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HIMMLER ’S ) Bosnian DIVISION C The Waffen-SS Handschar Division 1943-1945 GEORGE LEPRE “he Lee ay he Bale Fay Pi W Lg. Ma CY Je aes, Hts Pe i and War irr Sa Rages Univer, New Wands Sa cece eect hp Bondeenr (Ob Fo Bune Keble BndearcGc Feber Chapter 2 tbe Bich Gara ay of Sictonchs de Necessary Chapter 3 Guten Sait febrile Root Be: Ono Rees, Wi Chapter 4 hr —— chap 5 le Chap Chaper? Giptat Chapters cur 0 _ a an me Tm ‘Alles mene No prt of i wk mye peed re yf oy ey ue = praesent ttng coving cele ‘rage anita nino en emia nthe cpio he Wea nen hag rm ahr Wi ook eet ek Contents Preface Inizodution tothe Maelstom ‘The Recruiting ofthe Division Formation and Training of the Division in France ‘Mutiny ‘The “Germanic Environment “The Return o the Homeland Maibaum. Division Operations June-August 1944, Disintegeation| Transfer tothe Easter Front Retreat othe Reich Capitulation Conclusion Appendices Appendix A: Order of Battle Appendix B: Award Winners Appendix C: Insignia Appendix D: Officer Casualties Appendix E: The Division Song, Appendix F: Rank Conversion Chart Appendix G: Glossary Works Cited Index of Names. 13 9 st 109 140 187 213 216 a 302 315 320 345 346 360 361 362 36a an Preface Reconstrutng the history of his long fergoten formation ofthe Second ‘Wong War wa fords While apolva's Puna war uth Bosnian “Muslim autonomy movereat have ary Seen ignored by Rison, the “anscae’'$ Dvsion as ese ly det tention at et. Ts aay of seco material inte met the we of primary sources and eis ‘mon exlavly, and even thse wer in show suppl, Revere, sie ‘ata vas avalable rode a alnced arate and tapi of the sje, ‘One pacar Yale ind was my dscovery fhe BSS Montano ear day anda zal amount ofthe vison ec oEuop, ll of wach Tad been ia pete posesne sine the war's nd, These mrs, combed sith tbe mics of expe documents minting hy the United Stes Ni ome Archives, composed lage poo ofthe Guin side ofthe soy. The Snes na pages of former vison members were so wef, hese proved either by he ates thameler a by arly members nthe cases of the de ‘ene, Perhaps the most pied uur al however were yee ad ‘orerpondence with fomer members ofthe vise, ole tarsal who ‘ss oth Berane and Gera, bt epi to Han Aliabegovi, ‘oni Berea, Kiss Berger, Heine Gee, imam Dic Tahoe ‘Ago Omi, Edd Reh, Franz shear Herta Schiferdeke Hago Sch cmos of alo Exc Braun a th le Harta Sch Undouteyhe ot abl sure frmthe Partsan se waste Yuga Malary History ast’ ieee Zh dune podatak 0 mao