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Mariano Marcos State University College of Health Sciences Department of Nursing Batac, Ilocos Norte RLE 105 HEAD

NURSING EVALUATION CHECKLIST Rate your Head Nurse using the following: 3 very satisfactory 2 satisfactory 1 needs improvement 0 not observed COMPETENCIES PLANNING 1. Reviews existing conditions/situations in the ward/clinical area 2. Formulates appropriate goal and SMART objectives for the shift 3. Develops schedule of activities/timetable for the shift 4. Assigns responsibilities to fellow students 5. Allocates material resources needed for the shift 6. Establishes guidelines for fellow students in carrying out their responsibilities/tasks ORGANIZING 7. Explains to fellow students the formulated goal and objectives for the shift 8. Informs fellow students about the schedule of activities for the shift 9. Discusses with fellow students their responsibilities/tasks in the ward/clinical area 10. Discusses with fellow students the guidelines in carrying out their responsibilities/tasks STAFFING 11. Makes appropriate decision on modality of care based on patients condition/ward situation DIRECTING 12. Allows students the opportunity to plan for their tasks 13. Supervises fellow students in carrying out their responsibilities/tasks 14. Ensures that all necessary materials/supplies/equipment are available 15. Does not interrupt fellow students while they are working except in emergency 16. Encourages and helps fellow students to perform their tasks at their maximum potential COORDINATING 17. Coordinates with the CI, staff in the ward and other members of the health team 18. Observes proper channel of communication CONTROLLING 19. Establishes standards in measuring performance of fellow students 20. Observes fellow students in performing their tasks 21. Measures performance of fellow students based on establishes standards 22. Corrects deviations in performance from standards COMMUNICATION/DOCUMENTATION AND REPORTING 23. Demonstrates effective communication skills to fellow students, CI, staff and other members of the health team 24. Settle conflict between and among members of the group 25. Makes accurate and objective documentation/reports TOTAL: ATTITUDE (20%) 1. Reports to the clinical area ahead of time 2. Exhibits proper decorum at all times 3. Displays appropriate grooming and hygiene 4. Demonstrates adaptability to various situations 5. Tactful in disseminating information 6. Is concerned with the cleanliness and orderliness of the area 7. Manifests rapport with health team members, fellow students, client and family Demonstrates other qualities such as: 8. honesty 9. organization 10. fairness 11. respect 12. leadership TOTAL: SCORE 2 1