes. Here is how they go ab out performing this. Also they get their Town Hall to level 20 first before they perform this glitch so that they cannot be tacked down. 1They build something where they want, IE level 1 ware house 2They then make sure they have the resources to upgrade it 15 times using the re sources in the castle. 3They then Disconnect from their internet and upgrade the building how ever many times they are allowed before they get Disconcerted from the game. 4When done they reconnect to the internet and in the Town Hall there are X numbe r of upgrades all of the same building. 5In the time it takes to get level 2 Warehouse from level 1 they have done this X amount of times and when completed the warehouse is the number of which (x) th ey have done or had in the Town Hall 6 They can upgrade a level 1 ware to level 15 in the time it takes for level 1 to level 2. 7 They also do this for resource fields as well. Troop Glitching and Resource Glitching The fastest way that someone can make troops is by doing this glitch. This is on e of many. To do it you need level 20 Town Hall and level 19 Farm. Also, you nee d the resources to upgrade the farm in that castle. There are two ways to Comple te this glitch. First you only need 1 farm level 19 and the second you need all farms 19. Way 1 1The player then goes to the assistant button at the top of the page and goes to city under the tab. 2The Player then looks at the level 19 farm and he then disconnects from the int ernet. 3He then clicks upgrade a matter of 8-16 times and reconnect to the internet. 4When he reconnects he goes to the Town Hall and he then cancels the upgrades he has just done. Depending on how many times he upgraded depends on how many he c an cancel in the town hall. 5It takes two Cancels to fill up resources in the castle and with instant he can make troops then go back cancel more upgrades and repeat this until he is down to two upgrades in the Town Hall. 6When the player has 2 upgrades left, he uses them to redo the glitch. The resou rces from this can be used for ANYTHING . Way 2 1 This way the player needs all farms level 19. 2 He does the same exact thing for Way 1, but instead of upgrading just 1 farm, he upgrades all the farms while in the assistant tab. 3 From there, when he reconnects, he just does the same thing as way 1 on building troops and canceling the upgrades in Town Hall Alliance Technology 1 If the alliance has level 0 tech and they want level 10 all they got to do is this. 2 Have enough gold in tech to do 10 level 0- level 1, which is 9 million i

n gold 3 e 4 cts to 5

Then the alliance leader goes to tech, finds the one they wish to upgrad He disconnects internet, and upgrades the tech 10 times and then reconne the internet. After the 33 hours, what ever tech he chose to upgrade is level 10.

Player Technology This glitch is the exact same as alliance tech glitch. They need the gold to do it. Here my equation for the amount of gold and resources needed. X( R ) = N. X is the number of times they clicked upgrade, R is the cost of resources and gold to get the current level upgraded. N is the level of tech after it is done. Jus t follow the steps for alliance tech. Market Resource and Transporting resources. Players can get resources from these two ways. Way 1 Market 1 A player sells something in the market. I.E 100,000 food. 2 He then goes to cancel the resource from the market. 3 Before he cancels he disconnects, then clicks the X button to cancel sev eral times and reconnects. 4 Now the player has more resources out then what he put into the market. Way 2 Transporting 1 The player proceeds to transport resources from one castle to another. 2 When he enters in the max amount of either resources he has or he can tr ansport at one time he then clicks next. 3 On this page the player then disconnects his internet and clicks Confirm several times and then he reconnects to the internet. 4 When the transport reaches its castle he will have gained X(resources). Again X being the number of times he confirmed the trade while disconnected. Duplicated and Stacked gear These two glitches run hand in hand. Partly because when you duplicate a peice o f gear, what you do to one, happens to the other. IE add a ruby to one then the both gain a ruby. If both on a hero, but not equipped, and you equip one they bo th equip even if one hero is too low of a level to hold the gear. Duplicated Gear 1 The player goes to auction in the market. 2 he opens up 2-3 accounts to buy the gear 3 He places the item for sell, before he confirms he disconnects and the c onfirms the sell 4 Then replaces the item back up and sales again, repeats this step severa l times or however many of the item he wants and he then reconnects when finishe d. 5 He then proceeds on to his other accounts and buys the gear. Only 1 on e ach account. 6 To Stack the gear, he will need several duplicated items on several acco unts 7 Hey puts for example 6 different staffs on one hero and then 1 of each t ype on 6 different heros. 8 he then puts it on to the different hero and all 6 on the single hero ar e placed onto him (equipped) 9 This results in having stacked gear. Gold Glitch 1 The player takes a fully loaded gold castle. 2 Goes into stock and buys stock with the gold IE he has 4.8million gold h

e buys 1000 shares at 4800 each or Vis versa. 3 he then disconnects and clicks buy X number of times. 4 He then reconnects and the gold is in his entrustment. IE he clicked buy 12 times, well he will have 12 stacks of 4.8million gold Levy and Resentment reset If a player has 100 resentment all he has to do to get 0 is simply this. The lev y glitch goes hand in hand with this one. Once a player wants to get resources h e goes to Town hall and levys them, every time getting X number of resources and 10 resentment. After his resentment is 100 or cannot gain more to pass 100 he c annot perform levy so he has to rest resentment. 1 2 3 entment Set his tax rate to 100% have someone attack him or send from a different account After the attack lands, set the tax rate back to normal and then the res is 0.

After you levy resources complete steps 1 - 3 on reset resentment glitch to get resentment back to 0 so he can get more or different resources to do either of t he following. 1 2 3 Build troops upgrade tech Upgrade buildings or resource fields.

Hero recruiting glitch The max number of Heros that one can have is 20, but you can surpass that with t his glitch. All you need is the gold to buy 10-20 heros and only 19 heros. 1 2 3 4 he same With 19 heros and about 20,000 gold go to Tavern. Either get a random hero or wait until a good one comes up. Disconnect from the internet and buy the hero X number of times. Reconnect to the internet and there you will have X number of heros of t person.

Also you can do the glitch like this 1 2 avern. 3 bought. 4 Same as steps 1 - 2 When you disconnect buy every hero repeatedly that is available in the t reconnect and you will Multiple heros with same names of those that you From 10-20 to maybe even 25 heros. In the end you can have a possible of 40 plus heros.

Forge Gear With one rune, a person can make a level 3 (Brown-Green) to a perfect piece of g ear at level 5 ( red ) 1 2 3 4 Go to forge a piece of gear Put the items into the forge chamber Disconnect and forge the item 3-5s and reconnect Refresh and you should have turned 1 rune into a level 3-5 gear.

Speed up items These are items such as Training Manuals, Research Tips, Construction Tips. Also

this is an item that will need to be tested, I will not do the testing unless t old other wise by the GMs. 1 Go to the building, troops (barracks, abbey etc...), or tech that you wi sh to use the card on. 2 Click Speed Up 3 Disconnect and chose what you cannot several times and reconnect. 4 This glitch may or may not work it has yet to be tested. Coins Im not exactly sure about this one and how well it works. Tho someone that has 5 0-75 coins can buy several numbers of Troop tele cards or gate cards. This is ho w 1 When a player is down to his last coins and is only able to purchase IE 1 Troop teleport card 2 He goes to shop and finds what he wants to buy 3 Disconnects and buys it X number of times. Then he reconnects 4 Now for 55 coins the player bought anywhere from 5-15 Tele cards.